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What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Chapter 561


Look at this original, it’s great (1)

It must have been because he had immersed himself in the sea and came out, but he felt like his whole body was drenched in sweat.

“that is······. No, it’s probably a first impression. yes.”

Without daring to avoid the prince’s gaze, I stuttered and said whatever came to mind.

The vocal cords trembled poorly with embarrassment and tension. It was the same with both hands and legs.

Then, the other person half-folded their beautiful eyes and smiled.

For a moment, I felt as if a crescent moon had risen from the side of the room. Wow······.

That’s why Jung Eun-seo was ecstatic…

“is that so?”


No, of course it is ‘spherical’. Isn’t it obvious!

I rented Jesse Penetian’s body for about a year, and every morning I looked at his face in the sink or in the mirror.

However, I swear by the salt bread I ate today, it was the first time I had ever seen a prince like that.

As it turns out, he was a person who used the cells of his whole body, including the facial muscles, differently from me.

The elegantly slanted neckline showed the dignity of royalty by adding a little exaggeration, and the shape of the hand placed neatly on the lap showed a preciously grown tea.

It sounds absurd, but it really was.

If I had possessed him in the Penetian New Kingdom rather than the Lister Empire, the whole royal family would have considered me suspicious.

Maybe he didn’t last a week and he died or went to jail.

I also met the prince in ‘Pure White Interstellar (星間)’, but at that time there was no time to feel this kind of sentiment.

But I know the voice is the same as mine, but it was true.

Even though it’s like hearing a recorded voice, it feels awkward. The tone and accent are very different.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I am.”

In short, the man in front of me right now was totally unfamiliar.

To be honest, I’m a little scared…

No, wait. Yes?

“Excuse me, but what did you just say?”

– Chia?

“I thought I knew you.”

He answered in a gentle tone.

Heo Eok, I pressed hard around the eyeballs that almost popped out like a spring.

The red pandas at their feet swung their tails and roared.

For some reason, the interior felt suffocating.

“I am not sure what you are talking about.”

Are you running out of time now? Is this the calculation to keep me here until the servants and the Imperial Guard arrive?

That was very likely.

The prince I met in the pure white space had already passed away under the circumstances.

It was almost certain because he said to me, ‘Please take care of my sister and brother.’

But the man in front of me now looked very healthy. So, I don’t know if it’s dead or alive…

“Ugh! Did you ever die and come back to life?”

I asked, pointing like an idiot in the world. So we came to Juliet’s Palace?

Did Prince Jesse wake up from his sleep? uh!?

“ha ha ha. You are telling a funny story.”


He smiled softly, covering his mouth with his fist, and let go of the decorative string he was holding in his hand.

Then he looked carefully at my Molgol and the red pandas and said,

“There was one hurdle of death a few months ago. But it’s not uncommon for me.”

“How many months ago?”

I closed my eyes blankly, then slowly turned my head and looked out the balcony.


The white curtains swayed in the wind.

Beyond the framed doorframe, a large, dazzling full moon hung close to the horizon as if from a night walk.

Then, the green trees of the imperial palace caught my eye. After that, the Juliet Palace garden, loved by everyone, was filled with vision.

The thick smell of vegetation was carried in the damp air.

It’s dark, so I’m not sure, but I saw some flowers whose names and shapes were memorized by Benjamin’s teachings.

For example, that’s a commercialization…

“Oh my gosh. It is a flower that blooms in August.”

– Ki-eung

Somehow it was hot Ossu chicken skin grew at the realization.

I hugged Demi, who came up to her waist.

It felt like the tangled yarn in my head was being pulled taut.

This was not the world line I knew.

At least not when I left.

no way. no way······.

“Prince, is it summer here?”

“yes. August 2nd to be exact.”

‘Now it’s past 9:03.’ Said the prince, looking up at the luxurious clock on the wall.

At first glance, it was a sad expression on his face, but he couldn’t be sure because he quickly covered his face.

I licked my lips with my tongue and frantically tapped the calculator.

As the arm that did not hold the red panda, he picked trembling fingers.

From the very beginning, let’s not miss anything.

Emperor Romero said that my friends were either swept away by the spear of the gods and either perished or fell outside.

Then he accepted my plea and sent me to the place of my friends (although he was almost ready to send me to the underworld).

Then this would be ‘outside’.

Yeah, thinking about it carefully, this couldn’t be the world line I was on.

The expression “outside” is very abstract on the one hand, but…

‘Are you sure you want to merge this folder with the folders below?’

‘I retired and a princess from another world’

‘No (N)’


If the folder in danger of being merged was on our side, Toegye-gong was placed on the other end.

It was the only world in which we could come into contact with you, even for a brief moment.

And now in front of me sits a living Jesse Penetian.

In the distant town of Manrita, I spend my only brother’s birthday alone.



Presumably, without sending any gifts or letters to the child.

“Prince Jesse.”

······I see. He is not ‘yet’ dead.

Due to the aftermath of closing the window, we fell to the beginning of the work.

It’s clear that the other friends are scattered here too.

Seeing that I left everything else and crashed into the prince’s room, it is highly likely that the people in the party would have also woken up next to someone related to them…?

“yes. Have you finished thinking about it?”

“Ah, thank you for waiting.”

“You’re welcome. I am delighted to have met Mr. Jesse.”

He hung up his long robe and got up slowly.

The prince was like a doll carved from white jade and covered with gold.

To be honest, I didn’t think of it that much when I took possession of it, and even when I got compliments on my appearance, I didn’t really care because it wasn’t what I was talking about—like this, from a third person’s point of view, she was truly a formidable beauty.

Indeed, she was a beauty that could match Cedric Lister.

I looked at the prince in awe. But what?

······I beg your pardon!?

“How does the prince know my name?!”

– Hey!

– Whoops!

– Kee hoo hoo!

Wow, crazy! What are you going to do?

“Shh, shh. It is difficult to raise the volume. It will wake the children up from start to finish.”

The man who approached me quickly took my index finger and put it to my lips.

From https://noblemtl.com

Off ha ha! I jumped and fainted like a cold chicken.

Red pandas also used their tails as propellers to bounce like popcorn.

Then the prince sighed as if he had no choice but to cover my mouth with his palm and clasped both wrists with the other.

In that position, I waited for several dozen seconds until I calmed down, and the small muscles that pressed down on my snout grew tremendously.

I know for sure that I don’t have any athleticism, but I don’t know where all of a sudden this kind of strength comes from!

It’s scary!


– Shut up!

“Please calm down. I can explain.”

“Ugh! Beep!”

– Hey!

“If I can give you a definitive clue, it’s the ‘name’. Because I was born borrowing yours…”

He lowered his purple eyes and whispered sweetly, but I let out a whale-whale inner scream.

No, it’s too scary!

This time, I came into the original work, but it’s really hard for someone who hasn’t died to recognize me at a glance!

Whoa! Hyunseo Jeong! Don’t leave me alone!


next day.

– Visit, visit, visit…


-Chei profit…

‘me too······. I don’t know exactly. How could a mere creation of the Lord know His will?’

Eyes soaked in rain.

‘The only thing I know for sure is that my bowl is made after someone else’s.’

A voice immersed in clear conviction.

‘From the moment I first remembered it, I was aware of it. No one would believe it, but it really was.’


-Bubble bubble, bubble bubble…

Standing up with a ladder in front of the large laundry pot, I sighed, saying that the ground would go down without stirring the wide wooden stick.

I’ve been thinking about the Prince’s story every now and then, but I still don’t understand 100%.

This time, I was surprised and embarrassed even though I had read all of <I Resigned and a Princess from Another World>.

Not to mention, the prince I know never once thought about his identity.

From https://noblemtl.com

Of course, I am well aware that many events occur between the lines of the novel.

We also know that not everything has to be described. I really know…

what the hell is this

‘I wonder why the person who gave me my name came here.’

‘No, I didn’t give it to you. I am rather indebted to the prince… I’m really sorry, but we’ll talk about this later. In fact, I’m here to find friends.’


‘yes. It is said that it fell somewhere here, but you must find it and return it to its original place. They are very precious people to me. Could you please help? As long as the prince doesn’t overdo it.’

I said eagerly holding his sleeve.

It was really shameless, but he was a blatant intruder, so even if he was locked up in a dungeon right away, he didn’t have anything to say… I was also in a situation where I had to hang on.

He was the only person I knew (?) here.

No one else would recognize me, and I wanted to get help from a friendly person until I met my friends.

The prince was my only hope.

‘All right. I’ll ask Benjamin.’

‘······ To Benjamin? I’m really grateful, but maybe I’m just being dragged away without even a mouse or a bird?’


As far as I know – and apart from my sincere fondness for him – Benjamin was a fairly strict servant to outsiders of Juliet.

Rather, he said it all because David had a reputation for being finite.

Seeing me in contemplation, the prince bowed his eyebrows nicely.

‘You know Benjamin as well.’


‘He always listens to my requests, so this time it’ll be fine.’

‘I’m sorry, how…’

‘I’ll bring you in as Juliet’s servant.’

······servant? I honestly thought that would be it.

It was in much better condition than I had vaguely imagined, but it sounded even more unrealistic.

No matter how much the royal family ordered, the imperial palace was not an easy place for anyone to enter and exit.

Besides, Prince Jesse is a hostage in an enemy country, and I’m a street bastard whose name I can’t even reveal, let alone my origin.

Even Benjamin Girardin, who is strict?

– Bump!

“Hey, cute newbie! Have you done the laundry yet?”

“Ah yes! Almost all boiled. I will get you soon!”

This is it, folks! Prince Jesse Penetian does it!


“Uh huh, be quick. You told me not to do anything too difficult because it’s your first day. The superior.”

“Gam, thank you…….”

I nodded and smiled.

Then General Juliette Hein, who I knew well, nodded with a happy face.

thank god. You are doing well here too.

“okay. Instead, come out later and do some errands. Because Romero’s palace doesn’t have enough staff.”

“Yes. Yes?!”

…are you Romero? So suddenly!?

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up

SMPU, TWSB, What Happens When the Sub Male Lead Goes on Strike, When the Third Wheel Strikes Back, 男配角罷工的話會發生的事, 서브 남주가 파업하면 생기는 일, 섭남파업
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up mtl I was pulled into the romantic fantasy novel my younger sister was reading, not as the male protagonist, but as the second male lead. If I recall properly, this punk is doomed to fight in the future and die in the place of the male protagonist. Okay, I’ve made my decision. Let’s avoid the key characters and keep healthy till I can return home.


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