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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 196 – Tejano’s Gift

Chapter 196: Tejano’s Gift

Translator: CKtalon

‘With the approaching expiry of the protection afforded to new cosmic civilizations, Director Zhou felt a sense of urgency! He looked forward to more experts being born on Earth.

The elevation of the entire civilization wasn’t something that could be done overnight. Only the strength of an individual could produce a miracle. The most dazzling people in China were Pang Ze and Xu Jingming.

Pang Ze was now the strongest person on Earth. Moreover, he was better at the ‘academia’ route.

Xu Jingming was a Transcendent genius with the highest talent!


Of course, there were also geniuses from other countries on Earth, but they were inferior to Pang Ze and Xu Jingming.

After Xu Jingming becomes a cosmic citizen, he has to begin integrating into cosmic civilization, Director Zhou thought. How to groom him is also a pressing issue. Although Earth has been trying to tempt Ambassador Tejano repeatedly, he doesn’t have the intention of pulling Xu Jingming into his


Insisting will only irritate Tejano. Director Zhou and the others trembled in fear when facing Tejano, afraid that they would spoil his impression of them.

Til visit Xu Jingming first. Director Zhou immediately got up and left the office.

On Mars, in a virtual room of a spaceship, Tejano closed his eyes and was touring the virtual world.

Suddenly, he retumed to reality and opened his eyes.

Learning is really never-ending. The more I learn, the more my head aches. Tejano sighed with emotion.

There were all kinds of game worlds in the virtual world, and some of them were even created to aid cosmic citizens with learning! Those game worlds were the amalgamation of countless human civilization scholars meant for learning and upgrading.

How did those monsters with educational levels exceeding Lv. 100 learn? I’ve studied for so many years, but my educational level is only at Lv. 22, Tejano murmured.

He had also wanted to make his parents proud of him by reaching Lv. 100 with his educational level. However, this path seemed to be even harder than the evolutionary path!

Beep! Beep!

Tejano looked at the monitoring system; his cosmic spaceship AI was constantly monitoring the entire solar system. This was also to protect Earth, the weak emerging civilization.

Oh? A new cosmic citizen has been born in Earth’s civilization—Xu Jingming? Tejano smiled. His breakthrough speed is quite fast.

Time to go to Earth.

Tejano was in the spaceship that tore through space. In the blink of an eye, it arrived on the outskirts of Earth.

Then, Tejano walked out of the spaceship and strolled through the void, passing through the atmosphere and heading for China’s Mingyue City.


China’s Mingyue City.

Xu Jingming was still sitting cross-legged in the courtyard, basking in the sun. Every cell in his body kept absorbing energy.

suddenly, an aircraft arrived above the courtyard.

Xu Jingming sensed something and immediately got up to walk to the corridor. He put on slippers and clothes and went to welcome Director Zhou—who had descended the aircraft stairs—with his wife, Li Miaomiao.

“Are you sunbathing?” Director Zhou smiled.

“”Tjust broke through. I need to absorb more sunlight.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“In the future, you can fly above the clouds and be close to outer space,” Director Zhou said. “The sunlight there is better.”

Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up.

Li Miaomiao was puzzled when she heard that. Flying? From Director Zhou’s words, my husband, Xu Jingming, can fly to an area close to outer space?

“Of course, don’t stay more than 1,000 kilometers from the surface,” Director Zhou said. “The planet’s security defense system has a limited range.”

“Understood.” Xu Jingming nodded.

Director Zhou smiled at Li Miaomiao. “Since you’ve become a cosmic lifeform and a cosmic citizen, your parents and children can also know the truth about cosmic civilizations. There’s no need to keep it a secret.”

Xu Jingming was delighted. He couldn’t tell Miaomiao many things in the past.

“Director, come in and have a seat,” Xu Jingming said before the three of them entered the living room and sat down.

“Tl send you a copy of the cosmic citizen rules and regulations in a while,” Director Zhou said. “This is set by the Cosmic Human Alliance, and every cosmic citizen has to abide by it. At the same time, Earth has also instituted some rules, and we will also send them to you.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“Also, it’s prohibited for cosmic citizens to project their energy beyond 9.8 meters on dense inhabited planets,” Director Zhou said. “This is one of the Cosmic Human Alliance’s rules.”

“Yes, a limit is necessary.” Xu Jingming nodded. “If too much energy is released, it will be too destructive.”

Li Miaomiao was puzzled when she heard that, but she held it in without interrupting.

“After you become a cosmic citizen, you can officially enter the virtual world,” Director Zhou stated. “The interface to the virtual world is the large sphere you used to possess the cosmic legend and the Lv. 10 expert.”

“Therefore, we will build a ‘VR chamber’ for your individual use,” Director Zhou continued. “Considering how Earth’s protection period will end in a year, we can’t guarantee absolute safety even on Earth. Therefore, it’s best if you move to Binhai City.”

“In Binhai City, there’s a neighborhood with the highest level of security. We will arrange a large residence for you in the district that covers more than 70,000 square feet. There’s enough space for virtual rooms and training rooms,” Director Zhou said. “Your family can also move in.”

“After the protection of emerging civilizations expires, there’s no guarantee of absolute safety on Earth?” Xu Jingming was puzzled.

“Sigh.” Director Zhou sighed softly. “Once the protection period is over, we won’t have a reason to reject commercial talks with other cosmic civilizations. They naturally have the right to enter Earth. After entering Earth… they can acquire most of the available information. For example, information that

you’re a Transcendent genius! You publicly used Beam Transformation 39-hit combo during the competition, so it’s impossible to hide it. A Transcendent genius is also very valuable in the universe!”

“Sometimes, trafficking talent is also a kind of business.” Director Zhou looked at Xu Jingming with a cold gaze. “There are countless human civilizations in the universe. Some of them operate in gray areas, and some even do entirely illegal deeds.”

“Of course, in the area with the highest level of security defense, even a Lv. 8 expert will only be sending themselves to their deaths if they invade,” Director Zhou explained. “Earth still spent a lot on defense systems.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly. He knew about this when he flipped through the first volume of Beam Transformation.

Individual evolvers were strong, but technological weapons were stronger!

In the history of most basic civilizations, not a single Lv. 8 expert could be born. However, the overall strength of an entire civilization was still very terrifying. Even an emerging cosmic civilization could wipe out any cosmic lifeform with the cooperation of a large number of technological weapons.

Only by exceeding Lv. 8 and reaching a different level in life could one be qualified to use their individual strength to lord over a civilization.

“Our planet’s defense system can protect the entire planet, but the level of protection is limited. Only a small number of areas can maintain the highest level of protection,” Director Zhou said. “It can’t be helped; this is the limit of what we can do on Earth.”

“Understood.” Xu Jingming nodded.

Director Zhou didn’t even mention Lv. 9 experts! Clearly, the highest level of protection was useless against a Lv. 9 existence.

“Detailed information will be sent to you through the virtual world,” Director Zhou said. “If you have no objections, Binhai City will begin building a virtual room for you.”

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao looked at each other and nodded. “Alright.”

“Then, I’ll head back first.” Director Zhou got up. He came and left in a hurry, clearly seizing every moment.

Watching the aircraft leave, Li Miaomiao couldn’t help but look at Xu Jingming beside her and sigh with emotion. “I never expected that we would be forced to leave Binhai City by Cheng Zihao. After going around in circles, we’re returning to Binhai City.”

“It looks like we are fated with Binhai City.” Xu Jing nodded with a smile.

“Oh right, Director Zhou said something about cosmic citizens and the protection period of emerging civilizations?” Li Miaomiao was puzzled.

“So here’s the story.” Xu Jingming then began explaining in detail to his wife.

The couple chatted for more than an hour when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Huh? Xu Jingming was surprised. He didn’t sense any lifeform outside the door, but the doorbell rang.

Once he became a cosmic lifeform, a mosquito within 100 meters couldn’t hide from him. Thus, Xu Jingming was a little surprised and puzzled. At the same time, he immediately got up and walked to the courtyard door to open it.

Outside the door, Tejano—who had silver-gray hair and eyebrows and was wearing a gold-patterned robe—was standing there and smiling at Xu Jingming.

“Ambassador Tejano.” Xu Jingming was surprised. “Please come in.”

‘Tejano nodded slightly and walked in.

“This is…” Li Miaomiao looked at Tejano, who had a different appearance and bearing than Earthlings. However, his face was very familiar, making Li Miaomiao have a guess.

“Miaomiao, this is Ambassador Tejano, who I was talking about,” Xu Jingming explained.

“Greetings, Ambassador,” Li Miaomiao immediately said.

“Xu Jingming.” Tejano followed the couple into the house and sat down alone on the sofa. “I’m here to congratulate you on becoming a cosmic citizen.”

“Thank you, Ambassador.” Xu Jingming was a little flattered. This ambassador is too polite.

“Here on Earth, you are the only one who could defeat me,” Tejano said with a smile. “Actually, I’ve also noticed that Earth is thinking of ways to get me to recruit you and make you work for my family. However, I don’t have the right, nor is it suitable for me to speak to my father for you.”

Xu Jingming immediately said, “That’s also because I’m not outstanding enough.”

“You’re quite outstanding,” Tejano said. “It’s just that the universe is too vast, and there are countless human civilizations! You naturally can’t outshine them.”

“That includes me.” Tejano sighed helplessly. “I’m also under a lot of pressure, and my father is forcing me. When this mission ends, I have to work hard and experience all kinds of torment. Sigh, I can’t even protect myself, so I naturally can’t bring you along.”

Xu Jingming felt the pain in Tejano’s voice and sighed with emotion. Even as an ambassador, he has to fight hard and suffer various sufferings.

“Here, this is a gift to celebrate your becoming a cosmic citizen.” Tejano casually threw out a badge.

Xu Jingming caught it in confusion.

“Any employee who contributes to the Redmond Group, as well as some customers who the Redmond Group are appreciative of, will be given a medal. This is the Evernight-level Redmond Medal,” Tejano said. “It’s considered to be the lowest one. I happen to have a few on hand, so I’m giving you one. I’l

also report your name to the Redmond Group. You can report this matter to the Earth Alliance as well.”

“Redmond Medal?” Xu Jingming was puzzled.

“This battle between cosmic civilizations…” Tejano got up. “It’s shady! Once the protection period for emerging civilizations expires, Earth will experience all kinds of storms. This Redmond Medal can at least ensure your family’s safety.”

“After all, I, Tejano, have been to Earth for more than 30 years. You’re the only genius I’ve encountered and the only person who has defeated me. Don’t end up dying on me,” Tejano said as his figure walked out the door.

“Thank you, Ambassador,” Xu Jingming immediately replied.

At this moment, Tejano’s figure had disappeared.

Xu Jingming stared at the black medal in his hand and vaguely understood the importance of it..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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