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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 144 – : Getting More Pumped the More I Practice!

Chapter 144: Getting More Pumped the More I Practice!

Translator: CKtalon

Scorned by loved ones? To keep the emotional fluctuations in my brain from exceeding the normal limits while being scorned by loved ones? Xu Jingming thought for a moment and shook his head. The requirement for this method has to be the ten people I care about the most in my life! To make them curse and spit at me and abandon me? Even if it’s virtual, I don’t want to see it.

Just the thought of it made him miserable. His parents, wife, master, grandfather, and many others were the most important part of his life.

To be scorned by his loved ones?


Xu Jingming wasn’t even willing to virtualize such a scenario! This was because he knew that he couldn’t keep his brain fluctuations within normal limits.


“Sonar training methods can turn sound waves into weapons that can affect the brain’s fluctuations and emotions. This training method requires one to resist the interference of sound waves and stabilize their emotions.”


“Continue practicing the spear in extreme fatigue! With time, the increase in fatigue will affect the body more and more. Can your mind and will withstand the fatigue of your body as you continue practicing your spear?”


“Continue practicing your spear in extreme pain. The pain level will gradually increase over time! How long can your mind and will withstand the pain?”

The 12 methods were essentially torturous in different aspects—mind, brain fluctuations, and physical suffering. They were filled with hardships! If one could withstand them, their mind would naturally become extraordinary.

However, Xuan also noted that these methods weren’t suitable for everyone.

These 12 methods, especially mental thoughts and brain fluctuations, might lead to terrible situations if one insists on persisting despite being unable to take it. It might lead to becoming warped or madness.


I should avoid what I don’t like, Xu Jingming thought. Of the many methods I tried, only one hasn’t reached its limits. I didn’t persist because I wanted to try all the methods.

I can try the pain training method now. How long can I endure before I reach my limit? Xu Jingming thought.


Of the 12 methods, pain training was the only training that Xu Jingming could do for extended periods before suspending it.

Continue now!

I’ll start the pain at Lv. 10. In order to save time, Xu Jingming adjusted it to the level of pain from the previous attempt.


An intense pain instantly enveloped his entire body, and Xu Jingming couldn’t help but tremble.

Although it hurts, my body doesn’t suffer any injuries, and I’m not hungry or tired. In theory… As long as I can withstand the pain, I can last a long time. Xu Jingming continued using Beam Transformation.

He was already used to enduring pain. When he was young, he practiced the Eight Extremities Fist and spearmanship. He had to persevere even when his fist bled from abrasions. He had to keep holding on to his spear even when his palms were scraped and blistered.

Be it winter or summer, he practiced. Even if it was difficult and painful, he had to overcome it to ensure daily practice.

In a competition, one had to continue fighting even if they were injured.

Therefore, Xu Jingming’s ability to endure pain was indeed much better than ordinary people.

What’s this little bit of pain? The despair after breaking my leg was truly painful. Xu Jingming’s darkest days were when he felt that his martial arts future was over after breaking his leg. This was because no matter how well he recovered in theory, he was still far from the legs of an ordinary expert.

After working hard for so many years, his hopes were dashed, and he was tortured by despair every day.

His despair tormented him for more than half a year before he got used to it. He felt that in his state, he had to accept his shortcomings and work hard at practicing his spear so as to make a comeback at the world’s strongest stage with his spearmanship.

He practiced his spear daily and had to be careful with how he exerted force with his leg. He had to be very careful every time he felt the pain in his leg, afraid that his injuries would worsen.

Back then, every time I exerted strength and stabbed out, my leg would hurt. However, I wasn’t afraid of pain back then. I even had to weigh the pain carefully. What I was most afraid of was worsening my injuries. Xu Jingming practiced his spearmanship.

The current pain is only pain. It just pumps me up while I practice my spear. Xu Jingming became even more excited as he practiced.

The pain intensified the fluctuations in his brain. This intense emotion completely fused into his spearmanship.

Become light!

Everything, including the pain and torment, turned into light!

Xu Jingming felt that he was more focused on practicing Beam Transformation than when he was at his peak!

Seconds and minutes passed.

The pain intensified and became stronger! Under the pain, Xu Jingming’s mind and consciousness focused more on Beam Transformation. Only by investing more—including the pain—would he not be affected.

Become light! Become light! Become light!

The more intense the pain, the more focused his mind was!

In the later stages of the pain, Xu Jingming didn’t have a single distracting thought! He only had one thought—become light!

Let everything become light!

His body, his pain, his emotions… Let everything become light!

Xu Jingming felt his spearmanship speed up! His willpower also mobilized his body more intensely!

After an unknown period of time.


Xu Jingming’s body trembled.

“Pain has reached Lv. 15, collapsing the neural network; the body will automatically recover.” A notification appeared, and Xu Jingming’s body returned to its peak state.

Without the pain, he felt extremely comfortable.

Xu Jingming stood still in a daze. What?

Once the pain reaches the limits of my neural network, my body will automatically recover? Xu Jingming was a little surprised. It’s said that the pain should be unbearable, but I was getting more pumped practicing Beam Transformation!

Yes, in his memory, he had already forgotten the pain at the later stages of his training.

He felt his mind and consciousness become more and more excited as the willpower fused into every strike became stronger!

The stronger the willpower in his mind, the happier he felt!

According to Xuan’s description, this can be considered honing my will to the third level, right? Xu Jingming couldn’t help but reveal a look of delight. The third realm is ‘heat!’ No matter how intense the pain is, it will only make my mind and will burn hotter and become more condensed. My mind and will are like blades, becoming sharper the more they are honed?

The legacy states that most people are at the first realm. They work hard to persevere and endure. The longer they endure, the better.

Those who reach the second realm are considered geniuses if they can remain calm and not be affected by the pain. They are one in a million.

It’s extremely rare to reach the third level—heat! Pain only solidifies one’s mind and will. A genius among geniuses? Xu Jingming was in a good mood when he recalled the description in the legacy.

The evaluation from Xuan, a cosmic legend, gave him confidence.

Of the 12 training methods, this pain training method suits me well. Xu Jingming was also filled with confidence in the path of mental tempering.


Very well. I’ll focus on training my will in the future and have the others as a supplement, Xu Jingming thought.


Time passed silently, and in the blink of an eye, more than a month passed.

Liu Hai was in the martial arts arena in his personal space.

Why is it so difficult to break through to Lv. 5? Liu Hai held his shield and felt exhausted. It’s been more than a month since I reached Lv. 4 99%, but I can’t see any hope of breaking through. I can’t clearly sense all my cells the way the legacy mentions.

Perhaps I need a battle that stimulates my spirit and mind, Liu Hai thought.

Over the years, Liu Hai had never fought his disciple, Xu Jingming, except when the virtual world first launched! Liu Hai could also sense his disciple’s rapid growth and knew that he was definitely a powerful opponent.

Liu Hai tapped lightly and contacted Xu Jingming.


The connection was successful.

“Master, is something up?” On the other side of the projection was Xu Jingming, who was practicing his spear fervently.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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