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Am I A God? Volume – Chapter 535: Binge Eating Live Stream and Setting Off

Chapter 535: Binge Eating Live Stream and Setting Off

Translator: AtlasStudios

As Zhao Yao and Bai Quan were talking, Matsuo, who had also been cleaning the place, came over.

This spirit, created in Japan by a supercat, had been staying with Zhao Yao and helping out with the household chores as well as taking care of the supercats ever since the previous money-lending platform incident.

He overheard Zhao Yao’s plans to travel to Japan for a holiday and immediately said, “Boss, I can translate too.”

Zhao Yao glanced at him and thought for a moment, “This fella might actually be a good tour guide, but what if he tricks me? I think it’s better to let him tag along with Bai Quan.”

So he gave the task of planning their travel itinerary to Bai Quan and Matsuo. Zhao Yao then decided to play some games to relax for a while.

At the same time, in another corner of the extradimensional belly, a huge cloth backdrop hung on the wall, depicting the background of a normal living room.

Elizabeth stood in front of the background, facing a computer and camera while doing a live stream.

She first pointed to the 10 dishes in front of her, while on the side Diana helped her type and broadcast the voice recording generated by the typing. As to what she was supposed to type, it naturally depended on what Elizabeth had to say.

As supercats rely on their consciousness to communicate, they came up with this method to stage a live stream.

This method of live streaming attracted some humans to watch as well, but their main target audience was still supercats.

“Hello everyone, I am Lilibet, today I specially bought six different flavors of freeze-dried cat food staples from XX brand to try them out. The six plates on the left half of the screen are all freeze-dried, while the right half of the screen shows six plates of rehydrated freeze-dried food. Each serving is 30 grams, which means there is a total of 360 grams of freeze-dried cat food here.”

“Look here, this is duck meat, this is beef… ah, there’s turkey too.” Elizabeth clapped her small paws and pointed to one serving excitedly as she said, “Of course, there’s also my favorite salmon here, hehe, I will start by eating this first.”

Elizabeth lowered her head and licked a slice of rehydrated freeze-dried salmon. A satisfied look appeared on her face, “Mmm, XX brand’s freeze-dried cat food staples are all made from fresh meat that has been frozen at super low temperatures and quickly dehydrated under high pressure. After adding water, it regains its original taste in an instant. This piece of freeze-dried salmon has a very rich meaty taste to it with a slight fishy smell. It’s so delicious!”

As viewers watched Elizabeth’s binge eating live stream, a ‘bullet screen’ appeared with streams of comments continuously pushed up by new ones.

“Ah! Why did I watch this at night…”

“There’s so much freeze-dried cat food. It must be very expensive. Poor cat lovers won’t be able to afford this.”

“Lilibet is even cuter. Every time I see Lilibet eat something it always looks good.”

Elizabeth smiled in satisfaction and ate the freeze-dried cat food in big mouthfuls, reviewing the food as she ate, sometimes even interacting with the comments on the ‘bullet screen’.

“Oh, this slice of rehydrated freeze-dried beef tastes so smooth it feels like I’m drinking beef soup. It smells so fragrant and it’s so nice to drink.”

“This slice of chicken tastes a little bland. I didn’t rehydrate this slice, so the texture feels dry and crispy. I’m going to add a bit of catmint and mix it together before I continue eating it.”

Elizabeth finished all the freeze-dried cat food portion by portion, perfectly content, “I’m done eating!” She licked her fur happily as she continued with her review, “Every flavor of XX brand’s freeze-dried cat food is delicious. Even if I eat it every day, it doesn’t feel like I will get sick of it.”

As the live stream went on, the ‘bullet screen’ became more and more congested.

“Wahhh, Lili is licking her fur again, so pretty!”

“All of you get lost, I will show you how I lick my paws.”

Elizabeth waved her paw and said, “That’s it for today’s live stream! Friends who liked it please hit subscribe to support Little Lili! See you guys next time!”

After ending the live stream, Elizabeth’s expression immediately became annoyed, “Quick bring the bucket over! I feel like throwing up now.”

Diana immediately pushed a small bucket towards her and Elizabeth just kept throwing up in it. Even before live streaming, whenever she ate too much she would have to throw up. She had just eaten 12 plates of freeze-dried cat food all at once, so naturally, she could not help but throw up.

Diana stared at Elizabeth who was puking and reminded her, “Just now that channel master, Suction Cat King, tipped a Rocket. Why didn’t you thank him? I hinted this to you so many times.”

“Hey,” Elizabeth scowled and said, “That wretched guy, I can’t be bothered with him, ugh…” After vomiting a few times, she stopped herself and covered her mouth, “It’s all bought with money, I shouldn’t waste it.”

Diana said at the side, “You should just puke it out, it’s not good for your body if you eat too much of it.”

Elizabeth nodded her head and suddenly straightened her ears as she heard the conversation on Bai Quan and Matsuo’s side. Her eyes sparkled as she said, “They’re going to Japan? Then we can just live stream our holiday travels in Japan.”

Suddenly, on the 17th floor, an ear-splitting cry broke out.

Matcha stared at his phone screen and sobbed pathetically, “What the heck is this, I actually have to stop playing for two days?! What the hell!”

Matcha had just finished his work and wanted to play games on his phone. Unfortunately, he found out that Mobile Legends was under service maintenance.

In fact, because of the recent information regarding Mobile Legends addiction that went public a few days ago, thousands of problems related to playing the game surfaced. A lot of critical comments about the game appeared on the Internet.

Mobile Legends had no choice but to undergo maintenance for two days to correct some features of the game and enhance anti-addiction measures.

This was devastating news for Matcha.

He lay on the ground with his limbs raised in the air, staring lifelessly at the ceiling above him, looking like he had no reason to live anymore.

“If I can’t play games for two days, what’s the point of my existence?”

Roly Poly’s head popped out from the doorframe, took a look at Matcha and said, “Matcha, do you have time? I have something to tell you.”

“Don’t talk to me,” Matcha sighed dejectedly, “I just want to play Mobile Legends now.”

Roly Poly was angry, “This useless scum.” Still, he had no choice but to continue talking nicely to him, “When you were gone, Airplane almost flipped the sky over, the royal cat guards were on the verge of becoming his imperial harem, and I heard that he wanted to date all the female cats on the island.”

Matcha laughed scornfully, “What are female cats? There’s nothing fun about them.”

Roly Poly lifted his head and sighed deeply, thinking to himself, “This guy’s a goner, why did I even think of hanging out with him.”

Time flew by like a white pony leaping across a crevice. In the blink of an eye, the day for Zhao Yao’s trip to Japan had come.

He arrived at the airport alone and walked through the VIP gate. He felt as if he could not stand any taller.

Looking at the normal people in the really long queue, Zhao Yao snickered, “Haha, all these mere mortals queuing slowly.”

Zhao Yao boarded the plane alone and did not bring Bai Quan along so as to save on the cost of another plane ticket. He did allow Bai Quan to tag along through the extradimensional belly.

Right after he boarded the plane, his phone rang and Zhao Yao answered, “Uncle Ho? What’s up? I’m going on a holiday now. If there are any missions, we can talk about it when I’m back.”

Uncle Ho replied, “Why did you want to go to Japan all of a sudden? Remember, when you are overseas, don’t act recklessly and cause trouble. You are still working for us here. Don’t start an international dispute.”

Annoyed, Zhao Yao replied, “Okay okay, do I look like someone who will cause trouble? I’m going there to help my Japanese friend.”

Uncle Ho suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Remember, if you really want to stir trouble, pretend to be Korean. Don’t let anyone recognize you.”

Zhao Yao replied, “D*mn, I’m really just going there to help someone.”

Am I A God?

Am I A God?

Score 6.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
“Let go of that kitty cat!” A shooting star whizzed across the sky, causing countless of super powers to appear on Earth. However, the main characters that awaken during this phenomenon aren’t humans, but cats… During this event, this same thought appeared in the minds of countless cats: “Am I a god?” Zhao Yao, an ordinary human, is the only person that can control these super-cats. Zhao Yao: “Am I a god?”


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