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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 160 – End of the Preliminaries

Chapter 160: End of the Preliminaries

Translator: CKtalon

Grandpa Xu, Xu Hong, Dai Tongda, Dai Xiaoqing, Wang Yi, Li Miaomiao, and the others who had been eliminated had returned to the livestream stands.

“The preliminaries of the World Martial Arts Tournament are like a festival celebration for weak people like us. Everyone is just joining in on the fun.” Dai Tongda sighed with emotion. “But for those Lv. 4 experts, it’s a truly cruel competition.”

“Yeah.” Xu Hong nodded as well. “The virtual world has been launched for more than ten months, and more than 100 people have reached the limit of Lv. 4. Yet, there are only 32 spots in the main competition! For them, the competition is indeed cruel.”


Li Miaomiao, Dai Xiaoqing, and the others agreed. The gap between them was too great, so they could participate happily and experience the intensity of the preliminaries.

“I didn’t even enter the top 100.” Wang Yi shook her head.

“Sister Yi, sharpshooters have a disadvantage at this,” Dai Xiaoqing comforted.

Wang Yi looked at the livestream. “No, I can only say that I’m not strong enough. There are more than 60 people on the battlefield, but aren’t there still three sharpshooters?”

As for the host and guests, they were also discussing sharpshooters.

“It’s indeed not easy for the sharpshooters to survive after being attacked by the assassins at such a close range,” Jin Fan said.

The female guest, Annie, nodded and said, “The sharpshooters who are still persisting are Andrew from the United States of America, Zhou Yi from China, and Ysarova from Russia. Ysarova is really lovely, and her archery draws one’s attention.”



“Ysa, I love you!”

Countless comments flooded in, and the number of contestants on the field gradually decreased, but Ysarova remained very popular.

“How beautiful.” Wang Yi couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

Ysarova looked like she was 18 or 19 years old. She had a beautiful face, and her skin was fair and crystalline. She was like an angel that had descended to the mortal world! She was so beautiful that she appeared to be glowing. She was wearing silver armor, and her silver hair was tied up simply. She held a bow and arrow, and the arrows she delivered were like streams of light as they shot at all the archers.

Just her smile and the scene of her killing the assassins won over countless fans.

In this world, looks were also important. For example, although Xu Jingming, Tejano, and Liu Hai had many fans, they might not necessarily be able to catch up to Ysarova in terms of fanatical loyal fans. Although Ysarova had gradually entered the spotlight in the past few months, she had many fanatical fans.

“Of the three sharpshooters, Ysarova’s archery is the most gorgeous. Any assassin is killed the moment they appear.” The female host was full of praise. “Andrew and Zhou Yi are clearly struggling.”

Andrew’s movement technique was fast. As he dodged, he strafed arrows.

Zhou Yi stood in the middle, and his range of movement didn’t exceed a meter. He displayed extreme archery speed! Through the terrifying number of arrows, he completely overwhelmed the enemy.

Thankfully, under the preliminaries’ rules, a sharpshooter’s quiver provided unlimited arrows.

“Pfft.” No matter how fast Andrew dodged, the 20 by 20 meter range was ultimately too small. He made a slight mistake in his movement technique and was quickly overwhelmed by the assassins.

Only two sharpshooters remained—Zhou Yi and Ysarova.

Ysarova’s attacks remained gorgeous, but Zhou Yi’s situation gradually worsened despite being able to persist.

As for the other Chinese expert, he couldn’t hold on any longer.

I can’t even enter the top 50? Tie Lianyun tried his best to block with his shield, but one of the concealed weapons still brushed past his neck. Tie Lianyun’s body then turned ethereal as he looked around.

Those who still remained were all world-class elites. Tie Lianyun could no longer be ranked in the top 50.

He worked very hard; he practiced martial arts as though he was obsessed! He had practiced to the point where he believed that he was a part of martial arts. He even hypnotized himself in terms of his thoughts, so it was obvious how fanatical he was in martial arts.

Master said that I should spend more time thinking and figuring things out instead of focusing on training, Tie Lianyun thought to himself. However, I’ve already tried my best to figure it out and think about it. Be it the virtual world or the real world, I’ve never dared to slack off.

Everyone is stuck at the limit of Lv. 4. What we are competing in now is actual combat strength. However, I can’t even compare to others in actual combat strength!

Tie Lianyun felt powerless. In the past, there were only a limited number of competitors in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and they placed greater importance on one’s physique and talent. He could stumble his way to become world champion.

But he couldn’t even enter the top 50 in the present World Martial Arts Tournament that opened up to everyone in the world!

China’s famous experts were eliminated one after another. Although the Chinese were regretful, they could still view the outcome calmly… When a saberman with two sabers turned ethereal, the Chinese stirred.


“Lei Yunfang is also eliminated?”

“That’s Lei Yunfang!”

In the early days, Liu Hai and Lei Yunfang were the strongest in China; the two of them were at the highest level. Back at the Firestarter Cup, the two of them were seeded as Teams 1 and 2.

But when they saw Lei Yunfang’s body turn ethereal, countless people in China felt empty and wistful.

More than 100 people around the world are stuck at the limit of Lv. 4. This is a competition of actual combat. Lei Yunfang’s movement technique was thrown out of form from an impact. He knew what his problem was when his back was penetrated by the spear. I spent too much effort on movement, but I’m not sincere enough when it comes to saber techniques.

At the limit of Lv. 4, he was better than Miyagawa Meishin in terms of movement techniques. However, Miyagawa Meishin was devoted to the blade. His dual blades were much better than Lei Yunfang’s, and his fame had always been greater than Lei Yunfang in many crossfire battles worldwide.

I also practice my saber seriously, but what I love is still movement techniques. However, my movement technique can’t break through to Lv. 5. Lei Yunfang felt miserable at this moment. His saber technique was powerful, but compared to the many elites around the world, his saber technique became his flaw.

Xu Jingming held his dual shields. The 20-meter range was too small for him; he could reach anywhere with a single step. Every time an assassin appeared, he would bombard them with a Forward Bash.

All the assassins were pulverized! None of them could withstand a single strike!

Xu Jingming could even divert his attention to his surroundings and saw Lei Yunfang being eliminated.

Senior Lei Yunfang is quite talented in movement techniques, but he lacks in other aspects. Xu Jingming sighed inwardly when he saw this. Of the three kings of the martial arts world back then, Senior Lei Yunfang and Kai Saint Mills have been eliminated. They can’t even enter the main competition.

Yes, of the experts still persisting on the battlefield, only Alan Emelianenko of the three kings of the martial arts world back then remained.

Alan Emelianenko’s combat techniques were indeed brilliant and strong enough for him to persist.

Including me, there are still eight people in China who remain. Xu Jingming watched. Japan still has Miyagawa Meishin. There’s no one left from Korea, and there are still three from India…


It was a very huge improvement from Lv. 4 to Lv. 5.

His cellular-level control allowed his strength, speed, and agility to increase in every aspect. His combat precision also increased, not to mention the huge improvement in his physique after becoming a Perfected planetary lifeform.

The maximum combat strength of a Lv. 4 was around 100,000, but Xu Jingming’s combat strength reached a million! Therefore, he naturally could easily deal with a test that those at the limits of Lv. 4 found grueling.

“No!” When the number one expert in Malaysia, Mampa, was also overwhelmed by the assassins, the number of contestants on the field finally dropped from 33 to 32.

At this moment, the hundreds of millions of citizens in Malaysia wailed in sorrow. All their country’s experts had also been wiped out.


It’s over. Xu Jingming clearly determined the situation on the field, and the assassin that had just appeared stopped in his tracks and dissipated.

All the assassins, including the translucent barrier, disappeared. Only 32 people remained standing on the vast land.

Countless viewers in the virtual world’s official livestream looked at these 32 people. They were the world’s strongest 32 people in this era!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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