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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 133 – Overall Score Ranking

Chapter 133: Overall Score Ranking

Translator: CKtalon

In Japan’s official livestream, Miyagawa Meishin’s Global Crossfire battle was live-streamed.

“Miyagawa has won again.” The male host was filled with passion. “Miyagawa’s sword techniques are truly superb. Without a doubt, he has the world’s number one sword technique! He’s a god when it comes to swords!”

“I have something very important to request of everyone,” the female host said. “There are less than ten days left until the Martial Arts Center tabulates the overall ranking! Miyagawa is now ranked eighth, and he needs everyone’s support. Please give him a perfect score.”


“Our country has fewer citizens than the EU, the United States of America, China, and India. Therefore, the number of paid downloads and good reviews are also in a disadvantageous position,” the male host said sincerely. “Although we have few citizens, we are united. I hope that everyone can give a perfect-score review. If we drop out of the top ten, that will be our greatest failure.”

“You have to give a perfect score!” The female host’s eyes shimmered.

The people from Japan also tried their best to support him.

Even some people who didn’t care about Miyagawa Meishin’s classes gave a 10 after being bombarded by the media promotions and their friends.

“I’ll change, I’ll change, alright? Full marks, alright?” A dispirited youth changed his review of Miyagawa Meishin’s course to 10 under the urging of his friend. The dispirited youth said indifferently, “To be honest, Miyagawa’s swordsmanship is very impressive, but his teaching is really average. I didn’t learn anything! Moreover, even if the entire country supports him, there are only about 100 million people. Look at China, India, and the EU—they all have a population of one billion! How are we to compete?”


“It’s precisely because we have a small population that we have to support Miyagawa,” the woman said seriously.

“If Miyagawa’s classes are as simple and practical as Xu Jingming and Liu Hai’s and have good word-of-mouth, the number of payments and good reviews will increase.” The dispirited youth didn’t care. “It’s still the quality of his classes that’s average.”

“Talk to you later. I still have to find Takei.” The woman left.

As the deadline approached, all countries worked hard to support their experts, and many citizens spontaneously organized themselves to help promote them. Instead, the top three were the calmest because the people behind them couldn’t threaten them.

Tejano’s overall score was stable at third place. Although Xu Jingming and Liu Hai had competition from each other, the two of them didn’t care about it, nor did the country. Regardless of who won first place, they were from China.


At the end of December, the weather in Penghai City turned chilly.

The wind was very cold, but Cheng Zihao’s heart was even colder.

He walked alone on the streets; the originally bustling streets were desolate. The advancement of the virtual world… resulted in a large number of closed businesses in reality, and many businesses moved to the virtual world.

On the deserted street, Cheng Zihao walked silently. He didn’t know where to go.

His mansion had just been repossessed.

The company is finished.

My bank account has been frozen, and all my assets have been sealed. It definitely won’t be enough to pay off my debt. Cheng Zihao knew this very well. When he was at his peak, many of the contracts he signed reached into the hundreds of millions or even billions.

Many of those investors had requested that he hold infinite liability. He had also signed them back then, feeling that the company would only improve.

He never felt the pinch when spending money; he felt that it was to acquire market share! But now, his heart ached so much that it turned numb.

It’s over. It’s all over.

Personal bankruptcy—other than the minimum living expenses, the system will automatically deduct all the money I earn to pay off my debt. Cheng Zihao knew this very well. Where am I to go now? I can’t even stay in a hotel.

That leaves only the government’s welfare buildings, Cheng Zihao thought.

The welfare building provided the minimum rights for bankrupts and those who couldn’t support themselves. The living environment was terrible, and the food was very normal.

The evolutionary method was widespread after all, and everyone had a good body. As long as they were willing to suffer, they could work at a factory, matching several ordinary robots. After all, ordinary robot intelligence couldn’t compare to that of an evolved human. However, Cheng Zihao was clearly unwilling to work at a factory.

Is the welfare building fit for humans?

Cheng Zihao wasn’t willing to go either. He walked to the end of the street, sat on a bench, and looked up at the distant building’s screen in a daze.

The Martial Arts Center’s overall score ranking appeared on the screen.

“The total score between Liu Hai and Xu Jingming is about the same now. The final number one will be revealed in three days.” The host appeared on the large screen and said excitedly, “No matter who gets first place, the first and second will be from China. They are the pride of China.”

Cheng Zihao stared blankly without a trace of expression.

In a car in the distance.

Cheng Liwei looked at his son sitting in the distance through the window.

“Dad,” Cheng Zitong whispered, “are we not going to care about him?”

“How?” Cheng Liwei watched. “I told him not to borrow money to do business, and you personally visited his company, volunteering to invest in his company instead of signing a valuation adjustment agreement! But he didn’t listen and even signed too many infinite liability contracts as well as valuation adjustment agreements! He screwed up big this time. He won’t be able to make a comeback even if he’s given a few billion. How can he be saved?”

Cheng Zitong nodded gently. “When I went to him, he thought that I was coveting his wealth and gave him a low valuation, so he chased me out.”

“He’s not cut out for business.” Cheng Liwei shook his head. “When the obvious trend of the virtual world became evident, his livestream company’s valuation soared. Was that his ability? No, he’s just a pig in the wind! He was lifted by the winds. He failed the moment the competition became a little intense.”

“It’s important to know one’s limits,” Cheng Liwei said softly.

“Is there no way for Zihao to make a comeback?” Cheng Zitong said. “Dad, I know you have many ideas.”

His father was still very capable and had managed the Tiger Shark Group to its peak. It was only when the virtual world arrived that he failed terribly.

Even so, his father isolated some of his assets. It was just that his father couldn’t escape responsibility and was in a bankrupt state. But with Cheng Zitong supporting his father, he could still enjoy his life.

“His debt is too high,” Cheng Liwei said. “His only chance of making a comeback is the ‘martial arts’ that the Earth Alliance is promoting. If he can be like some martial arts geniuses and become a world-class expert, he will naturally be able to make a name for himself! But… does your brother have what it takes?”

Cheng Zitong fell silent.

“Let’s go.” Cheng Liwei wound up the window.


The car drove off quietly.

Cheng Zihao had no idea that his father and brother had been observing him from afar. He was still immersed in pain and despair.

It was finally December 31, the last day of 2081.

In the living room at home.

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao chatted, and the projection displayed the Martial Arts Center’s overall ranking.

“Just as distance tests a horse’s strength, one will only know whose course is better after practicing for a long time.” Li Miaomiao smiled at her boyfriend. “Am I right? Jingming, your course explains things the clearest. It gives people a clear goal for training, allowing them to constantly improve themselves.”

“I know that many people in many countries on the Internet have changed the reviews they gave you. Many of the reviews that were low at the beginning were changed to a better review later.” Li Miaomiao smiled happily.

Xu Jingming looked at the total score. “I didn’t expect to surpass Master on the last day.”

“Actually, the two of you have been overtaking each other over the past few days,” Li Miaomiao said. “This has also caused a huge discussion among countries around the world; they are discussing who is better between Liu Hai’s class and yours. The truth becomes clearer over time. The results are a culmination of competition between the courses; many people think that your class is better.”

“Especially those who have reached a bottleneck, they feel that you’ve pointed out a direction for them,” Li Miaomiao praised. “Even Miyagawa Meishin and Fang Yu—these two experts—have publicly said that your course gave them a lot of help. Fang Yu said… that it was because of your mental-tempering class that he eventually reached Lv. 4.”

“I only gave some guidance. After all, I’m also figuring out Lv. 4 myself,” Xu Jingming said with a smile as he shook his head.

In the early stages, Liu Hai received a high score for his course. But in the later stages, more and more people stood forward, indicating that Xu Jingming’s classes allowed them to break through their bottlenecks, including top experts like Miyagawa Meishin and Fang Yu.

One had to know… Fang Yu had recently cleared Cosmos Tower’s fourth level! His improvement became more and more evident. At the same level, the advantage of the evolutionary method compatibility shined.

“It’s 9 p.m.,” Li Miaomiao said. “The overall ranking has been decided.”

Xu Jingming also opened the projection and checked the Martial Arts Center’s information. “The Martial Arts Center has released an announcement.”

He opened the announcement and looked at the final ranking—

1st: Xu Jingming (China)

2nd: Liu Hai (China)

3rd: Tejano (Botswana)

10th: Miyagawa Meishin (Japan)

“Jingming.” Li Miaomiao kissed him happily.

Xu Jingming also lowered his head and kissed her.

Tomorrow was the day they registered their marriage.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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