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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 247 – Two Months (2)

Chapter 247: Two Months (2)

Fu Xu had the strength to wipe out the Fei family convoy. This was also the reason why Old Master Fei was so careful.

Two days later.

“Brother, we’ve finished the investigations.” Sixth Brother kneeled and said in frustration, “The leader of the murderer’s team is the father of Commander-in-chief Fei, who’s in charge of the eastern region of the empire! After their team left Fengye City, they traveled extremely quickly. They traveled more than 300 kilometers in the day and even traveled at night without much rest. They circled past Suchang City and have long left the territory of our Nest Mountain Lake.”

“What?” Fu Xu got up and glared at him. “Traveled at night? Bypassing Suchang City? Then, where are they now?”


“They’re in the Xufang area at least,” Sixth Brother reported.

Fu Xu’s face turned pale from anger. “Sixth Brother, you took two days to finish the investigation. Now that they are in Xufang, how are we going to get them?”

“I was useless. Please punish me, Brother!” Sixth Brother kneeled down with tears in his eyes, but he was very calm. This was because when his brother instructed him to investigate, he extended two fingers and tapped. Having followed his brother for so many years, he knew very well…

He had to ‘spend two days’ to figure out the murderer’s identity and location.


The Fei family convoy continued north after the detour.

“We’re safe.” Old Master Fei was still a little nervous when he left Fengye City. He was afraid that the bandits would go crazy and surround them! Even if he deliberately revealed his identity in front of the Blood Rain Guard, he was still worried that the bandits would go crazy.

Bandits sometimes acted rashly.

The master of Nest Mountain Lake is indeed as the legends say. He’s an ambitious badass. He didn’t make a move after knowing my identity. Old Master Fei only truly relaxed after leaving Nest Mountain Lake’s territory.

In fact, the Fei family’s escort team was considered very luxurious. Ordinary bandits couldn’t do a thing to them. Those who could truly wipe out this team were true powers in different parts of the world—Nest Mountain Lake was naturally among them.

“Xinlan.” Old Master Fei looked at his daughter.

After two days and two nights of travel, Fei Xinlan didn’t look too good.

“Dad.” Fei Xinlan gazed at her father.

“Remember this lesson,” Old Master Fei said. “Think twice before acting in the future! Think about the consequences.”

“But sometimes, I can’t help it.” Fei Xinlan lowered her head.

“You have to bear with it,” Old Master Fei said. “Being able to bear it means that you’ve grown up. Bear with it first before considering if there’s a better solution. Even if you hold back on the surface and don’t make a move, sending people to wipe out his entire family in secret is better than publicly executing someone!”

“Send someone in secret?” Fei Xinlan was stunned.

“There are many ways to assassinate and frame someone. For example, you can save the person on the spot and punish Fang Chong without causing a huge conflict. Wouldn’t it be much easier to kill him through the Blood Rain Guards a few days after we leave Fengye City?” Old Master Fei explained. “You have to know that our lives were in the hands of Nest Mountain Lake for the past two days. Thankfully, the owner of Nest Mountain Lake held back and let us leave.”

Old Master Fei stared at his daughter. “You mustn’t put your life in the hands of others and let them decide your life and death, understand?”

“I understand.” Fei Xinlan fell into thought.

“I hope you learned your lesson. When you reach the capital, there will be many people who have much more power than your brother. If you cause trouble there, your brother won’t be able to save you,” Old Master Fei said. “Always think twice and don’t act rashly.”

“Got it.” Fei Xinlan also felt her father’s anxiety over the past two days.

On the sixth day after leaving Nest Mountain Lake’s territory, the Fei family convoy met with their first guard dying in battle since they set off. Everyone knew that their convoy had quite a background with so many thoroughbreds, so they would definitely be flush with cash. Naturally, they would encounter robberies.

Overall, their journey across the empire’s eastern region was quite smooth. But after traveling more than 10,000 kilometers and leaving the empire’s eastern region, the situation took a drastic turn!

After leaving the eastern region, the ferocious bandits didn’t care about Lord Fei.

In a flash, two months had passed since they left Lanyue City.

“We’ll arrive in the capital tomorrow.” By the side of the road, the Fei family convoy was eating rations and resting. Qiu Tong looked to the north in anticipation, but she was missing an arm.

The rather cold female swordsman’s sword technique had undergone a transformation after two months of combat. Not only did her strength not decrease after losing an arm, but she was also much stronger.

“This journey has been too difficult.” Luo Baichuan had a scar on his face as he shook his head and said, “Thankfully, the Fei family recruited another batch of Blood Rain Guard experts to replenish our forces in Iron Bell City. Otherwise, our team would’ve suffered even greater losses. Why are the bandits in the north… even more ferocious than in the east?”

Xu Jingming drank and ate his pancakes. “It’s mainly because Lord Fei’s deterrence is lacking once we leave the eastern region!”

Qiu Tong nodded. “As long as you say Lord Fei’s name in the eastern region, the more ferocious the bandits are, the more they will cut us some slack. But beyond the eastern region, we met with all kinds of fierce battles and robberies! Brother Jing, I’m impressed by you. Your spearmanship is amazing, and your shield techniques are also impressive! If it weren’t for your shield, I wouldn’t have lost an arm but my life.”

Xu Jingming looked at the two shields beside him.

Yes, in an intense battle half a month ago, the bandits were too fierce, fearless, and cunning. Xu Jingming even felt that… those terrifying bandits were probably composed of cosmic citizen players! Perhaps only cosmic citizen players would be fearless!

In that battle, guards died one after another, and Fei Xinlan was in danger. Xu Jingming chose to pick up the two shields of the dead guards to protect her! Of course, he also helped Sister Qiu Tong.

When facing group attacks, it was more convenient to defend with shields.

Finally, after two first-rate experts and 12 second-rate experts died, they killed all the bandits.

Yes, none of these bandits fled! This ferocity convinced Xu Jingming that… they were cosmic citizen players!

“Thankfully, the experts the Fei family added are all Blood Rain Guard experts! Otherwise, many guards would’ve fled in fright in that battle half a month ago,” Luo Baichuan said.

Xu Jingming looked at his two companions.

So many people had died, but Luo Baichuan and Qiu Tong were still alive. They were really lucky.

Perhaps it was also because the two of them followed Fei Xinlan closely that she had the best protection.

For our escort mission from Lanyue City, the first month was relatively easy, but the second month was much harder, Xu Jingming thought to himself. To Sister Qiu Tong and Brother Luo, the second month was too difficult and dangerous. But to me, the second month was better for honing my spearmanship and shield techniques.

My shield technique has improved greatly. Even under the pressure of the encirclement, my shield technique has figured out the Earth Dao, allowing me to gain basic mastery of Mountain Immobilization.

The Dao was interlinked, and it could be used in different weapons. It was clearly easier for him to match Mountain Immobilization when using shield techniques to figure out the Earth Dao. After his shield technique broke through, he quickly gained basic mastery of Mountain Immobilization. From then on, he had gained basic mastery of three out of five of the spearmanship volumes.

The Earth Dao started from nothing.

Earth could be used to build a city or a towering mountain! But no matter how lofty a mountain was, it was made of soil and stone.

Be it shield or spear techniques, one had to complete every move flawlessly. When one reached a certain level of precision, every move would naturally be one, without any flaws. Shield techniques also allowed the enemy to have no flaws to exploit.

Miaomiao will probably give birth in a few days. Xu Jingming thought of his wife as he ate.

Li Miaomiao was about to give birth.

About to be a father, Xu Jingming naturally had this on his mind every day! When he slept in Blood Rain World every day, he would use autoplay to accompany his wife.

Old Master Fei also sat on a soft mat and ate exquisite pastries as he looked to the north. Although the guards had suffered heavy losses, and he had even replenished a batch of Blood Rain Guard experts in Iron Bell City, Old Master Fei and the eldest daughter of the Fei family weren’t injured despite the fright.

“We’ll reach the capital tomorrow.” Old Master Fei sighed with emotion. “Although this journey was quite arduous and dangerous, we’ll be thankful if we can arrive safely.”

“His Excellency returned to the capital a few days ago to report his work,” the silver-haired elder said. “His Excellency chose to do so recently because he wants to take the opportunity to meet Master and Miss.”

“My son is considerate.” Old Master Fei also looked forward to seeing his son, whom he hadn’t seen in years.

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