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Cosmic Professional Gladiator Volume – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Living in a Good Era

Translator: CKtalon 

“More than 40 years ago, which was the year 2036, humans first landed on Mars,” Angus said. “Moreover, they made astonishing discoveries on Mars. These were all kept secret previously, and I’m pleased to disclose some of these findings to the global public today.”

Secretary General Angus stood up. The giant projection behind him displayed a scene on Mars—a huge, dilapidated iron city.

“This is the ruins of an underground city on Mars; we estimate it to be 36 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide based on the remnants. You can think of it as a giant underground fortress,” Secretary General Angus said. He then waved his hand, and the scene changed to a human sculpture.

“This sculpture was created 30 million years ago, and it resembles us humans,” Secretary General Angus said. “It was also discovered on Mars.”


Secretary General Angus didn’t explain much at all. With another wave of his hand, an even more shocking scene appeared—a huge, brand-new spaceship deep in a canyon that had been split in half.

“This spaceship is 5.8 kilometers long; it probably crashed a million years ago,” Secretary General Angus said. “When we discovered it, this damaged spaceship was buried in the canyon. After it was excavated from the ruins, we did some simple repairs—only to find that this spaceship remained brand new with no signs of decay. The technology contained in this spaceship is unimaginable.”

Secretary General Angus temporarily paused after saying that, but the entire world was boiling over at this moment. “What is this?”

“Such a huge city of steel?”

“Is that a spaceship? It’s 5.8 kilometers long?”

“The materials remain new after a million years? What kind of technology is this?”

“What kind of technology is inside this spaceship?”

“That sculpture is from 30 million years ago, but it still maintains its overall appearance. That must be some impressive material. Furthermore, it’s in the likeness of humans? Humans existed on Mars in the past?”

Everyone around the world was in shock as they discussed.

Secretary General Angus fell silent for a moment, and he flipped through the manuscript in his hand. Then, he looked up and said, “Mars is the collective wealth of our entire human race. Therefore, in 2056, we established the Earth Alliance and jointly developed Mars.”

Humans landed on Mars in 2036.

In 2056, the global Earth Alliance was established.

“The entire world worked together to develop Mars, and the technology obtained from Mars will also benefit the entire human race.” Angus smiled. “For example, the virtual glasses technology originated from the VR headsets on Mars.”

Angus produced a silver-grey helmet from a nearby chest.

“The virtualization of virtual glasses technology is only at 30%, but the VR headset’s technology…” Angus said, “After paying an extremely high price, we have finally made a breakthrough.”

“By donning the virtual headset, one’s cerebral nerves will be connected to the VR headset. The cerebral consciousness will enter a virtual world,” Angus said. “First, the virtualization is nearly 100%—you can even simulate touch and smell. A person’s body can be 100% virtualized.”

Everyone who was watching the live broadcast was stunned. Nearly 100% virtualization?

“Second, because our bodies are completely in a state of rest after entering the virtual world, our brains feel like they are in a dream. Therefore, people can use their sleeping time to enter the virtual world. This allows us to boost the amount of usable time in a day. Other than studying and working during the day, we can also study, do scientific research, and be entertained in the virtual world at night.” Secretary General Angus smiled. “Technology will change humanity. We can also make use of our sleep time in the future.”

“This is what it means for technology to change humanity?”

“We can enter the virtual world during bedtime?” Xu Jingming, Li Miaomiao, and the others were all shocked.

“When I was young, it was still the era of mobile gaming. It’s only been 60 to 70 years… and the virtual world is now reality? I managed to see this day happen at the age of 88?” Grandpa Xu was dumbfounded.

“The VR headset is not the biggest harvest from our development of Mars,” Angus said. “At today’s press conference, the VR headsets are only ranked second. Ranked first is… human evolution!”

“Evolution?” Everyone around the world listened attentively. The VR headset is only ranked second? Human evolution is ranked first?

“We’ve unearthed some ancient technology from Mars, one of which is genetic evolution,” Angus said. “After years of experimentation, people around the world need to express our gratitude to volunteers who gave their lives for the experiments. They are the heroes of the entire human race.”

Images of men and women appeared on the screen behind him.

Everyone around the world fell silent. Did many volunteers die for the experiments?

“After years of experimentation, we have figured out a method for genetic evolution with a 100% rate of success,” Angus said. “It’s suitable for all humans on Earth.”

“Genetic evolution—it sounds incredible, but the theory is simple. Take a boxer for instance; his fists and bones will far exceed those of ordinary people after prolonged training. His child will also have stronger fists and bones, a virtue of his genetic heritage. This is a tiny step in the evolution of genes!

“People have long discovered that exercise strengthens one’s body. Exercise reduces many illnesses and allows one to live longer, but those are simple training methods that we summarize from our daily habits.” Secretary General Angus said, “If science and technology can develop to the point where we can monitor the genes of humans, we can summarize the changes in the genes as a result of human training… We can monitor the changes in the genes of millions of humans or even hundreds of millions of humans. The final production of a training method will be incredible.”

“This is a gene evolution method found on Mars. After our experiments, we determined ten evolution methods that are suitable for humans on Earth.” Ten books appeared on the screen behind him, each with alien text.

“I’d like you to turn your attention to the batch of volunteers we invited six months ago.” Secretary General Angus pointed at the projection.

Over a thousand people appeared on the giant projection behind him. There were men and women; some were young and old, some were disabled, some were sick, some were healthy, and some were so old that they were about to die…

They were all wearing silver-grey helmets, and they were lying on beds.

“More than half of them have terminal illnesses, and 20% of them are disabled,” Secretary General Angus said. “Learning the evolutionary method isn’t easy; it will tire the body out every time. If the movements are wrong, it will bring about even more harm. Therefore, these volunteers studied with the VR headsets. After they are certain that they have learned it completely in the virtual world, they will also find themselves having learned it in reality.”

“In just three months, this batch of volunteers underwent a transformation,” Secretary General Angus said excitedly.

Disabled people appeared one after another. Some had missing legs, while others had missing arms. But in the video, their stumps gradually grew until they were fully grown.

Many white-haired elderly had their hair turn black with time. Their wrinkles disappeared, and they became young.

The terminally ill patients gradually became healthy and even had a rosy glow.

“Their genes have evolved, bringing them to brand-new levels,” Secretary General Angus said.

“This is a 100-meter sprint test. The 100-meter world record is 9.32 seconds. As for these eight volunteers…” Secretary General Angus looked at the screen.

With a gunshot, the eight volunteers flew out like cheetahs, their figures blurring as they quickly arrived at the finishing line.

The fastest volunteer had a result of 5.13 seconds.

“The eight of them studied the genetic evolutionary methods for three months and were already capable of running 100 meters in about five seconds,” Secretary General Angus said.

The screen next showed a young man grabbing a barbell. The barbell was thicker than Olympic barbells, but the heavy weights on both sides made the thick barbell bend.

The young man easily lifted it above his head the moment he exerted his strength.

“He didn’t go through any professional weight-lifting training. An ordinary young man easily lifted a thousand-kilogram barbell.”

On the screen, someone leaped over a horizontal pole placed up high. “A single leap reaching 3.9 meters.”

Secretary General Angus said, “They can jump higher, run faster, and lift heavier weights. Their bodies recover faster, and lost limbs can be regenerated. Terminal illnesses of the past will be nothing but a small cold to evolved humans. The body’s immunity will naturally eliminate them. All known terminal illnesses can be eliminated after evolution. Most importantly… their lifespans have also changed. Through repeated confirmation, evolved humans will generally have a lifespan ranging between 160 and 200 years. Human life expectancy has doubled.”

The moment that was said, many people around the world broke into a frenzy.

“All terminal illnesses can be cured? Limb regeneration?” In the living room in Jinmen City, Yang Qingshuo dazedly watched all of this while hugging his son.

“Mom’s illness can be treated? My hand can regrow?” Yang Qingshuo murmured.

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

A small screen appeared beside him.

“Shuo! Shuo, did you hear that? Limbs can be regrown. The video showed someone with both legs missing growing them back. It’s only one hand for you—you can grow it back.” Mrs. Yang was so excited that tears streamed down her face. She didn’t mind dying to know that her son was no longer disabled.

“Mom, you can recover from your illness too.” Yang Qingshuo also cried with joy.

“Yes, my illness can be cured.” Mrs. Yang nodded immediately. “Our family can be together again. We have to thank this era. What a wonderful era we live in.”

Yang Qingshuo looked down at his son, who had dozed off. He had already fallen asleep while waiting for the live broadcast.

Yang Qingshuo kissed his son excitedly.

His son opened his eyes and looked at his father with drowsy eyes. In a daze, he closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

“Has Tao Tao slept?” Mrs. Yang asked.

“All entertainment was suspended, and there were no cartoons. Tao Tao got sleepy waiting,” Yang Qingshuo said with a smile.

Mrs. Yang nodded. “Let him get some sleep. Things will turn for the better for our family moving forward.”

“It’s going to get better.” Yang Qingshuo smiled. He felt that his future was filled with hope.

Xu Jingming and his family were equally excited.

“All terminal illnesses can be cured?”

“Lost limbs can be grown again?”

“A life expectancy of 160 to 200 years?”

This news left the entire family dumbfounded.

Xu Jingming looked at his aged parents. His father was already 60, his mother had some white hair, and his grandfather was 88. Were the most important relatives in his life now able to live beyond 160?

“Jingming, your leg will definitely recover.” His mother hugged Xu Jingming excitedly. “Their lost legs could grow back, so that injury of yours is nothing.”

Xu Jingming nodded. “But the Martial Arts Tournament in the future will definitely be different from the past. In the future, an ordinary person will be able to lift more than a thousand kilograms with both hands.”

“This is a new era.” Grandpa Xu sighed. “When I was young, my family used computers. My father and his peers played computer games. When I was young, we entered the age of cell phones… When I was middle-aged and later in my older years, we ushered in the age of virtual glasses… Now, human lifespans can be doubled. I’m living in a good era.”

“Yeah, we’re living in a good era.” Li Chen’an and his wife looked at each other.

“Dad, Mom, we can be together and live to the age of 160.” Li Miaomiao also hugged her parents happily.

“Our family will be together..” Li Chen’an and his wife smiled with tears in their eyes.

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Cosmic Professional Gladiator

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In 2036, humankind steps foot on Mars for the first time.


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