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When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me Chapter 91

At first, I thought I was going to sleep late.

Lately, he’s been working so hard that I think it’s too much, so I thought that there was nothing I could do about it even if it fell apart. No, I was hoping for that.

I was wallowing alone in a room without him, and I picked up the phone when the sun, which had soared to the end of the sky, was slowly tilting toward the floor. I didn’t mean to sound great. I just wondered if I had eaten or if there was any pain.

And then I found out that the guy’s phone was off.

It wasn’t just that. As soon as I ran out of the motel he was staying at, I even found out that the stupid kid had checked out.

ran like crazy While I was wandering around motels and park playgrounds and alleys, I went into a jjimjilbang and searched for sleeping rooms.

But the guy wasn’t there.

He sat down on an empty park bench, as if he had collapsed from the rush of fatigue. Then, blankly watching the sun rising over the hill, he frowned at the sharp pain that flowed through his eyes.

Suddenly, I remembered the disgustingly shaped palm that greedily groped the bare bones. The colorful emotions welled up in his throat and felt like he was about to vomit.

Human imagination is infinite, and if you do not set a direction, it will spread without knowing the end. So, you must have decided to say hello when you parted. But what he gave me were pieces of thorns called possibility.

Was it that bad? Did you ever want to get revenge on me? If that was the case, I wanted to apologize.

As the remorse that erupted like that became a white breath and spread to the sky, the phone in my pocket vibrated.

My pounding heart froze as soon as I saw the name of the stone figure swaying thinly on the liquid crystal.

* * *

I cleared my breath. He breathed in the air that had not yet been touched by the sun, cooling his burning head.

Anger is a privilege granted only to two kinds of people. I have nothing to lose, or I don’t care if I lose. I do not have a right to not belong to either side.

So you have to be calm. You have to find out what you can do while acknowledging your own incompetence and disrespecting the commander-in-chief. That way you can get whatever you want.

I opened the door while repeating the same thing over and over again.

“Ah, Dojin-ah⋯⋯. You came at just the right time, it’s a really fun scene right now, but you too⋯⋯.”

And he said to the woman in front of him as if crouching as much as possible.

“Where are you.”


“Where are you in midsummer?”

As I blocked the TV, Min-seo Oh’s gaze naturally turned to me. The expression on her face as she lay on the sofa and looked up at me looked very blunt.

“It’s barely ⋯⋯ to say that a woman breaks into a house where she lives alone.”

Minseo Oh turned to the backrest and shook his body exaggeratedly with a whimper.

“I was so excited to meet Dojin, so I couldn’t sleep well⋯⋯. Isn’t it too cruel to start talking about other women without saying a word?”

“It doesn’t matter, kid.”

“Does it matter⋯⋯? Dojin, you really do too much⋯⋯. Where can I come and change my words⋯⋯. I told you, if you don’t listen to me, I’ll tie you up with him and report you⋯⋯.”

“Then you should have called the police.”

“Ugh, I thought so too⋯⋯.”

Minseo Oh turned and looked at me.

“Then I thought it would be too easy⋯⋯.”


Min-seo Oh, who opened her mouth, looked at me as if resentful, and continued talking.

“It’s all your fault Dojin, if you showed me pecking that day, I wouldn’t have done it this far⋯⋯?”

I thought so.

The actions Min-seo Oh sees are made up actions. It’s like a piece of cloth to hide the parts you don’t want to show.

So, I was able to calm down even when I heard the absurd sound that they were threatening to see the drama that was going on between me and the people in my club. Even when he was asked to be close and rude, he was able to accept it with ease.

restoration of the relationship. Because that’s what she really wanted to achieve, and she thought that everything was a lie for that purpose.

“Yeah, didn’t you look at me with those eyes before?”

Oh Min-seo said in a cold voice.

“I am very displeased, that you are misunderstood. No, that’s what you want to think⋯⋯. Only then can you justify your actions.”

And then smiled slightly.

“I’m too sweet for the sound of just having a laugh⋯⋯. I can’t help it⋯⋯. Dojini always believes in words, but in reality, he doesn’t believe anything⋯⋯.”


“It’s all a misunderstanding⋯⋯. It’s really sad, I just gave Yeoreum what she wanted⋯⋯.”

Minseo Oh hugged the cushion and chuckled.

“You want to go out.”

I breathed out unconsciously.

“Dojin said that you are too burdened and want to leave as soon as possible⋯⋯. Oh, you don’t have to worry⋯⋯. Because I decided to support everything from the house to living expenses⋯⋯.”

Each word seemed to fly like a sword and pierce the intestines. yes, was it like that too? He was the one who wanted to leave in the first place. It wouldn’t be strange to say that I left twice.

About the time when my whole head was swallowed up by the blows of despair and self-loathing, someone’s voice pierced my ears.

– I’m not sure I can do it alone.

he’s an evil guy He is like a bug who can act rudely and mercilessly to achieve what he wants.

Even Lee Ida like that can’t use a cowardly technique. Even if he leaves, he is the type of person who will swear at him in a letter.

As I was slowly organizing my thoughts, a voice came from the front.

“You don’t believe me too⋯⋯.”

“I’m not that shy.”

“Ugh, that’s not it.”

Minseo Oh waved her index finger to both sides.

“Oh, of course, I don’t think it can be helped to think like that⋯⋯. Because I did too. To be honest, I’ve been very angry all this time, so it’s just that Dojin is by my side while acting like that ungrateful little mouse ⋯⋯.”


“I thought so, but it wasn’t ⋯⋯. You really didn’t know⋯⋯? So when I told you, I was so nervous⋯⋯. That’s right, he was such a shy kid⋯⋯.”

It felt like the accident could not keep up with the words. I couldn’t figure out what the hell the woman in front of me was talking about.

“Yeah, aren’t you curious⋯⋯?”

A vine-like voice whirled around my ears.

“What did I tell Yeoreum?”


“Yeah, I have to tell Dojin at this point too⋯⋯. Come on, sit here⋯⋯.”

“Oh Min-seo, I⋯⋯.”


Oh Min-seo’s hand tightly wrapped around my arm.

“I don’t like people who put their pride first. If you don’t have anything, you have to lick your feet.

It was kind of a warning.

“Aren’t you?”

Minseo Oh said so and gently stroked the back of my hand. It provoked a certain emotion inside of me, but the story she uttered was very reasonable.

have to put it down now. It’s time to bow your head in the lowest possible position and wait for the time to rise again. Very succinctly and cunningly.

I sat down next to Minseo Oh without a word.

“Ugh, our Dojin is kind and kind⋯⋯.”

Min-seo Oh, who leaned her head after embracing one of my arms, smiled broadly toward this side and picked up the remote control.

“Then I’ll start⋯⋯.”

Minseo Oh pressed the remote control. The TV, which had been giggling for a while and emitting noise, soon contained a grayish image on the screen.

It was a video of a certain landscape. Snow falling little by little from the sky, a brown brick road that looks like it was sparsely covered with snow and sprinkled with salt, and a huge clock towering over it.

The camera was looking down on it all. like CCTV.

I was staring blankly at the TV at the strange sight, when someone jumped out of the screen.

It was hard to see because of the picture quality, but the beige coat, red scarf, and black hair blowing in the wind looked familiar as if I had seen it somewhere.


Minseo Oh muttered a little.

“Hara, that ⋯⋯.”

I don’t know why, but that woman in the screen seems to be chasing. Thinking like that, the surrounding landscape looked different. Exactly, it seemed to coincide with a certain landscape in my memory.

That’s Dongsan Park. I was waiting for someone, and put it down. No, I should have put it down. because he didn’t come You said you didn’t come.

But why are you there now?

I had a headache. The tension turned into a feeling of vomiting, as if it was about to come out of my throat at any moment. However, the video flowed indifferently without paying any attention to my feelings.

After standing in front of the clock tower for a while and looking around, he moved and went into the payphone booth next to the store, and then came out scratching his head.

Chase, who had been kicking the snow on the floor as if nervously, went into the park bathroom with his shoulders shrunk.

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And after a while, someone ran out of the bathroom. It wasn’t mining. Rather than that, it was a boy or girl who was smaller, bare, and had an ugly-looking atmosphere.

The child, who had run away and slipped, grabbed his leg and groaned for a while, then saw Chae Seol-ha coming out and ran into the bush next to the toilet in confusion. Chae Seol-ha also went into the bush, and the video was blacked out.

After a while, the screen turned on again, illuminating the place where the sports equipment in the park were gathered. Chase, who had tumbled out of the bush in the corner, sat down as if in despair, then jumped up after a while.

In a hurry, Chae Snow Ha hurriedly ran to somewhere, brushing off the snow and tree branches on his shoulders and head. And then the screen went black once more.

The camera turned on again and was pointing at the man standing in front of the convenience store in the park. Creamy gin stretched under a black robe coat. This is the outfit that I checked over and over again in front of the mirror that day.

that’s me This is Yu Yu-jin from that time when she stopped by a convenience store to thaw her frozen hands and feet while waiting for Chae Seol-ha.

As I stood next to the convenience store and drank my coffee, my gaze suddenly turned to the bush next to me. It must have been because the rustling sound had flowed into my ears.

And there I found a trembling girl, dressed in rags. Yes, I was startled, so I spoke to the boy.

Are you okay, I’ll help you if you’ve ever done anything bad, and I’ll report you to the police instead. The next word was not spoken. It was because the girl’s face turned pale as if she had seen a goblin after hearing my words, and then immediately ran away.

I also ran after the girl. I almost instinctively tried to reach out my hand, forgetting what I was doing when I saw the child’s wretched eyes.

Then I remembered Chae Seol-ha. In the middle of the empty clock tower, I remembered her, who may have come while I was away.

So I gave up. He turned his eyes away from the tragedy in front of him and went down the slope to satisfy his desires. He struggled to justify the disgusting act.

But as time passed, the square was empty, and my hands remained empty.

If I had known it would be like this No, I could not stand the resentment that I closed my eyes even though I knew it would happen, so I must have reached out to him at the jjimjilbang that day.

To get rid of the snow that filled my heart that day.

“Um, I mean, small things are really cute as always, summer⋯⋯.”

but it was you

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me mtl. I left the company. To find a place where I can be.


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