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Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous Chapter 53

53 – #12. Up of charm (3)

There is nothing like the Holy Law to deal with demons.

As a fact already known across the continent, it was a maxim that even those who were not interested in worldly affairs would have heard it at least once.

In the first place, the Holy Law was a weapon held in the hands of mankind, the weak, in order to deal with demons far more powerful than mankind, their subordinates, and other lives dependent on demons.

But even that is basically meaningless if the grades don’t match.

“Ahahahaha!! Can’t you be a little stronger?”

“Damn it, at least I hope he comes down and fights head-on.”

Jack was already gasping for breath with wounds here and there.

On the other hand, the demon woman…….

“Hmm? It is possible to be a little stronger here.”

“Strong and strong women are out of fashion these days, wow!!”

Even if you run away, you throw your body to avoid the magic orb that flies.

The fact that it was in perfect condition, and that a talented person who knew how to use the spell was added was an opportunity to raise the weak win rate even a little, but that did not change the situation of the war.

Apart from appearing confidently, Jack had no other choice than to constantly evade enemy attacks, occasionally coming close to him and swinging his fist.


Subsequently, Eina also threw her body and swung her spear, but her purple glow was blocked by the magic barrier of her black wave and lost its power.

That was the part where demons had a vast advantage over humans.

The superiority of physical ability is also one of the tricky parts for mankind to deal with the demons, but above all, it shows a remarkable difference in the possession and expression of the power to create miracles that are impossible to realize in reality, even though it is the root of this fantasy world called magic.

“He looks like a wild boar.”

I pushed lightly as if I was shaking off the speed with one hand.

On the one hand, Jack is wearing the spell in both hands, and on the other hand, Eina is putting magical energy on her spear and pouring out quick onslaughts.

However, it was impossible for either of them to even reach the demons.

“Anyway, the downside of humans is that they are persistent.”

She shook her hand and shook her head.

“The sword master is like that too. If you’re going to die anyway, you’ll die gracefully, why are you struggling so desperately? You always cling to that finite life and cling on futilely.”

“…… I beg your pardon?”

It sounded meaningless, but there were words we couldn’t ignore.

Eina was the first to catch it and bite it.

She flinched at the very moment she was just about to attack her, raised her head as she was, and threw her question at her, who was still flying high in the sky.

“You guys are always like that. It only resists and covets with a limited life. For land, for riches, for life. Isn’t it just greed?”

“Before that. What did my older brother do?”

“Ah, you mean the swordsman? Did you have a family relationship with him?”

Hero of Carta Kingdom.

He is also the lord of Sacheri, and one of the only two people in this kingdom and twenty or so transcendent people in the entire continent was the man called the sword master.

“I remember him as a human who fought hard against the devil. Well, you’re still human after all, right? Among other human species, it has endured well for a weak human species, but…….”

I had already heard about the defeat of the punitive force.

I don’t know why, but I heard that they were retreating after a crushing defeat in the subjugation process, but that was information only me and Jack knew, and Eina would not.

She was clearly agitated, evident on her face.

“Your brother can’t do that.”

“Anyway, this city is over. Did you think it was all over just because you were holding on to me? The man called the hero of this city is already dying. The demons he unleashed himself are coming to trample this entire city.”

“A lie is not good.”

At the trembling voice, the demon shrugged.

“A lie? Think what you want to believe. Even in front of that devil’s footsteps, it’s not bad if it’s your hobby to die in such vain delusions.”

Unlike the obviously agitated Eina, Nana and Jack were still holding their stance, but it was new information that the culprit behind the defeat was also approaching this city.

But information that could have been inferred.

That’s why Mea was preparing to leave this city without any regrets, and we probably would have left this city without incident, unless there was an outbreak of demons in the city.

“So, boy. Do you want to go with this sister? It’s a dog death even here, but you don’t want to die either, do you?”

The demon took her gaze away from Eina, who had already drooped her shoulders and started to tremble, and looked straight at me.

While her black-purple mana swayed in her hand.

It was clear that she would crush her with her skills if she rebelled even a little, but considering what would happen after she was dragged away by them, it wasn’t an offer she would readily agree to.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve stepped on too many things to sit down like this.”


The path I must walk is atonement.

I, who had already trampled on all other people’s feelings, could not trample on anyone’s expectations or trust. It was my fault that Jack came here and fought, and Mea, who was still moving somewhere in the city, was also trying to save me.

I’m tired of betraying someone’s feelings.

Ever since I was in modern times, I have ignored and trampled on people’s beliefs. That didn’t change even after coming to this world, and I really hated myself to death.

There is no need for an inorganic, empty sense anymore.

I thought I wanted to die several times. The cost of throwing away the days when I didn’t feel the meaning of living and the helpless life was to steal someone’s future, and now I have to pay for everything I’ve done.

“I won’t die like this.”

“Aren’t you doing anything to do that?”

…… I have nothing to object to.

My body is already a mess. Only the pain was alleviated, but even now, with every step I took, an alien sound continued to resonate inside my body.


Like a broken wooden doll.

“…… Well, it’s been slow It may be that time is up.”

The demon woman, who had been showing off her energy until just a moment ago by making a big impact, took her magic power surprisingly lightly and soared up into the sky.

“Are you letting go?”

“No way. If I left it on purpose, would I die to him?”

She still turned her head to look somewhere in the distance.

“But taking her by force is not my sister’s taste. So I thought I’d make you voluntarily beg me to take you.”

“I don’t think that will ever happen.”

“…… Would you say that even if you saw the devil with your own eyes? If so, I will praise you.”

After those words, her demon soared into the sky.

A single feather falls from her fluttering wings. Pitch-black black. It was so deep and dark that I wondered if the color of the night sky would have been like this if the flames hadn’t risen in the city.

* * *

“…… Welcome.”

“So? I was called because I had something to say.”

Mea looked at the sword master on her stretcher with a puzzled expression.

A punitive force moved into the city across the people who were already rioting after the declaration of defeat that there was no hope for the dead.

Separately from him and her, one of her knights approached her Mea, who was watching her situation, and delivered her words to arrange a meeting between her and her sword master, bringing her to the front of her sword master. Guided

“Kaleidoscope. I have a favor for you.”

Her One of several tinnitus attached to her.

Basically, it was a name given in the culture of the eastern part of the continent, centered on Sacheri, but while she was embarrassed for a moment, not expecting that the sword lord would know her identity, the sword lord put up with her pain and covered her mouth. Smiled at

“Couldn’t I, the owner of this city, have looked so foolish that I didn’t know you had entered?”

“Even though it wasn’t a covert operation, I thought it moved enough to be hard to find.”

“There are very few outsiders in this city. Unless it’s going up, if that many people suddenly gather, their eyes will be drawn.”

Sword Master was smiling as much as he could, but his already pale complexion represented his condition.

There were long stab wounds on his stomach that he could not hide, and a priest was attached to him and instilled the holy law, but the wound showed no signs of getting better, and black magic was swirling around the affected area.

“…… Are you a demon?”

When she asked about her wound, the sword master nodded her head with a bitter expression.

“There were demons, but there were also demons. An object so huge that I have never seen it before. Some kind of attack didn’t work.”

“Is that why you called me? You want to protect this city?”

If that’s the case, Mea didn’t even look back and she was thinking of leaving this place.

Of course, there were the remaining soldiers and knights of the punitive force, as well as those who had heard of the lord’s return from among the troops residing in Sacheri, but if Mea was determined, there was no way she wouldn’t be able to break through this crowd.

He shook his head at Mea’s question.

“Even I am a defeated opponent. It would not make sense to ask you, a stranger, to do such a thing.”

“So what?”

“…… I would like you to inform the Carta capital of what happened here.”

The Sword Master was already preparing for defeat.

But that shouldn’t lead to the kingdom’s defeat. A demon I found in the wilderness leaving for subjugation. Recalling the existence of the demon with the head of a goat, the upper body of a human, the lower body similar to that of a horse, and black fur all over, he continued.

“We have to deal with it in advance. I don’t know what the demons did, but they prepared something like this within the continent beyond the demonic realm. There will definitely be follow-up measures, but if the kingdom doesn’t act in advance, this tragedy won’t end in one place in Sacheri…….”

“…… Okay?”

At those words, Mea frowned for a moment.

Now she couldn’t appear in public. From the moment she ran away with Seo, she was already hostile to the Baja Empire and its empress.

No one knew how the obsessive empress would behave if she was exposed in this situation.

However, it is also true that the situation is not good even when a hero hastily shakes his head at the request even after admitting all his failures.

“…… If only contact is good.”

“Thank you.”

“That’s nice, but what are you going to do?”

At her question, Sword Master slightly turned his head and avoided his gaze.

“It’s definitely a big injury, but it’s not so bad that I can’t do anything about it. Even now, if you receive long-term healing from a high priest, you can live.”

“I am the lord of this city.”

“But he is also the hero of this kingdom.”

A hero is a person who transcends limits.

It was a position that could not be explained by being an individual. He is a person who symbolizes the nation and can be the greatest force.

If you die in a place like this, that alone could be called a great loss.

“I loved this city. Even if it is a city where there is nothing and is always threatened by demons, it is the background where I was born and grew up.”

“You know.”

“He who stands above is responsible. Many people will die in the future, but I cannot abandon the hometown where I have lived so far to live alone.”

He calmly accepted that future.

He was entrusted with confronting the demon he had once defeated even in his intact state. He held on to that existence for as long as possible, willing to sacrifice himself to buy time for the escape of any more of the city’s inhabitants.

Mea closed her eyes and shook her head.

If you think about it calmly, it is a loss in the sense of a large country. You could call her stupid, but she nodded her head to respect his will.

“You mean we can deliver this telegram to the royal family?”

She turned her head as she held one of her copies in her hand.

“Then I have someone I need to find.”

“I hope you have a good trip.”

“What is that?”

“This is a customary greeting for people visiting our city when they leave. This is the periphery of the continent. The way back is just as arduous as the way back is.”

She stood up from her seat without replying to her sorrowful words.

The Sword Master looked at Meah’s back and closed her eyes.

Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous

Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous

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