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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 102 – The Virtual World’s Evaluation

Chapter 102: The Virtual World’s Evaluation

Xu Jingming was a little surprised to see his combat strength. I’ve only gained an unknown spearmanship at Lv. 4 3%, but my combat strength has more than doubled?

Before his breakthrough today, his basic combat strength was only around 7,000, and his combat strength was barely above 10,000.

Breaking through from Lv. 3 to Lv. 4 is a qualitative change. Xu Jingming thought for a moment and felt that the virtual world’s data was still very accurate. When he used Beam Transformation Spear, he could even mobilize the strength of every fascicle. His organs could mobilize even greater potential, and the strength he unleashed was indeed terrifying.

Ignoring everything else, just his speed was terrifying when he used Beam Transformation Spear. He was much faster than Senior Lei Yunfang.

My spearmanship is still at Lv. 3 99%, but there’s an unknown spearmanship? Xu Jingming looked at his personal combat strength interface and was a little puzzled. He gently tapped open the detailed introduction of ‘Unknown Spearmanship (Lv. 4 3%).’


There was indeed a detailed explanation on the interface—Lv. 4 skills were unique.

Countless people learned techniques from the same school, but when they reached Lv. 4, they gained different insights. This was because Lv. 4 skills contained a person’s will! Everyone’s will was different, and the skills they created were also different. Naturally, they were responsible for naming it.

If Xu Jingming created seven or eight spear techniques with different wills, all seven or eight spear techniques would be listed for him to name them.

So the key to a Lv. 4 skill is mind and will? Xu Jingming only came to a realization when he saw the explanation. Right, one has to have a strong mind and will, allowing them to sense their body deeply enough before they can enter the level of ‘fascicles.’

Beam Transformation Spear Technique is indeed a spear technique that contains the strongest willpower that I currently have. Xu Jingming looked at the interface—spearmanship, footwork, and shield techniques that were still at the limit of Lv. 3. I need to have strong willpower to achieve a breakthrough with these three techniques.

However, one’s mind and will have to synergize with the technique. Xu Jingming understood this thanks to his experience.

The will of Beam Transformation Spear was to press forward indomitably! It was to become light!

There was no way out!

This will was very similar to Xu Jingming’s Shadowless Thrust; it also pursued extreme speed regardless of the cost. Moreover, Xu Jingming had executed millions of moves while possessing the body, so his training went very smoothly. He naturally comprehended his own version of Beam Transformation Spear Technique.

However, shield techniques weren’t suitable for pressing forward indomitably with no way out.

What about the other moves in spearmanship? Spearmanship also included Crush, Slash, Parry, Slash, Block, and other moves. Most of them didn’t suit Beam Transformation Spear’s willpower.

Back when my spearmanship broke through from Lv. 2 to Lv. 3, my shield techniques and footwork also broke through in a few days, Xu Jingming thought. But clearly, it’s not that easy to break through from Lv. 3 to Lv. 4. I have to have a suitable mind and will.


“Beam Transformation Spear Technique!” Xu Jingming named the unknown spear technique Beam Transformation.

I’ll familiarize myself with my strongest spear technique first. Xu Jingming started practicing.

Practicing this spear technique allowed him to mobilize his body at a deeper level; it was a wonderful feeling. The pumping of his heart made his blood vessels flow like raging rivers, and even the tiny blood vessels were like branching rivers. He could clearly sense the blood pumping through his body. Each and every move he made was a form of enjoyment.

Life Evolution Bureau.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Someone knocked on the door, sounding a little anxious.

“Come in,” Director Zhou said calmly.

The secretary pushed open the door and entered, unable to hide his excitement. “Director! Director, good news! Xu Jingming has already created a Lv. 4 spear technique!”

Lv. 4 spear technique? Director Zhou was surprised. Due to his personality, he didn’t like staying in the virtual world for long. He preferred to work in reality and only enter the virtual world when he was tired.

“I remember that Liu Hai just broke through to Lv. 4 two days ago,” Director Zhou pressed. “Xu Jingming broke through today?”

“Yes.” The secretary nodded excitedly. “China has two Lv. 4 experts now.”

“Life Evolution becomes more unimaginable the further one goes, and the difficulty will only increase,” Director Zhou said. “Going from Lv. 3 to Lv. 4 exceeds the range of normal techniques. One has to have a strong enough mind and will and then perfectly fuse them into their techniques; otherwise, it will remain at Lv. 3 99%.”

“Liu Hai chose the Lv. 8 Shield Saber Technique for his grooming. It’s a very profound legacy that includes the complete heritage of willpower, footwork, combat techniques, physical cultivation, and so on,” Director Zhou thought and said. “Liu Hai has a clear path forward while Xu Jingming chose to possess a legendary cosmic figure, so he doesn’t have a complete legacy.”

The secretary said, “But Xu Jingming’s improvement is clearly faster than Liu Hai’s! Liu Hai was already Lv. 3 99% during the Firestarter Cup.”

“Director, this is the virtual world’s judgment for the two of them.” The secretary handed a document to Director Zhou.

Director Zhou took it.

“Liu Hai: Good at studying and carefully studying all aspects of a legacy. Moreover, he’s good at summarizing. He integrates concepts into his Taiji Shield Saber Technique and forms his own school of thought.”

“Xu Jingming: He divided the gains from possessing the cosmic legend into many categories. Moreover, he dissected the moves he learned from the possession into different categories and made inferences, studying them carefully. In his notebook, there are 18 major classes and 73 minor classes of spear techniques. He isn’t affected by the original spear and shield techniques, but takes on a welcoming attitude… He instinctively believed that with the vastness of the universe, the past accumulations on Earth are but only a drop in the ocean compared to the universe. He is more devoted to learning and building up a spearmanship system.”

“The system determines that Xu Jingming should be influenced by his physics background. It’s like he’s studying physics of the universe and the many gains from his possession.”

“Both of them are good at studying. However, Liu Hai will abandon what’s not suitable for him and absorb what’s suitable for him. He will then fuse it into his Taiji system, allowing it to become stronger.”

“Xu Jingming’s learning is more detail-oriented, and he has systematically broken them down. By combining many systems, he eventually creates a multi-dimensional system.”

Director Zhou had the long evaluation provided by the virtual world in front of him, and he kept reading.

“Director, the resources the two of them chose were different,” the secretary said. “Liu Hai chose a complete set of Lv. 8 legacies that contain many aspects such as mind and will. Xu Jingming chose to possess a legendary cosmic figure… According to the information we received, most people in the Universe who choose a complete set of Lv. 8 legacies grow faster! This is because a complete set of legacies covers all aspects; they don’t need to figure it out by themselves.”

“However, those who choose to possess a cosmic legend might go further,” Director Zhou sighed and said. “The price for both is the same. China grooms Liu Hai and Xu Jingming equally.”

“They also made the choice they wanted. As for how far they can go in the future, it’s up to them,” Director Zhou said. “China is just a country on Earth. We can help them in the early stages, but in the future… We won’t be able to help them even if we want to. This is because we need to take care of everyone in the country simultaneously. We also need to groom the second and third-generation geniuses.”

“Among the first generation experts—” The secretary showed his immense excitement. “—Liu Hai and Xu Jingming are really amazing. When Global Crossfire begins, they will definitely shock the entire world.”

“Haha…” Director Zhou smiled and said, “Don’t count your eggs before they hatch. This is only the beginning. When Xu Jingming and Liu Hai break through to Lv. 5, that will truly be a joyous occasion.”

The secretary nodded.

Lv. 5 meant something completely different.


Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, it was the night of October 10, Beijing time. Everyone around the world was excited and expectant because Global Crossfire was about to begin. The world’s top experts would begin fighting.

Which country’s experts were stronger? The answer was about to be revealed..

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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