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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 182 – Day of the Finals

Chapter 182: Day of the Finals

Translator: CKtalon 

Xu Jingming was practicing the cultivation method, Planetary Visualization, in a chamber.

He freely released his telepathy, and the fluctuations of his consciousness naturally enveloped his surroundings. Even the dust in the air felt as intense as tiny meteors colliding with a planet’s atmosphere when they brushed across his skin.


Through the disturbances in the air, Xu Jingming sensed the area outside the chamber and knew some of the movements within the villa.

This feeling wasn’t intentional; his mind was completely empty.


Xu Jingming opened his eyes.

At this moment, it was precisely 8:55 p.m. Without needing an alarm, his biological clock could be precise to the second while tempering his mind.

It’s time. Xu Jingming got up and naturally pushed open the door.

“Is your mental tempering over?” Li Miaomiao heard the door open and walked out of her bedroom. She immediately shouted, “The competition is about to begin.”

“Coming.” Xu Jingming smiled. After the mental tempering ended, his mental state was at its peak.

Ever since he received the first volume of Beam Transformation, his mental tempering time was shortened to four hours a day.

In the bedroom, Xu Jingming and his wife, Li Miaomiao, put on their VR headsets and lay down.

In the virtual world’s official livestream.

“They actually waited until the last few minutes before coming online.” Xu Hong looked at the young couple walking over and couldn’t help but smile. “They sure are calm.”

“One’s mental state is very important,” Grandpa Xu said with a smile. “Some people perform beyond their usual limits at critical moments, while others crash at critical moments. Jingming’s mental state is much better than that of ordinary people. He’s one of those people who are more impressive the more critical the moment.”

Xu Jingming chatted briefly with his relatives and friends before sitting down.

“There are so many viewers today. I reckon a new record will be set.” Li Miaomiao looked at the rapidly rising number of viewers.

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming watched. “The competition is about to begin.”

There were only two people on the commentary platform. One was a female host, and the other was the Earth Alliance’s secretary general, Angus.

Angus was definitely an important figure, and it was also his first time being a guest at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“Ever since the virtual world’s launch, batch after batch of experts have appeared around the world,” Angus said with a smile. “And the World Martial Arts Tournament has been a spectacle; it also shows the strength of the true top experts around the world. Today is the last day of the World Martial Arts Tournament. According to the competition rules, the world champion will be decided. At this moment, the number of viewers in the livestream has exceeded 6.3 billion. Everyone, let’s look forward to who will be world champion.”

“Alright.” The female host looked at the time and said, “The first match will begin with determining the third and fourth place. Liu Hai will fight Tiger Fussen.”

Countless people watched the livestream.

Liu Hai and Tiger Fussen had already entered the combat preparation area. They chose their weapons and equipment before entering the combat map.

“The battle has begun.” Xu Jingming, Xu Hong, Dai Tongda, Dai Xiaoqing, Team Pearwood, and the others watched the battle seriously.

In the modern city scene.

Liu Hai and Tiger Fussen didn’t hide themselves. They quickly arrived at the widest street square in the center and faced each other from afar.

“Senior Liu Hai and Senior Tiger Fussen were first and second on the Cosmos Ranking in the beginning,” Wang Yi said. “Now, they’re competing for third and fourth place.”

“They are indeed powerful enough to take up the first few spots on the Cosmos Ranking early on,” Yang Qingshuo praised.

As they spoke, the battle began!

This battle was exciting enough. Their strength and speed were on the same level, allowing them to attack to their heart’s content.

Before the two’s battle, one had fought Tejano, and the other had fought Xu Jingming. They were much inferior in terms of basic strength, speed, and other aspects… Naturally, they were defeated. Today, Liu Hai and Tiger Fussen were the most suitable opponents for each other.

“Seniors pay a lot of attention to defense in combat,” Xu Jingming said when he saw this.

There was no need to talk about his master. With the combination of shield and saber, one Yin and one Yang, Liu Hai was the best at defense among all the experts he knew.

Tiger Fussen’s two axes were like two smaller shields, and his defense was equally strong.

The two of them were skilled in both offense and defense, and their combat techniques were quite extraordinary.

After fighting for more than a minute, the square was in ruins. During the battle… Liu Hai quickly gained the advantage, but he still fought for more than a minute before finally breaking through the defense of Tiger Fussen’s two axes. He instantly stabbed through Tiger’s throat.

“You won.” Tiger Fussen was very accepting of his loss. Their strength and speed were on the same level, but his dual ax techniques were still a little lacking compared to Liu Hai.

Although Liu Hai won, he was also impressed with his opponent. Other than the two freaks—Tejano and Xu Jingming—Tiger Fussen was the closest to him.

“Let us congratulate Liu Hai and Tiger Fussen for respectively obtaining third and fourth place in the World Martial Arts Tournament,” the female host immediately announced. “With this match now over, it’s time for the finals that every member of the audience is looking forward to!”

“The finals will be between Xu Jingming and Tejano Xire,” Secretary General Angus said with a sigh. “There’s no doubt about their talent, and their strength is obvious to everyone. Tejano easily defeated Liu Hai previously, and Xu Jingming also easily defeated Tiger Fussen. The two of them are head and shoulders above the competition globally.”

As the female host and Secretary General Angus praised the two, the number of viewers in the livestream increased.

“Hurry, hurry.”

“The finals are about to begin.”

“Son, this is the finals! You have to watch even if you don’t understand.”

The audience was extremely enthusiastic.

Some people couldn’t be bothered watching the previous match to determine third and fourth place. At most, they would watch the replay. However, the meaning of the finals was different. The number of viewers had truly set a record.

Some children weren’t interested in the competition but were forced to watch by their parents. They were even held on their parents’ laps to watch the competition so that they couldn’t run around.

“Daddy, are the strongest humans on the planet about to be decided?” the boy asked his father.

“Yes, the strongest human on this planet.” His father nodded.

The boy’s eyes were filled with anticipation as he watched the livestream.

“I’m heading over.” Xu Jingming got up after receiving the notification.

Li Miaomiao got up and hugged her spouse. “All the best.”

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming released his wife and saw his relatives and friends.

“Brother Xu, become world champion.” Yang Qingshuo was very excited. “This is the most prestigious world champion title in the history of the World Martial Arts Tournament.”

“Become world champion.” Heng Fang, Liu Chongyuan, Dai Xiaoqing, and the others looked at Xu Jingming.

Anyone who took the professional martial arts path as their career had the dream of becoming world champion. It was just that in reality, one’s physique had too much influence. Age, injuries, and various other reasons led to a decline in one’s peak. Xu Jingming’s group of friends had worked hard, but they ultimately didn’t reach the peak.

But today!

The most anticipated competition in human history—the most prestigious Martial Arts Tournament—was also the first global tournament after the virtual world’s launch.

Billions of people were competing to determine the world champion!

“Yeah, become world champion.” Xu Jingming smiled and tapped gently, entering the combat preparation space.

Tejano was alone in the stands. He didn’t have any relatives or friends on Earth.

This is the battle I’m looking forward to the most on Earth. Tejano’s eyes burned. In the virtual world, other than his body becoming a Perfected planetary lifeform, he could use all his combat techniques and other aspects.

Tejano tapped gently and also entered the combat preparation space.

“The two of them have entered the combat preparation area.” The female host’s voice was excited.

Countless audience members cheered when they saw Xu Jingming and Tejano. They were the two most dazzling people in the world.

Which of the two was stronger?

Who was world number one?

Countless people were looking forward to it.

Director Zhou stood in the stands alone and watched the competition from afar. He also looked forward to it. On one side is Earth’s number one genius, Xu Jingming, and on the other is Tejano from the Cosmic Human Alliance. The resources that Tejano has received are beyond Earth’s reach. Who will win this battle?

It wasn’t just Director Zhou; all the other upper echelons on Earth—who knew Tejano’s true identity—watched this match nervously.

Deep in their hearts, they also yearned for their Earth’s number one genius, Xu Jingming… to win this match! However, they didn’t have detailed information on Tejano, nor did they have the right to investigate.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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