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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 236 – Final Elimination (2)

Chapter 236 Final Elimination (2)

256 people stood above the boundless land.

“Congratulations on reaching the eighth level of Dark Abyss. All of you are free to choose a weapon. Only 128 people are allowed to enter the next level this round,” a voice sounded from the sky.

Everyone’s body was enveloped in light as they chose their weapons.

Xu Jingming also put away his dagger and chose a spear that was three meters long!


“I was exposed in the last round,” Tata said to the tens of millions of viewers in her livestream. “The probability of me clearing this round is less than 10%! This is because all the participants will choose weapons that are most suitable for them. Moreover, the top experts among them will definitely join forces to eliminate me first! This is because they know very well that they won’t be able to stop me in the later stages.”

There were quite a number of participants now, and they could deal with Tata.

In the last few rounds, there would only be 20 to 30 participants left! It would be almost impossible to eliminate Tata.

“I still can’t hide my strength,” Tata said. She had already thrown away the sledgehammer in her hand and switched to two larger hexagonal maces.

The six-edged maces had larger heads and sharper edges.

Tata held one in each hand-it was the weapon she was best at.

“It’s Tata!”

“Double Mace Tata!”

Many participants immediately recognized her. After all, in the entire Hunter Cosmic Sector, Tata was one of the top 100 celebrity streamers for Escaping Dark Abyss! When she took out her iconic hexagonal dual maces, many participants who had been following Escaping Dark Abyss knew who she was.

“It’s actually Tata.”

“Surround her.”

“With her strength and mind techniques, none of us can stop her once she reaches the fifth level of Dark Abyss. She will definitely be first.”

Although the later stages of Escaping Dark Abyss greatly affected one’s mind, Tata was famous for her strong mind!

“Wahaha… My fans, come! Let me send you off.” The moment the protective light enveloping every participant’s body dissipated, Tata preemptively attacked with her dual maces!

“My only chance of survival is to charge into the crowd,” Tata explained to the livestream audience.


“Surround her.”

At this moment, all the participants had obtained weapons. Instantly, sharpshooters shot out arrows and sneak attacks with concealed weapons.

All of them surrounded Tata. Moreover, more than 20 super experts among the 256 participants surrounded her!

“My fans are too enthusiastic.” Tata appeared like a ghost as she dodged the arrows and concealed weapons while her two maces blocked.

As for the many super experts, they surrounded her and cooperated with each other! They didn’t give Tata any chance to catch her breath.

As Tata swung her maces, she had already become one with the two maces, producing a strange rhythm.

Xu Jingming felt Tata’s figure vanish in the distance, leaving only two maces slamming everywhere.

With the two maces working in concert, they changed unpredictably and attacked in all directions! The formation formed by the 20 super experts was torn apart time and time again. But although the formation of these super experts was torn, they immediately mended the holes.

All of them were top geniuses in actual combat! Their cooperation left Tata stifled.

Half a minute later, the two maces that were frantically attacking every corner were finally overwhelmed by the encirclement.

Tata was killed-she was eliminated!

Under her terrifying counterattack, three super experts died, and the other super experts were injured.

How terrifying. More than 20 super experts surrounded and attacked together with sharpshooters and concealed weapon experts, yet she killed three super experts just like that? According to the rules of Escaping Dark Abyss, everyone has the same physique. Xu Jingming was stunned. Tata’s death naturally broke apart the super expert encirclement as they attacked the other weaklings.

They wanted to ensure their advancement! They weren’t willing to fight the other super experts, lest an internecine outcome arose. After eliminating Tata, these super experts were already considered the strongest.

Xu Jingming also encountered a formidable opponent-a three-eyed man holding a shield and ax charged at him.

Xu Jingming held his spear in one hand and stared at his opponent.

The three-eyed man charged over ferociously, and the moment he was less than ten meters away


A cold beam suddenly shot out from Xu Jingming’s sleeve at such a close distance!

The concealed weapon was too fast! The three-eyed man habitually blocked his upper body with the shield in his left hand, but this cold beam shot at the alien’s calf.

The shield in his left hand immediately pressed down while he forcefully changed his footwork! In fact, they were about to clash at a distance of less than ten meters. By forcefully changing his footwork… it made the three-eyed alien’s movement a little messy.

As Xu Jingming threw out the dagger with his right hand, he charged out and stabbed out rapidly!

As the other party dodged the dagger, Xu Jingming sensed the other party’s state and seized the moment when the other party was in a mess. He then stabbed out with the spear in his hand!


When the spear and the ax collided, it spun slightly and stabbed through the three-eyed man’s shoulder.


An arm flew up.

“Ah!” The three-eyed man cried out in pain and hurriedly blocked with his ax.

He might be able to fight Xu Jingming with his shield and ax, but the strike after losing his arm was clearly much weaker in terms of defense. As for Xu Jingming’s spearmanship, it was fused with the profundities of Flowing Water and Spacetime, allowing him to deliver more and more ferocious strikes. In just five consecutive strikes, he penetrated the three-eyed alien’s chest.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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