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We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict Chapter 150

150 – Later story_Belated, ring presentation ceremony

Rather, there is something good about it. It means not looking at the situation negatively, but looking at it as positively as you can.

Although I want Rihanna to be pure, I was a little uneasy about the lack of sexual knowledge when the age difference wasn’t much. Wouldn’t it be better to tell me properly and seriously from my side?

“Nothing special. Shall I just pass by?”

I waited for Lian to ask me questions, naturally curious about people’s behavior. It seemed like the atmosphere would be awkward if I brought up sex-related topics first.

I didn’t do the act of taking Lian into that building first. I’m not trash!

“Aren’t you going in?”

“You want to go in there?”

“Yes! I wanted to stay at a place with so many inns!”

what kind of wish is that? It seems that the human mind is really difficult to understand. They must have felt the same way when they saw me struggling all alone.

“But didn’t Lane tell you to come by night? It looks like you have something to say, so why don’t you take care of that first?”

“Ummm.. then you’re coming back here after we’re done talking?”

I nodded my head at Lian’s words. Yes, since it’s Rian, I don’t think he had any other intentions. I’m tired of living in the quiet space of the temple, so I’d like to sleep in a street inn that smells like people.

I somehow managed to come back, changing the topic of conversation. Rain and Solar, who had been waiting for them to come first, frowned when they saw Lian.

“Ryan, why are you on your back?”

“Yeah. It was hard after walking a lot.”



Solar pulled Rian by the body and threw her onto the sofa.

After everyone was seated, Lane started to explain why she had called us.

“There is only one Ron, but there are three of us, right?

“Did everyone agree?”

“Of course I like it, and I said that Solar and Lian are fine too.”

“But then there’s only one day left? What do you do with that?”

“I think we should live according to each time in a way that everyone moves together.”

“..So that’s what I mean!”

Solar drew attention by hitting the desk.

“It’s a bit like gathering in the dean’s office, right? So I found a separate house!”

“Uh…? Really?”

I was embarrassed and said that. Solar stretched out her chest and proudly exhaled and snorted.

“Luxury two-story mansion! It even has a yard!”

“How many bathrooms are there?”


“Wow.. so wide..”

What is the criterion for wide? Is the number of bathrooms a standard for spaciousness?

Feeling Lian’s bright eyes, Solar smiled.

“Praise me more.”

“Sola-sama! Sola-sama!”

“Can I come in too?”

“Sure. Some other b*tch never will, but people I approve of can come.”


“Solar, there is only you.”

I praised Solar to join the flow, but the atmosphere suddenly became cold as if water had been poured on it. What, did you make a mistake?


“Rain and Ryan too! Come on! Come on everyone! Let’s hug each other!”

I got the mood. In fact, he had an intuition for a piercing alarm bell. Anyway, luckily, everyone smiled and hugged me once.

..The moment Lane hugged me, she squeezed my butt tight once. I slightly stiffened my body at the feeling that something was not easy. I just slightly pulled my head back and looked at Lane.


Slowly, the moist tip of his tongue licked her lips once and entered. as if to be prepared.

“Come on… come on, I have something to tell you guys.”

I drew their attention by pretending not to know as much as possible the notice of landing, which seemed to reduce the lifeline. And I took out a box that I made myself earlier.


“Lian, open it.”

I called Lian to open the box. The shape is different because I haven’t been able to do it, but.. I’ll be satisfied. maybe.


He stopped Lian from trying to get it out with a scream. It’s a king, so I have to set the mood.

“Give me your left hand.”


Beep? what else does that mean? Anyway, that’s not to say I don’t like it. Rihanna’s normally round eyes became perfectly round. But I couldn’t focus on the reaction.

Because of the deadly stares coming from both sides.


A word from Solar that suppresses something burning while holding back the chill, giving a conflicting feeling. I felt my spine straighten without realizing it when I heard that word referring to an unknown person rather than calling me by name as usual.


He straightened his slightly bowed back and answered with a spirit that was quite good even if he thought about it.

“Not you. You.”

“Yeah! Me… me!?”

Lian, who had been staring blankly at the ring with her eyes wide open, straightened her spine just like me, jumped up and turned around to look at Solar. No, that gaze was completely down, so it seemed that he was only looking at Solar’s toes.

“What is this?”

“What is this?”

“Why are you giving the ring only to you? Huh?”

“I… I…”

“What did you do? What happened to you two? Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer. Answer..”

Like a mechanical doll whose mainspring has been turned wrong, Solar approaches slowly while chanting the same words. Each word contained a different emotion. There was nothing positive about it.

‘Ryan, you dare to betray us and go ahead?’ I could tell that there was a gloomy feeling like that, but to be honest, they also had something ahead of Lian. Especially in physical relationships.

“Rain, go Solar!!”

Lian hurriedly called Lane. It was Rain who always kept his composure in this situation. I also didn’t have the mind to interrupt Solar’s words that were being played over and over as if they were going to run out of control if I touched them wrongly.

Lane looked this way.

And I turned my head. This time it’s me, not Lian.

Those eyes that weren’t looking at Ryan were staring straight at me. It’s not about reprimanding. It’s not that I’m angry, or I’m not showing feelings of desolation. I saw something lumpy and slimy in my blue eyes, as clear as a lake. It’s sticky, smeared black, like looking inside a swamp.

I knew it wasn’t good to ignore it by turning my head away.

but there is

To be honest, I don’t think it’s a bit much to be in heat in this situation.

Adventurers and mercenaries who respect you will wake up when they see you, really…

“I rather like it.”

“..answer. answer. answer.. uh..?”

At Rain’s words, Solar gave a muffled voice. It was because Lane, who thought he would stand by him, said something like ‘it doesn’t matter’ from the front.

Didn’t you see that expression? Are they confronting each other and can’t guess what they’re thinking?

To get out of the situation, I struggled to take out more boxes that contained rings. And at that moment, Lane calmly continued.

“I get more excited when I think it’s someone else’s.”

“Someone else’s? What bullshit! Ours! Ours!”

“The feeling is different. Think about it. He is wearing a ring on his left index finger. On the outside, he mumbles that he loves Lian, but his body is honestly shaking his waist over me.”

The movement of his hands as he rummaged through his backpack stopped when he saw Lane reciting his frightening imagination. The fear of reaching the breaking point made her body stiffen.

Lane’s gaze is staring at me. staring through I am so focused that if I see even the slightest loophole, I will run right into it.

Do you know the other two? The fact that Rain and I are now having such a huge confrontation.

Whether or not he saw Solar not answering, Rain looked at me and continued talking.

“My head loves Lian, but wants the same behavior with me. I keep being stimulated, so later on, just looking at my face will swell up.”


“I’ll have to ask again. ‘Do you love Rihanna?’ If I say, I close my eyes and put off the answer. I’m confused. I’m with you and I’m with Lian.”

“No.. stop..”

“The ring on the index finger of my left hand catches my eye. Because of the pleasures of the flesh, the priority is completely shifted to me.”

“Stop it! I don’t want to hear about your sexual orientation!”

“Uh…? Can’t you agree?”

“What the hell are you saying to sympathize with?”

Still, thanks to Solar’s broken state, it seems to have been fixed. Lane’s eyes were scary, but I had to act in this atmosphere.

“I have yours too. I made all three of them. The last time I gave you something different without understanding the mood, right? .”

I pulled out two boxes. Solar blinked her eyes and stopped talking. is it correct? Is it a failure?

“Ah, right? Right? There’s no way that only Lian prepared it. Because I said it out loud in front of so many people! I thought again. I thought I was the only one left out… Because of the work I did when I went on a trip last time…”


Tears spilled out of Sola’s eyes as she muttered. It seems that Solar’s emotions change a little more often these days, is it because of her mood?

“It can’t be. If it was, I wouldn’t have even told you your name there in the first place.”

While saying that, he grabbed Solar’s left hand lightly and was about to take out the ring.

“Are you putting Solar in first?”


I rolled my eyes at Lane’s murmur.

“..Yes, I understand. I can understand.”

Ryan was saying that. But that expression seemed more like hurt than understanding.

“After all, Solar is the highest priority within you.

It hurts my heart to be so pitiful.

Let’s think about it. Is there any way to overcome this situation? How can you please all three at the same time?

You have to please everyone. It’s because they’re the ones who followed the selection of three people at the same time.

I sighed and broke out in a cold sweat. No, sweat?


“Yes why?”



I didn’t even finish talking, but Lane hurriedly nodded. It’s like I’m blocking my words in advance.

The future me may be a bit difficult, but that’s for later. It was more important now to get over the gobi in front of me.

Lane backed away with a smirk. I’m glad you’re satisfied with this. No, maybe it’s fortunate… They step back to a position where they can’t see themselves, open their mouths, slightly stick out their tongues, and take a posture of reciprocating back and forth with their index fingers and thumbs facing each other. I knew what it meant, and it sent goose bumps down my spine.

The sexual desire that had been suppressed for so long must now explode. Yes, if you release it to some extent, it will return to normal. So, until then, let’s endure the squeeze.

“Solar, Lian. There’s no such thing as who I like more. I want you to know. I want to include you at the same time, but it doesn’t look good, right?”

“Why do you call Solar first? Are you saying I’m that kind of person? Was I called last after being pushed by the others?”

“Rian, Solar. How am I going to rank you guys? Everyone’s the best and number one. Now, put your hand up. I’ll put you in person.”

I grabbed Lian’s hand so that I wouldn’t have to say more than this, and put the ring on it. I didn’t know the location when I signed the contract in Pelvern, so I put it in the direction of writing in Hidin. So… it’s your left index finger, right? maybe that’s right

Before Sola could say anything, she pulled her body with a little force. In an instant, Solar embraced her in her arms. It was a little strange that the magic armor had gone, but it was a little strange that it was weakly held in my arms, but I hurriedly grabbed my left hand and put the ring on it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the right size or chafing where it touches the skin.



He said so, but as if he had been waiting, he immediately approached and held out his hand. Thanking Lane for taking a step back for the sake of the other two, she put a ring on her left index finger.

“Thank you for saving me. I want to be with you all the time.”

We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict

We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict

저희는 마왕을 무찌르고 아무 갈등 없이 해산하였습니다.
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
There probably wouldn’t have been any conflict, and it probably ended the story perfectly and disbanded.


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