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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 245

The war lasted for three years.

The war that started in the empire spread to the entire continent.

People were exhausted.

Enemy monsters kept increasing in number, but humans did not.

As the war continues, the damage is done and the number decreases.

More and more humans are bound to become disadvantageous.

Originally, the number of monsters was regulated both naturally and by humans.

When the number of monsters increased too much in a mountain range, a monster wave arose in which monsters that lacked food came down from the mountain range and attacked humans.

At that time, the knights of the kingdom or empire would move and deal with the monsters.

But what about now?

A goblin family that conceives hundreds of pups every day.

Even individuals with poor fertility were forcibly raising their fertility.

The number of monsters increased day by day.

Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

It was an instant that the number increased.

What’s more, I didn’t expect that the food chain for them would disappear, and that the numbers would decrease on their own as they exercised self-restraint.

For three years, three countries that existed on the continent disappeared, and a country of monsters was established in their place.

Half of the continent was swallowed up by monsters.

The land must be reclaimed. If you don’t deal with the monsters, the humans will eventually dry up.

Humanity united.

Irrespective of national distinction, we joined forces as one.

Centered on the Empire, the countries held out their sharp swords towards the monsters.

There is a saying that if humanity unites, there is nothing that can’t be done.

yeah, that’s not wrong

Because humans have infinite possibilities.

But it was all possible with time.

The huge army of monsters never waited for mankind to develop and progress.

push in

Humans tried to defend themselves somehow.

I built a defense line, and I struggled not to be pushed any further.

However, there was no choice but to be crushed by the endlessly pushing monsters.

If you look at just one goblin, even someone who hasn’t trained with a sword can catch it if they don’t react properly.

But it is different when the number increases.

Goblins are mean. Although he only has shallow knowledge, he knows how to bully his opponent with that knowledge.

What if there were not dozens of them, but thousands of them?

Not just one or two ogres, but dozens of them.

Hundreds of wyverns from the sky carry and throw rocks, and sandworms, which only live in deserts, break through the ground below.

hell itself.

Humanity’s blood dries over time.

“Sigh… It’s like a real dog.”

“How long are you going to do this? Should I just kill myself?”

“I am also very worried. I’d rather die in peace than to be eaten alive by them.”

The faces of the soldiers standing on the alert, camped out in a place teeming with monsters and built a defensive line, were full of fatigue.

Humans value their lives.

Unless you’ve been through a really, really dogged situation, or you’ve been driven insane by a trauma that you can see clearly even when you close your eyes.

It was rare for a sane person to talk about suicide.

No, you can put it in your mouth.

But it was rarely put into practice.

But now it was different.

The soldiers standing guard seemed ready to commit suicide at any moment.

The blades they are holding look uneasy.

Their eyes were bloodshot as if they would stab each other at any moment.

“Let’s be patient though. Because you haven’t lost yet.”

“yes… right. We had them.”

Originally, the outcome of this war was predetermined.

Monsters win.

No matter how strong his body was, he was a human with limitations.

No matter how much they fight and fight, they have no choice but to get tired of the endless monsters.

It wasn’t strange that the will to fight was broken.

It is normal to stab yourself with the blade you are holding, not the monsters.

It is difficult to face a normal death if captured by monsters.

Just as people like sashimi and fresh vegetables, monsters also like fresh meat.

There is nothing fresher than fresh meat.

Monsters who know this instinctively tend to eat humans alive unless they die in the process of fighting.

Just think of yourself watching your body being eaten with your mind intact.

It would be better not to go crazy right now.

“As long as they exist, we will not lose.”

“can win. I can win.”

The reason why the soldiers were able to survive by brainwashing themselves.

That’s because there are 7 Masters.

Humanity’s Heroes.

Masters who survived the fierce battle with the monsters.

During the three-year war with the monsters, some of the Masters who existed on the continent died.

Of the 11 Masters, 4 Masters died.

Sadly, among them were Bane Warrug, two Masters of the Empire, and Taurin, who was called the ruler of the North.

After a decisive battle with Ahar, the archenemy of mankind, the Bane Warrug was killed by sacrificing his arm.

His authority blocked Ahar’s ability to regenerate.

Thanks to that, there was something that humanity could endure.

There was a big difference between the normal Ahar and the Ahar who lost an arm in their strength.

Because of Bane’s sacrifice, humanity had hope of winning.

“Everything will be decided in this showdown.”

“right. Because they said that all the Masters would gather and engage in a decisive battle against the adversary.”

“Can I win? We, the monster? I’m honestly worried.”

“Ehehehe, what are you talking about? ! Trust me, that’s all we can do. to believe.”


“yes. And what’s wrong, we’re not fighting. Above all, Sir Raymond, he is there.”

“ah… If he… .”

Their faces noticeably brighten as they speak of a man.

Raymond Millennium.

A new sword master born from this war.

As soon as he awakened, he made an achievement of annihilating all the monsters on the spot.

Thousands of ground monsters and hundreds of monsters flying in the sky and being torn apart succeeded in lighting a flame of hope in their hearts.

“Cheer up, that’s all we have to do.”

The final showdown that will be the last.

Everything will be decided by this battle.

The exhausted soldiers prayed earnestly for the seven heroes to end the war victoriously.


7 masters and 300 knights gathered in one place.

They were looking straight ahead with determined faces.

A man is standing.

And behind him, the Giants stood as if to escort him.

What’s a bit unusual is that, unlike the giants who are mostly naked, the giant in front of them is wearing armor.

It was an armor with no source, how it was made or where it was airlifted.

In order to fit the body of a giant over 3 or 4m tall, the amount of iron and the skill of the blacksmith must be excellent.

It takes so long that several blacksmiths have to work for days and days to make one.

It wasn’t just one or two of those things, dozens of giants were wearing armor.

It was no joke to see these strong guys wearing armor.

“Now let’s put an end to it.”

I stepped forward and glared at the man.

The white-haired man’s eyes were looking at me like crescent moons.

He sips his lips with a very happy and greedy face.

“End? It ends well.”

He spreads his arms to see the end.

That’s the start.

Without even having a long conversation, his hand was extended towards us.

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Kung kung kung – The giants are running.

The ground cries.

Watching it, the Masters did not hide their tension.

“Turn around!”

The knights riding on the horse of the knight commander run with their spears.

In terms of size, it was no different from hitting a rock with an egg, but the result was different.

Quad Deuk-

The Giants are torn apart.

The steel armor that firmly protected their bodies was ripped off by the knights’ spears like sheets of paper.

The aura impaled by the spear mercilessly tore the giant’s body apart.

These are the veterans who survived and endured the three-year war.

Barely the Giants can stop them.

“Hmm, not bad.”

Seeing that, Ahar nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s deliciously ripe.”

he moves

He disappeared from sight in an instant and appeared behind the knights.


Ahar’s fist was blocked by one of the Masters with a spear.

His spear strikes Ahar like a flash.

Ahar lightly dodges the attack without blinking.

Ahar, who casually dodged the attack, punched the Master’s chest, which was revealed in an instant.


Another sword master blocks the way.

When Ahar tries to attack him, the new master moves to block the attack, while another strikes from behind.

The five Masters pass, and the Archmage supports the Masters with buffs and debuffs.

And from behind, I watched the timing.

“Mahol, can you do it?”

“If you believe in me, I will do it perfectly.”

The Assassin Master, Mahol, glared at Ahar’s every move with sharp eyes.

His eyes do not miss Ahar’s movements.


Shortly after the collision, one master’s arm was ripped off.

Another master’s ankle was broken, and one master barely escaped a broken neck.

Not a single one should die.

Everyone here knew that Ahar absorbs talent.


Mahol moves.

It was when Ahar’s hand was directed to the archmage’s neck.

In an instant, Mahol’s dagger, which moved into Ahar’s shadow, became a venomous snake’s fangs and pierced Ahar’s thigh.

Ahar flinched momentarily.

I clung to it without missing it.

bang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

Before even blinking an eye, dozens of battles came and went.

I only bumped into it for a moment, but my arms are tingling.

It looks like a bone is broken.

He gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

– Hellfire!

Fall back with Reems’ magic.

Hell’s flames enveloped Ahar.

In the fire that could melt even steel in an instant, Ahar moved casually.

come running to me

his eyes turned upside down The desire to kill me and covet my talent.

I didn’t run away, I fought.

wield nameless

Ahar gets a cut on his shoulder.

Ahar’s fist punched me in the stomach, and Nameless stabbed Ahar in the thigh.

There was no defense.

As if offense is the best defense, I hit twice when attacked.

“crazy… .”

“A terrible bastard.”

Masters stuck out their tongues at that figure.

While being treated by the Archmage, they warm up so that they can engage in battle at any time.

But I didn’t give them a chance.

Ignorance was lodged in Ahar’s heart.


The faces of the Masters, who brightened for a moment, darkened in an instant.

“Cheuk… !”

Ahar’s hand penetrated the area where my heart was.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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