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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: China’s Official Livestream

Translator: CKtalon 

As they spoke, the number of viewers in the livestream increased continuously.

Li Miaomiao was surprised. “The virtual world was launched nine hours ago. Everyone is a little tired, be it from practicing the evolutionary methods or fighting. However, there are many people watching the livestream—the official livestream exceeded 30 million viewers in such a short timespan.”

“This is the only pinned live-streaming channel on the spectator platform after all.” Xu Jingming also saw the number of viewers constantly jumping.

At this moment, in front of the commentary platform.


The host, Liu Xin, continued, “Based on the information I have, nobody in China has exceeded 40-star Radiant Sun. And Radiant Sun maxes out at 50 stars… Therefore, those who can reach Divine now had to do so through the preliminaries. It means that their basic combat strength is at least 1200!”

“That’s very difficult,” Huang Yong said. “From what I know, ordinary professional gladiators now only have a basic combat strength ranging from 200 to 300. Top professional experts in Division A competitions generally have combat strength ranging between 500 to 800. Those who can enter the World Martial Arts Tournament generally do not exceed 1,000.”

“What kind of standard is 1200? That’s the threshold for someone who has the potential to become a martial arts master!” Huang Yong smiled. “From my point of view, the 33 Divine players are either famous professional martial artists, legendary figures from other pugilistic schools, or folk wonders.”

“Folk wonders?” Liu Xin exclaimed in surprise.

“There are many hidden talents among the common folk,” Huang Yong said with a smile. “Before my master, Liu Hai, participated in the first World Martial Arts Tournament, who knew he was so powerful?”

“There are also many female experts,” Coach Qin Yiwen said. “Half of humanity consists of men, and the other half are women. Of the ten evolutionary methods now, women also have five evolutionary methods, and their bodies aren’t inferior to those of men. It’s within expectations that… women will take up half of the Divine spots in the future.”

“I’m also looking forward to the battlefield where experts from different domains compete,” Huang Yong said.

Liu Xin suddenly said, “The number of viewers in our livestream has exceeded 100 million! At this point, 33 people in China have reached Divine. The first Divine battle already has eight people in line—I believe it won’t take long for it to begin. Before we begin, let’s talk about the Divine experts participating.”

“First, it’s the three people who have started livestreams: Panda Zhang Qian, Goddess of War Sun Yuting, and Sharpshooter Wang Yi,” Liu Xin said. “Coach Huang Yong must be very familiar with Zhang Qian.”

“For Panda, or Old Zhang as I call him, he’s the number one influencer in the martial arts circles.” Coach Huang Yong smiled and said, “He previously had more than 50 million fans on the Internet. People call him ‘martial arts kaleidoscope.’ His ‘Tri-Point Double-Edged Halberd’ is definitely at the level of a martial arts master.”

The female team coach, Qin Yiwen, said, “Many people have doubted his strength on the Internet because he has never participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament. However, he has proven himself by reaching Divine on the first day of the virtual world’s launch.”

“Many people find it unbelievable that an influencer in the field of combat can reach Divine before so many professional gladiators, but Zhang Qian did it,” Liu Xin said. “I’m looking forward to his performance in this Divine match.”

In the stands, Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao also noticed the popularity of the livestream.

“The audience numbers have exceeded 160 million.” Li Miaomiao exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s insane speed,” Xu Jingming said.

“News spreads by word of mouth. Once the battle begins, more people will enter. After all, it’s the first Divine battle in China,” Li Miaomiao said.

Xu Jingming looked at Li Miaomiao and smiled. “Miaomiao, I’m also in the queue for this first Divine battle.”

Li Miaomiao was taken aback.

“Divine battle? Jingming, you’re in the queue too?” Li Miaomiao asked. “You’re one of the eight?”

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“Jingming, can I take a look at your personal combat strength interface? Don’t worry. I won’t spread it.” Li Miaomiao’s eyes lit up.

Xu Jingming tapped his finger, and the information appeared.

Player: Xu Jingming

Genetic Evolutionary Method: Heavenly Python Evolution (Intermediate 20%) (735 days of practice. No room for improvement)

Physique: 115

Technique: Spearmanship (Lv. 2 75%), Footwork (Lv. 2 16%), Shield Technique (Lv. 2 62%)

Basic Combat Strength: 1380

Combat Bonus: 20%

Combat Strength: 1656

“Wow…” Li Miaomiao turned extremely excited as if she had seen a pile of jewels. “It’s only the first day, yet your evolutionary method has reached the intermediate level? Your basic combat strength is 1380, which is a lot higher than the Divine preliminaries’ requirement of 1200. Even a tiny fraction of yours is much higher than mine.”

“A 20% boost in actual combat? What the hell? My actual combat boost is 0%.” Li Miaomiao stared at the interface and then looked up at Xu Jingming. “Jingming, I’ve watched so many livestreams, and many streamers have disclosed their combat strength interface. This is the most exaggerated one.”

“There are still stronger ones. After all, there are 33 people who reached Divine on the first day,” Xu Jingming said.

“Jingming, you’re going to be famous! When the battle starts, the ten of you will definitely receive a lot of attention and fans,” Li Miaomiao said. “I knew… that your future would be a thousand times better than in the past, but I never expected it to arrive so quickly. This is only the first day of the virtual world’s launch! It’s only been nine hours!”

On the commentator stage, the female coach, Qin Yiwen, said, “In a common environment where cold weapons are used, sharpshooters will pose a huge threat. I believe everyone will see Sharpshooter Wang Yi’s performance later.”

“Other than Panda Zhang Qian, Sharpshooter Wang Yi, and Goddess of War Sun Yuting, Coach Huang and I also know of two Divine experts participating. They are ‘Bizarro Twin Sabers’ Master Dong Xu and ‘Miao Blade Heroine’ Lian Shuang,” Qin Yiwen said with a smile.

“I heard from my friends, and Senior Brother Dong Xu personally gave me this scoop,” Coach Huang said with a smile. “Senior Brother Dong Xu is already past 50 this year, and he is a martial arts master of the older generation. He also got the bronze medal at the 11th World Martial Arts Tournament. He produces endless changes with his Bizarro Twin Sabers, and many world experts were defeated by his twin swords.”

“Miao Blade Heroine Lian Shuang is also our national female team’s coach,” Qin Yiwen said.

“Many male team members have asked her about the usage of the Miao blade,” Huang Yong said with a smile. “To reach Divine on the first day has also proven her strength.”

“Nine Divine experts are ready!” Liu Xin suddenly said excitedly. “We are approaching this monumental moment. We are only one person short of ten; this Divine battle will begin at any time.”

The number of viewers in the livestream was also rising continuously, having exceeded 220 million.

Suddenly, Liu Xin, Coach Huang, and Qin Yiwen became excited.

“All ten are in!” Liu Xin’s voice rang out. “The first battle between Divines is about to begin!”

Xu Jingming—who was sitting in the stands—also received a notification: ‘All ten people are ready; the battle is about to begin! Xu Jingming, please prepare your weapons and equipment.’

“Miaomiao, the battle has begun. I’m going over,” Xu Jingming said to his girlfriend.

“Go, go,” Li Miaomiao urged excitedly.

Xu Jingming disappeared with a whoosh.

“Dad, Mom, hurry over.” Li Miaomiao immediately contacted them. “Uncle, Auntie, Grandpa! Jingming is participating in our country’s first Divine match. Join China’s Official Livestream channel immediately.”

“Second Aunt, Third Aunt, Fourth Aunt, Uncle, quickly join the official livestream.”

“Old classmates, the first Divine battle is beginning. Are you watching?”

“Sister Kong, Xiaozeng, help me forward the news. Get people to join the official livestream channel.”

Li Miaomiao kept summoning her friends in excitement.

“Your mother and I were already here.” Li Chen’an and his wife came to their daughter’s side.

“Miaomiao.” Xu Hong, his wife, and Grandpa Xu arrived.

Mrs. Xu said immediately, “You said that Jingming will be participating in the first Divine battle?”

“Look up ahead. It’s starting.” Li Miaomiao pointed at the commentary platform in front of her.

On the curved commentary platform, host Liu Xin, commentator Huang Yong, and commentator Qin Yi were all looking at the combat space that had appeared.

In the combat space, there were five people on the left and five on the right. They had already started choosing their weapons.

“All ten Divine experts have appeared. The team on the left consists of ‘Hercules’ Gao Chong, ‘Bloody Ax’ Wang Qiao, ‘Miao Blade Heroine’ Lian Shuang, ‘Goddess of War’ Sun Yuting, and a 97-year-old senior named Liu Jianfeng. I don’t think I’ve heard of this senior in the martial arts circle.” Liu Xin was a little surprised. She could only see everyone’s name and age, but she didn’t know anything else.

Of these five, the other four were famous; only Liu Jianfeng was unknown.

Huang Yong and Qin Yiwen—the two national team coaches—also revealed puzzled looks. The two of them knew many people in the industry, but they had never heard of this name.

“It’s impressive that a 97-year-old senior can become a Divine player on the first day,” Huang Yong said.

Liu Xin continued, “The five people on the right are Sharpshooter Wang Yi, Spear Demon Xu Jingming, Legendary Boxer King Wu Sai, Bizarro Twin Sabers Master Dong Xu, and Panda Zhang Qian, who we are all familiar with.”

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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