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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 162 – Beginning of the Tournament

Chapter 162 – Beginning of the Tournament

Chapter 162: Beginning of the Tournament

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming, Li Miaomiao, and many relatives and friends were also in the same stands, watching the competition attentively.

“Group 1 has four contestants. Every pair will fight once. There will be a total of six matches, and the final results will determine the group’s top two.” Li Miaomiao looked at the form in her hand. “The first match will be between Tu Ling and Riven Gullit. Jingming, who do you think will win?”

Xu Jingming was also looking forward to it. “Of course, it’s our China’s Tu Ling. She’s the youngest Lv. 5 in the world, and her talent is truly astonishing! In fact, she was quite dazzling in junior high. She once received pointers from my master, Liu Hai, and from Senior Lei Yunfang as well.”


“Back then, Senior Lei Yunfang even gave her pointers. Now, Senior Lei Yunfang can’t even enter the main competition. Times have changed too quickly.” Li Miaomiao shook her head.

“The competition has become too intense after the virtual world’s launch,” Xu Jingming said.

As they conversed, the first match began! The map was the snowy scene.

Tu Ling wore dark-gold armor. She held a shield in one hand and a saber in the other, but her shield resembled Xu Jingming’s shield. The saber was thin and long, and it was known for its agility and speed. At this moment, her eyes were sharp as she observed her opponent.

Riven Gullit’s body was as large as a behemoth. He wore heavy armor and held a pair of sledgehammers as he stared at Tu Ling. He didn’t dare underestimate this girl at all!

“Be careful,” Tu Ling said before turning into an afterimage and charging over.

Riven Gullit’s pupils constricted, and he also charged forward bravely.


With a loud bang, Riven Gullit’s sledgehammer collided head-on with the shield.

Tu Ling was sent flying, and with a tap of her foot, she flashed into the distance. Riven Gullit’s body trembled slightly as he stabilized himself.

“What strength.” Tu Ling smiled and charged forward with full fighting spirit. This time, she didn’t fight head-on and instead pushed her movement technique to the limits of profundity. Instantly, several blurry Tu Ling figures appeared, and Riven Gullit charged forward!

The number of viewers in the virtual world’s official livestream exceeded 5.9 billion. Countless people were dumbfounded.



Countless people exclaimed in surprise.

It had to be known that everyone in the audience cultivated the evolutionary method. Their eyesight and vision were sharp enough, but under the high-speed movement of the two combatants, only afterimages remained.

“It’s too fast.” The female host pointed at the data displayed in the livestream. “Tu Ling’s maximum speed is 335 meters per second; that’s almost at sonic speed! She’s presently the strongest 16-year-old on the planet. As for Riven Gullit, he’s wearing heavy armor and holding a sledgehammer; yet, his maximum movement speed is still 289 meters per second.”

The male guest, Owen, looked at the data in his hand and looked up. “I have to tell everyone a shocking statistic. The heavy armor that Riven Gullit is wearing weighs 9.6 tonnes! The pair of sledgehammers weigh 2.5 tonnes. Only a powerful body with a Perfected evolutionary method can carry such weight and unleash a speed of 289 meters per second.”

“Even the light dark-gold armor that Tu Ling wears weighs 1.8 tonnes. Coupled with the saber and shield, she weighs more than two tonnes. According to the virtual world’s armor rules, materials are stronger when the density is high. Armor that is too light can’t withstand the attacks of a Lv. 5 expert.”


“Riven Gullit bears a load of more than ten tonnes and can still move at a speed of 289 meters per second? I reckon it can smash a tank into smithereens.”

“Their strikes are comparable to a missile strike, right?”

“This is the strength of a Lv. 5?”

“We’re all Earthlings; why am I still stuck at Silver Moon?”


Countless audience members were envious.

Everyone cultivated the evolutionary methods together after the virtual world’s launch. Many people were still at the beginning stages of the evolutionary method, but Tu Ling and Riven Gullit were already Perfected in their evolutionary method.

The battle was extremely intense. The two parties were too fast, leaving behind blurry afterimages, so it was difficult for ordinary people to see who had the advantage.

“From the slow-motion replay, Tu Ling wields the initiative in the battle. Her movement technique is unpredictable, and her shield and saber work together perfectly. Riven Gullit is at an absolute disadvantage.” The guest commentator pointed at the slow-motion replay and explained the situation.

“I can only understand the competition when it’s played in slow motion.”

“Am I worthy of watching such a competition?”

“I feel like we’re two different species when compared to them.”

“It feels like gods are fighting.” Countless audience members could only watch in amazement.

As for the Chinese and the Europeans, they were very nervous. They wished for their country’s experts to win.


“Riven is actually at an absolute disadvantage. How is this Chinese girl so strong?” The Europeans held their chests and were so nervous that they found it difficult to breathe.

Under the pressure of the competition, I luckily broke through about an hour ago and became a Perfected planetary lifeform. That’s how I can exchange more than a hundred blows with Tu Ling. Riven Gullit knew this very well. Although he had reached Lv. 5 a few days ago, his evolutionary method had just broken through today.

If his evolutionary method hadn’t broken through, he would probably die upon clashing.

Even though I’ve broken through, she still has the advantage in all aspects. Riven Gullit was almost entirely on the defensive because Tu Ling’s movement technique was too ghostly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Almost instantly, three Tu Lings appeared from different directions and attacked. Their sabers were thin and long, and they were so fast that it was difficult to defend.

Beautiful. In the stands, Lei Yunfang nodded in satisfaction when he saw this scene. Back then, I even gave pointers to Tu Ling. Now, her movement technique has reached Lv. 5 and has completely exceeded mine. Moreover, her shield and saber techniques are also close to perfection. She’s an impressive genius.

The perfect combination of movement technique and weapon techniques completely suppressed Riven Gullit.

After more than 100 rounds of combat, Riven Gullit finally failed to defend. With a flash of the saber, a gash appeared between his brows, and his body turned ethereal and disappeared. On the snow… only Tu Ling stood there in dark-gold armor.

“She won. Nice.”

“Well done.”

The most excited people were the Chinese as they cheered.

In the stands, Xu Jingming smiled and nodded. “Impressive. Both of them have reached Lv. 5, but Riven Gullit probably just broke through, so his footwork is a little clumsy. If his footwork was better, it would be difficult to say who would win this battle.”

“Of the four people in Group 1, both of them have reached Lv. 5. Is it certain that the remaining Coppola and Alan Emelianenko will lose?” Li Miaomiao asked.

“Probably.” Xu Jingming nodded.

The subsequent matches were as expected.

Coppola was a female expert from the EU. She used a shield and sword, and her stabbing techniques were outstanding. However, she was ultimately only at the limit of Lv. 4. She was helpless against the Lv. 5 Tu Ling and Riven Gullit.

Alan Emelianenko was the only one among the three kings of the martial arts world to enter the main competition, but he also ended up being steamrolled by the two Lv. 5 experts.


Riven Gullit didn’t use much strength and even showed mercy, but Alan Emelianenko was still sent flying with heavy injuries from the sledgehammer.

Alan Emelianenko failed to even block a simple strike. His opponent was too fast and too strong! Even his reaction was far inferior!

The gap between Lv. 4 and Lv. 5 was too great.

Riven Gullit didn’t want to torment this senior, so he used three strikes. The third strike turned Alan Emelianenko’s body ethereal.

Is this the gap between a Lv. 5 and me? Alan Emelianenko’s entire body trembled. The glory of the past and the helplessness he felt at this moment made him extremely indignant!

He was once considered the most perfect existence in the use of cold weapon techniques in the martial arts world. But now? He was surpassed by rookies one after another!

“Senior Alan, be careful.” Tu Ling also respected this senior when she fought Alan Emelianenko.

Tu Ling held back even more; she delivered 19 consecutive strikes, and the might gradually increased. Only with the 19th strike did she finally slice through Alan Emelianenko’s chest! Although Alan was wearing light armor, Tu Ling—who was a Perfected planetary lifeform—could easily slice through the armor with a light strike.


The single silver saber in Alan’s right hand failed to mount a defense at the final moment. Instead, he did his best to deliver his strongest strike at Tu Ling.

At this moment, his mind and will finally commanded all the cells in his body, mobilizing even greater strength. However, the shield in Tu Ling’s hand easily blocked the clearly improved strike.

“Thank you.” Alan smiled happily. When he delivered the final strike, his saber technique finally broke through to Lv. 5.

Tu Ling was also quite happy when she saw this scene.. She liked to encounter powerful opponents; only such battles were more exciting.

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