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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 193 – Cosmos Tower’s Fifth Level

Chapter 193: Cosmos Tower’s Fifth Level

Translator: CKtalon

Secretary General Angus murmured to himself when he heard that. Mostly interacted with Lv. 9s?

Most basic civilizations in the universe couldn’t produce a single Lv. 8 in their entire history, much less the rarer and harder Lv. 9! Being at Lv. 9 made one an important figure across the countless human civilizations in the universe. Basic civilizations in the universe had to be extremely submissive in the

face of such an existence.

As for Lv. 10, they were council members of the Cosmic Human Alliance.

“Geniuses are ultimately only geniuses.” Tejano thought and said, “There’s still a long way to go before one can become a true cosmic expert. Many geniuses slowly become mediocre in their growth.”

“Yes, indeed. According to the information we have gathered, the probability of a Transcendent genius reaching Lv. 8 is only about 8%,” Secretary General Angus said.

Tejano nodded. “My father often says that you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. Once you’ve chosen a path, you have to keep at it. Therefore, Xu Jingming has to focus on the legacy after selecting one! He can’t learn this today and that tomorrow, or even learn seven or eight legacies at the same

time, hoping to merge them… Haha, he’s only at Lv. 5 or 6 now. Some of those legacies were created by Lv. 10 existences in history, and some were even created by legendary cosmic experts. How can a Lv. 5 or Lv. 6 like him be qualified to integrate all the schools of thought?”

“Right.” Secretary General Angus listened obediently.


“In short, the first rule is to choose a legacy and focus on it. Focus on learning it.” Tejano thought about what his father had said and began summarizing. “The second rule is that resources have to be spent at critical moments in his growth! Otherwise, slow improvement speeds as a result of lacking

resources will affect his future.”

“Of course, don’t waste resources usually. It’s a waste to have resources all the time; it has to be at critical moments! Resources have to be used wisely. As for when to save resources and when to use them? This requires intelligence.” Tejano thought and continued, “The third rule is: have good teachers!

This is most important.”

“Good teacher?” Secretary General Angus frowned slightly.

“Yes, good teacher. The kind that can know which stage their disciple is at, and when their disciple encounters problems, the teacher is able to guide him and point out a clear direction. Is the disciple about to take the wrong path? The teacher can also guide him. The master can also decide when

something should be done and how it should be done,” Tejano said. “A good teacher can increase the speed of cultivation by tenfold or a hundredfold. Considering people with the same talent, one with a good teacher while the other has to rely on themselves to figure everything out will have great

differences in their futures.”

“We also understand the importance of good teachers, but where can we find one?” Secretary General Angus asked.

“Well…” Tejano thought for a moment. “When it comes to good teachers, the factions with Paramount legacies are naturally the ones with the richest heritage among the countless human civilizations in the universe. They are most suitable for teaching disciples.”

“A top faction with Paramount legacies?” The corners of Secretary General Angus’s eyes twitched. Those factions had a long history and were deeply rooted, allowing them to infiltrate many powerful civilizations.

His heart skipped a beat when he heard that.

“Human history is too long, and there have been some dark eras. Much history has gone missing, but there are probably 20 Paramounts that have been born,” Tejano said. “There are also more than ten top factions that have Paramount legacies. It’s very difficult to join any of these factions.”

“The threshold to join these factions is Lv. 9. Even if the threshold is lowered, they have to be peerless geniuses at Lv. 8.” Tejano sighed with emotion. “As for a Lv. 5 Transcendent genius? There’s only one way to find a good teacher under normal circumstances.”

Secretary General Angus looked at Tejano.

“Spend money,” Tejano said.

In fact, there was another method—have a sufficiently strong background. For example, Tejano had received pointers from many experts—even legendary cosmic experts had given him pointers.

However, this was much harder than spending money.

“spending money?” Secretary General Angus shook his head slightly. “How can an emerging cosmic civilization like us afford it?”

“Yes, you’re quite poor. You can’t even catch the eye of a Lv. 9 expert.” Tejano nodded in agreement. “Anyway, there are only three paths. Think about it.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Secretary General Angus said. “What you’ve said has benefited us greatly.”

“Mmm.” Tejano nodded and left, returning to his personal space.

Earth just joined the Cosmic Human Alliance, so it knows little. It lacks too much experience, and the only way to accumulate experience is to make mistakes. Tejano sighed. I hope it won’t ruin Xu Jingming’s talent.

Tejano was quite looking forward to Xu Jingming, who had personally defeated him.

Since the latter had defeated him, he had to achieve something greater! This way, it wouldn’t embarrass him that much.

Xu Jingming arrived in front of the towering Cosmos Tower and looked at the two rankings in the night sky. They were the top 100 names for the third and fourth floors.

Nobody has cleared the fifth floor to date. My strength has undergone a transformation after the competition. I’ll give it a try again. Xu Jingming was filled with fighting spirit.

After the competition ended, he also familiarized himself with his breakthrough. He also tried to integrate the fluidity of water into his other spear moves and even shield techniques.

The fluidity of water was a philosophy, and it wasn’t limited to spearmanship. In just two days, Xu Jingming had benefited greatly. His spearmanship, shield techniques, and footwork had improved slightly.

Bring it on. Xu Jingming immediately stepped into Cosmos Tower.

On the fifth floor of Cosmos Tower.

It was a beach, and the sun was shining brightly. A figure was sitting on a beach chair in the distance—it was the silver-browed handsome youth with a furry tail.

When Xu Jingming appeared in light armor and held a black spear, the silver-browed youth turned his head and casually threw the few pebbles he was playing with using his left hand.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Xu Jingming was all too familiar with the pebbles that tore through the air, He didn’t have the time to react when he was at Lv. 4, but he could completely react now.

With just one step, the five pebbles missed him.

“Oh, interesting.” The silver-browed youth stood up and casually picked up a sword beside the beach chair.

“Tlost in just a few moves previously. Let’s see how it goes today.” Xu Jingming suddenly charged forward.

The silver-browed youth’s figure flashed as he charged over.

The two instantly clashed.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Weapons collided.

My speed has finally caught up to his speed, Xu Jingming thought to himself as he fought.

He had been completely crushed every time they clashed previously! Now that his Beam Transformation had reached Lv. 5 53%, his speed was comparable to his opponent’s. However, the silver-browed youth still had the advantage in other aspects—strength, agility, and so on. His figure was extremely

agile as he turned into afterimages around Xu Jingming, and his sword turned into beams of light that constantly enveloped him.

Xu Jingming swung his spear like a dragon swimming through the air, naturally blocking the many sword techniques.

In this exchange, Xu Jingming used many moves to fight the silver-browed youth to a draw.

Beam Transformation 39-hit combo.

Xu Jingming finally used his strongest killer move. His strikes might be fast or slow, but the might of his spear naturally became more ferocious.

The silver-browed youth’s defense with his sword was also very perfect. It was only at the Transcendent 37th strike that it became slightly difficult for him to block.

39th strike—all the might overlapped and erupted!

Huh? The silver-browed youth tried his best to dodge as his sword flashed to block.


The sword touched the spear afterimage, but the spear afterimage was too fast. Even though it deviated slightly, it still penetrated the silver-browed youth’s shoulder.

Xu Jingming immediately exerted strength with the spear shaft, intending to tear through the silver-browed youth’s body.


The silver-browed youth shook his sword and struck the spear shaft. Although it ended up tearing open the wound on his shoulder, he avoided being killed.

Xu Jingming immediately advanced and chased after him, dishing out one strike after another.

With his body injured, the silver-browed youth—whose strength had decreased—dodged left and right, barely managing to withstand more than ten strikes. However, he was still penetrated by the spear. Only then did his figure turn ethereal and dissipate.

“You have cleared the fifth level. Prepare to enter the sixth level of Cosmos Tower.” A voice sounded in his ears.

Xu Jingming’s armor and weapons became clean, unstained by blood. His stamina had also returned to its peak.

I’ve finally cleared it. Xu Jingming smiled. However, the fifth level is really difficult. Despite my current realm, he managed to withstand the Beam Transformation 39-hit combo. The difficulty of this level is ridiculous.

Unbeknownst to him, the Earth Alliance’s goal for creating this level of difficulty was to make Lv. 5 experts feel weak and pressured, allowing them to become cosmic lifeforms as soon as possible. Only then could they clear Cosmos Tower’s fifth level.

Xu Jingming’s actual combat was ridiculous, allowing him to clear Cosmos Tower’s fifth level before becoming a cosmic lifeform.

And at this moment—

Beside the two previous rankings, a new roll slowly unfolded. There was only one name on the list.

Cosmos Ranking (5th level)—

World Number One: Xu Jingming (China)

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Score 7.5
Status: Ongoing Artist:
In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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