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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 182

Chapter 182 – Special Ending – The Puppet Master Becomes a Player Again [Reverse] Episode 2

Caution – The special ending has nothing to do with the main story.
This is what happens when Cynthia becomes Iris’s slave in reverse.


A thin stick made of blue slime bodily fluid.
Iris smiled strangely while looking at her cock.
Cynthia shook her head, vaguely anticipating what the stick would do.

“Ah… No… Ugh… I hate it…!”
“Oh my God? What am I doing? What is it? Say it with your mouth.”
“Kuh… Kuh!”

Seeing Cynthia suffering, Iris felt joy and sexual desire.
She felt her cunt wet just by looking at Cynthia.

‘So cute. I want to eat! But… That’s what you should do when you’re a perfect slime? Whooping… Now I have to bully you a lot~’
Iris smiled strangely and moved the slime tentacles that bound Cynthia’s body.

Iris laid her Cynthia on her lap.
While she felt a great pleasure, she still had the strength to resist.
Retiring her arms and legs with slime tentacles, she this time blocked her mouth with her tentacles.

“Hey~ I’m punished for not being able to tell you~ Are you going to develop your urethra with this? Huhu…”
“Uh… Ugh!”
Cynthia’s sinister imagination became a reality.

However, there was nothing Cynthia could do, as her body became younger and she could not even use mana.
She can only struggle and express her disapproval…

“Now~ then! Say with your mouth that you will become my male~ You will live for me! You will become a semen-ejaculating male for me! You will become a slime that enslaves all humans who invade this place! Then… From now on, the queen I’ll treat you like a king. Slime King! How is it?”

Having said that, Iris pulled the tentacles from Cynthia’s mouth.
“Shut up! I’m a player. Proud play… Uh… Ugh! Ugh!”

Cynthia resists with a lifeless look.
Iris suggested a merciful and peaceful happy ending in her own way, but Cynthia still only resisted.
But Iris, who had already guessed this situation, laughed and closed her mouth again with her slime tentacles.

“Yes. I have no choice but to train you~ But remember…”
Suddenly a cold wind blew.
Cynthia, feeling the chill even in the cave, shuddered in her body.

“You belong to me now. I read your memories. Are you alone? There is no human to find you, right? There is no human to know what you’re going through… Whoa… Who could be more perfect than this? ?”

Hearing her words, Cynthia rubbed her body.
Fear. It was plain fear and despair.

“Okay~ Then we’re going to develop the urethra? Our kind Cynthia… Show the owner a lot of weird sides~♡ huhu…”
“Ugh… Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”

Cynthia struggled, but it was… Futile.
Cynthia’s arms, legs, waist, hips, and breasts were bound with slime tentacles.
Tied up in bandages, like a mummy, Cynthia checked her now immobilized body and glared at Iris.

“Um… Okay… I’ll watch that look in your eyes turn into pleasure… Come on… Let’s go? A stiffly erect cock… It’s a nanny, but it’s a double maximal cock… Ah… Which side should I put it in? Whoops…”
Having said that, Iris inserted her thin rod into her upper cock.

Cold and alien pleasure and pain dug into the urethra at the same time.
Cynthia strained her cock, but her slime stick was so slippery that she went deep into her urethra without much resistance! She got stuck

“Huh… Uhhhhh! Eup! Uhhhhh! Eup!”
Seeing Cynthia in agony as she shed her tears, Iris grabbed her heart with her deadly cuteness.

Her heart pierced her emotions for a moment, and Iris grinned at the half-reinforced stick.

“Hey~ How is it? Do you have a heart to ask for forgiveness?”
Iris wanted to hear her scolding and her clear groans, so she removed the tentacles that had closed Cynthia’s mouth.

“Heh…! Heh…! Heh!”
However, all that came out of Cynthia’s mouth was a panting moan… She was half-excited about the development of the urethra, which she tasted for the first time.

“What? Have you lost your temper already? Then it’s no fun? I haven’t developed it yet~ Now… Then… Eight!”
Iris cruelly pressed the thin half-recessed stick into her palm.

“Turn off!”
The stick went completely into the urethra. And even deep down…
Her immense pleasure and pain dug into Cynthia’s cock, and Cynthia twisted her body around as she poured out her tears.

“Ahhhhh! Violent reaction! Now… Now! Show me more?”
However, that appearance only brought out Iris’ S-side tendency, not sympathy.

“I only put one in, but if this is enough… Now, go for another one?”
Iris made the same slime stick and caught her maxed-out cock bobbing around.

“Huh… Hehhhhh…”
“It hurts? But this time it’ll feel better!”
“Stop… Please… Stop…”
“Ugh~ Then you should say that you will be my slave when I give you the first chance! I won’t give you a second chance?”

Iris laughed like a demon. Then she suddenly erased her smile…
“Shall we see how far it goes?”
“Uh… Ugh…!”

Iris thrust her second stick into the cock where she had inserted the first stick.

Day 3.

“Ah… Ah… Forgive me… Any more… It’s impossible…!”
“Now~ The 30th stick goes in? Whoops…”
“Heh… Heh… Please…”

A total of 29 slime sticks were inserted into the upper and lower double cocks.
The rod went so deep that the cock and testicles swelled up like an inflated balloon.

Testicles swaying in flaring veins.
I have to ejaculate the semen right now and eject the stick, but…
Iris filled a chastity belt made of slime bodily fluids to keep the stick and semen from escaping.

Even the slightest movement of her body caused pleasure and pain to pass through Cynthia’s mind, and Zana gnawed at her reason.
What’s even more frightening is that at first it came as a great pain, but then the pleasure gradually increased…

Now the pleasure is greater.
Pleasure was so strong now that the slightest movement of his cock gave him pleasure equal to ejaculation.

“Umm~ Is the penis the limit now? I wanted to insert the 30th stick… But there’s no room. If I put more… The cock will explode… Hehe… Ah~ Should I just explode the cock and make it a female? Now If it were, I would feel great pleasure… Uh-huh…”

Iris does not hesitate to say terrible and cruel words.
Seeing her eyes flash with madness, Cynthia cried and shuddered at her.
Even in the midst of this, an irresistible pleasure flows through Cynthia’s body.

“Um ~ Um ~ Now … I’m limited to my pussy. Sex … I want to have sex! I like anal sex. Will you tell me you want to be a slave? If you say no… I’ll put the stick in. Now… I… I’m giving you one last chance especially.”

An animal-like cry came out of Cynthia’s mouth.
But the nod of her head meant she accepted it.

“Whoops! Okay… I’ve finally subdued it~ Ahh~”
Finally, she captured Cynthia’s heart.
Now that she has tasted thorough training… Cynthia will never rebel against her master.

I was happy, but I was also offended by Cynthia, who had endured so far.
The mischievous Iris slapped Cynthia’s swollen prick with one blow.

Rods stuck in the urethra give a series of tingling pains.
Cynthia let out a scream close to screaming.

“Lord… Dying! Semen… Semen… Ahhhhh! The stick… Hardens… The cock… Gets weird… Bursts! Forgive me… Hauuuuu…!”
“Ehh! I don’t like it! Etiquette still hasn’t been taught?”
Hearing Cynthia’s screams, Iris suddenly jumped up from her seat and crossed her arms.

“You don’t know how to say respectful words to your master? I can’t.”
She didn’t say honorifics. As punishment for that action, Iris…

Right! Right! Right! Right! Right!
“Oohhhhh” Ugh…!”
She hits the cheek in succession. It was also towards the erect penis.

She felt pain and pleasure at the same time.
The eyes of Cynthia, who drips her tears and runny nose, are already bright hearts.
“Aww… Cock… I feel like I’m going to explode… Yo… I want to cum… Yo… Please… Please… I’ll give you… Make it cheap… Please… Semen. .. Get stuck… Yo…”

Cynthia begged and stammered with respectful words.
Seeing that, Iris fiddled with her chastity belt made of her own slime bodily fluids.

“Hey~ From now on, you are the Slime Queen Iris… You are the male slave of this body. Say it with your own mouth.”
“Yes… Neet…! I am Slime… Que… In… Iris…’S male slave… Ah… Please… Chastity belt…Release… Three… Yo… Haagh…!”

At the declaration of defeat, Iris smiled brightly as if her mood had improved.

“You said it well~ Then it’s a prize~”
Iris smiled and removed her chastity belt. OK…

“Me… Meaaaaa!”
The rod inserted into the urethra and the semi-hardened semen began to burst out.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

인형사 다시 플레이어 되다
Score 6.5
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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