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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 165 – Earth’s Lv. 5s

Chapter 165: Earth’s Lv. 5s

Translator: CKtalon


Tejano, Liu Hai, Madeleine Logan, Ysarova, and the other experts didn’t need to watch the slow-motion replay to immediately realize how terrifying Xu Jingming’s spearmanship was! Even if he had reached Lv. 5, he still allowed an apex Lv. 4 sharpshooter to fire three arrows at a distance of 20 meters! Moreover, he had to pierce the arrowhead with every strike! The difficulty was too high.

What fast spearmanship. He stabbed out three times in an instant? Madeline Logan’s deep eyes were filled with surprise.


Jingming is getting more and more impressive. Liu Hai smiled as he watched.

“Wow!” Tejano Xire was eating an orange when he saw this scene, and his eyes lit up. Such an opponent is interesting.

“When a close-combat expert encounters a large number of arrows, they usually dodge as much as they can. They will only choose to block if their dodging fails.” The male guest in the livestream, Jin Fan, pointed at the slow-motion replay. “Xu Jingming didn’t miss a single one and stabbed all the arrows one by one. Moreover, he stabbed the arrows accurately. Such precision and the speed at which he struck out are truly astonishing.”

Even in the slow-motion replay, the 60 arrows were quickly depleted.

Xu Jingming only took one step after blocking the last two arrows! He arrived in front of Zhou Yi in a single step and stabbed his spear through the latter’s chest.

“Thank you.” Zhou Yi’s body turned ethereal, but he still spoke with gratitude. He knew that Xu Jingming wanted to give him enough pressure to force him to break through. However, it clearly wasn’t that easy to break through to Lv. 5!

First, one had to have their mind and consciousness sense all the cells in their body. Only by reaching this step could one have a chance of breaking through in the midst of a battle! Although Zhou Yi was obsessed on the verge of craziness, the improvement of his mind and consciousness couldn’t be achieved simply by being obsessed and crazy.

Xu Jingming was a little disappointed when he saw this. He very much wished to force Zhou Yi to break through! But after dozens of matches, only Alan Emelianenko had broken through.

The legacy is right. Lv. 5 is indeed the greatest obstacle in the evolution of a planetary lifeform, Xu Jingming thought.

Xu Jingming met Jon Pierre in the second match—the latter was a martial arts expert who had been through more adverse events than Xu Jingming. Before the virtual world’s launch, Jon Pierre’s achievements were much higher as well.

But after the virtual world’s launch, Xu Jingming’s improvement was the world’s best.

“Mr. Jon Pierre.” Xu Jingming respected his opponent.

“I knew you a long time ago. You broke your leg at the World Martial Arts Tournament at the age of 20,” Jon Pierre said with a smile. “Although I was also injured many times back then, I was still at my peak when I participated in the competition for the first time and became world champion. Being injured… was something that happened after that. Of course, you have also truly shown your potential with the launch of the virtual world.”

Xu Jingming looked at him. “My strikes become stronger with every strike. Be careful.”

Jon Pierre was almost from the same era as Liu Hai. Of course, he was younger than Liu Hai and was only in his early fifties.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

In the snowy scene, the two charged at each other.

Xu Jingming stabbed out more than ten times in a row, giving Jon Pierre enough pressure before finally piercing through his chest.

In the forest map.

Xu Jingming looked at Miyagawa Meishin in front of him.

“I’m very honored to be able to fight you, Xu Jingming.” Miyagawa Meishin’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Xu Jingming had a good impression of his opponent. During his first martial arts lecture, Miyagawa Meishin tipped the most. Later on, he took the initiative time and time again to publicly say that Xu Jingming’s classes had benefited him greatly and allowed him to improve his swordsmanship. Xu Jingming eventually came in first in overall points thanks to Miyagawa Meishin and Fang Yu.

“You can make any move. I’ll counter-attack after ten moves,” Xu Jingming said.

“Alright.” Miyagawa Meishin was completely focused at this moment.

Japan had once bragged about Miyagawa Meishin being the world’s number one genius. In fact, although Miyagawa Meishin’s talent wasn’t world number one, he was still in the world’s top few.

Without experiencing any professional competitions, his swordsmanship had reached an unimaginable level in high school. To be this strong, other than talent, he had a passion that came from the bottom of his heart!

He could blindfold himself and practice his blade for hours a day just to clearly sense the airflow when the blade sliced through the air…

He could mundanely destroy the rubber bullets fired from a machine time and time again just to practice his precision…

After the virtual world’s launch, he quickly surpassed Kiyori Toichi and became the strongest swordsman in Japan.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Miyagawa Meishin had already arrived in front of Xu Jingming, and he quickly attacked with his two blades.

Xu Jingming easily blocked with his spear. Miyagawa Meishin delivered ten consecutive strikes that were as fast as lightning and unpredictable… but Xu Jingming completely blocked with his spear using one hand.

After blocking, Xu Jingming spun his spear and stabbed out. He stabbed out 12 times in a row, each strike faster and more ferocious than the last.

Miyagawa Meishin could only block in a sorry state! Once Xu Jingming attacked, he could only defend with all his might, finding it extremely strenuous and difficult.

The 12th strike penetrated Miyagawa Meishin’s chest.

“Thank you.” Miyagawa Meishin was rather grateful. This was because he felt like he could vaguely mobilize all the cells in his body while defending at full strength.

Later on, Miyagawa Meishin broke through during the battle with Jon Pierre! He finally broke through to Lv. 5 and slashed past Jon Pierre with his blade.

I broke through. Miyagawa Meishin’s eyes were filled with tears of excitement.

Miyagawa Meishin was also the second person in the round of 32 to break through.


In Group 7, Halu Singh and Akinov were Lv. 5 experts; it was just that Halu Singh was clearly much stronger. Akinov had probably just broken through not long ago, and his evolutionary method was yet to be perfected. Therefore, he was easily defeated.

In Group 8, Tiger Fussen—who had terrifying strength—and Fang Yu made the cut! Although Fang Yu was still at the limit of Lv. 4, he usually could win battles at that level.

“Of the last four group matches held today, a total of eight contestants will be selected: Ysarova, Merritt, Xu Jingming, Miyagawa Meishin, Halu Singh, Akinov, Tiger Fussen, and Fang Yu,” the female host in the livestream said. “The virtual world system has confirmed the arrangements for the round of 16.”

With that said, a detailed match lineup appeared behind her.

First place in the top group fought second place in the bottom group.

Second place in the top group fought first place in the bottom group.

So on and so forth… These formed eight matches.

“The top eight contestants will be selected at the eighth-finals tomorrow,” the female host said.

In the stands, Xu Jingming nodded slightly. After the group matches ended, he had a clear understanding of the strength of the experts around the world. Of the top 16, 11 are Lv. 5 experts. Including Alan Emelianenko, who was eliminated… Since the virtual world’s launch, Earth has produced 12 Lv. 5 experts? Is this all a civilization can produce?

Xu Jingming didn’t know that there were actually fewer Lv. 5s born after the virtual world’s launch! This was because he had to deduct the experts who had been cultivating for a long time.

In the other stands, Pang Ze, his wife, and his children finished watching the competition.

A weak cosmic civilization! Of the five billion-plus adults, these are the few most talented experts, Pang Ze thought to himself. It was said that a tall person could hold up the sky if it collapsed, but as the ‘tallest person’ on Earth, Pang Ze was under a lot of pressure.


I hope one of them is better than me, Pang Ze thought to himself. It definitely felt good to have someone to cover for him.

Sometimes, Pang Ze also felt drained, but there was nothing he could do about it.. He was the ‘tall man’ who had to hold on even if the sky collapsed.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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