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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 156 – 31st World Martial Arts Tournament

Chapter 156: 31st World Martial Arts Tournament

In the virtual world, Life Evolution Department, headquarters meeting room.

“It’s been 30 years since the first World Martial Arts Tournament was held on Earth in 2052.” The black middle-aged man sitting at the head of the table smiled and said, “The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament will be held this year. Based on our prior discussion, the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament will be held in the virtual world from June 1. We will now carry out the final vote!”

“Aye.” The black middle-aged man was the first to raise his hand.


“Aye.” Everyone in the meeting room raised their hands except for two women.


“It’s a unanimous vote from all the representatives. The final motion has been passed.” The black middle-aged man nodded.

“Haha, even if it’s held in reality, not many people will participate,” a representative said with a smile.

“Now, some of the Division A and B tournaments can’t be held. Everyone is used to life-and-death battles in the virtual world, so how can they like the large number of rules and restrictions in reality and the use of specially designed safety weapons? Many professional gladiators are unwilling to participate.”

“Humans’ strength and speed have increased greatly after evolution. The rules of past competitions can’t be used.”

The representatives chatted about the problems the World Martial Arts Tournament presently faced.

They consisted of the representatives of the five council members and the other representatives. As for the head of the Life Evolution Department, he came from a small country. After all, anyone from the five council member countries becoming minister would be opposed by the other four members!

“The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament will be held in the virtual world. It’s the circumstances of reality and the expectations of countless people around the world,” the black middle-aged man continued with a smile. “Only by holding it in the virtual world can the competition be grand enough! All the experts in the world have the chance to participate.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to all kinds of screening rounds.”

“A virtual world competition is still the most interesting.” Everyone spoke.

“Of course, virtual world competitions are interesting. We only have one life in reality,” the black middle-aged man said with a smile. “All kinds of competitions require all kinds of safety measures, and the conditions are limited. In the virtual world, competitions are limited by our imaginations! For example, in the universe, planets are very far from each other, and the distance between different cosmic civilizations is extremely far… Only the virtual world can gather many civilizations to participate in the same competition.”

“This World Martial Arts Tournament is the last competition for the top geniuses on Earth before they come into contact with the universe,” the black middle-aged man said. “After this competition, the top geniuses have a chance of becoming cosmic lifeforms. When that happens, their journey will happen in space.”

The other representatives nodded.

“Therefore, this competition is also a rare chance for them to hone themselves. The more people who reach Lv. 5 through the competition, the more successful our competition will be.” The black middle-aged man looked at the two women sitting in front of the meeting room table. “Therefore, we will also arrange for two experts we groomed early on to participate in this competition.”

The other representatives looked at the two women.

“These two are Ysarova from Russia and Madeleine Logan from the United States of America,” the black middle-aged man introduced.

The two women smiled in acknowledgment.

Ysarova was a fair-skinned woman who looked like she was 18 or 19 years old. She was like a doll, and her smile was infectious.

Madeleine Logan had short black hair, and her deep eyes exuded a natural coldness.

“Catfish effect,” the black middle-aged man said with a smile. “I hope the two experts, Ysarova and Madeleine Logan, can provide the world’s top experts some shock and awe and provide them with sufficient training.”

“It’s my honor to contribute to Earth’s civilization.” Ysarova nodded.

“I’ll do my best to hone these top geniuses,” Madeleine Logan said.

The experts secretly groomed globally were few in number after all, and their talent was relatively inferior.

Now that the global virtual world had opened up, only the most talented ones among the five billion-plus people had been selected. Their future was also much greater than that of Ysarova and Madeleine Logan. But now, the two women—who had cultivated for longer—were sufficiently intimidating.

“I’m really looking forward to the strength those geniuses can unleash when they encounter the two of you.” These representatives had long known of this plan.

Ysarova and Madeleine Logan had even secretly entered the fourth level’s Cosmos Ranking, but they were ranked below 50 and weren’t eye-catching.

On May 1, the virtual world officially released a piece of news.

The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament will be held in the virtual world? Anyone in the world who has reached Lv. 3 can register and participate? In the martial arts arena in his personal space, Liu Hai discovered this world announcement while resting.

Liu Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

A World Martial Arts Tournament held in the virtual world? Liu Hai’s heart stirred.

He had very deep and complicated feelings for the World Martial Arts Tournament. He only encountered this competition when he was middle-aged and participated in the first to fifth World Martial Arts Tournament back to back! Then, he became the head coach of the national team and groomed his disciples to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

It could be said that he had spent half his life dealing with the World Martial Arts Tournament.

This is the first World Martial Arts Tournament held in the virtual world. I definitely have to participate. Liu Hai’s eyes burned. However, it will be much harder to become world champion than in the past.

For example, Tie Lianyun, Gao Chong, and the others—who have been world champions—probably won’t even enter the 32-strong for the main competition. Liu Hai also felt wistful.

In the past, the Martial Arts Tournament was ultimately niche. Moreover, based on one’s physical state, one’s results would be very good if they were at their peak in their youth. People had to retire due to age, injuries, and other reasons.

But now? After humans evolved, they could typically maintain their peak state and compete globally!

Thankfully, I finally broke through to Lv. 5 three days ago, Liu Hai thought. I still have a month. I’ll give it my all!

In the martial arts arena in his personal space.

It was snowing heavily, and the weather was extremely cold. Xu Jingming stepped on the snow and stabbed repeatedly at the arrows!

As the temperature continued to drop, it became colder and colder.


Xu Jingming was a Perfected planetary lifeform, and his body was very resistant to the cold. He resisted the constantly falling temperature and focused on using Beam Transformation. At this moment, his mind and will had completely fused into his spearmanship, allowing the effects of the cold to reduce.

During this process, Xu Jingming didn’t notice the world announcement at all.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Xu Jingming naturally executed his combo spearmanship—his spearmanship was as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, he stabbed out 18 times in a row!

Xu Jingming’s control of strength and speed had reached an unimaginable level. He used the strength of the first strike to gradually increase the might of every subsequent strike, culminating in the 18th strike that had a qualitative change in might.

In the snowstorm, the arrows moving at high speeds were stabbed, turning ethereal and dissipating.

18-hit combo!

In the past month or so since Xu Jingming reached Lv. 5, he discovered that it was getting harder and harder to increase his control over his body. With the legacy’s knowledge, he knew that this was all normal, and he could face it calmly. At the same time, he devoted himself to cultivating Beam Transformation. He could now deliver 18 consecutive strikes!

“Jingming, Jingming—” Li Miaomiao crossed the void and arrived at the martial arts arena. Only she could come over without being invited.

“Miaomiao.” Xu Jingming stopped cultivating.

“Did you see the world announcement?” Li Miaomiao asked.

“I was practicing my ice training method and didn’t pay attention to the outside world,” Xu Jingming said. “What world announcement?”

“The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament will begin on June 1 in a month,” Li Miaomiao immediately said. “This is also the first World Martial Arts Tournament held in the virtual world. The scale is countless times larger than in the past. Anyone who has reached Lv. 3 in the world can register.”

“World Martial Arts Tournament?” Xu Jingming had learned of this from Director Zhou quite some time ago.. “It’s finally here!”

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