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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 167 – Rise in Difficulty

Chapter 167: Rise in Difficulty

Translator: CKtalon

After Xu Jingming appeared, countless viewers cheered. Ever since the virtual world’s launch, Xu Jingming’s fame had been rising non-stop! At this moment, it wasn’t just China; he also had a massive number of Xu Jingming fans in other countries around the world. They supported Xu Jingming fervently, and many people even believed that Xu Jingming had already surpassed Liu Hai and Tejano based on his growth speed.

“Xu Jingming.” Merritt was extremely solemn. “I know I’m not your match, but I’ll definitely do my best.”

“I’m looking forward to your sword technique,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. He was kind to every Earth expert because they would be his companions when he stepped into the vast cosmos in the future.


With dual swords in hand, Merritt quickly charged forward. His footwork changed as he did so, and the path he took was a strange curve. He instantly closed in.


Xu Jingming held the spear in one hand and thrust it forward, tapping Merritt’s sword. Power transmitted through the weapon, affecting Merritt’s movement.

He tapped gently every time! No matter how powerful Merritt’s footwork was, he couldn’t come close at all and was struck by the spear tip every time.

After nine consecutive strikes, the suppressive force increased.

My sword technique is too slow. Xu Jingming only stabs with the spear tip and doesn’t use moves like blocking and crushing. Merritt also felt like he was suffocating. My sword technique has to be faster—faster, faster!

The pressure Xu Jingming brought became greater and greater, and he stabbed out with a single hand every time. The sixteenth strike finally stabbed into Merritt’s chest.

I lost. At this moment, Merritt heaved a sigh of relief. He was accepting of his loss.

“Thank you.” Merritt felt like he had been baptized.

Xu Jingming nodded slightly and sighed with emotion. He was doing his best to hone his opponent and constantly increased the pressure on them, but clearly… it was too difficult for his opponent to break through to Lv. 5.

“Did you notice?” The male guest, Owen, pointed at the slow-motion replay of the battle. “Ever since Xu Jingming struck out, he didn’t move a single step and just stood there delivering 16 strikes! He stood still, and the range of his spear’s attack was limited. But strangely… Merritt didn’t leave the range of his spear’s attack. In fact, he only needed to take two steps back to get out of range.”

“He couldn’t retreat.” The male guest, Jin Fan, shook his head. “Upon closer inspection, Merritt’s body trembled slightly every time he was stabbed by the spear. It’s obvious that some force is affecting his entire body. He didn’t have the time to retreat before the second strike arrived! The pressure Xu Jingming placed on him was too great… Moreover, every strike affected Merritt’s body. It’s not that Merritt didn’t want to retreat, but he couldn’t. His body was being controlled the entire battle.”

“Controlled?” The female host and the other two guests carefully observed and discovered this tidbit.

Controlling the opponent’s body? Jingming has also learned this move? Liu Hai smiled as he watched this scene. Of course, this was something he could do at the limit of Lv. 4. His realm was now higher.

He used single-handed thrusts the entire time to control his opponent? Tejano watched in surprise. I can’t even attain such strength control, but that’s not something I’m good at. Compared to Riven Gullit… Xu Jingming is much stronger. This opponent excites me; I can’t wait!

Xu Jingming’s suppression and control didn’t surprise the five billion viewers in the livestream! In the eyes of the world, Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, and Tejano should be far ahead of the others. It was normal for them to use some unimaginable combat moves.

“The seventh match is between Halu Singh from India and Fang Yu from China,” the female host introduced.


Halu Singh’s scimitar swept past Fang Yu’s chest.

The battle ended.

Fang Yu was still stuck at the limit of Lv. 4. Even though his evolutionary method compatibility was very high, he couldn’t fight back against Halu Singh, who had reached Lv. 5. Halu Singh struck out three times and killed Fang Yu on the third strike.

There are many people stronger than me worldwide. Fang Yu wasn’t discouraged. Instead, he found many goals he needed to surpass. Compared to Halu Singh, my willpower should be weaker. I have to continue honing myself.



“Halu.” Countless people in India cheered in unison.

Instantly, the name ‘Halu’ swept through the official livestream. Halu Singh was the only expert in India who had entered the top eight. The citizens of India also idolized Halu Singh fervently.

Halu Singh smiled at the cheers of the crowd. He had once fallen into the abyss and regained his spot at the apex. He could calmly face all glory.

“The eighth match, and also the last match today, will be Tiger Fussen from the United States of America versus Akinov.” The female host was filled with anticipation.

In the forest map.

Tiger Fussen smiled and allowed Akinov to attack.

Akinov—who had reached Lv. 5—still hadn’t perfected his evolutionary method. Tiger Fussen easily blocked his frenzied attacks with two axes.

“Heads up,” Tiger Fussen said before attacking.


Then, he struck out with his ax!

This ax was like a bolt of lightning that split the world and struck Akinov, reducing him to nothingness.

This strike? Xu Jingming’s expression changed slightly. He felt a huge threat when he saw the strike.

Huh? Tejano’s smile disappeared, and he wore a solemn expression. Tiger Fussen is stronger than I expected.

Breaking ingenuity with force? Liu Hai was also solemn. This strike was the one that Liu Hai truly felt threatened by since the competition began.

Ysarova was originally watching the match with a smile, but she couldn’t help but become much more serious when she saw the strike. According to the battle ranking, my opponent in the next round should be Xu Jingming. After defeating Xu Jingming, my opponent might be Tiger Fussen. I can’t let him get close. I have to maintain a sufficient distance before killing him.


He’s wearing heavy armor, and I still have the absolute advantage in terms of speed and agility. My chances of winning against him are at least 60%. Ysarova carefully considered all the factors and confirmed that her chances of winning were higher.

“The first round of eliminations has ended after a total of eight matches,” the female host announced the results. “The top eight contestants are Tu Ling, Tejano Xire, Liu Hai, Madeleine Logan, Ysarova, Xu Jingming, Halu Singh, and Tiger Fussen.”

Of the countless viewers in the livestream, some cheered, and some sighed. For example, the EU—one of the three major nations on Earth—had martial arts ingrained and many experts. However, none entered the top eight this time.

Of the top eight contestants.

There were three from China: Tu Ling, Liu Hai, and Xu Jingming.

There were two people from the United States of America: Madeleine Logan and Tiger Fussen.

There was one person from Russia: Ysarova.

There was one person from India: Halu Singh.

There was one person from Botswana: Tejano Xire.

“Based on the rules of the competition, the matchup in the quarter-finals has been determined.” The female host turned her head and looked behind her. The livestream revealed the matching—

First match: Tu Ling vs. Tejano Xire

Second match: Liu Hai vs. Madeleine Logan

Third match: Ysarova vs. Xu Jingming

Fourth match: Halu Singh vs. Tiger Fussen

The top eight experts in the stands turned serious.

“Jingming, your opponent tomorrow is Ysarova.” Li Miaomiao was a little nervous. “Are you confident in dealing with her?”

“She has broken through to Lv. 5 in every aspect and has very mature techniques. She’s a formidable opponent,” Xu Jingming admitted. “After all, she’s the only Lv. 5 sharpshooter in the entire competition. I’ve never fought her either.”

Li Miaomiao nodded as well. She also found the opponent difficult to deal with.

“From tomorrow onward, every match will be harder,” Xu Jingming said. “I have to give it my all in every match and not be careless!”

If the round of 32 and the round of 16 were easy and considered appetizers, then starting from the quarter-finals to the semi-finals, that would be the main course. The difficulty would rapidly increase! After all, the next round would determine the world’s top four, and the next round would determine the world’s top two. The competition would become more intense, and even if he did his best, he might lose the competition.

“I’m going back to get some training done.” Xu Jingming got up.. He couldn’t slack off any day and had to make use of every day to become stronger.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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