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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 138 – Ambro

Chapter 138: Ambro

Translator: CKtalon

“Our South Scorpion Star Alliance is desperate for talents,” the thin elder said with a smile. “Ambro, you’re young, and your potential is limitless. Our South Scorpion Star Alliance thinks very highly of you and believe that you’re capable of reaching Lv. 10. We are willing to support you with all our might, so I’m here to personally invite you to join the South Scorpion Star Alliance.”

“Once you join the South Scorpion Star Alliance, the Star Alliance will give you ten administrative stars and the stellar systems that come with them. Your homeworld’s civilization is a wandering civilization, and it only has a total of tens of millions of people. You can also lead a good life in the South Scorpion Star Alliance,” the thin, tall elder said. “As long as you join, you can be a member of the South Scorpion Star Alliance’s Supreme Council like me. We can also provide you with cultivation resources. Feel free to ask if you need anything! Everything is negotiable!”

“I’m a Lv. 9. Is the South Scorpion Star Alliance that generous?” Ambro stared at him.


“We believe that you can step into Lv. 10. When that happens, you will naturally be able to become a councilor of the Cosmic Human Alliance. This is also what the Star Alliance values the most,” the thin elder said.

Ambro waved his hand gently. “Alright, I know why you’re here, but I’m not interested.”

“We can negotiate anything,” the thin elder persuaded.

“I’ll contact you the day I’m interested.” Ambro gazed at the thin elder. “You can leave now.”

The thin and tall elder sighed. “Ambro, it’s very normal for you to be very arrogant thanks to your youth. But as an old man, I’ll give you some suggestions. Many Lv. 9 experts are unable to step into Lv. 10 their entire lives. It’s best to seize the opportunity to obtain more resources when you’re young. Even if you can’t break through in the future, you’ll get the resources in advance. If you’re so stubborn, nobody will be willing to invest in you when you’re old.”

“Thank you for your advice. I have no intention of joining the South Scorpion Star Alliance for the time being,” Ambro said.

“Alright, contact me anytime if you change your mind.” The thin elder wasn’t angry at all. After all, he had barely reached Lv. 9 at an old age. Although he was already an important figure in the universe, his potential was far inferior to Ambro, who had reached Lv. 9 in just 3,000 years.

The thin elder left.

Their conversation didn’t cause a commotion. The people in the area didn’t even see the thin elder appear.

“President Ambro.” A voice sounded in Ambro’s ears. “It’s suspected that a powerhouse has arrived on my planet. The planet’s defense system can’t stop him. Is there anything I should do?”

“Ignore him,” Ambro said softly.

“Okay,” the owner of the planet responded quietly. He knew that the Black Wing Society’s president was on his planet and had been carefully serving this big shot.

“Mr. Ambro, this is my newly concocted beverage. Please try it.” A woman walked over and handed a beverage on the plate to Ambro with anticipation in her eyes.

“Thank you.” Ambro smiled and took it.

The woman nodded slightly and asked, “May I have the honor of having a meal with you tonight, Mr. Ambro?”

“My apologies, I’m occupied,” Ambro said.

The woman nodded. “Understood. It’s just that I notice you reading this scientific research almost every day. Sometimes, you should get some rest.”

Ambro raised the book in his hand with interest and looked at the woman. “You can understand it?”

“My education level has reached Lv. 22. I can only understand some of the terms,” the woman said.

“Haha…” Ambro laughed. “Never stop learning, especially when we can live long. If your education level reaches Lv. 90, you should be able to understand this.”

The woman was dumbfounded as she immediately retreated. “I won’t disturb you anymore, Mr. Ambro.”

“At least a Lv. 90 education level? Even a researcher with that level would be a big shot. He’s an existence I can’t reach.” The woman immediately gave up on getting close to him. Although her family was illustrious and she became an official cosmic citizen at a young age, she was still considered outstanding.

However, a person with an educational level of at least Lv. 90 was on a completely different level from her.

After teasing the girl, Ambro felt much better and continued reading.

The sky gradually turned dark.

I get it. Ambro revealed a look of delight. I finally get it.

These things are chained. I finally understand the way the Force connects when time flows at different speeds. This way, I can stir up even vaster Cosmic Force and break through the limits of space. Ambro released his senses at this moment.

His senses usually enveloped this planet. When he deliberately released it, the range of his senses quickly expanded, even enveloping the two planets nearby.

Although his perception range was large, the range of his strength mobilization was about 110 million kilometers with him as the center.


Ambro raised his right hand slightly and slowly lowered it.

The Cosmic Force in an area of hundreds of millions of kilometers was mobilized, and terrifying fluctuations distorted space and descended on another uninhabited planet.

There was no water on this uninhabited planet, only endless sand and mountain ranges.


A huge palm appeared—it was a palm that was bigger than the planet. The palm slowly pressed down, and the mountain ranges on the planet collapsed, producing an incomparably flat plain. It only changed the appearance of the planet’s surface before the palm rose and retracted, disappearing.

Ambro retracted his right hand, his eyes filled with excitement. Is this what it feels like to be at Lv. 10? Marvelous!

The book in front of him turned into countless specks of light that dissipated.

Ambro got up. It’s time to go back.

Xu Jingming felt the scene change, and he arrived in space.

At this moment, Ambro held two shields. His two shields were also circular, and their size and style were almost the same as Xu Jingming’s shields.

Ambro looked middle-aged, and his originally red hair had begun to turn white.

He was clearly much older. However, Xu Jingming could also sense Ambro’s terrifying body under his possession.

In terms of physique, he was even stronger than Xuan before his breakthrough.

“Hahaha, you three cowards. Do you only have the guts to face me when you’re together?” Ambro laughed, and his laughter caused space to tremble.

“Hmph. Ambro, you killed our brother. We aren’t here to have a fair battle with you; we’re here to seek revenge.” Three figures stood in space, and their auras were terrifying, causing the surrounding space to warp.

Ambro laughed. “It’s only interesting when three Lv. 10 experts join forces.”

“Ambro, you’ll die today!” someone shouted angrily with a spear in hand.

“Perhaps you guys will be the ones dying.” Ambro’s eyes burned. “Once you die, all four leaders of the Four Divine Alliance will die.”


“What shameless boasting!”


Three Lv. 10 experts surrounded him.

With dual shields in hand, Ambro brazenly charged forward.

This was the most dazzling battle in Ambro’s life; he fought three of the shrine masters from the four rather famous shrines in the universe. They were Lv. 10 experts.

In this battle, he stirred space and set up a trap, causing the three Lv. 10 experts to fall into it. They couldn’t escape by the time they sensed danger.

Ambro killed all three Lv. 10 experts! The once-famous cosmic organization, the Four Divine Alliance, was completely wiped out by Ambro, and it made him famous.

Although Ambro had other dazzling achievements in his life and had also killed alien races, the most thrilling and dazzling match was his killing of three Lv. 10 experts in a one-on-three battle.

The Cosmic Human Alliance later invited him to place a mental imprint on the virtual world network for generations to experience.

At this moment…

Xu Jingming possessed Ambro and completely experienced this battle.. He felt the terror of the three Lv. 10 enemies and Ambro!

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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