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Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King’s Mate Volume – Chapter 196 – Wonderful Use of Mate Relationship

Chapter 196: Wonderful Use of Mate Relationship

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[Margaret’s Perspective]

“If you kill me, you’ll never get Donald,” I said, looking up at Angel.

A cynical smile appeared on Angel’s lips. “Whatever happens in the future,” she said, “you’ll never know.”

That was the difference between Angel and me. She only sought the end result and didn’t care how anyone else felt in the process. I realized that I had nothing more to say to her.

Angel swung her dagger again, aiming for my throat.

I closed my eyes and waited quietly for that last moment to come.

The meaning of life was not about length, but the way you chose to spend it. The person I was thinking about at the last moment was still Donald.

I couldn’t help but smile a little as I thought,

Donald, I love you.

Suddenly, I felt a surging power pour into my body. This power had an inexplicable sense of familiarity. I suddenly opened my eyes and saw that Angel’s blade was only an inch away from me. My pupils constricted and I heard an angry shout in my mind.

[Tilt your head to the left.]

In an almost blind trust, I obeyed without hesitation.

The tip of Angel’s knife barely grazed the skin on the side of my neck. When the blow missed, a look of surprise appeared in her eyes. Then she flipped her wrist and quickly held the dagger horizontally, bringing a gust of wind to my neck. She pressed it ruthlessly towards my throat.

[Lean back and kick upward with your knees bent.]

The voice that commanded me was low and calm, giving me a sense of security.

I did as I was told again, and this time my attack landed on solid ground.

I heard a loud bang, the sound of flesh against flesh. Then Angel flew in the direction I’d kicked. I looked at Angel in shock, unable to believe that it was my own strength.

A moment ago, I didn’t even have the strength to stand. Now, with a simple bend of the knees, I kicked Angel more than ten meters away.

I remembered the voice that had just sounded in my head, and my body triggered an excited shudder.

I recognized the voice. It was Donald.

He suddenly contacted me and even helped me fight Angel. That magical power should have come from Donald. It had Donald’s pleasant and familiar aura.

By transmitting one’s power to another, one could even experience the other party’s situation and provide guidance.

I didn’t know if this was because of Donald’s strength or because we had marked each other, but I had never heard of a way that could do this.

This was an incredible use of the mate relationship.

Angel was also looking at me in bewilderment. I slowly stood up. All the fatigue I had felt earlier had been swept away. I turned to look at my shoulder. The wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. I felt full of strength.

I focused on Angel. I didn’t intend to explain too much to her. Now it was just the two of us fighting again. I was completely back to fighting strength, and Angel was still exhausted. With Donald’s support behind me, I was sure I could defeat her this time.

Angel’s eyes darted around as if she understood something. She said in shock and anger, “This isn’t your power. Donald, he must have helped you do something again. This isn’t a fair fight.”

“When have you ever been fair in a battle with me? You’re just jealous,” I said calmly. “It’s time for us to settle this once and for all.”

“Hmph, what do you know?” Angel raised her eyebrows and said, “Do you think Donald doesn’t have to pay a price for passing his power to you like this? I was right before. Your existence will only weaken his power. Donald needs someone who can be on par with him, not a piece of trash like you who will drag him down.”

I frowned at Angel. These words might have hurt my pride in the past, but now that Donald and I were one, what did Angel know? She was just using these words to hurt me.

I shook my head at Angel. “Let’s not talk about whether you’re stating the truth or not,” I said. “So what if you are?

Donald and I are mates. We should be bound together for good or bad. No matter what happens in the future, I’m willing to face it with him. Based on what you said, if Donald is no longer the Lycan King one day, will you also think that he’s dragging you down and then abandon him?”

“How could Donald not be the Lycan King? He will become the greatest Lycan King in our history. He has the ambition and the strength to conquer all the werewolf packs and become the king of kings,” Angel said excitedly.

This time, it was me who looked at Angel pitifully and said, “You don’t understand love at all. Your feelings for Donald are just a kind of morbid possessiveness and admiration of strength. That’s not love.”

Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King’s Mate

Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King’s Mate

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"Margaret, you're the older sister, you have to give in to the younger one." Because she had been born a few seconds before Elizabeth, those words clung like a curse to Margaret for the first 18 years of her life. Whether it was her beloved teddy bear, pretty dresses, Halloween candies, or parental love, if Elizabeth asked, she had to unconditionally yield them all up to her. Since young, Elizabeth had weighed down on Margaret like an enormous mountain and suffocated her. Fortunately she still had a boyfriend who had loved her for six yearsAmster, the pack's alpha. "You will be my wife and the future luna of the pack," Amster promised.Six years of companionship and Amster's words had excited Margaret, who was turning 18 years old. She was going to welcome a whole new life today, but fate had played an enormous joke on herAmster's lover and fated mate turned out to be her twin sister Elizabeth! Margaret watched as Amster, who had said he loved her a second ago, exchanged a French kiss with Elizabeth in the next. Moreover, he also announced that Elizabeth as the luna. The only emotional sustenance Margaret possessed crumbled; once again what belonged to her had been snatched away by Elizabeth. What made things worse was when Amster begged Margaret to help Elizabeth entertain Wolf King Donald! All because Elizabeth knew nothing except how to wheedle and dress herself up.Unable to refuse the request of her former lover, Margaret agreed to this. The gears of destiny began slowly turning at this moment. At the feast where Wolf King arrived, having worked hard without washing up for three days now, Margaret smelled an enticing scent. Betty, her wolf, was calling out happily for her mate. This was the smell of her mate! "My name is Donald, and I'm the king of werewolves!" Donald?! Wolf King! Margaret gaped. Her mate was actually the most powerful werewolf among them all! Margaret realized that her mate didn't recall her s*xy and seductive younger sister. He only had eyes for her. She felt that she could believe in love again!


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