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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 124 – First Martial Arts Class

Chapter 124: First Martial Arts Class

Li Miaomiao, Dai Xiaoqing, and the others from Team Pearwood were also in the stands.

“I wonder how Brother Xu will teach martial arts,” Yang Qingshuo said in anticipation.

“Those that have strength and good pedagogy are those who can establish a new sect,” Wang Yi said. “Since ancient times, there have been many with great strength, but very few are good at teaching disciples.”

“Old Xu is still very smart,” Heng Fang said.

Xu Hong and his wife, Li Chen’an and his wife, Dai Tongda, Grandpa Xu, and the others also waited in anticipation for this class.


In the stands were Liu Hai, Tiger Fussen, Tejano Xire, Miyagawa Meishin, Akinov, Halu Singh, Fang Yu, Zhao Fan, Zhang Qing, Tie Lianyun, and the other experts. They also wanted to see how Xu Jingming would teach martial arts.

“Hello, everyone.” Xu Jingming stood in the martial arts arena and faced the stands. He smiled and said, “Today is the first time I’m live-streaming since the virtual world’s launch.”

“This livestream is about imparting my martial arts,” Xu Jingming said. “I was taught by my father—Xu Hong—and Master Dai Tongda during my youth. Later on, Master Liu Hai taught me when I joined the national team.”

At this moment, Xu Hong, Dai Tongda, and Liu Hai smiled when they heard that. Every master would be proud to be able to produce a world-class disciple.

“In the beginning, I studied, but I gradually gained my own insights,” Xu Jingming said. “What I want to impart to everyone is some of my insights.”

“Wow, there are already 2.2 billion people. The number of viewers pouring in is even greater than Master Liu Hai’s livestream!” Heng Fang praised from the stands.

Li Miaomiao smiled and said, “Jingming publicized the livestream time in advance. Many viewers rushed over at the right time, so that’s the reason for the numbers. Master Liu Hai didn’t publicize it in advance.”

“Captain is about to begin talking about his martial arts.” Wang Yi listened attentively.

Xu Jingming said, “I believe everyone has watched the livestreams of some of the world’s top experts over the past few days. Many of the top experts have stressed force delivery using their bodies! They are teaching everyone how to unleash greater strength by harnessing the same body.”

“I believe you’ve also heard some terms like One-Inch Force, Full Force, and so on.” Xu Jingming smiled. “I don’t want to talk about these things today.”

Huh? Countless people pricked up their ears.

Liu Hai, Tejano Xire, Miyagawa Meishin, and the other experts listened attentively as well.

“The first lesson I’m teaching today is the might of moves,” Xu Jingming said.

“What’s might?” Xu Jingming pointed to the side, a virtual scene beginning to manifest beside him.

A bullet shot out of the pistol mouth and penetrated the sky into a tree, barely penetrating it.

“This is a pistol bullet. Its muzzle kinetic energy is 505 Joules.” Xu Jingming looked at countless people. “505 Joules can be used to describe the might of this bullet.”

A new scene appeared in the martial arts arena—a bullet shot out from the rifle and entered a tree trunk in the distance, penetrating nearly half its body.

“This is a rifle bullet. The kinetic energy at the muzzle is 3,607 Joules.”

“This is a machine gun bullet. The kinetic energy at the muzzle is about 38,000 Joules.”

“This is a bullet fired from a heavy autocannon. The kinetic energy at the muzzle is about 250,000 Joules.”

As Xu Jingming spoke, the might of different weapons appeared beside him. The bullets from the heavy autocannon penetrated trees and destroyed everything in their path.

“This last one…” Xu Jingming pointed to the side. “This is an operational ship’s railgun. At the muzzle, the cannon’s kinetic energy reaches 150 million Joules!”

The projection of a railgun on a ship appeared beside him, and the railgun instantly shot out, piercing through the sky and traversing hundreds of kilometers before landing on a small mountain. It hit the small mountain from one end and flew out from the other.

“505, 3,607, 38,000, 250,000, 150 million,” Xu Jingming said. “These numbers clearly show us the increase in might.”

“Our martial arts moves also pursue might.” Xu Jingming picked up a rock on the ground, and he suddenly exerted his strength!


The stone streaked across the sky and flew hundreds of meters before slamming into the mountain wall, producing a huge crater.

“The rock I threw moved at a maximum speed of 1,022 meters per second,” Xu Jingming said. “Based on its mass, I can calculate that the moment I threw it, its kinetic energy was about 1.5 million joules. Although it’s inferior to railguns it’s already stronger than the bullets from those machine guns and heavy autocannons. It’s comparable to the might of a cannonball.”

Countless audience members listened. They had long known that the might of a top expert was terrifying, but the stone Xu Jingming had thrown still surprised them.

“Therefore, no matter what kind of force exerted by the body—be it Inch Force, Full Force, or whatever kind of profound ultimate technique—as long as one is pursuing greater might, they are actually pursuing kinetic energy!” Xu Jingming smiled and said, “The greater the kinetic energy, the better!”

“Many people should know about the kinetic formula,” Xu Jingming said. “It’s half the mass multiplied by speed squared.”

“Mass is very important! Speed is even more important because speed is used as a multiplier twice.” Xu Jingming smiled and said, “Therefore, we have to grasp the essence of martial arts… The essence of all might pursues two things—greater mass and higher speed!”

“For example, a punch from me—” Xu Jingming walked to a tree that reached two people’s arm spans.


Xu Jingming struck out with a jab, piercing about ten centimeters into the tree trunk.

The tree trembled violently, but it was still fine. After all, the tree was too thick.

“This is an ordinary jab. My force delivery is also the force delivery technique of an ordinary person,” Xu Jingming said. “From a kinetic point of view, the mass of this punch is mainly the fist and forearm. It’s about 3% of a person’s body weight!”

“I’ll deliver another punch.” Xu Jingming clearly twisted his waist this time, and his body spun like a huge gear. His right arm smashed into the tree like a kinetic arm driven by a gear, and the tree that spanned two arm spans exploded. Countless pieces of wood flew as the entire tree collapsed.

“Please see the difference between the two different attempts,” Xu Jingming said. At the same time, a video comparison of the two punches appeared.

“The first jab had a mass that’s 3% body weight.”

“In the second demonstration, my upper body and torso were both moving! Even my arm was moving. Thus, the mass is 65% of my body weight! Compared to the previous punch, its mass is more than 20 times… Even if it’s slower, the might of this punch far exceeds the previous punch,” Xu Jingming said.

Countless people fell into thought.

“Another example!” Xu Jingming tapped lightly, and he donned dark-red armor. He then turned to look at the mountain wall.

He suddenly turned into an afterimage with two steps and arrived in front of the mountain wall. His fists crashed into the mountain wall, and with a violent explosion, a huge crater appeared, sending countless rocks flying.

“This strike—” Xu Jingming explained, “My entire body was moving. The mass was 100% my body weight, and with the weight of the armor, it’s almost one ton! Moreover, my entire body was very fast when I charged! It allowed my kinetic energy to far exceed that of the two punches I delivered previously. Therefore, the might I can unleash is much greater!”

A scene of Xu Jingming striking the mountain wall played to the side. When he charged, his speed exceeded 170 meters per second, and he had nearly a ton of mass. His kinetic energy was indeed terrifying.

“My first lesson in martial arts.” Xu Jingming looked around. “The might of moves is dependent on greater mass and higher speed!”

Countless audience members held their breaths.

Everything that seemed profound and mysterious in the force delivery classes they previously attended became clear.

“So those who practice force delivery are just having greater mass and higher speed?”

“It’s just mass and speed?”

“That’s right. It’s like charging—if the mass is high enough and the speed is fast enough, the might will be greater.”

Countless people’s eyes lit up.

“No matter what kind of force delivery one uses, mobilizing more parts of the body and making them as fast as possible produces better results,” Xu Jingming said. He walked in front of a tree and suddenly swung backward before punching a tree, causing it to explode.

“This is Inch Punch! It’s said that the force delivered can be immense despite the fist being very close to the target. Ordinary people find it magical, but in fact, they don’t even need to exert force with their arms! The key is the waist! With a twist of the waist, more than 50% of the body’s mass is moving at high speeds, so it’s naturally powerful! It’s also very fast because it only takes an instant to twist the waist.”

“One doesn’t need to twist the waist too much, but the might delivered is great as long as there’s sufficient speed. This is Inch Punch.”

“What’s Full Force?” Xu Jingming walked forward, leaned his body forward, and slammed into the tree, causing it to collapse again.

“This is Eight Extremities Iron Mountain! Why is it mighty? It’s because the entire body is charging forward—that’s 100% of the body’s mass. The impulse under the feet makes it even more abrupt, so it’s only natural that it’s fast,” Xu Jingming said. “100% mass coupled with a sufficiently high speed is, of course, mighty.”

“All kinds of martial arts schools in the world—”

“—may seem mysterious and profound, such that even the people who study it get confused.” Xu Jingming looked around. “But as long as you grasp the core ideas behind it and pursue greater mass and higher speed, it will be mighty enough!”

“Everyone, do you understand?” Xu Jingming asked. “If you don’t, I can explain it in detail.. If you understand, you can begin the second martial arts lesson!”

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