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Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King’s Mate Volume – Chapter 198 – Missing Manpower

Chapter 198: Missing Manpower

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[Margaret’s Perspective]

Donald reached out and hugged me. He didn’t say anything more. I leaned against him longingly. This was more than a thousand words.

I sniffed and smelled blood on Donald.

I immediately became nervous. I wanted to distance myself from Donald to see how he was and if he was injured. However, just as I was about to move, I felt Donald hug me even harder in his arms. His strength seemed to crush me into his body.

I wrapped my arms around his back and patted him gently on the back, realizing that in this short day and night, I wasn’t the only one who was afraid. Donald was. He must be even more nervous than I was.

“Don’t move.” Donald’s deep voice vibrated in my eardrums. “Thank God you’re okay. This is great.”

I was about to cry from Donald’s words. This was what I had just thought. We thought of the same thing. We were destined to be tied together. No external thing or tribulation could separate us.

“I’m fine. I’m fine, Donald.” I tried to give Donald a smile to prove to him that I was fine.

“How dare you say that you were almost killed by Angel just now.” Donald held my hand tightly and tensed up. With a serious expression, he said, “Why did you have to be so rash? Do you know how dangerous what you just did was? You haven’t learned your lesson from last time. Why didn’t you think about the consequences before doing anything?”

I opened my mouth to defend myself. I wanted to say that it wasn’t that I didn’t consider the big picture, but that I had no choice. Under those circumstances, only by staying would I be the most likely to save Elizabeth and my life. But when I looked up and met Donald’s sad gaze, I couldn’t say anything.

I did consider a lot at that moment, but the only thing I didn’t consider too much was my own life, so I ignored the impact this had on Donald. If I died, Donald would be as sad as he could be. I ignored his feelings. In this regard, I had let Donald down.

I lowered my head in embarrassment and gently pressed Donald’s palm.

Donald raised my hand and pressed it against his chest. He said softly, “It was so close. I’ve never been afraid of anything. But now, I’m even afraid to think about what would happen if I didn’t succeed in sharing my power with you just now. You’re not allowed to do such a thing again. Do you hear me?”

I nodded seriously at Donald’s affectionate gaze.

I remembered what had just happened and said doubtfully, “So that power was really yours. How did you do it?”

“That’s ‘Being There,’” said a voice nearby.

I turned to look and noticed a group of people behind Donald. Many of them were dressed as Lycan warriors. Standing at the front were Eric and Anthony, who had disappeared earlier. Elizabeth was standing beside Anthony. Anthony was talking to her softly with his head lowered. It was Eric who had spoken.

“‘Being There’?” I repeated Eric’s words doubtfully.

“‘Being There’ is a special ability between two parties. You can share your five senses with the other party and transfer a portion of your strength to the other party. This requires an extremely huge amount of mental strength. The longer you maintain it, the more strength it expends.”

Eric explained, “Usually, only those who have lived with each other for decades have this ability. I didn’t expect Your Majesty to master it so quickly.”

I felt that Eric’s words were a little strange, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with them.

Then I remembered something else and asked Donald, “How did you get together with Eric and the others?”

“They came over on their own.” Donald looked at Eric and Anthony and said with the dignity of the Lycan King, “I told you to find and protect Margaret. Why are you protecting me?”

“We chased a group of people all the way here,” Anthony said. “When we were at the cabin, Eric and I went inside to search and found traces left by the other party. We thought that with most of our men at your side and with Elliot around, there shouldn’t be a problem. We were afraid that the other party would escape, so we went after them together. In the end, we ran into the Lycan King.”

I realized that something was wrong and questioned, “Why were all the people at our side? At that time, the number of people were split into two and you took a portion of them away. There were only a dozen of us in the cabin. That’s why Angel got her hands on us.”

“Impossible,” Anthony denied flatly. “We let those people go back when we were in the house. Eric and I were indeed the only ones who chased them out.”

Anthony and I looked at each other and realized the crux of the problem.

There was a small group of men, and they had disappeared from our midst.

Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King’s Mate

Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King’s Mate

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"Margaret, you're the older sister, you have to give in to the younger one." Because she had been born a few seconds before Elizabeth, those words clung like a curse to Margaret for the first 18 years of her life. Whether it was her beloved teddy bear, pretty dresses, Halloween candies, or parental love, if Elizabeth asked, she had to unconditionally yield them all up to her. Since young, Elizabeth had weighed down on Margaret like an enormous mountain and suffocated her. Fortunately she still had a boyfriend who had loved her for six yearsAmster, the pack's alpha. "You will be my wife and the future luna of the pack," Amster promised.Six years of companionship and Amster's words had excited Margaret, who was turning 18 years old. She was going to welcome a whole new life today, but fate had played an enormous joke on herAmster's lover and fated mate turned out to be her twin sister Elizabeth! Margaret watched as Amster, who had said he loved her a second ago, exchanged a French kiss with Elizabeth in the next. Moreover, he also announced that Elizabeth as the luna. The only emotional sustenance Margaret possessed crumbled; once again what belonged to her had been snatched away by Elizabeth. What made things worse was when Amster begged Margaret to help Elizabeth entertain Wolf King Donald! All because Elizabeth knew nothing except how to wheedle and dress herself up.Unable to refuse the request of her former lover, Margaret agreed to this. The gears of destiny began slowly turning at this moment. At the feast where Wolf King arrived, having worked hard without washing up for three days now, Margaret smelled an enticing scent. Betty, her wolf, was calling out happily for her mate. This was the smell of her mate! "My name is Donald, and I'm the king of werewolves!" Donald?! Wolf King! Margaret gaped. Her mate was actually the most powerful werewolf among them all! Margaret realized that her mate didn't recall her s*xy and seductive younger sister. He only had eyes for her. She felt that she could believe in love again!


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