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After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World Volume – Chapter 1131

Four thousand years ago, there were countless countries in the world.

Qiancang is just one of them.

Mojiang was originally the high priest of qiancang kingdom with countless glory, and his brother a Zhao was the king of qiancang.

The story is bloody. Before Mo Jiang ascended the high priesthood, he fell in love with the future king of another kingdom.

Time goes by.

With the purpose of occupying her kingdom, she approached the high priest.

High priests have no strict rules, but they can’t marry until they become high priests.

Mojiang was originally a powerful array mage, while SHISU was just an ordinary psychic master, but his ability was not weak.

The result of their love is that Shi Su and others slaughtered her kingdom. Her younger brother, a Zhao, died by the knife of SHISU without seeing her succeed.

But later, Shi Su’s ending was not good. He did not succeed in occupying Mo Jiang’s position. Mo Jiang was a master of array. Before his death, he used his ability to set up a formation to trap him. As a result, Shi Su’s life was worse than death for the rest of his life. He was only 35 years old when he died.

When the kingdom of qiancang gradually disappeared, the last clansmen, with their devotion to Mojiang, hoped to revive her and restore her country.

Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that the resurrection was thousands of years later.

At this time, there is no country to let Mo Jiang come back.

After hearing her story, Qiao sighed: “Xie Xi is not the time.”

“No, he’s much uglier than he was, and my mother’s eyes are not so bad.”

At the beginning, she was blinded by love. She had a certain responsibility for destroying the country, but it was Wang Guoqiang who was not as powerful as Shi su. In fact, one day, she finally realized that she could use her ability to make Shi Su’s life worse than death. Once he died, his Kingdom would not escape the covetous eyes of others. In the end, it was all retribution.

Mo Jiang just thought of the people who had revived her, but her eyes were a little dim.

After all, she had to be ashamed of them.

Because SHISU couldn’t find it, and didn’t even know whether there was reincarnation.

Now there is no country to let her reply, after all, the head of this country can not agree.

Joe patted her on the shoulder today: “your play is coming soon. You are a woman destined to be popular all over the country.”

Mo Jiang looked up at her: “it’s global.”

Qiao Jin:

It’s good that she has this confidence.


it’s a great good thing that Qiao came back to life today, and her ability has not been lost. She can still help the spirit group from time to time in the later days. The luochajie is closed, and the demonized spirit minders are gradually dying, but those psychic thinkers also feel bad things.

There are fewer and fewer minders.

Originally, they could still find more than a dozen of them in a year, but for several years after that, they did not find any new psychic teachers.

It seems to be something that gradually diminishes the presence of minders.

Even if the matter is over, Qiao has not abandoned them. Of course, they all have a better life now, and there are two rich women, Guo Zhulian and Zhang Qiutong, who are not worried about no one to support.

Zhang Qiutong is a new comer. At first, she didn’t understand her very much. Later, she was happy to get along with everyone, especially her work style was more excessive than Guo Zhulian. She also bought a duplex apartment for Meng Chengyu and others. When Mo Jiang went to film, she and Guo Zhulian took several people to the place where Mojiang filmed every year.

All over the world.

Mo Jiang’s eyes turned red with envy.

She is more and more popular, more and more work, fans everywhere, go everywhere.

A group of women live a very comfortable life, there are a lot of men who pursue them, but under Mo Jiang’s words and deeds, they are not in a hurry to find a suitable one and do not have to find a man for a lifetime.

And then it happened at Joaquin’s wedding and the birth of a baby.

Joe is pregnant and still in college, but is still getting married before she gets big.

At that time, the Song family was still in a muddle. When song Yanqing disappeared, she didn’t make sense of it. Later, she heard that Qiao was pregnant and let go of it. She happily settled the wedding for her.

In the latter half of the time, many people choose to be ordinary people. The society is becoming more and more stable, and weird things are gradually decreasing. Maybe one day, there will be no psychic teacher.

However, Qiao is now pregnant and has a baby. The objects of marriage promotion in the family have become the other three brothers, especially muqilian.

Generally speaking, the day has always become plain, but warm.

This may be what Joe wanted when he stepped into the world, but he wanted a simple happiness.

And song Yanqing, accompanied her through the best life.

After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

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The first time they met, she said to him, “Mr. Song, I see that you’re ill-fated, and I’m afraid that you will die soon. The people around him accused her of being a fraud, and threatened to beat her. The second time she saw him, she said to him, “Mr. Song, you will die tomorrow.” She was nearly beaten. The third time they met, he was on the brink of death. *** Qiao Jin was a twenty year old with a meek disposition, but her personality changed drastically after her su*cide attempt, and she became neurotic and pompous. She is labeled as a possessed lunatic. Song Yanqing is a blue-blooded 25 year old. He is ill-omened and so sickly that he can barely walk two steps without coughing. In Qiao Jin’s eyes, he is a phantom with a short life. This is a fictional story about the epic romance between a lunatic that is too big for her britches and a slick noble-born phantom with a short life.


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