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Welcome to the Magic Tower Chapter 95

95 – Period

The bigger the power, the more eyes they see.

The news that Cheonsang Securities, the center of capital, was robbed spread quickly.

The Captain Hat Pirates were among those who heard the news.

However, unlike other places that only heard the news of being robbed, it would be a big difference that they even identified who the culprit was.

“Brother, it looks like they found us too.”

“Ow. Looks like it’s time to drill a hole in the ship’s belly.”

Cao Ru, the captain of the Captain Hat Pirates, looked at the ark across from him with a smile on his face.

How much gold did that ship cost?

Premature ejaculation brought tears to my eyes just at the thought of extorting everything.

“Roper, we will use that ship’s gold to further strengthen our power and advance to the new world!”

“Oh! New world!”

“Come on, get ready to fire…… !”

Captain Cao Ru, who had been shouting so, suddenly stopped talking.

The same was true of Vice Captain Roper, who gave instructions to his subordinates.

They had minimal fighting power and sensitivity as much as they were playing pirates in the void.

‘…… What is this ignorant energy?’

Premature ejaculation and Roper soon realized. Something huge is going on in front of me. They hurriedly recruited their subordinates.

“More! More! Get ready quickly!”

… ….

Electric current flows through the arm.

It is not a painful sensation. I just feel the omnipotence to shatter everything in my way.

A void with limited vision.

I couldn’t see any dazzling brilliance.

But it was clearly felt.

The power of a god, a weapon, and a thunderbolt were manifested on my arm.

I gripped the spear tighter.

[ Activates ‘Zeus’ Thunderbolt’. ]

After that, the process was simple.

I shook my shoulder and wrist and threw the spear.

As if it had become a part of my body, I felt a spear of thunderbolt that transcended space for an instant.

No, it seemed.

The sight of light in a straight line penetrating the ship blocking my way was caught in my retina.

─OK, the enemy ship is destroyed.

At the same time as the Ark’s defense system reported, the ship started moving again.

Following the trail left by the stars, very smoothly.

I arrived at the portal.

After passing through a long passage again, we arrived at a new world we had longed for.

[ Enter the planet ‘B-612’. ]

The first thing that caught my eye was the deep blue sky. Then the smell of the leaves reached the tip of my nose, and I felt the blades of grass stepping over my shoes.

The ark carrying mankind reached a new land.

A world full of greenery and clear skies on a land where no civilization exists.

“…… Ah, finally.”

It has finally arrived.


After a long wandering, mankind came down from the ark and pioneered a new land.

There was no freedom to be confiscated by the gods, no calamity to attack mercilessly.

A boringly peaceful land.

However, the compass that guided us in a world of endless possibilities crumbled as soon as our feet touched the ground.

With this, it seems that my role is over.

Well, it’s a world without trials, so there’s no better place than this.

It was a world where there were no elements of conflict enough to raise questions about.

There are no particularly expensive jewels, no mythical weapons, and only land given.

On the land, the first thing people did was to build a house where they could lie comfortably.

A long month.

The world’s first village was created. It was said to be quite large for a village, but other than the house, the buildings that were placed were the mill that was slowly starting to run and the food distribution center that was in operation.

I had no conscience to call this a city.

Anyway, the first village continued to develop little by little over a long period of time.

Adventurous people built new houses a short distance from the village, and as it grew, the second village was completed.

It was created in such a freewheeling way, and sometimes a new town was thoroughly built by urban planning.

Sinabro, humanity has regained civilization.

Obviously there were problems with security and convenience, but we had a reliable sheriff.

“──The Scales of Judgment.”

How far is the limit of one’s abilities?

My childhood friend was capable enough to the extent that I still feel that way even now.

Yuhanna managed the security of the entire village she was staying in, and even if an incident occurred out of sight, she covered it up with her authority.

That’s how her sentence was passed, and no one challenged her.

Because if I did something wrong, I could really die.

On the other hand, Xiao Fang and Shin Hye-young seemed to be sticking together and developing something.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them close, but at some point they became best friends.

When I asked the reason one day, Xiao Fang smiled quietly, and Shin Hye-young, the blonde red-eyed witch, suddenly blushed and tic-ticked.

“…… Ta, there is no such thing as a dark heart!”

When I saw that, I instantly thought that it was like a light novel tsundere character.

Isn’t there such a tsundere heroine who likes the main character but pretends not to?

‘…… No way,’

Suddenly, I came to a certain assumption, but I shook my head and erased it from my mind.

Our Mage Tower Senpai couldn’t do that.

Even if that’s the case, there are already two women who have already decided to get married, and it’s shameful to add more……

“Oh, I’m fine. As long as the West doesn’t abandon me, that’s fine.”

Xiaofang, who recently became the ultimate wise mother and wife mode, generously allowed polygamy.

Yuhanna was completely arrogant, but she finally brainwashed herself into saying this.

“Trash, only three wives.”

“…… No, I had no intention of paying more.”

Anyway, it was a peaceful day.


“Status window.”


< Jinwoo Lee >

[ Grade : Black ]

[ Occupation: Golden Castle Lord, Grand Ninja ]

[ Attribute: Gold Coin God (金貨神功) – 9 stars (成), ninja’s ultimate (極意)]

[ Ability: Golden Almighty ]

[ Tendency: Moderate, hot-blooded ]

[ Strength: 78 ] [ Stamina: 76 ]

[ Agility: 82 ] [ Wisdom: 64 ]

[ mana: 90 ] [ Luck: 99 ]

[ Possession: 1,813,978,512,943,100 Gold ]


A long time has passed.

Let’s build the first village, the quest that reached me, ‘Become the lord of the castle-Civilization Reconstruction Project’.

After building several cities much larger than villages, the quest was finally completed.

The grade went up, and the job was changed to the lord of the castle.

To be honest, I didn’t really think that I had the talent of a ruler, but I was convinced that good is good.

Aside from that, his physical abilities improved a lot while he was out in the world.

It was while going through several real battles that were lacking.

Of course, the battle was conducted under the strict supervision of Yuhanna.

If you think you’re going to die, you say you’ll save me anytime.

I wondered if I would be able to properly feel the real battle, but I did improve my skills.

It has evolved from a deserted ninja to an ambiguous job called a great ninja, and its characteristics have also changed.

What a ninja extreme.

At least in terms of swordsmanship, she was on par with Yuhanna.

It is a proud memory that makes you want to watch it over and over again.

Besides, I made a lot of money.

I also earned foreign currency through outing expeditions, and I also increased my ability to copy money.

Originally it was more than this, but thanks to this expenditure, it has decreased considerably.

But I don’t regret it.

I thought it was just a f*cking black company, but it seemed like they gave it a go.

“Jararan! Well, look here! The most groundbreaking invention in the world?!”

When I first saw it, I frowned.

A stone that only glows blue.

Xiao Fang and Shin Hye-young were wondering what to make together, and they created a magical power source.

The mage tower lord who divided the world with the god of war in the past.

The magical power source of the mage tower he said he had created in his lifetime was recreated in their hands.

In much upgraded condition.

No, all the bloody money was drained because of these shiny stones.

“I still need more money!”

“…… What?!”

I was horrified to think of the money that had been withdrawn so far, but it was still less than the money to make this stone.

Of course, it was less than that, but it was the same as a huge exit.

Because it was the cost of building the largest building in my life.

Is the Tower of Babel in mythology like this?

A tower high enough to pierce through the clouds in the sky has been completed.

Unlike the previous jet-black tower, this one was a dazzling golden tower.

[ A golden mage tower has been built in your area. ]

[ ‘Golden Blessing’ is applied to the tower owner. ]

[ Blessing of Gold – The owner of the Golden Tower increases their holdings by 1% every 24 hours. ]

“This is a gift from Jinwoo!”

“… ….”

Looking at the system message that suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, I kept my mouth shut.

Even though the magic tower was built with my own money… It’s a gift, but it was a return I really liked.

‘System madmen, don’t you know how terrifying the magic of compound interest is?’

As I stopped with a shocked expression on my face, the blond red-eyed witch asked with an impatient expression.

“…… Do you not like it?”

“No, I like dogs.”


Wow ─ As soon as Irene’s barking sound came from far away, Shin Hye-young, who understood her words, smiled brightly, and she immediately shouted.

“hahahaha! You’re finally walking magic! Now, don’t just sell swordsmanship, learn magic!”

No, she seemed to have misunderstood something.

She didn’t mind her rebuttal, though, as she looked at her face, smiling happily.

She’s not really going to be the main force, but I think she’d be okay with learning magic.

“Mr. Jinwoo.”

She was somehow glad to see the witch talking while taking a polite example, as if she had just met her for the first time.

Shin Hye-young, who had a much closer sense of distance than she did back then, murmured with her red eyes twinkling.

With the corners of her mouth raised.

“Welcome to the Magic Tower.”

Welcome to our new home.

Welcome to the Magic Tower

Welcome to the Magic Tower

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