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Author’s Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting Volume – Chapter 294 Warlord [1]

“What? Wait a second, are you talking about changing the future?” Zero asked.


“But wouldn’t that like… create some paradoxes? You should know what I’m talking about right? Trying to change the future might mess up the whole timeline,” he reasoned.

Now that he was sure that the girl in front of him was a future version of himself, he was quick on the uptake and was cooperating with her— or himself— in no time.

“You are right, but I have already done an experiment by changing something minor in the future before I came here and the rules of time travel here are rather simple. Neither a paradox nor a new timeline is created if you changed something in the past, instead of that the current future timeline vanishes out of existence and a new future is created,” she replied.

“So… what you’re saying is that if you change something here in the future then it won’t mess up the timeline but create a new future?” Zero asked in confirmation.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Zero stood there for a while and wondered over this fact. This was a real discovery. If the future could be changed, then perhaps he can…

“What are you here to change?” He finally asked the most important question.

The girl exhaled. “I’m here to change this very moment, because if things went on like this then—”

She was stopped mid-sentence as an enormous shockwave hit them. She acted quickly and created a magical barrier around herself, Zero, and Req.

The intensity of the shock wave increased and in a few seconds, it was so strong that all the buildings in Roswell city crumbled to small pieces as the ground shook abruptly. The demon beasts that had been frozen due to Zero’s ice also broke into pieces along with their cores.

Trying to find the source of this shockwave Zero looked toward the sky, there coming out of the portal was a humanoid-looking figure. But it was not a human.

He looked like one, but he had some features that humans don’t have.

Coming out of his forehead were two long horns that bent upward like a crown. His chest was covered in abs, he had crimson eyes and long white hair that came down to his waist. And above all, he was floating in the air.

He shook his hand in the air and another intensive shockwave was released and the Roswell city completely turned to dust this time.

Then he looked down at where the crumbled and frozen pieces of the demon beasts lay, and a look of disgust took over his face as he gazed upon them.

“All of you worthless insects, can’t even do one job properly,” he mumbled with all the disgust he could muster in his voice while his long hair swayed in the wind.

Then his eyes caught the sight of Zero and the others. At first, he was going to ignore them but the barrier that surrounded them had been strong enough to defend against his shockwaves— two of them that is. This caught his attention.

“So some humans are still left? Well, it doesn’t make a difference,” he whispered under his breath.

Then he turned back, and raised his hand up in the sky, toward the Moon. He clenched his fist, and a few seconds later the whole Moon rumbled. Soon a cloud of dust appeared on the edges of the Moon.

“I will end this at once,” he said and then turned around toward Zero.

And he brought down his hand in a rush as if throwing a ball toward Zero and the others.

“What the hell is he up to?” Zero said as he looked at the demon in confusion. “If I’m not wrong then he must be a demon warlord.”

He wasn’t able to understand what this demon was trying to do, but soon he noticed something, and it was on the Moon. It was like the Moon was slowly coming close. Zero squinted his eyes to look closely, and then he understood.

The Moon really was coming close. The demon had somehow split the Moon in half and now one part of it was coming toward them at great speed.

“What the fuck! He is literally smashing the moon at us!” Zero exclaimed. “I hate to say this but we are done for! No way we can stop that!” he added. It was out of character for him to say this, but you don’t see half of the Moon coming toward you every day.

The half-moon soon entered the planet’s atmosphere and caught fire. Perhaps the demon had also increased its speed because it was coming rather fast.

“Tch… Can’t you see that we are talking,” the girl— or the Zero from the future— said in a frustrated tone. There was a dark shadow covering her face as if she were angry; pushed beyond all limits.

Which she was because this demon had just interrupted her when she was about to explain something important to Zero. She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth.

By this time the piece of Moon was directly above their head, and the initial effects could be seen on the planet’s surface.

“Stay here for a bit,” she said to Zero in a calm and dark tone. And he recognized it because he also sometimes spoke like that.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing, just take care of this bastard so that we can have a good talk with someone interrupting us afterward,” she said.

She looked up toward the incoming part of the Moon that was a few minutes away from smashing them to a pulp. Other than that, it would destroy more than half of the earth on impact.

Looking at it with dark and dull eyes she raised her hand toward the sky and the incoming moon. The shadow that was in the form of her clothes extended itself and covered her hand.


She said, and it happened. The next moment the colossal part of the Moon that was coming toward them broke into a billion small pieces.

She closed her fist, and this time each of those small pieces shattered into a million more pieces. This time they were so small that half of the moon that was coming toward them turned completely into dust.

Author’s Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting

Author’s Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting

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Status: Ongoing Author:
What does it feel like to find yourself inside the novel of an author you hated? How will you survive in a world that's filled with clich? Well, something similar happened here.Once there was an unpopular fantasy novel author. His life was pretty messed upno, he made it messed up. And remember I said messed up, not sad.Due to certain reasons, he ended up never having the life that an average teenage boy should have.But soon he was freed from that life as he died due to a lovey-dovey couple. He was freed but he had regretsafter all, he didn't make his life that way because he wanted to.The things he did were the result of his condition and impulses.It seems luck was on his side at that moment, seconds after he closed his eyes and died, those eyes opened again but this time they were gazing at a world different from his old one.He got a second chance! Now he will live a new life, a life he wanted to live! This time he can live, grow old, and then die in a "normal" way! The way things should have happened in his former life.Though it turns out he also had a good amount of bad luck on his side as well.Later he found out that the world he reincarnated in was the same as the novel of an author he hated the most. The only person he never wanted to talk to againhe was reincarnated inside that very person's novel.This is his story! The story of the man who was known by the name "Zero" in his second life. The story of how he survived without plot armor in a world filled with clich situations, only in the favor of the MC of that novel.This is, Author's Reincarnation in a Fantasy Setting!!


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