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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 116 – Fourth Level’s Cosmos Ranking

Chapter 116: Fourth Level’s Cosmos Ranking

Translator: CKtalon

“Incredible! It’s mind-blowing!” In the United States of America’s official livestream, the male host held his head and watched the slow-motion replay of the final strike that killed Miyagawa Meishin. “Miyagawa Meishin fought almost all the world’s top experts and has only lost one match. He fought Tiger Fussen for ten minutes before losing after the combat map shrank. Miyagawa Meishin has won every other match!”

“Without a doubt, Miyagawa Meishin is already standing at the top of the world, on par with Tiger. But this battle?” The male host pointed at the slow-motion replay. “When China’s Xu Jingming used his spear, he only used one strike to kill Miyagawa Meishin! This is a complete wipeout! They are on completely different levels.”


“When Xu Jingming charged, his body’s maximum speed reached 163 meters per second! The armor worn by a Transcendent body should exceed 500 kilograms even for light armor. A spear will be at least 300 kilograms, and with his body weight… He probably weighs a ton. How can he be faster than Miyagawa Meishin with such weight?” The male host wore a puzzled expression.

“Also, when he arrived in front of Miyagawa Meishin with the spear in hand, he suddenly thrust out! This thrust—according to the virtual world—has a maximum speed of 403 meters per second! Miyagawa Meishin couldn’t block such a fast strike at close range. I can’t understand how a spear that weighs hundreds of kilograms can be thrust out so quickly.”

“It’s said that China’s Xu Jingming has the nickname ‘Spear Demon!’ He does live up to his name. This Spear Demon’s spearmanship… is terrifying! This is a strength that completely exceeds Miyagawa Meishin and Tiger Fussen.”

The host of the United States of America had to recognize Xu Jingming’s strength.

In the other countries’ official livestreams, everyone knew how terrifying China’s Spear Demon was from the data produced by the virtual world.

“Woo! Once China’s Spear Demon revealed his spearmanship, Miyagawa Meishin wasn’t able to withstand a single strike. I reckon Tiger Fussen from the United States of America won’t be able to withstand more than a few strikes. I even question whether… Tiger Fussen’s armor, which is known as the world’s heaviest armor, will be able to block Xu Jingming’s spear thrust!” the host praised in Russia’s livestream.

This wasn’t a thrown weapon. Although a throwing weapon could reach two to three times the speed of sound, it weighed only a few kilograms. Its might was only slightly stronger than sniper bullets in reality.

Xu Jingming’s thrust also exceeded the speed of sound. His spear weighed 360 kilograms, and this strike… was comparable to some rocket shells.

“China’s Spear Demon is amazingly strong. I suspect that he might already be world champion with his current strength! The world champion Liu Hai has never fought in Global Crossfire before. He’s in his seventies after all, and he had the advantage in the early stages due to his years of experience. But in the later stages, his growth will be inferior to that of the young,” the host of India’s official livestream said.

“For example, the strongest person in our country, Halu Singh, is only 25 years old this year. For example, Merritt—who recently rose to prominence in the EU—surpassed the older generation Riven Gullit at the age of 22 and became the number one person in the EU. Also, the dazzling ‘Akinov’ in Russia is only 29 years old—the same age as Xu Jingming! Akinov has also reached Lv. 4, and his strength is close to Alan Emelianenko’s. Miyagawa Meishin from Japan is only 17 years old, and China still has a Lv. 4 expert named Zhao Fan. He’s only 18!”

“Although the older generation was strong in the past, they will gradually be overtaken by new experts that appear around the world over time. It’s very normal for Liu Hai to be overtaken by Xu Jingming.”

The livestreams across the countries commented on this battle.

China’s official livestream became a sea of joy as countless people were euphoric.

“How is Xu Jingming so strong? He’s much stronger than Miyagawa Meishin! They’re on completely different levels. In other words, Xu Jingming can also defeat Tiger Fussen. It’s amazing just thinking about it!”

“Could Xu Jingming be stronger than Liu Hai?”

“It’s really possible! The strength Xu Jingming has displayed is out of this world, much greater than the current world’s top experts. He might already be world number one.”

“No matter who’s world champion, they’re from China.”

“Awesome, awesome!”

Everyone cheered happily. As long as China could get first place, everyone was satisfied and happy.

Jingming, your strength has already reached this level? Liu Hai got up in the stands. He was delighted at his disciple’s growth and felt pressured. I thought that I could bully these kids in the first year of the virtual world’s launch, but it has only been three months! Jingming has already grown to the same level as me.

I have to work harder. Otherwise, it will be too embarrassing for Jingming to trample me the next time he comes to spar with me. Liu Hai couldn’t help but worry when he thought of the scene of his disciple trampling on him.

Although he wished for his disciples to succeed and become outstanding, he absolutely couldn’t accept the outcome of being trampled by his disciples. If he were truly inferior… he would rather not spar with them.


Liu Hai left the livestream and practiced even harder.

In the livestreams of the countries, all the experts around the world were worked up by Xu Jingming’s strength.

China’s Spear Demon? It’s no wonder he’s called Spear Demon. The number one genius of Russia—a man who was shorter than Alan Emelianenko and was only 1.76 meters tall—named Akinov stood up.

What impressive spearmanship. Halu Singh also felt the pressure and started cultivating.

I’m really looking forward to fighting China’s Spear Demon. Unfortunately, I don’t want to be crushed now. It won’t be too late to fight him when my strength isn’t inferior to his. Merritt, the number one expert in the EU, got up and left the livestream.

Be it the young experts or older experts, they became more motivated to work harder.


The martial arts arena in Tiger Fussen’s personal space was a forest.

Tiger Fussen wore heavy armor weighing 2.6 tons. After reaching Transcendent, his opponents would only have more terrifying strength; therefore, the weight of his armor naturally had to be increased! According to the virtual world’s rules, the same armor model’s defense would only increase with increased density.

Standing at 2.35 meters tall, Tiger wore heavy armor and held two axes that weighed 300 kilograms each as he swung them at the tree in front of him.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

After a few strikes, a tree that was thicker than a person’s waist collapsed.

This tree is too weak. It needs to be tougher. Tiger adjusted the data, and the tree’s toughness immediately increased.

Tiger swung his ax again. This time, it took him more than ten cleaves to chop down the large tree. Only then was Tiger satisfied.

He chopped down one tree after another. His father was a woodcutter; he loved chopping wood using a small ax when he was a child.

He became a boxer when he grew up.

In his eyes, his opponents were blocks of wood. He just needed to swing his fists and chop.

Uppercuts and diagonal strikes appeared simple, but the strength and speed were extremely terrifying. They also allowed him to sweep through the heavyweight boxing arena. He was still invincible at the age of 53 and could be considered the greatest heavyweight boxing champion in history. After he retired in his old age, he returned to his hometown, logging every day.

It was just like when he went logging with his father when he was a child! He felt that something was missing if he didn’t log every day.

After the virtual world’s launch, he picked up his beloved ax!

With his two axes, he was invincible!

But on the Cosmos Ranking, Liu Hai was world number one, and he was world number two! The former was an old man who was slightly older than him. Tiger knew very well that for an old man to have such strength, he must have a passion for martial arts.

“Tiger.” A figure appeared—it was a black elder.

“Director.” Tiger looked at the elder and lowered his ax.

It was the director of the United States Life Evolution Bureau.

“I guess you must’ve noticed. Xu Jingming’s strength is completely above yours,” the black elder said. “Across the world, there are Liu Hai and Tejano Xire who are on par with Xu Jingming’s strength! The three of them are stronger than you. Do you feel the pressure?”

“The virtual world has only been launched for three months, so why be pressured?” Tiger Fussen chuckled. “Age has brought me patience. My old man always says that it’s better to be a little slow and diligent in everything, just like the logging he dedicated his life to.”

The black elder frowned.

“I’ve studied ‘Lv. 5 Ax Technique’ for three months, and I’ve pretty much mastered it. My ax technique has also reached Lv. 4… The ‘Lv. 5 Ax Technique’ from before doesn’t help much.” Tiger nodded. “It’s time to accept the legacy.”

The black elder heaved a sigh of relief and immediately asked, “A Lv. 8 legacy or possession of a cosmic legend?”

“I want to experience the strength of a cosmic legend,” Tiger said with a smile. “I’ve never been a smart person. I only know those few moves when it comes to boxing, and I only know those few moves when it comes to ax techniques. It was difficult for me to master the Lv. 5 legacy, so I can forget about the Lv. 8 legacy. I should just learn ax techniques from the legendary cosmic expert. Perhaps it’s more suitable for me.”

“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements.” The black elder revealed a look of delight.

Although the younger generation had appeared in the United States of America, there was still a gap between them and Tiger Fussen based on the data. Moreover, the black elder knew very well that… the two from China had received legacies, but Tiger hadn’t!

The stubborn Tiger insisted on taking it slow. He had to wait until he had mastered most of the Lv. 5 ax techniques before accepting better resources.


In the blink of an eye, three days passed. In these three days, the media from all over the world were still discussing Xu Jingming’s spearmanship! This was the world’s greatest strength they had observed, so they naturally studied Xu Jingming from all angles.

My control over my body has increased again, and my evolutionary method has increased to 43%. Liu Hai arrived in front of the Cosmos Tower, having been triggered by his disciple, Xu Jingming. He had worked very hard for the past three days and was completely immersed in cultivation. Finally, he had a breakthrough.

With the breakthrough in his shield saber technique, his evolutionary method naturally improved.

His comprehensive strength rose to a whole new level.

I could clearly see the ape king’s flaw in the past, but I couldn’t grasp it. I should be able to grasp it now. As long as I can turn small victories into a huge victory, I can kill the ape king. Liu Hai looked at the Cosmos Tower and then stepped in.

Twenty-six minutes later.

A new list slowly unfolded on the huge list beside Cosmos Tower.

Cosmos Ranking (4th level)—

World Number One: Liu Hai (China)

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Score 7.5
Status: Ongoing Artist:
In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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