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A Painting of the Villainess as a Young Lady Volume – Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Well, I must leave now. Please take good care of my sister.

Having gotten the answer he wanted, the busy crown prince, who had forced time out of his schedule, carefully detached his sister and smiled.

Violet briefly rejoiced at the news of his departure, but her expression soured again as the crown prince approached confidently.

May the blessings of the Sun God be with you always.

The crown prince knelt before Violet and gently kissed the back of her hand. He didnt mind that it was a hand that had been busy with brushes and paint.

Violet was startled by the soft touch on her hand. It felt out of place. He was leaving, but not before dropping a bombshell.

Meanwhile, the maids, regardless of Violets astonishment, just smiled contentedly.

* * *

During a leisurely afternoon in the townhouses garden, Violet sighed. The tea garden, suitable for a relaxing afternoon, wasnt much help for her worries.

Looking at Roen, who maintained a gentle smile but seemed tired, she knew she had to ask.

Has something happened to the Crown Prince?

Roens expression hardened at Violets direct question.

It was rare for his sister to initiate conversation, and it was about the crown princes well-being, of all things.

But even Roen had to admit it. Indeed, Rajaden had been acting strangely lately.

Not sleeping well, starting the day with bloodshot eyes, staring blankly into space, or suddenly hitting his head on the desk.

Each time, Roen thought, Whats with him? and subtly avoided him.

Recalling these moments, Roen responded with a smile.

Theres nothing going on with him.

He thought it best to nip any misplaced concern in the bud.

Unaware of Roens intentions, Violet sighed.

The crown princes recent actions were too strange to be dismissed as nothing. They were very strange indeed.

It just seemed odd.

Odd? How so?

Its hard to explain. He suddenly asked me out on a date.

A da A date?!

Roen lost his composure at Violets explosive revelation.

Seeing Roen stutter, which was uncharacteristic of him, Violet shared a few more shocking details.

Yes. He was acting as if he had eaten a whole tub of butter. Its a relief if nothings wrong with him.

His astonishment was evident.

What did he do exactly?

If theres nothing wrong, it doesnt matter. Oh, he did ask about my favorite food.

Violets response was indifferent.

For someone to ask about another persons food preferences, it quite definitely seemed trivial. However, for the crown prince, as self-assured as he was, it actually quite shocking to hear this.

Roen realized that Rajaden had been talking about Violet more frequently of late, too.

Catching a thread of his friends unusual behavior, Roen smiled wryly.

Seems like he changed his plan after realizing that wooing her would be difficult.

This older brother thought only for the best of his younger sister.

And so, he was determined to interfere.

You refused, right?

I tried, but he was persistent. Maybe its better to just meet him once, although I dread the unnecessary rumors that might follow.

If it bothers you, I can intervene. Or I could accompany you.


Imagining being caught between Rajaden and Roen, Violets expression hardened.

Observing his sisters reaction, Roen looked distant.

It seemed best to abandon the idea of going together.

Ill handle it myself. He cant keep acting weird forever.


Violet lowered her gaze. Noticing her reaction, Roen tilted his head.

Is there something else bothering you?

There is, but its not something I should consult you about.

Her blunt answer was enough of a clue for Roen.

Its about Cairn.

If it was about Cairn, indeed, there was little Roen could advise. However, there was someone else who could help.

Come to think of it, you havent yet thanked Sir Aldin yet.

At the sudden mention of that name, Violet looked up.

Talking to Aldin about Cairn might be a better idea. She still owed him thanks for the hunting competition as well, and that provided a suitable excuse.

Ive prepared a gift that you could give to him, so go and thank him.

I have my own gift in mind, thank you. Ill send a letter.

Is that so? Then Ill send what Ive prepared with your letter as a courtesy from our family.

Violet nodded in agreement to Roens casual suggestion. It was good to be generous with gratitude.

Thus, the teatime meant to discuss the crown princes strangeness concluded with plans to convey thanks to Aldin.

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A Painting of the Villainess as a Young Lady

A Painting of the Villainess as a Young Lady

The Villainess Paints A Picture, 악녀는 그림을 그린다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A villainess known by all as a wicked woman who has done all sorts of evil deeds—Ducal Lady Violet. She regained her memories of her previous life after she fell into a lake and almost died. The very moment she woke up, she immediately visited her father, Duke Everett, and asked one thing. “Please confine me to the annex.” And so, she imprisoned herself there. Now that Violet was secluded away from the world’s criticism and reproach, She immersed herself in her previous life’s memories and started painting them. “What the hell are you up to this time?” Everyone was suspicious of just what she might be scheming. However, the misunderstandings surrounding her gradually got resolved one at a time…


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