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Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword Chapter 67

67. Bloodshed (2)

Ji-Woo Jeong’s sword was wrapped in bright red sword energy. It was a deep red that was considered unique among the red flags that Dojin Lee had seen so far.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Jiwoo Jeong said.

“Damn it.”

Cha Da-hye clicked her tongue and wrapped an ultramarine blue flag around her spear.

The red sword path and ultramarine blue spear path extended at the same time. Cha Da-hye could tell at a glance what type of prosecutor Jung Ji-woo was.

‘I’m not the type who values quick swords.’

Jung Ji-woo’s sword was in the form of what is commonly called a ‘big sword’. However, its width and length were thinner and shorter than the greatsword.

It was seen as a sword to capture destructive power and sense of speed at the same time.

His swordsmanship should have been similar to the shape of this sword.

Bondi, because it represents the swordsmanship of a swordsman.

There was also a variant that only wore a wooden sword right next to them, but that was because Lee Do-jin was a monster.

Jung Ji-woo’s sword fell vertically, exhaling ferocious sword spirit.

The ultramarine spear distorted the face of the red moon.


A red wave spread through the air. Ultramarine blue ki scattered.


A tingling pain spread through Dahye’s right arm and spread throughout her body. Jung Ji-woo’s physical strength overwhelmed Cha Da-hye’s expectations.

The corner of Jeong Ji-woo’s mouth went up. It was an innocent smile, like a child who had a taste for pestering insects.

“I’ll show you something beautiful.”

Ji-woo, who lightly flung his body backwards, suddenly pulled out a dagger from his waist and lifted it.


Poo Woo Woo!

Cha Da-hye’s eyebrows crumpled.

‘What is that madman doing?’

It was self-harm. That’s pretty intense self-harm.

Blood gushed out.

The referee looked at the scene and hardened his face, but did not restrain him.

The blood that was supposed to fall to the floor did not descend. Suddenly, following Jiwoo’s gesture, he rose upward. The rising red blood was entangled in Jung Ji-woo’s red sword.

Speciality System – Blood Art

Jung Ji-woo is also born with a special trait. It was literally a special case that was out of the standard.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Blood oddly embroidered in the air. The bloody blades aimed at Cha Da-hye’s head.

As the red blood on Jeong Ji-woo’s sword dripped vertically, the blades rushed at Cha Da-hye at the same time.

Dahye Cha moved her hands while keeping her feet still.

Damn it!

He calmly tore all the blades apart. Red blades scattered thickly in the air.

Cha Da-hye was not taken aback. The training path she had walked was too rough for her to be embarrassed by such an unexpected situation.

Cha Da-hye’s eyes radiated cool eyes.

She couldn’t have a teacher at the level of the Ten Zones. In most cases, such people accepted as disciples only when the object in question caught their eyes, not financial strength.

Instead, Cha Da-hye used the capital of her conglomerate, , As her mentors, who always rise and fall in the Ten Zone nominations.

Though that candidate was not formally decided by a place like the Awakened Association, it was more like a joke that goes up and down in the mouths of hunter-type people.

No one can deny the fact that those nominated are strong people.


Cha Da-hye’s new model went to the front at once.

Her Cha Da-hye’s martial arts were as varied as her teachers were diverse.

Cha Da-hye chose a domineering martial arts this time. In a way, it was a rational choice for her to kill her opponent, Jeong Ji-woo, as quickly as possible when an unknown blood technique appeared.

Undefeated spear.

The name of the monstrous herbivore did not seem so fanciful.

Three vicious pillars shooting forward.

Jung Ji-woo did not avoid the storm and shot the new type head-on.


Fantastic laughter rang through the unarmed. Jeong Ji-woo ran at Da-hye Cha like a beast.

There was a hole in Jeong Ji-woo’s left shoulder. However, the hole was soon restored to his original body. Because of the blood that twists like a haze.

I didn’t even fully recover. He healed only fatal wounds, and used his powers to make red bloody blades shoot out of the scars on his shoulder.


Every time Jeong Ji-woo’s body was wounded by Cha Da-hye’s spear blade, his bloody blade increased one by one.

That was enough to make Cha Da-hye fearful. As her own attack reached Jung Ji-woo, that number of red blades rose from his body.

Twelve strands of blood rushed towards Cha Da-hye. A cool sensation covered her whole body.

Quad Deuk!

Blood flow wrapped around Cha Da-hye’s right foot.


A red blade was lodged in her thigh. Cha Da-hye managed to suppress her screams that were about to burst out and swung her spear wide.

The blood flow was cut off by the ultramarine window.

Cha Da-hye’s head heated up. She

She never lived so weakly that she succumbed to her fears to this extent.

She could not be defeated in the first round of bimu.

I had to prove it. The efforts that have been fought so far.


Dahye Cha raised her spear vertically with her spirits. Ultramarine air waves surged upward. Cha Da-hye, who pushed Jung Ji-woo far away with her heavy attack to keep her in check, fixed her spear and rose again.


The two warriors collided again.

Lee Do-jin slightly narrowed his forehead.

‘I will.’

Cha Da-hye will lose.

Lee Do-jin was so sure. And the veteran hunters sitting in the audience were thinking the same as Lee Do-jin.

There was no big gap. However, I didn’t think I could bridge that slight difference in level.

In the eyes of freshman and sophomore cadets, the two seemed to have somewhat equal skills, but in the eyes of veterans.

It was because they could see the composure flowing through Jeong Ji-woo’s body.

Battle, in the end, depends on coolness.

‘He knows how to use fear.’

Lee Do-jin evaluated Jeong Ji-woo’s blood technique.

The blood that spreads through scars, a way to realize visual horror using it. That was a skill worth keeping an eye on.

And the situation went as Lee Do-jin expected. Jung Ji-woo started to completely gain the upper hand.

Jung Ji-woo’s sword cut through Cha Da-hye’s arms, legs, abdomen, neck, and many other places.


And the blood that flowed from her scars condensed on Jung Ji-woo’s right hand.


Dahye Cha let out her screams. The scream was not a scream of pain. It was a scream that erupted explosively from the emotion of anger.

She stood bloodshot with a white neck.

Jeong Ji-woo did not inflict her fatal blow on Cha Da-hye. Scratching wounds, shallow burrowing wounds.

There were no wounds that could be considered fatal.

That’s why the referees just watched the situation with a hard face and couldn’t make a decision.

A sadistic smile appeared on Jeong Ji-woo’s face.

“It’s always beautiful. The moment that annoys bugs.”

Hulryu ascended from shallow wounds all over Dahye Cha’s body. The blood formed in the shape of a needle is Cha Da-hye’s

It hit the body like rain.

“You bastard—!”

Da-hye’s new model, whose mind had been eroded by her anger, was fired once again.

It wasn’t even a matter of avoiding a big attack with the movements of the sewage, stained with terrible fear and anger.

Jung Ji-woo judged that she had shown everything she had to show now. So he moved.

So Da-hye Cha’s abdomen was dug into Jeong Ji-woo’s sword.


Fatal wounds.

This time a real scream rang out.

“Cadet Jeong Ji-woo, win! Enter!”

The referee’s decision is made. Medical staff and instructors rushed towards the two.

Jung Ji-woo brushed off the blood on his sword and faced Lee Do-jin, who was staring at him from the front of the audience.

The corners of Jeong Ji-woo’s mouth were torn. It was a delightful smile. Lee Do-jin looked at him with an expressionless face.

Jeong Ji-woo walked slowly toward Lee Do-jin.

“I hope to see you at the next match. I’ve been patient for a while.”

Lee Do-jin didn’t say anything, so Jung Ji-woo spoke again.

“Why are my fights so messy and dirty?”

Lee Do-jin shook his head.

“No, Cha Da-hye tried too hard to follow the rules of this dance.”

Lee Do-jin’s words pierced Jung Ji-woo’s ears.

“If I had swung the spear with a killing force, you wouldn’t have played such a bloody joke.”

If Cha Da-hye recognized that her own level was low.

And if he had stretched out his spear with the determination to kill Jung Ji-woo from the beginning, Jung Ji-woo would not have been able to relax against Cha Da-hye.

Jung Ji-woo widened his eyes. And he smiled sadistically again.

“Then, if the freshman representative meets me, will he kill me? Ohhh… Just thinking about this makes my heart race?”

“I don’t have to.”

Lee Do-jin said firmly.

“If you just hit it, you’ll fall.”

Jung Ji-woo’s smile suddenly stopped. He became an expressionless face. A chill permeated the air. However, the only one who paid attention to the coldness was Jung Ji-woo. Dojin Lee stood up without thinking.

And I stared at Cha Da-hye as she was being carried away on a stretcher. More despair than pain hung over her face.

Cha Da-hye did her best.

She tried her best, but she just couldn’t win. It’s too common in this world.

Whether you fall into despair and stagnate, or use this performance as a stepping stone to rise higher. That was all.

Lee Do-jin felt the echo of the Iroas Watch.

-Afternoon duty, Jung Ji-woo from class 2.

-Location, A unarmed.

From noble mtl dot com

For some reason, I thought I was going to fight him.

I didn’t expect that to happen in a few hours.

Lee Do-jin brushed past Jung Ji-woo, who was smirking.

Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword

Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
[Mistiltein, activate.] The man becomes a swordsman. However, when using a wooden sword. “That bastard…what did you cut with a branch?” And when using tree branches.


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