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After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune Volume – Chapter 268 – You Saved Me… Again

Chapter 268: You Saved Me… Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As the flames spread, more and more people came to surround them.

“Little Qing! Are you okay?!”

Yun Zhe had heard the explosion, so he rushed over to check it out. However, he never expected Yun Qing’s car to be the one exploding.

Yun Qing was already in tears. She huddled in Yun Zhe’s arms and cried, “Quick, call an ambulance. Huo, Huo Chuan is not moving…”

Yun Zhe looked at Huo Chuan, who was lying on his side, with blood all over his face. He was terrified.

“He, he saved my life again…”

Yun Qing’s vision was already blurry, but she could still see Huo Chuan’s outline clearly and the blood on his body clearly.

This was the second time Huo Chuan had protected her from an explosion.

When Huo Chuan had not made a sound after saving her, Yun Qing panicked.

Perhaps she had thought countless times that it did not matter even if Huo Chuan left her world, but when she thought about how Huo Chuan might truly leave this world, Yun Qing realized that her hatred for Huo Chuan might not be as deep as she thought.

The ambulance arrived very quickly. Yun Zhe held Yun Qing in his arms and said, “Are you okay? Let me take you to the hospital.”

“I, I’m fine. I’ll go with the ambulance. I want to see Huo Chuan…” Yun Qing followed the paramedics to the ambulance.

Yun Zhe saw that Yun Qing was adamant, so he did not insist. He had no choice but to let Yun Qing ride the ambulance and accompany Huo Chuan.

The hospital was filled with the smell of disinfectants. Huo Chuan was rushed into the operating theater. Yun Qing wanted to wait outside the operating theater, but the explosion still affected her hearing. She could only go and take a peek before she was quickly shooed to the entrance of the operating theater and left staring at the slow red light.

At that moment, Yun Qing felt that she had become the Yun Qing that she had once hated the most.

At that time, her life was filled with nothing but Huo Chuan. She loved him, and he became her only purpose for living.

Now, her thoughts were occupied by nothing but Huo Chuan in the operating theater.

The oppressive atmosphere in the hospital made Yun Qing’s heart sink to the bottom. Unknowingly, Yun Qing’s palms were soon covered in a layer of sweat.

“Little Qing!”

Just as she was waiting anxiously outside, Yun Zhen brought Yun Qing’s three brothers to the hospital. When he saw Yun Qing sitting in front of the operating theater, unscathed, Yun Zhen strode over with red eyes. He held Yun Qing in his arms.

In Yun Zhen’s arms, Yun Qing’s tears flowed out of her eyes.

“Little Qing, don’t worry. I have already sent people to investigate the explosion.” Yun Zhe rubbed Yun Qing’s hair, his eyes filled with anger.

He did not know who would dare plant a bomb in Yun Qing’s car.

However, Yun Zhe was more concerned about Huo Chuan’s timely appearance.

Did Huo Chuan already know that there was a bomb in Yun Qing’s car?

“Little Qing, why don’t you go back and rest first?” Yun Qi looked at his sister in front of him worriedly. He had changed from his usual unruly manner.

Yun Qing shook her head. “I want to wait here for the surgery to be over.”

Just as she finished her sentence, they could hear the sound of footsteps. Then, Sun Lan’s sharp voice rang out. “You jinx! I knew that with you around, nothing good would happen to Huo Chuan!”

Sun Lan rushed towards Yun Qing as if she had lost control. She even tried to attack Yun Qing, but Yun Qi stopped her in time. He glared at Sun Lan fiercely. “If you don’t start acting like your age, don’t blame me for disrespecting my elders!”

“Sun Lan, calm down!” Elder Huo followed behind Sun Lan and scolded her angrily.

Yun Zhen was more or less polite when he saw Elder Huo coming. After all, Huo Chuan had entered the operating theater for Yun Qing.

“How is Huo Chuan’s condition?” Elder Huo turned to Yun Qing and asked.

Yun Qing shook her head and could not say anything.

She did not know how Huo Chuan was doing. She was even a little afraid that something would happen to Huo Chuan.

“Yun Qing, how many times has Huo Chuan almost lost his life for you? Regardless of whether he is okay or not, I hope that you can treat him better in the future,” Elder Huo suppressed the anger in his heart and asked Yun Qing.

“Elder Huo, Huo Chuan made his choice to do this. You don’t have to guilt-trip Yun Qing like this, right?!” Yun Qi retorted unhappily.

After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune

After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune

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"Hurry to the hospital and donate your blood." "Go to the hospital at once." "Remember to donate blood at the hospital." Even if she had already been donating blood for three times in the past few months, which then took a toll on her body, Huo Chuan never felt an ounce of pity for his so-called wife. After three years of marriage, Huo Chuan would only ever contact her to ask her to donate her blood to the hospital. No, accurately speaking, she was selling her blood. Selling it to Huo Chuan's beloved woman, Bai Ting.Yun Qing had been working hard to play the role of a good wife and secretary, but Huo Chuan's family thought nothing of her. They were enigmatic and petty toward her. Yun Qing even had to do all the cleaning and cooking alone at home. Her existence was so menial that one would even assume she was a maid. In the company, everyone underestimated her. Yun Qing had had enough so she said, "Let's divorce." Perhaps she still had hope, but her husband's reaction completely disappointed her. "What are you throwing a tantrum for? Name your price. The doctor says that Bai Ting is in a critical condition!" Huo Chuan's mother said, "A lowly secretary like you should be grateful that you married into our Huo family, so why are you making a fuss?" Huo Chuan stared down at her. "I know that you've donated more blood this month, but I've transferred you the compensation fee! I can tolerate you asking for more, but I won't tolerate your tantrum!" Looking at Huo Chuan's mesmerizing features, Yun Qing laughed at herself. He was indeed charming, but he had never ever shown her a pleasant expression. Enduring the pain in her heart, Yun Qing insisted on going through the divorce with Huo Chuan. "Don't you regret this, Yun Qing!" "Huo Chuan, the only thing I regret is agreeing to this marriage with you three years ago. This marriage had me all battered and bruised. Enough is enough!" For Huo Chuan, she gave up her status and ignored her family's advice. She pounced at Huo Chuan like a moth to flames, only to receive his indifference and lack of affection in return.After Yun Qing left the Huo family, she got into a luxurious car. Old Master Yun's heart ached for his daughter. "Qingqing, you had a three-year agreement with me, that if he doesn't love you, you will come home and inherit the company. Now, it's time to uphold your promise."


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