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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 115

Chapter 115. Stella vs Hanabi (1)

Mori family mansion.

Jun stacked the items one by one in a large box.

Erisa Mori shouted as she opened the door.

“Are you insane? leave the house? you?”

“yes. I will live with my father. I have decided.”

“Stop talking nonsense, release your stuff right now!”

“no, I do not want.”

“June Mori!”

Erisa stared at Jun with burning eyes.

Jun didn’t care and quietly packed his things.

After that, a quarrel ensued for a long time.

In the end, Erisa Mori let go of the string of reason.

“Can you leave? how? This house and private jet are all my own. Why don’t you just jump down there?”

In a word, it meant blocking the means of transportation that could leave the island.

Jun replied in a calm voice.

“Even if I jump down, I won’t die because of the floating field. And if I don’t come by today, there will be a video on the news. It’s not going to be a very pleasant thing for my mother to see.”

“How dare you threaten me? Do you think you dare touch the Mori family?”

“I didn’t know, but there are so many powerful friends around me.”

It’s a lie.

There was no strong friend to help Jun. There was no such thing as a video to be released on the news.

While talking, my heart was beating like crazy.

‘I’m not really going to let you go like this… … .’

Erisa closed her eyes gently and took a deep breath.

“good. Try it your way. A feat like that? you won’t have much I promise you.”

“I will never come back again. I promise you.”

So Jun boarded the private plane alone. I clutched my throbbing heart with one hand and looked out the window.

The splendid hell filled with memories of 18 years is moving away.

‘I’ll come back. with my own strength. certainly.’

In the end, Erica did not see Jun off.

* * *

Agras First Airport.

June’s father, Alberto Mori, came out to meet him.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to come. What about luggage?”

“that is… … I just came.”

Jun got off the plane with only one shopping bag in his hand. Erica did not allow Jun to take the item.

From noble mtl dot com

Alberto Mori patted Jun on the shoulder as if he had expected it.

“okay. Erica will need time too. It will be more difficult to bear if all your belongings are gone.”

“I still think it’s too much.”

“Your mother is very sick. It must have been a tough decision anyway. Thanks for coming, son.”

Alberto was considerate of Erica until the end.

Jun wasn’t sad either.

Alberto is such a person. A stupid person who loves his wife to the extent that he looks stupid when he sees him around.

“no. I should have come a little earlier.”

The two took a taxi to an apartment complex on the outskirts of the main district.

It was a somewhat unfamiliar environment for Jun, who had lived in a detached house all his life.

“Still, thanks to Erisa, I got an apartment on the ground. It’s more stuffy than the house I lived in before, but… … .”

“are you okay. You don’t have to explain. Even if my father had been in the underground section, I would have come out. Tuberculosis too… … It’s getting better.”

“My son is all grown up.”

“So don’t be too heartbroken, Dad. Do your father’s work. I heard that you held an exhibition before marriage. I want to see my father draw.”

Alberto Mori was heartbroken for a moment.

Jun was a smart but quiet and introverted child. I never thought that such a Jun would express his opinion so confidently.

The son, who was thought to be a child, has grown up to be a proud man. Alberto was somehow reassured.

The house is on the third floor.

No matter how outskirts it is, the ground is expensive and the high-rise is even more expensive.

The living room was decorated as a fire room.

Jun felt embarrassed at the thought of worrying for nothing.

“Are you painting again?”

“then. Did you think I’d be stuck in the corner of my room like a crippled person?”

“… … yes.”

“Huh, true.”

Alberto let out a laugh.

However, it was a problem that could not be blamed on Jun.

When he lived with Erica, Alberto was lethargic. Because my body and mind were exhausted.

Alberto led June into the room.

Sleeping capsules, desks, and wardrobes.

It was filled with furniture that Jun always used.

“Did you prepare this for my room?”

“just wondering. The interior of your room is decorated to the highest quality.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“What is he thankful for? I can’t even call a personal shopper from now on. Private lessons will also be difficult. Still, I hope it will be a place where you can rest comfortably on weekends or vacations.”

“If you melt the inner pain and agony of life you’ve been through into your paintings, you might become a master like Gogh or Picasso.”

“Do you mean to make money selling paintings?”

“yes. Because money is precious.”

Jun put the shopping bag on the desk and took out the contents. It was the lemon curd that Dante had brought. It’s good for recovering from fatigue or something.

“Would you like some lemon tea?”

“Lemon tea? you don’t like lemons Did you buy it with your money?”

“no. I got a present. to a friend.”

“Then, shall we try a cup of lemon tea served by our son?”

The two moved into the kitchen.

Alberto watched June drinking lemon tea from behind.

He works hard while clattering, but he is very sloppy and clumsy.

But it’s pretty.

Jun’s image of trying to do it himself looked very pretty.

‘A child who can do well alone like this… … .’

Jun always acted according to the script Erisa had written and never complained.

‘When I was young, I was a very curious and active child. my fault is big I should have brought Jun out sooner rather than later.’

The two of them sat side by side on the sofa with a glass of lemon tea in each hand.

Jun sipped lemon tea and chattered incessantly.

“I went to a friend’s house who gave me lemon cheong as a gift not too long ago. But that friend gave me new slippers that I had never worn before. The bathroom also had disinfectant, which I always use.”

“Did you ever have a friend like that?”

“yes. It’s different from other kids. It’s rough and classy, but it’s thoughtful and warm. I want to be closer… … I’m not sure how. Sometimes I get upset because I feel like I’m being left out.

right. And I have a girlfriend who likes me. He’s a very cute kid with round eyes, so why doesn’t he confess? It’s very difficult. Making friends.”

To get close to someone, you have to have an emotional connection. But Jun couldn’t.

He saw his friends as rivals or future enemies. When they took one step closer, they took two steps back.

There were colleagues in Jun’s life, but no friends.

Alberto lowered his head.

He gently put his hand on the back of Jun’s hand.

“sorry. I should have told the country properly. Erisa is wrong.”

“My father is also a victim. The person I should be sorry for is my mother.”

Alberto still loved Erica. He neglected his children under the pretext of love. It was a mistake hard to forgive.

However, the wounded son was comforting himself.

“I love you, son.”

“hmm… … . I advanced to the finals in Daejeon. Will you come to cheer us on?”

Alberto hugged his son, who had grown up before him for the first time in a long time.

* * *

Danji advanced to the multiple skeet finals by placing second in the preliminaries.

Claudio advanced to Manabu in the 200m breaststroke by placing 64th in the heats.

Today is the final day of mixed basketball qualifiers. More than 3 million people have accessed the live broadcast room.

The chat window went up like crazy.

┗ GG Fighting! Goddesses, Kazuah!

┗ [ This message has been deleted by the administrator. ]

┗ [ This message has been deleted by the administrator. ]

┗ ★ D Alicia Noonna I love you D ★

┗ ♥ H page Nuna H ♥

┗ Hanabi Byeok&*%%Dyul If you foul, you’ll be fine—-

┗ What are D and H? What are D and H? What are D and H? What are D and H? What are D and H? What are D and H?

┗ ♥ H page Nuna H ♥

┗ ★ D Alicia Noonna I love you D ★

┗ Dobaebugs go away 凸凸凸凸

In front of the Hanabi basketball team waiting room.

A group of female students gathered together looking at their phones.

“Is Paige an H cup? H doesn’t look like it to me.”

“Why are they so interested in other people’s body sizes? crazy.”

“It’s a custom, so what? Fools.”

At that time, a female student whispered.

“hey. It comes later.”


The group’s gaze turned to the two sturdy male students.

Fabio and Dante.

Two people were walking from the end of the hallway.

“That person is Fabio Morrone, right? well respected.”

“I think the real thing looks much better.”

“Dante Prime next? He also looked small on the screen, but he’s really tall? Are you two friends?”

“Since we’re on the same team, of course we’re close.”

“Isn’t it just a business relationship? Even though they come from different backgrounds, they are very different.”

Dante and Fabio passed the crowd and headed to Stella’s waiting room.

A freshman walked from the other side, hesitantly.

Fabio asked.

“Noel. Where are you going?”

Noel was the last freshman to join the mixed basketball team.

“hmm… … . It’s on the other side.”

BB and GG.

Ares and Hanabi Academy were envied because they were both male and female.

Even though I know that all places where people live are similar anyway, I am curious about it.

Fabio grabbed both of Noel’s shoulders and forced him to turn around.

“Now, our freshmen. It would be better to ask for the number during the prom after the war, right? Go back to the waiting room.”

“No, if we win today, GG might fall… … .”


After the war, a prom is held. As an informal event, only finalists can participate, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the participation rate was 100%.

Dante helped Fabio push the freshman into the waiting room.

Fabio spoke in a playful tone.

“This promising freshman shows interest in Hanabi’s female student?”

Of the 20 Stellar entries, 8 are female students.

Their booing poured out.

“Hey, Noel. Don’t you have a sister?”

“I have.”

“Think about 1,000 of your older sisters. Hanabi is such a place.”

Noel closed his eyes in horror.

“Have you been to a girls’ school? Don’t tell me if you haven’t been, you son of a b*tch. Are you happy? That is the animal kingdom.”

“Our cutie. Vain delusion is angry. Let’s focus on the game. Okeydokey?”

Dante sat next to Alicia.

Alicia looked calmer than usual.

“I saw him in front of you for a while and he was ugly. you are better do you know My eyes are very high.”

Alicia burst out laughing.

“What is better? Anyway, won’t you say that you’re pretty even if you die soon?”

“I can’t lie again. It’s true that I’m better than her, but I’m pretty… … .”

“shut up. let’s go.”

“Yes, senior!”

All preliminary matches will be played behind closed doors.

Dante wanted to play in a stadium full of spectators.

Six games have already been completed. The students were now sufficiently accustomed to the conditions and rules of the stadium.

The three members of Alpha Team stood on the court from the start of the first set as the starting members. Paige Tsukasa has yet to appear. I thought that Alicia would be able to run with a more comfortable mind.

Manabu match rules are as follows.

First, magic cannot be used.

Second, mana can only be used by the player and the ball.

The transparent shield surrounding the arena also serves as a huge mana scanner.

It is practically impossible to check whether or not magic is used, but when suspicious circumstances are detected, a referee will come out.

In fact, in a game like today, the referee was unnecessary.

The coaches of both teams are among the best veterans in the world. It was clear that if something happened, it would happen in a big way.

The whistle blew and the game began.

‘Wow, Mr. It’s no joke.’

Two minutes passed and no goals were scored. The battle was fierce.

‘In the end, it will be a manatong fight.’

Everyone, not just Dante, was thinking the same thing. Whoever runs out of mana first loses.

As time passed, Hanabi slowly revealed her true nature. A fierce physical fight began, and the target was Alicia.

The mana-loaded fastball passed Alicia’s body dangerously several times.

This time Dante got the ball. He passed the ball to Alicia, who was near the goal.

No look pass.

His body and gaze move toward Fabio, and he uses mana to determine Alicia’s location and throws the ball accurately.

Almost immediately after the ball fell from my hand, I heard a ‘thud’.

The referee blew the whistle to stop the game.

Dante turned his head.

Alicia was lying on her coat.

Stella’s students gathered around Alicia. There was blood all over his face.

“Senior, are you okay?”

“hey. Turn your head.”

“Are you bleeding a lot?”

Alicia nervously resisted the hand of her colleague who was trying to support her.

She stood up with a double nosebleed.

“It’s all over. Those bully b*tches!”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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