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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 109 – : World Geniuses

Chapter 109 – : World Geniuses

Chapter 109: World Geniuses

Translator: CKtalon

“Jingming.” Li Miaomiao walked over and whispered, “China’s official livestream is asking you if you can fight again.”

Xu Jingming nodded when he heard that. “I’m also looking forward to fighting more powerful experts.”

With that said, he tapped to enter a queue.


Seconds passed, and 20 seconds later, a notification appeared.

“Xu Jingming, among the experts in the queue, nobody’s combat strength has reached 30% of yours. Are you still fighting?” The virtual world system’s notification stunned Xu Jingming.

The opponents are too weak? Xu Jingming thought. It’s no wonder the number of combat matches between the world’s top experts is so few.

Xu Jingming looked at his girlfriend and said, “There are too few experts in the queue these days. None of them are suitable for combat.”

As he spoke, he showed the notification to his girlfriend.

Li Miaomiao looked at the notification and blinked. “So the virtual world has such notifications? None of the experts queuing on the platform has 30% of your combat strength?”

Li Miaomiao looked at her boyfriend. Although she knew that Xu Jingming was very strong, this notification still made her feel that… the latter was ridiculously strong!

“Then, I’ll reply to the livestream and say that you won’t be fighting another match,” Li Miaomiao said.

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded.

On the commentary platform, Liu Xin looked at the notification and smiled. “We’ve officially contacted Xu Jingming, and he has also tried participating in a second Global Crossfire battle. However, the virtual world notified him… that there isn’t an opponent who’s close to him in strength. Unfortunately, we temporarily won’t be seeing Xu Jingming fight a second Global Crossfire battle.”

With this said, the number of viewers in the livestream decreased.

Why is Xu Jingming getting so much stronger? He’s much stronger now than in the Firestarter Cup! In the stands, Sun Li fell silent for a long time as he watched everything.

The feeling of missing out was like countless worms biting at his heart—it felt terrible! He had clearly cozied up to Xu Jingming. Just rubbing off some of the latter’s popularity would place him in a better situation than what he was experiencing now.


In a mansion.

Cheng Zihao had many beauties around him. Some of them massaged his shoulder while others fed him fruits and snacks.

“Try the mandarin orange.” A beauty handed a piece of mandarin orange to Cheng Zihao, who ate it with a smile.

At this moment, Cheng Zihao felt that he had tossed many of his worries out and was extremely relaxed and happy.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Someone knocked on the door.

Cheng Zihao looked up and saw his subordinate, Zhou Feng, standing at the door.

“Don’t you know that I’m busy?” Cheng Zihao frowned.

“It’s something important,” Zhou Feng whispered.

Cheng Zihao waved his hand unhappily, and the group of beauties left, leaving only Cheng Zihao and Zhou Feng in the hall.

“There are so many things in the company, and if I have to worry about them all, what’s the point of having you be the general manager?” Cheng Zihao couldn’t help but curse. “Don’t you know how many things have been bothering me recently?”

“Yes, yes. Boss, it’s been tough on you recently,” Zhou Feng coaxed.

“So many large capital corporations have rushed into the virtual world to compete with us.” Cheng Zihao gritted his teeth. “Each one of them is more ruthless and shameless than the other! I’m so sick of it. Old Zhou, do you think… I can sell the company?”

Zhou Feng immediately said, “Those valuation adjustment contracts stipulate the period of your appointment, Boss.”

“Is there no way to negotiate and change the contract?” Cheng Zihao asked.

“None of those capitalists are idiots; it can’t be changed,” Zhou Feng said. “Moreover, our company has the advantage by taking the initiative. The situation isn’t bad now. We can take another step forward if we seize an opportunity!”

“But it’s tiring. I can’t take it anymore,” Cheng Zihao said.

The company developed rapidly in the beginning, having the preemptive advantage. But as the company reached a certain size, it was difficult to scale it further. Moreover, more and more capital was pouring into the virtual world, and the competition became more intense. Cheng Zihao’s heart was no longer in it.

“Boss, you don’t have to worry too much. We will also help manage the company,” Zhou Feng said.

“Oh right, what are you doing here today?” Cheng Zihao asked.

“Boss, didn’t you watch Xu Jingming’s first Global Crossfire match?” Zhou Feng asked.

Cheng Zihao shook his head. “I’m relaxing. What’s there to watch? There are global matches every day, so what’s there to watch? Why? Did Xu Jingming win again?”

“He’s terrifyingly strong,” Zhou Feng said seriously. “He completely crushed Alan Emelianenko and has a chance of becoming world number one. Even if he’s not world number one, I think he’s definitely in the global top three.”

“He might become world number one?” Cheng Zihao found it unbelievable. “Isn’t he far inferior to Liu Hai and Lei Yunfang?”

“That’s in the past,” Zhou Feng said. “Boss, you can take a look at the video of the battle. I’m certain that… Xu Jingming’s popularity in the country will keep rising. This is because fighting overseas brings glory to the country. More people will watch his battles domestically, and Xu Jingming’s fans will increase. His popularity will also become increasingly ridiculous.”

“In the future, Xu Jingming will be a trending topic on the virtual world’s spectator platform! It’s very possible that he will be the biggest trending topic!” Zhou Feng said. “If our company can seize this trend, it will definitely develop further! It will be very normal for the company’s market capitalization to increase multifold.”

“Increase multifold?” Cheng Zihao frowned. “That crazy?”

“Billions of people will be watching his battles! Of course, he’s worth it!” Zhou Feng said.

“But I have a grudge with him,” Cheng Zihao said. “I don’t care. I can give and take, but he… is not going to bother with me.”

Zhou Feng said, “If our company doesn’t have a top pillar, we won’t be able to expand. Boss, it will be very difficult for you to fulfill all the valuation adjustment contracts then.”

“Even if just a portion is completed, I can still accept it.” Cheng Zihao curled his lips and said, “At most, I’ll lose some money. I should still be able to get a few billion, right? I’m really tired. I’ve already laid a solid foundation for the company, and it’s up to you now. As long as you keep the ship steady, it’s a success once the contracts are up.”

“As for Xu Jingming?” Cheng Zihao said. “Think of a way. I’m flexible; I can tolerate serving him alcohol or tea.”

Zhou Feng nodded. “Understood; I’ll think of a solution.”

With that said, he left. He was quite capable, but he wasn’t considered a top talent. Otherwise, there was no need for him to constantly serve a scion.

As he left, Zhou Feng thought to himself, It’s not good for Boss to shirk his responsibility. The competition is getting more and more intense. If the company continues, I have to consider a way out.

In Japan.

The martial arts arena in Miyagawa Meishin’s personal space was a forest where he sat cross-legged.

He was only 17 years old, and after cultivating the evolutionary method, he barely reached 1.7 meters tall.

“Meishin.” An elder looked at Miyagawa Meishin. “Did you see the battle of China’s Xu Jingming?”

“Yeah.” Miyagawa Meishin opened his eyes, and they were calm. “Xu Jingming is stronger than me. His spearmanship isn’t perfect, but he should’ve reached Lv. 4. Most importantly, his evolutionary method has broken through to an even higher level. As for me… I’ve only broken through to Lv. 4 in my sword, but my evolutionary method hasn’t broken through. Considering the huge difference in physique, a battle with him will result in me being killed by a single strike just like Alan.”

“Is it that difficult to have a breakthrough in the evolutionary method?” the elder asked.

“Yeah.” Miyagawa Meishin nodded. “The way of the sword is to mobilize the body in combat and practice the evolutionary method. It’s to mobilize the body in a relatively calm state… I’m still a little short of breaking through with the evolutionary method. I’ll only be qualified to fight China’s Xu Jingming when I break through.”


“There’s no rush; you’re only 17 years old. You’re the youngest among the Lv. 4 experts in the world,” the elder said immediately. “Don’t be in a hurry. You have to cast your sights far.”

“I know.” Miyagawa Meishin nodded.

“If you need any more resources, feel free to ask,” the elder said.

“It’s already very good to have the opportunity to possess someone,” Miyagawa Meishin said. “I’m very grateful.”

The elder nodded. “We did pay a huge price for this. I’m afraid we won’t be able to bear to groom another person for the next three years. Alright, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

The elder then left silently.

Japan had long treated Miyagawa Meishin as their precious child. It was because he had grown too quickly.

An expert in cosmic legends… Miyagawa Meishin closed his eyes. In the cosmic legend he possessed, the dual blade-wielding person was capable of slicing apart the vast cosmos with a blade beam.

In reality.

A black youth sat in a field.

The black youth tapped his watch gently, and a projection appeared—Xu Jingming and Alan’s battle.

His evolutionary method has probably broken through to Transcendent; his spearmanship is barely up to par. He’s not worthy of being my opponent. The black youth curled his lips, only to be taken aback. Wait—if his spearmanship isn’t good enough, how did his evolutionary method make a breakthrough?

This Xu Jingming from China? The black youth stared at the projection. He’s still hiding his strength! Interesting!


The black youth was Tejano Xire, known as the world’s number one genius!

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