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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 128 – Download Numbers

Chapter 128: Download Numbers

Translator: CKtalon

After Xu Jingming’s livestream ended, many people around the world waited for his course to be uploaded.

Many people had set up a notification at the Martial Arts Center for Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, and Tejano. The moment their courses came online, they received a notification. All of them immediately headed to the Martial Arts Center and started their studies.

“First lesson of martial arts—the might of moves.” Xu Jingming appeared in the projection of the lecture.


He first talked about the basic theory for about ten minutes. He then proceeded with a five-minute demonstration.

What followed was some training methods that went into detail for about 13 minutes.

The first class ended.

“Xu Jingming’s lecture is different from others. It feels like I’m attending a math or physics class. He starts with theory before giving examples, and then he teaches us the methods.” Countless people found it refreshing and felt that martial arts had suddenly become clearer.

“In the past, I found physics difficult, but I now realize that it’s very simple. The might of a move is about having greater mass and higher speed.” Many bottom-feeders in school found it easy to understand.

This was the way Xu Jingming’s class was held. Every class was mainly composed of theory, practice drills, and training methods. Of course, during the livestreams, theory was the primary focus, and actual practice was supplementary.

The training methods attracted people to download the class.

“The number of downloads is rising very quickly. You’ve already entered the top five.” Li Miaomiao had been paying attention to the Martial Arts Center’s interface and checking the number of downloads per Martial Arts Center course.

“The number of downloads for Master’s course is really high—more than 3.6 billion. Second place barely exceeded 1 billion. The gap is so obvious.” Xu Jingming also looked at the download stats.

Li Miaomiao smiled and said, “Liu Hai, Tejano, and you—the three of you are the strongest, so you guys are naturally the most attractive to people around the world. Moreover, that’s just the free downloads… In terms of pay-to-download, Master Liu Hai’s download numbers are now more than 1.9 billion, and his evaluation is 8.7. In terms of total points, he’s far ahead. Of course, Jingming, you just launched your classes, so you will start seeing the effects later on.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

The two classes he uploaded today were free because the first hour was free, while the subsequent classes were charged.

The total score was determined by the number of paid downloads and review scores.

“Although you live-streamed a few days later than Master Liu Hai, Tejano hasn’t live-streamed yet,” Li Miaomiao said with a smile.

“Master has taught disciples for decades after all, so he has a mature system. I’ve also taught my disciples at the combat center for three years, so I can be considered to have some experience,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. “Tejano is only 20 years old. He doesn’t have any teaching experience, so he might still be preparing his teaching material.”

Li Miaomiao nodded.

As time passed, the number of downloads for Xu Jingming’s classes kept rising. 100 million, 300 million, 500 million, 600 million, 800 million, 1 billion…

By 9 p.m. the next day, the number of downloads had reached 2.8 billion. He believed that he would get closer and closer to Liu Hai as time passed.

At 9 p.m. the next day, Xu Jingming started his second livestream.

“Yesterday was my first livestream. It talked about the basics of martial arts—the first lesson’s ‘might’ and the second lesson’s ‘speed,’” Xu Jingming said. “Today, we’ll be having the third and fourth lessons of martial arts.”

“The third lesson of martial arts—footwork!” Xu Jingming said. “I believe many people know the importance of footwork.”

“If one has the advantage in footwork, they will have a huge advantage in combat. They can fight and retreat whenever they want, completely grasping the initiative,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. “In just one sentence, footwork training is about grasping space.”

“Footwork is also the key to whether anyone can reach Divine,” Xu Jingming said. “With powerful footwork and the might and speed of your moves, it’s relatively easy to reach Divine.”

Xu Jingming explained and demonstrated, allowing countless people to experience the charm of his footwork.

“The key to footwork is the trifecta—control of space, the balance of the body, and the reaction of the nerves,” Xu Jingming stated. “Changes above and below, forward and backward, left and right. These are all spatial changes… Let me do a demonstration.”

“The body’s balance is also very important. No matter how you move, you have to maintain your balance at all times. Even if your body were to rapidly retreat, you can still attack.”

“You have to have a fast enough reaction. If you’re slow, it will be too late to dodge.”

After Xu Jingming finished his third martial arts lesson—

“If the first three lessons in martial arts are the basics and you can use this to have a chance of becoming a Divine,” Xu Jingming said, “remember that it’s only a chance. To truly become a world-class expert, you need to focus on the subsequent classes.”

“The fourth lesson of martial arts—the transmission of might”

“Your moves are very powerful, but can you transfer 100% of their might to the enemy?”

“When the enemy attacks, will you be able to block the transmission of the other party’s might and reduce the might of the attack on your weapon to 20%, 30%, or even lower?”

“Let’s take a look first. Some kinetic energy transmission phenomena in reality can be very enlightening for combat,” Xu Jingming said.

“Alright, that’s the end of today’s livestream. The detailed course and training methods for today’s livestream will be uploaded to the Martial Arts Center,” Xu Jingming said. “See you tomorrow at this time.”

With that said, he ended the livestream.

Countless people in the stands listened, and many people held notebooks.

“There are many factors in the transmission of might that can reduce the impact.” Many people jotted down on their notebooks. “Hence, there are so many force deflecting techniques.”

“A person’s fist is very powerful. A punch can break a brick, but it’s very difficult to penetrate a piece of paper hanging there. A piece of paper is definitely much weaker than a brick, but the might of a fist is very difficult to use on a piece of paper…”

“A tank is installed with a huge ram that has very strong might when slamming into an object, but if a tank is carrying a huge foam ram, the impact will be negligible.”

“A person will die from falling to the ground, but the might of the fall can be dispelled when they land on a cushion.”

“Only hardness can deliver nearly 100%?”

“Softness can greatly reduce the impact?”

“Attack requires hardness.”

“Defense requires softness?”

Countless people felt like a door had been opened.

So my Taiji force diversions can be explained in such detail using physics? Liu Hai had a complicated expression when he heard that. Analysis of force? Transmission of kinetic energy? The explanations for these forces and kinetic energy are much clearer than the theory of Taiji.

Xu Jingming had already used all kinds of real phenomena to explain as simply as possible. Coupled with the practical demonstrations of martial arts combat, it made it easier for everyone to understand.

Just like how he talked about kinetic energy—where he only talked about greater mass and higher speed—he also simplified his lecture on kinetic energy transmission. Otherwise, just a force analysis would be considered a high school course. Some even required university, so he naturally had to simplify the explanations and guide them with common experiences in reality so that primary school students could understand.


“Jingming, why didn’t you teach me in such detail previously?” Li Miaomiao grabbed her boyfriend and asked.

“Don’t you need to practice your basics?” Xu Jingming smiled. “What I taught you was mainly in the first three classes.”

“These techniques that improve damage, defense, and force deflection are also very important,” Li Miaomiao said anxiously. “Tell me about the subsequent classes. I don’t understand your notes, so explain them to me briefly.”

“A one-on-one lecture?” Xu Jingming hesitated.

“Just treat it as practice before a livestream.” Li Miaomiao stared at her boyfriend. “Why? Do you find it troublesome?”

“No, it’s no trouble at all.” Xu Jingming immediately said, “Then, I’ll give you a simple explanation to satisfy your curiosity. However, the greatest details will be in the subsequent classes.”

“Tell me briefly,” Li Miaomiao urged.

“Fifth martial arts lesson,” Xu Jingming said. “Relative speed!”

“Relative speed?” Li Miaomiao was puzzled.

“It’s said that speed is very important.” Xu Jingming gazed at his girlfriend. “But in actual combat, speed never exists in isolation. It’s the relative speed between oneself and the opponent! For example, if the enemy were to charge in front of me while I was standing still, he would still die from slamming into my spear!”

“I may appear stationary, but the relative speed is already very high,” Xu Jingming said.

“When an enemy charges at me while I retreat at high speeds, we are clearly moving… But when our speeds are similar, we are relatively still. He can never touch me, nor can he injure me,” Xu Jingming said. “There’s also velocity, speed in different directions and all kinds of variations!”

“Experts who can grasp ‘relative speed’ in combat are true combat experts! For example, many moves like receiving attacks and intercepting—some of the force utilization of Taiji is done using ‘relative speed..’” Xu Jingming started explaining the subsequent classes to his girlfriend.

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