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Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword Chapter 69

69. Blooming

Four days have passed since the Bimuje began.

Lee Do-jin won five more consecutive victories after winning against Jung Ji-woo in a match.

A total of 7 consecutive wins.

Now, there are only two matches left until the final match against the winner of the 1st year Faculty of Magic.

It was a well-known fact in the academy that out of 7 fights, only 3 times he used a wooden sword.

Following the wooden sword seat, the bizarre nickname of ‘hand blade seat’ has been attached.

Lee Do-jin was sitting in the audience. A large number of cadets were paying attention to the dance that was about to unfold.

The two female cadets in front of me are both very familiar with Lee Do-jin. They were also valuable people.

“It’s beyond my expectations. Hwayeon.”

With the blind swordsman.

“…I knew I would meet you if I went up. Jiah. I didn’t know that I would come this far.”

He was a descendant of Maehwagum.

Lee Do-jin couldn’t unilaterally support one of the two. They were both too close friends for that.

Lee Do-jin looked at the women handling their weapons and guessed who would win.

The martial arts goha.

Physical ability.


Inner air.

Averaging all of this, surprisingly, the levels of the two were evenly matched.

‘It looks like Jia will win by a hair’s breadth.’

Lee Do-jin thought that the blind swordsman Ryu Ji-ah was slightly ahead of her in terms of the difference in her experience and her martial proficiency.

Baek Hwa-yeon still didn’t think of her Maehwa sword technique, which was taught by swordswoman Yu Seol-ah, as her own.

It’s too much.

Muhak still has to go through countless training and refinement processes.

That’s how I made my decision.

She, on the other hand, believed in her own sword. She couldn’t help but believe it. She was blind Because she didn’t have a teacher.

In order to learn martial arts alone, it was necessary to have bold faith in oneself.

Ryu Jia had no choice but to have a grounded belief in her own martial art, Umyeong Seomjin Ryu.

Because I’ve proved it.

The fact that Ryu Ji-ah defeated everyone with her ‘Shimsword’ in her entrance exam and was assigned to the 1st combat class was an incident that caused quite an issue among the instructors at Iroas Academy.

Although the problem is that because of Lee Do-jin who wiped out her entrance exam with her wooden sword, Ryu Ji-ah received relatively less of her spotlight.


The referee’s voice echoed unarmed. The two women closed their distance towards each other.

A white sword rose from Baek Hwa-yeon’s sword. Dojin Lee narrowed her eyes.


The white black air was a little more pinkish.

Lee Do-jin was sure that Baek Hwa-yeon had grown up.

At the beginning of her semester, her sword skills were definitely more intense than when she sparred at Yu Seol-ah’s villa.

“Let’s do a dance without regrets.”

Jia Liu said with a smile on her eyes.

“…Yes, yes.”

Baek Hwa-yeon also smiled brightly. She

Didn’t think she could win. Ji-ah Ryu’s previous dance.

Baek Hwa-yeon had seen Ryu Jia’s dance at that time.

The sword of Jiah Ryu I saw at that time was quite sharp. Unlike herself, who still found it difficult to swing her sword at her opponent, she did not hesitate to injure her opponent.

Every time I see Jia Liu, I feel like an elder rather than her same age. Even calling her older sister didn’t make her feel uncomfortable at all.

The two were moving one step at a time, staring at each other with their swords raised.


Lee Do-jin did not pay attention to the gray-haired old man who sat next to her in the empty seat.

The gray-haired old man opened his mouth.

“Are you the freshman representative?”

Lee Do-jin only looked at the old man after hearing his voice.

“Yes, it is.”

Jinwoon, president of Iroas Academy, a white-haired old man who returned to Korea last night, glanced at Lee Dojin.

Contrary to what I was told by my secretary, she didn’t seem to enjoy standing out that much.

‘Did you say it’s a strange species that only fights with a wooden sword?’

Jinwoon took his gaze away from Lee Dojin and then stared at the two soldiers standing on the unarmed.

“Do you know those two?”

Lee Do-jin was curious about who the old man was who suddenly started asking questions, but now he wanted to focus on the battle between the two, so he decided to answer the question.

“I know.”

“Who do you think will win?”

Lee Do-jin answered the old man’s question after a moment’s thought.

“I don’t know.”

Before seeing Baek Hwa-yeon’s changed white sword, she would have answered without hesitation that Ryu Ji-ah would win.

But Baek Hwa-yeon has grown. So it was no longer predictable.

“I see.”

The old man, Jinwoon didn’t ask any more questions. It was because he felt that Lee Do-jin was trying to focus on the dance in front of him.


Lee Do-jin turned his familiar head back. A female cadet with silver hair was looking down at Lee Do-jin from the back seat.

“Senior, why are you here?”

It was a yearly poem.

“If I win one more time, I will win the class. But it’s next Monday. I’m free for quite a while. Junior.”

“I’m envious.”

“They are both your friends.”

Lee Do-jin nodded her head.

Yeon Si-mun said with a very serious expression.

“Make jajangmyeon for the friend who wins.”


“And I only give pickled radish and onion to my friend who lost.”

… Will I die then?

“Then the loser might win next time. I’m so resentful and unfair.”

Someone would feel resentful and resentful if someone were to eat jajangmyeon and the person next to them gave them pickled radish and onions.

“I think I’m going to die anyway.”

“I’m not dead. I’m not dead.”

Yeon Si-mun answered firmly.

From that answer, Lee Do-jin was able to infer that Yeon-shi Moon himself had done what she just said as an actual act.

It was amazing that such a demon was still alive and doing things that would make him cry.

Yeonsi Moon glanced at the gray-haired old man, Jinwoon, the president of the academy, and lowered his head slightly. At that gesture, Jinwoon also shook her head with a faint smile.

It was nice to see the president after a long time, but the situation was ambiguous to pretend to know him.


Jia Liu spurred her ground first and went ahead. She started first. The speedy movement unique to the Umyeongseomjinryu spread out with momentum to disrupt the world.

Baek Hwa-yeon was taken aback for a moment by the chaotic blue sword slash, but she quickly regained her composure.

A white plum flower bloomed at the tip of Baek Hwa-yeon’s sword. The plum blossoms struck down the blue sword.


Baek Hwa-yeon’s eyes became sharper.


That was the essence of Baekhwayeon. Transformation, dazzle. Such was the essence of Maehwa Sword, but Baekhwayeon added her own color to that essence.

Only then could Ryu Ji-ah’s fully matured sword be destroyed.

Jiah Liu, who closed her eyes, awakened her spirits. The five senses touched the front of the unarmed.


Baek Hwa-yeon’s feet stepping out.

Breathing in to develop herbivore. After feeling all of that, I decided to go with the sword.

Damn it!

The white sword and the blue sword collided with each other without rest.

The sharpness of the Umyeongseomjin style confronted the splendor of the Maehwagum.


On the unarmed arms, there were rows of knife marks from the slashes they fired at each other.

It was like two dragons ascending upward to bite each other.

There were knife marks all over Baek Hwa-yeon’s arms and thighs. Her blood was dripping. The heat of blood soaked his whole body.

Her light pink hair, which had been neatly tied in a ponytail, had become scattered and fluttered in a dizzying fashion.

Baek Hwa-yeon took a deep breath and exhaled.

Her sense of defeat hadn’t stirred her head yet.

I just have to admit it.

That Ryu Jia is stronger than herself. She was able to accept it calmly.


Jia Liu straightened her sword and gripped it. She has obviously cut herself countless times. She did it over 10 times.

All of those sword strikes were effective hits.

The blow to the back was to the extent that it could be called a fatal blow. Even so, Baek Hwa-yeon did not fall.

Jia Ryu smiled faintly at the spirit flowing from Baek Hwa-yeon.

Liu Jia raised her sword up to her shoulder.

Danjeon’s internal energy was wriggling.

I intended to put an end to it with this blow.

The sword was entwined like waves.

Umyeongseom Jinryu

4Th Herbal Diet

Light Ocean Current

Jia Ryu’s model was fired at Baek Hwa-yeon.

And then, her body soared upwards.

I was thinking of ending it with this.

I slashed her sword with lightning speed.

An explosive slash crosses the front. Waves crashed on the bare, unarmed ground.

It was a vicious wave made of dark blue swords.

Like waves about to capsize a huge sailing ship. The sword of the Black Sea rose from the bottom and attacked Baek Hwa-yeon’s entire body.

“Is it over?”

“I think we need to intervene soon.”

The instructors murmured. It was because he was concerned about Baek Hwa-yeon’s safety.

“No fuss.”

Yeon Si-mun said plainly.

And there was another voice that followed.

“That’s what I mean.”

Lee Do-jin stared at the back. A woman with red hair was standing.

It was Yoo Seol-ah after the sword. Her swordsman gazed at her own disciple.

Black waves swayed and covered Baekhwayeon in a circular shape.


Cracks occurred in the winding waves. Plum petals fluttered in the cracks.

The black waves completely broke. The moment Ryu Ji-ah hurriedly rushes toward Baek Hwa-yeon.

Something was blocking Ryujia.

Despite her blindness, she could see clearly.

Plum tree.

There was only one plum tree.

A tree that bloomed in the Black Sea.

Maehwa Full Bloom (梅花滿開)

Jiah Ryu immediately moved her body, which had stopped her for a moment. Ignoring the scent of plum blossoms that seduced the tip of her nose, she extended her sword.


Before Jia Ryu’s sword touched Baek Hwa-yeon’s body.

Baek Hwa-yeon’s sword was aiming at Ryu Ji-ah’s white neck.


Baek Hwa-yeon’s rough breath let alone Ryu Ji-ah in front of her. She was heard by everyone in the audience.

Baek Hwa-yeon’s suit had dozens more deep and shallow scars than before. They were the scars caused by the black waves.

The referee had to make a decision.

“…The winner, Cadet Baek Hwa-yeon.”

The conclusion that Jia Ryu, who had no scars on her body, was defeated.

Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword

Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword

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[Mistiltein, activate.] The man becomes a swordsman. However, when using a wooden sword. “That bastard…what did you cut with a branch?” And when using tree branches.


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