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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 204 – Flower Moon Gang

Chapter 204: Flower Moon Gang

Translator: CKtalon

Qingyu pushed open the door to the left wing and explained with a smile, “Mr. Jing, you’ll work 12 hours a day under normal circumstances—from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the morning and from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the evening. You just have to be on standby during these 12 hours. You will be notified in advance

if there’s any change due to special circumstances. If you want to walk around Lanyue City, you have to do it outside your working hours.”

“Rest assured.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“There’s nothing much to do in the manor either. You can temper your mind inside or practice your weapons in the courtyard,” Qingyu said. “But if an enemy attacks, you have to protect my young master’s life. In fact, the probability of being attacked in the manor is very low.”

Xu Jingming nodded and looked at the left wing.

The left wing was quite exquisite—it was 12 meters long and five meters wide. It was divided into a living room, reception room, and a study.


Huh? Xu Jingming suddenly sensed something.

The door to the right wing opened, and a stocky, tall man walked out. At this moment, a woman with a saber at her waist walked over from the residence in the front yard.

“Let me do the introductions. This is Mr. Jing, who’s newly hired by my young master.” Qingyu immediately introduced them. “Spend some time chatting. I’ll take my leave first.”

With that said, she left.

Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Miss Ziteng gathered in the courtyard.

“Theard Young Master Chang say that he will hire three experts,” Ziteng said with a smile. “All three of us are finally here today.”

“In the next three months, let’s work together and complete the mission well. This way, the mission rating given by the Myriad Worlds Group will be higher,” Mr. Lu said.

“Actually, the mission isn’t too difficult. In the manor, Young Master Chang often leaves the virtual world. The enemy can’t find him even if they want to assassinate him,” Ziteng said. “The only times when it’s dangerous are when he needs to show his face.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

Yes, going offline was the safest way to hide.

“Come, come. I just bought some alcohol in Lanyue City yesterday; let’s drink and chat. It’s 12 hours a day. Other than mental tempering, it’s boring the rest of the time.” Mr. Lu warmly brought Xu Jingming and Ziteng into his residence and had a chat over drinks with them.

The drizzle had completely stopped, but the sky remained gloomy. In the backyard of the manor—

“All three experts are here.” Chang Yi sat by the railing and fed the fishes in the pond. He instructed calmly, “Go. Invite the three brokers we previously decided on to come to my residence quickly! They should come in at staggered times.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The three guards beside him replied in unison and left.

Chang Yi looked at the fish in the pond that were darting toward the food with a distant look in his eyes. Ever since I became the Chang family’s owner, the targeting done by Blood Rain World has clearly increased. I was almost assassinated on the way to the elderly Chang’s funeral. I have to be even more

careful. If I take a wrong step, my investment from before will go to waste. For this plan… I’ve sold all my assets in reality! I’ve even taken a loan! Whether I can make a comeback… will depend on this!

He had explored Blood Rain World for more than ten years and happened to chance upon a suitable opportunity. This was why he dared to make such a huge bet!

In just an hour, a broker arrived.

“Greetings, Young Master Chang.” The broker came to the backyard and bowed respectfully. As a mere broker, he was an ant that could be easily crushed in front of the Chang family’s master, so he naturally didn’t dare show any disrespect.

“Mmm.” Chang Yi sat there and instructed calmly, “I’m preparing to sell my 13 rice shops. As soon as possible, your brokerage will help set up the transaction.”

“The Chang family is going to quit the rice shop business?” The broker was surprised. “It has been around for more than a century. Its business has always been quite good.”

“The rice shop business is quite cumbersome, and I don’t have the ability to manage it. Instead of wasting it in my hands, it’s better to sell it early,” Chang Yi said. “It’s best to sell these 13 rice shops to a single buyer to save me trouble.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Leave it to us.” The broker nodded. “Then, Young Master Chang, what’s your ideal price?”

“At least 5,300 taels of silver,” Chang Yi said.

“Tll note that down.” The broker nodded.

“Do it as quickly as possible. If you can’t find a buyer in half a month, I can only give this business to the other brokers,” Chang Yi said.

“Young Master Chang, don’t worry. I’ll see that it gets done now.” The broker was very enthusiastic. This was a huge deal! Once he closed the deal, the commission would be quite high.

After the broker left, another broker arrived about an hour after lunch.

“Tm planning to sell all three of my Chang family’s restaurants together,” Chang Yi instructed. “My lowest price is 2,200 taels of silver. Find me a buyer in half a month.”

In the afternoon.

“My Chang family’s gambling den still has a two-year lease with the Triwater Gang. I plan on selling the gambling den! You can contact the Triwater Gang first. If they have no intention of buying it, find other buyers,” Chang Yi instructed the last broker. “This gambling den needs to be sold for at least

3,800 taels of silver.”

In just a day, Chang Yi implemented his plan of selling the three most important assets of the Chang family through the three brokerages. As for the remaining bits and pieces, as well as the ancestral mansion, Chang Yi wasn’t in a hurry.

The three brokerages quickly began working on a sale for the commission. The people who had been secretly paying attention to the Chang family received the news quickly.

At night.

Ina private room on the seventh floor of a luxurious restaurant in Lanyue City, three men were chatting over food and drinks. There were also beauties serving them wine.

They were living the good life.

“Cheers to you, Brother. If it weren’t for your accurate calculations, we would’ve suffered greatly.”

“Yeah, it was harrowing! The moment we killed that traitor, the Iron Eagle Gang surrounded us. It looks like they used the traitor as bait and deliberately ambushed us. Thankfully, Brother’s reinforcements arrived in time, allowing us to join forces with them to achieve a complete victory. Although seven

of our brothers died, nearly 100 members of the Iron Eagle Gang died as a result. They must feel the pinch!” The two were a little excited.

The golden-robed man sitting at the head of the table said calmly, “In this world, if we don’t want to be eaten, we can only eat others!”

The beauties beside them were alarmed when they heard that.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Huh?” The three men frowned slightly.

The door then opened, and a gray-robed youth appeared with a sycophantic smile. “Hall Master.”

“Come in,” the golden-robed man said.

Only then did the gray-robed youth carefully step in and walk to the golden-robed man sitting at the head of the table. He looked around and didn’t say a word.

“The few of you are dismissed,” the golden-robed man instructed as he looked at the women serving him.

“Yes.” The women retreated.

“What’s the matter?” The golden-robed man frowned.

“Why are you so careful? What’s the deal?” The two men beside him gazed at the gray-robed man.

“It’s that illegitimate son of the Chang family,” the gray-robed youth whispered.

Immediately, the gold-robed man and the other two tured solemn.

The gray-robed youth continued, “That illegitimate son has indicated his interest in selling all his rice shops, restaurants, and gambling den through three brokerages today. From the looks of it, he might want to sell all his assets.”

“Selling everything?” The golden-robed man frowned and asked, “What about the Chang family’s ancestral home?”

“Thaven’t heard anything of it yet,” the gray-shirted youth immediately said. “The moment I learned that he was selling his rice shops, I got someone to go to all 19 brokerages in the city, including the official brokerage. There’s no indication that he’s selling the ancestral mansion.”

“Mmm.” The golden-robed man and the two men looked at each other.

“The elderly Chang was on his deathbed back then. He was an old man without children, and we were prepared to take over the Chang family’s assets. We even had this down with the officials.” A man shook his head and said, “Who would’ve thought that he would find an illegitimate son just before his

death! He allowed him to take over the Chang family’s businesses.”

“T’ve always wanted to find an opportunity to kill this illegitimate son, but he’s been very careful. A group of guards has been protecting him closely, and he rarely leaves the house,” another man said. “Moreover, he shamelessly spent quite a bit of silver to get the Blood Rain Guard’s Commander Wu to be

his godfather. That’s not someone to be trifled with.”

The golden-robed man scoffed. “Commander Wu is very greedy. He has a bunch of godsons! We’re dealing with his godson, not Commander Wu! At most, we’ll give Commander Wu some benefits after we usurp the Chang family’s assets. Commander Wu… also has to take our Flower Moon Gang’s

reputation into account.”

Flower Moon Gang was one of the three biggest gangs in Lanyue City; it was deeply rooted and had tens of thousands of members. Although the Blood Rain Guard was a department that advocated force, the dynasty’s rule was weak now, and the deterrence the Blood Rain Guards had was much weaker.

“Young Master Chang is about to sell his assets. Once he sells them all, he might flee Lanyue City. We won’t be able to get anything,” the golden-robed man said. “We mustn’t wait any longer. We have to keep an eye on Young Master Chang. Once he leaves his residence… we’ll have the opportunity to kill


“He doesn’t go out much,” a man said.

“He’s selling his rice shops and restaurants, so he will definitely have to pay a visit to the authorities to sign the transfer deeds!” the golden-robed man said. “Therefore, he has to leave his residence. As long as he comes out, we’ll kill him on the streets!”

“Yes.” The two men nodded.

A large family like the Chang family definitely had traps in their ancestral mansion. They would be at a disadvantage if they entered the mansion, but outside?

They had confidence. After all, he was only an illegitimate child..

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