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What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Chapter 563



Look at this original, it’s great (3)


How about shortening a long story?


Thus, the three maidens of the prestigious Marquis Duheme had temporary coaches.


– Clap up, cackle, cackle …!


“Lord Matt, are you really a knight with an enemy in the ecliptic? really?”




“By the way, how did you get lost in our backyard? I’ve heard of something like this, but I’ve never actually seen it!”


The second of them, Maria Duhem, was not a temperament to put up with questions.


When I was curious, I had to solve it on the spot.


Needless to say, it was the personality he had inherited from his first brother.


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On the other hand, I was strong and strong, and I knew that Jindeuk would wait until I got what I wanted.


It resembled the second brother.


Her pink eyes, different from the siblings, were shining brightly.


The haphazardly pressed straw hat smelled pleasantly of barley, and muddy water splashed on the pocketful summer pants and boots.


She wasn’t dressed to be recognized as a precious young girl at a glance.


“Of course, I am not questioning the identity of the lord. My eldest brother said that you shouldn’t judge people based on their outward appearance, but the knight-nim looks expensive and handsome even with ripped clothes!”


Then Antoinette, who was sitting on the other side, was startled.


Gugu, who was sitting on her shoulder, slurped his tongue out.


“Oh my God, Maria. Apologize!”


– Hehe!


“I’m sorry!”


Maria, who has not yet celebrated her 20th birthday, has a uniquely young feeling.


John of the coachman skillfully handled the reins and shook his head.


It was a time when everything in the Duhem family felt new.


Although it was a mirror-like world, the people here did not recognize him at all.


The seasons were different and the air that flowed was also different.


The second daughter showed great curiosity to him and insisted on joining him, so the eldest daughter, who had no choice but to act as a guardian, occupied one of the seats.


The precious youngest daughter, Therese, remained in the tearoom with the servant and the coachman.


Antoinette folded Johann’s robe on his knees and said calmly.


“Please forgive me, sir. My younger brother still lacks education. My socialite debut is just around the corner, so what should I do?”


“it’s okay. It is an honor for me to have the ladies up to the emperor.”


“Oh my goodness.”


Antoinette smiled softly at the answer that came back more politely than expected.


Maria looked back at her without flipping her legs.


A large snack basket was placed on the girl’s lap.


“How about Jocelyn, sister?”


“······ Now that I am old, I must have done too much in the hot weather to take us. Consciousness is back. As soon as we get to Count Mutte’s house, we will call a councilor.”


“Why don’t you ask Sir Michelle?”


“I’d appreciate it if you could, but he’s busy, so I don’t know what’s going to happen.”


“ah! Haha, you may have gone out to find herbs. It’s summer.”


“yes. After seeing Jocelyn getting better, let’s try on your dress too. Dinner is served with Lord Rimless for two minutes.”


“great! But, sister, if you don’t just wear a ruby headdress…”




Hearing the conversation between the two sisters, John was silently immersed in thought.


As he had vaguely guessed, this place was not far from the ecliptic.


To be precise, it was an area he had been to several times.


The historic residence of the Marquis Duhem, located on the outskirts of the Imperial Capital, and the vast fief of a prestigious family.


A place where the servants eat and the commoners freely hunt.


-Multiple, multifaceted, multifaceted…!


“He. My eldest brother has been working hard for a few months to get that jewel. Don’t you know how precious Star Ruby produced by the Imperial Family is?”


“It’s nice because it’s pretty, but if you do that, it’s hard on the top of your head.”


“Oh, there’s nothing you can’t say in front of a gentleman.”




Suddenly, a memory of one summer when a polo game was held came to mind.


The paladin’s eyes went dark in an instant.


As if cursed, the sensation of his lips fluttering at his will was clear.


Until now.


‘it’s okay. I’ll make sure you don’t get sick.’


‘Sir Haines. Why the hell?




‘-Kaga River!’


It wasn’t around here. But if you go a little further, ‘there’ would appear.


The back of John’s hand was bulging with blood.


The nape of his neck stood upright, and a cold shadow was cast on his forehead.


Suddenly, I felt nauseous and my intestines turned over.


“Do you go to Matt hardness?”




It was Maria who pulled him out of the shadows again.


John looked at her with slightly enlarged eyes.


The feeling of suddenly returning to reality was not as bad as I thought.


The days when I felt that I didn’t even deserve it, it felt so far away.


The child in front of him was just an innocent face.


“It’s a ball on board! Don’t you know if you live in the zodiac? These days, even the people who use the Imperial Palace are going crazy trying to get an invitation!”


“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Is it a big event?”


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Onboard prom?


The cardinal quickly traced his mind, but he had no memory of hearing such information in the summer when Maria was not twenty.


Antoinette, sitting next to her, pulled out a drink from the basket and smiled.


“This is the first event that will be held this year, so it is natural to not know about it. On the occasion of the Prince’s birthday, the owner of the opera house of the Yellow Emperor is throwing a party.”


“The Viscount Andre family. Rumors spread that he has a lot of money!”


The man moved his gaze gracefully from side to side and listened to the two of them.


This was a name I had never heard of.


If it was Viscount Judith André, the owner of the opera house, I had actually met him.


It was around the time <The Phantom of Padtrois> was being staged with great success.


Rumors circulated that the actors of the Atal Opera were possessed by ghosts, and his master and pupils were embroiled in the incident as promised.


John harmed himself by using the lesser magical beast Esprit…




At that moment, the front window of the silent tea room opened. The man woke up from his thoughts again.


Therese, who was watching the coach Jocelyn, was watching them.


Soon after, a soft voice came out.


“…are you not going to announce your engagement this time around? Your master had good luck.”


“ah! right. You gave an excuse to celebrate His Majesty’s birthday, but in reality, that’s probably the Viscount’s goal. Anyone who knows a little about the zodiac social circle will think so.”


Antoinette pointed out sharply, waving her rose pyroxene earrings.


Meanwhile, Maria took a handful of ripe blueberries from the basket and placed them in John’s palm.


The man held it awkwardly and tilted his head.


I wondered if I should know all the details of the social world up to this point, but on the other hand, he needed information to find the master and his disciples.


Now, of course, the more the better.


So I calmly opened my mouth.


“. . . an engagement.”


“yes! The engagement of the millionaire Viscount André and the honorable Viscount Bacary!”




“Thanks to Confucius André being runner-up in the Great Beast Subjugation, the name of the family has risen significantly. It is said that the Prince and His Majesty the Prince will also come to the ballroom on board, so there is no stage like this for the Viscount. He must have been preparing for a long time.”




Antoinette commented in a professional voice, and Johann nodded his head without showing any expression.


But now a storm was blowing in his head.


The mercenary’s instincts trembled intensely at the unexpected intelligence.


“Then maybe…”


– Tickle, tickle, tickle…


And thanks to that, the man was able to safely pass the ‘there’ in question.


Gugu felt the paladin’s energy subside and flicked his tail.




-Tump, Todd, Todd…


-Jump, jerk, jerk…


-Tododog, Tododog, Tododog!


I walked hard looking only at the back of Canael’s head, and it was near the restaurant on the first floor.


The servants and servants walking around the hallway looked busy.


The soldiers guarding the palace also had more strength in their shoulders than usual—as I recall.


Romero Palace, seen from the window, gave off a bigger and more threatening atmosphere today.


I smiled softly as I traced the familiar shape of the door with only my eyes.


But now, even one candlestick and one picture frame felt pleasant and friendly.


From https://noblemtl.com


Of course, there was no carpet for Tieté in Juliet’s Palace, and pottery and plates were placed in rows, which was dangerous for the little ones…


– quiver


Aww, Leah! Drop it and we’ll be kicked out!




– Again


“…a few days ago, when Prince Jesse went out of the Imperial Palace.”




Canael, who suddenly stopped in front of the door, turned to me and spoke to me.


As I hugged the Aemuldanji in a hurry, I swallowed dry saliva.


My heart was pounding because I couldn’t predict the next sentence.


If the prince was recently released, what? Was it also a late night date with Kristel?


“You said you owe me a lot.”


“yes? Aha······.”


was that one I wondered what the pretext was for bringing me into the palace, but it seems like they did.


Instead of answering, I just smiled vaguely. Then the boy raised his eyebrows.


“Thank you too. Serenite.”


“No, nothing else…”


“For the prince, the relationship outside the imperial palace is important.”




“a lot.”


Whispering like that, Canael looked sad for some reason, so he couldn’t say anything more.


It was love that was not mine, so I couldn’t even dare to dig into it.


It was even more so because he knew the context of the sentence.




“come in.”


Soon, the servant knocked on the dining room door, and a gentle reply came from within.


The boy opened the door for me to enter.


Then he cried out in a low voice that only me could hear.


“Absolutely delicious, eat a lot. It’s the prince’s castle.”






A prince and a servant are sick of being alone, does this make sense?


“Wow, it’s really delicious!”


But this is it!


– Chia!


“ha ha ha.”


I emptied the fifth plate of tartar steak and scraped off the remaining egg yolks on the floor.


The flavor of the savory and soft raw meat spread like a blessing in your mouth.


In the meantime, Demi on the other side of the table was harpooning two chubby seasonal grapes.


From https://noblemtl.com


Of course, I swear by Jeong Hyeon-seo, but we didn’t eat like this from the beginning.


From https://noblemtl.com


Of course, it was only in Chojang that I could see clearly, so I slowly inhaled only one plate at a time (one for Demi).


Then the handsome prince said well…


‘It’s amazing, Mr. Jesse. Do you usually eat like this?’


‘······Yes? I only ate one bowl.’


‘Oh my gosh. So you’re saying you can eat more?’


As if seeing some kind of novelty, he looked at me and was amazed by admiration.


I often hear compliments about eating well, but I think my eating habits were very impressive content to him.


The prince summoned Benjamin several times to replenish him with fruits and food, and from a certain point on, he did not even touch his tableware and focused on me.


It was not the only thing that bothered me when things happened like this.


Benjamin, who was looking at me with deep eyes, was burdensome (I felt like he was stamped by his boss), and I was also concerned about the increasing number of onlookers every time he returned with a new dessert (however, he clapped his hands a little), he only ate half a bowl of artichoke gratin and a spoon. The prince who let go is…


Excuse me, but with what energy are you breathing and speaking?


“It’s wonderful to see you eating well. Would you like to taste this too?”


Did you just say I’m weird?


“······thank you.”


Without even more time to think, he shoved a wide plate of anchovy canapes toward me.


It was the size that would be placed with tongs at a buffet.


Perry and Leia, who were sitting next to each other, lit up the flames, telling them to try it.


I really wanted to be okay with this, but Laurence’s anchovy sandwiched between fragrant butter and fresh tomatoes was a temptation that was hard to refuse.


The baguette was also golden right after it was baked. My eyes were dizzy at the dizzying and complex flavor.


I can’t help it. This is only one…


– Crisp!




As soon as I took a bite, I was amazed.


The prince, who watched it, finally laughed out loud. It wasn’t a joke.


“Mr. Jesse. You are already very different from me.”




While I was savoring the canapes diligently, he was drinking only a glass of aa for dessert.


It must have been the ‘Cafe Chris’ that Christel spread here.


“I wonder how you and I are alike and how we are different. So I invited him to a meal to talk to…”


Huh, that kind of calculation? Did I have to turn around the calculator and come in…?


“······Enjoyed. Thank you for not making me feel uncomfortable and for having a delicious meal.”


“no. It’s me… Thank you for serving such precious food. We ate really well.”


As he hurriedly wiped his lips with a napkin, the prince waved his hand and told him to eat more slowly.


But I politely declined his offer.


I knew the other person wanted to talk, so I didn’t want to waste any more time.


Besides, I was a servant.


If it was just the two of us for such a long time, it was likely that the back story would come out in some way.


“that······. Do you have any other questions? If I can answer anything, I will tell you.”


“······I do not know. In fact, the problem of identity has never been the first thing that mattered to me…”


‘Life has always come first.’ The prince smiled as if he was about to scatter.


I was momentarily speechless and looked at him.


“For the time being, I want to help and watch. As long as it’s okay with Jesse.”






It felt like I was possessed by something. That was then.


– Tick Tick, Tick Tick!




“Yes, Benjamin.”


Juliet’s vassal general appeared again, and I bowed my head.


That way, the plates I emptied didn’t disappear.


“The Prince is looking for the prince urgently. The message is to come out to the dance hall.”






what? I shook my head in surprise.


what gym? Unlike me, this person doesn’t have an ether, but for what purpose…


for a moment. no way!


“Prince, if you don’t go—”


“Tell them you are going right away. You should wear comfortable clothes. Please tell Canael.”




Benjamin shrugged and disappeared out of the door.


I stared blankly at the place he left for a long time.


If my memory is not wrong, this was an incident that was mentioned several times in Toegye-gong.


‘Seregi’, whose eyes are turned over by jealousy for the prince, summons him to the dance hall and demands a match,


Always relentlessly…


“Jesse, I want you to do your part here.”


“Prince, even if you don’t have to go…”


I sincerely discouraged him, but the prince smiled like a mistletoe, but did not break his stubbornness.


“no. I have something to receive from the Prince.”


Then he got up from his seat.


······ Will you get it?


What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up

SMPU, TWSB, What Happens When the Sub Male Lead Goes on Strike, When the Third Wheel Strikes Back, 男配角罷工的話會發生的事, 서브 남주가 파업하면 생기는 일, 섭남파업
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Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up mtl I was pulled into the romantic fantasy novel my younger sister was reading, not as the male protagonist, but as the second male lead. If I recall properly, this punk is doomed to fight in the future and die in the place of the male protagonist. Okay, I’ve made my decision. Let’s avoid the key characters and keep healthy till I can return home.


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