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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 130 – Official End

Chapter 130: Official End

Translator: CKtalon

Tejano’s livestream class ended with considerable success.

After his paid course came online, the number of downloads was on the same level as Xu Jingming and Liu Hai. His review score wasn’t low either, having reached 8.2.

“Tejano’s course also has a rating of 8.2.” In the personal space room, Li Miaomiao looked at the Martial Arts Center’s overall ranking and said, “The three of you are really close.”


“His teaching style is very unique; it’s like training soldiers,” Xu Jingming said. “He set up very detailed rules and regulations to force people to follow them! But the effects are quite good.”

Li Miaomiao shook her head and said, “Master Liu Hai provides cultivation guidance, while you dissect martial arts with science. This Tejano’s teaching style… is too rigid!”

“Sometimes, being inflexible has the same effect.” Xu Jingming smiled and was a little puzzled. “It’s just that his explanations weren’t clear enough during his teaching. Most of the time, he was vague about some matters.”

Be it him or Liu Hai, they had words at hand and could explain matters very thoroughly.

“Yes, his explanations are very vague.” Li Miaomiao nodded.

The easy-going Tejano Xire taught in an undetailed manner. Yet… By following his teachings, the effects were quite good.

Many people were willing to give him a good review! In particular, the Africans supported African-born Tejano Xire.

“The audience’s review can only be changed once a day,” Li Miaomiao comforted. “I believe that the more one cultivates, more people will realize that what you taught is the best and give you a better review.”

“Master and Tejano are both good. Alright, I’ll go prepare for today’s livestream,” Xu Jingming said. “This is also the last livestream lesson.”

“All the best.” Li Miaomiao clenched her fists.

“All the best to me.” Xu Jingming smiled.

Xu Jingming’s livestream was still at 9 p.m., and it was extremely popular. Countless viewers around the world flooded in.

“Hello, everyone.” Xu Jingming smiled at everyone. “Today is the last day of my livestream classes; I’ll be talking about shield and spear techniques. The lecture venue for today… will be on the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower.”

With that said, Xu Jingming headed for the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower.

“Live-streaming on the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower?”

“There are only four people on the fourth level’s Cosmos Ranking. Tiger Fussen only cleared it yesterday.”

“Nobody has released a video of them successfully clearing the fourth level of Cosmos Tower.”

Countless audience members became excited.

Although many people had live-streamed the Cosmos Tower’s fourth level, they had all failed! Liu Hai, Xu Jingming, Tejano, and Tiger Fussen—who had just cleared it yesterday—had never released the video of them successfully clearing it.


In the livestream, Xu Jingming appeared on the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower.

At this moment, Xu Jingming wore dark-red light armor, had two spears on his back, and was holding a pair of shields.

“Let’s talk about shield techniques first,” Xu Jingming said as he stood in the idyllic and beautiful valley. “Some people wield a shield by having it strapped around their arms and use their hands to hold it. This method is more stable, but it lacks agility. If you have enough strength and a brilliant shield technique… you can hold it with one hand like me.”

Xu Jingming held two shields in each hand.

“With one hand, the swinging range of the shield is greater, and you can be more agile in the variations. It’s just that the burden on the palm and wrist is greater, so it requires some technique,” Xu Jingming said.


On a distant mountain, an ape streaked across the sky and landed on a tree. It stood on a branch and observed Xu Jingming curiously.

Xu Jingming ignored the ape and continued, “I’ve said it many times—weapons are an extension of the body. For example, this shield… I’ll face the enemy in the simplest way.”

Xu Jingming gazed at the ape, and the ape looked at him with a ferocious glint in its eyes.

“Straight boxing is one of the basics of martial arts.” Xu Jingming smiled. “Forward Charge is the shield version of straight boxing.”

The moment he said that, the ape charged over with a staff in hand, as fast as a phantom.

Xu Jingming leaped up when the ape approached and swung its staff. He suddenly advanced by taking a step, his dual shields charging forward like two huge fists.


The dual shields were huge, and when they blocked the staff, the terrifying impact crushed the staff and slammed into the ape. The ape cried out in pain and was sent flying before dissipating into nothingness.

“When boxing, it’s called straight boxing, and when using shield techniques, it’s called Forward Charge,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. “The advantage of shield techniques is that regardless of what weapon the enemy has, I dare to use 100% of my strength to clash with them. If I were empty-handed, I wouldn’t dare to slam into the enemy’s weapon with my bare hands.”

The death of an ape immediately alerted the apes on the distant mountain wall. A large number of apes charged over, and more than ten apes attacked with staffs.

Xu Jingming took the initiative to charge forward.

“It’s very simple to use shield techniques. As long as one has the advantage in strength, it’s beneath them to dodge when fighting head-on.” Xu Jingming had already closed the distance to the nearest ape. He suddenly raised his shield and used it to collide with the staff. Moreover, he also used it to strike the ape’s chin.


Its head jerked up, completely distorted before turning ethereal on the spot.

“In terms of palm techniques, this is a scooping palm strike. In terms of boxing, this is an uppercut,” Xu Jingming said casually. “What I just did was a shield uppercut.”

“Weapons are really just an extension of palm techniques and other usages. They are tools to increase one’s damage greatly.”

“It’s chopping when using an ax, and it’s a hand chop when using a palm. For example, the traditional chop-hanging palm and the splitting palm of the Eight Extremities… They all use a similar force delivery method.” Xu Jingming struck down with his shield, which was like a huge ax.

It struck an ape in the chest, and the ape turned ethereal on the spot.

“If I charge, my might can be greater.” Xu Jingming took two steps, and when his speed rose, his shield was like a tiger’s paw. Every time he struck, an ape would be smacked into nothingness.

“The momentum of the charge is as we said—with greater mass and speed, the greater the kinetic energy! As long as the kinetic energy is transmitted to the enemy effectively, one strike will be enough.”

Xu Jingming killed as he wished.

“Sabers and swords are sharp. With the same impact, the pressure can be a thousand times greater, allowing them to easily slice through the enemy. Shields provide strong defense, so they aren’t afraid of the enemy’s sharp weapons,” Xu Jingming said. “The ax and sledgehammer are very heavy to begin with. They have great kinetic energy, so they are naturally very powerful.”

“If a bare-handed threat is 1, then with a weapon, the threat is 10,” Xu Jingming said. “But in essence, a weapon is only an extension of the body.”

Countless audience members watched in surprise.

The apes on the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower couldn’t put up any resistance in front of Xu Jingming as he casually smashed them with his shield.

“What’s the greatest difficulty in weapon training?” Xu Jingming said. “It’s whether the connection between the body and the weapon is stable! I’ve already said that weapons are an extension of the body… If the connection is very stable, it’s naturally a part of the body. If the connection is unstable, the transmission of strength won’t work. It’s even easy to lose the weapon.”

“For example, when I hold a shield, I have to hold the shield with both hands stably. I have to deflect the force when needed and exert force when needed. How I move with the forces is all about technique,” Xu Jingming said. “I’ll explain some of the shield techniques in detail in the shield and spear technique classes that will be uploaded to the Martial Arts Center today.”

“Now, I’ll switch to spear techniques.” Xu Jingming casually threw his dual shields, took out the two spear segments on his back, put them together, and twisted them.


The ape king roared angrily, and the remaining apes quickly fled.

“The ape king is out,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“The key to using spear techniques is the same—how the body connects to the spear and whether the connection is stable enough,” Xu Jingming said. “As long as it’s stable enough, what’s next will be the common techniques taught in the first seven classes.”

The ape king turned into a red afterimage and charged over.

Xu Jingming suddenly charged forward.


The spear struck the staff, sending the ape king tumbling to the side. In a flash, it was dozens of meters away.

“This is Spear Cleave,” Xu Jingming said. “Cleave and strike as you please. Did anyone notice? You can cleave with your palm, cleave with your fist, or cleave down with your shield… It’s the same with a spear.”

“It’s fundamentally the same, but with different weapons, there’s a slight difference in the transmission of strength.” Xu Jingming’s spearmanship had long been ingrained in him.

“When using a weapon, you have to try your best to maximize the advantage of the weapon. For example, the advantage of a spear is its length… and the spear tip is sharp enough,” Xu Jingming said as he took the initiative to charge at the ape king.

The ape king came over.

“If the spear tip is sharp enough, just stab. We can stab the enemy, but the enemy’s weapons can’t touch us. This is the advantage of the weapon.” Xu Jingming stabbed out.

The ape king immediately used its staff technique to block.

“Continuous stabs! Don’t give the enemy time to catch their breath; it might even make it difficult for them to react.” Xu Jingming stabbed repeatedly.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Six consecutive strikes—they were as fast as lightning and pursued extreme speed! Even though the ape king’s staff techniques were agile, blocking them was extremely strenuous.


The sixth strike penetrated the ape king’s chest.


“Alright, I’ve cleared the fourth level,” Xu Jingming said.

Countless viewers around the world were dumbfounded. This was Cosmos Tower’s fourth level! Only yesterday did Tiger Fussen become the fourth person in the world to clear it.

It was obvious how difficult it was. But in front of Xu Jingming—be it the apes or the ape king, they were completely crushed.

“True skill isn’t manifested through delicate details,” Xu Jingming said. “The usage of weapons is that easy in the later stages! The key is still what I taught you previously—how to increase kinetic energy and how to increase speed! The same move with greater kinetic energy becomes an ultimate move. When the same move is fast, it’s a killer move.”

“It looks so simple.”

“But why is my spearmanship so slow?”

“Why do my spear and body work so out of sync? I can’t become one with my spear?”

Everyone sighed.

Xu Jingming smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll explain in detail the training of every move and how to make your spearmanship and body one in the detailed class at the Martial Arts Center.”

“The nine martial arts classes officially end today.” Xu Jingming looked at everyone. “In the future, I’ll livestream once a week and answer questions online. If anyone has any questions about the nine martial arts classes, you can share them in the comments section. I’ll choose the questions most people are puzzled about and answer them.”

“Thank you for your support over the past few days. This is the end of the livestream.” The spear-wielding Xu Jingming began to turn ethereal.. He left the fourth floor of Cosmos Tower, and at the same time, the entire livestream ended, turning pitch-black.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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