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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 89

89 – middle ground-4

It’s clumsy. I swung a meaningless sword at her, as if I was just trying to force it.

There is no awareness of where she is aiming, no calculation of what Eleanor will have to do to prevent or avoid this attack, no prediction of what she will do next.

It was a crude and meaningless attack that had to be relearned from mindset rather than swordsmanship.


But the gap is too great. The weight class is different.

Even if a tortoise the size of a huge mountain just crawls around, the human under its feet can’t stop it.

her expression contorts The Empire’s strongest swordsman sincerely analyzes this blow and blocks it with all his might.

“It’s great!”

Without much thought, I raised the blocked sword again and struck it down. She twisted her whole body to avoid it.

He swung his sword like an adult playing with a child.

She was right. When I heard the word sparring, my teeth trembled, but I was not afraid when I grabbed the sword.

You don’t have to fall helplessly, or you don’t have to lie down and receive her cold stare and stern reprimand.

only with this power. With just the power of a hero, I can overwhelm her.

There was no need to roll on the ground, no need to get bruised from being hit by the holy sword.

It’s overwhelming.

“You don’t have to look.”

While the attack stopped in her thoughts, Eleanor straightened her posture again and gripped her sword.

Upright posture, not disturbed in the slightest. It’s a perfect posture that I’m ready to receive with all my might no matter where I swing my sword.

Even so, you can’t really block my sword.


She responds sincerely to my small movements.

The hero who defeated the monster and killed the demon lord had to respond with all his might to the clumsy sword.

She couldn’t even dare to counterattack me and was receiving the pouring sword attacks.


Every time she swings the sword, her body trembles. Resistance gradually weakens.

The collision of swords with swords is just stagnation to me. It can last for several tens of minutes. But for her, even that was a desperate defense using all her body strength.


The blade of the holy sword slammed into her leg, where there was a gap.

She staggered with one knee bent, but she did not let go of the sword in her hand. The way he looked at me didn’t change either.

Doesn’t cut. The holy sword doesn’t cut what I don’t want.

Nonetheless, the weight of the sword, which was struck in a very small area, was not negligible. If you hit the head with sincere force, you will surely lose your life.

beautiful. Eleanor, no matter what anyone said, was as beautiful as her appearance. She also had a nobler status than anyone else as the emperor’s most favored daughter. She herself was a person who lived a full life who had worked harder than anyone else and had worked hard for several decades.

That’s why she was barely shaken by this sword. As if denying everything about Eleanor, an overwhelming force oppresses her.

It’s ugly, but I couldn’t say I didn’t feel good.

“Go ahead.”

I was enjoying the afterglow for a while, and Eleanor’s cold voice struck me.

“I was thinking of doing it even if you didn’t say that!”

The sharp bursting sound of swords clashing with swords rang pleasantly in the ears.

i win I hate to admit it, but this helps my sanity.

Even if I meet Eleanor at night holding a sword, I feel like I will never lose.

Dalian is not scary. Her cold eyes become funny.

A small emotion mixed into the sword that had no emotions.

“Sometimes, stop this too!”

I was enjoying It was a comedy to imagine how serious she would be to block such a ridiculous sword, a sword whose trajectory, speed, and tempo were messed up.

The sword gets faster. Iron and iron collide more violently.

Rolling on the ground several times, her body was covered with dirt before she knew it.

But at some point, I realized an absurd fact.

Eleanor did not fall.

I didn’t feel like I was at my full potential. Although it was ridiculous to say that it was power when it was not a power that could be used freely when I wanted to.

Still, compared to the time I fought against the white branch, it was less than half of my strength.

Apparently, my sword was hitting Eleanor’s body little by little. One on the leg, one on the arm, one on the side.

But she doesn’t fall. The look in my eyes that I would fight sincerely did not waver, and even if I couldn’t keep up with my strength, I did my best to block it somehow.

More than the physical damage is piling up, her experience is increasing. My body remembers my clumsy sword.


The sword he swung again bounced off, albeit just a little bit.


The price was great. She had to use a lot of strength to block my sword, her breath was gasping and her body shaking.

Even so, my clumsy mind wasn’t ready for the next move.

Even the moment Eleanor stepped forward and thrust her sword through my throat.

The sound of a sword falling to the ground filled the clearing. Eleanor slowly collapsed on the spot.

“As expected, you’re strong…”

The sword never touched his neck. Not only in strength but also in reaction speed, the gap between her and me was too great.

As soon as she recognized Eleanor’s attack, she let go of her sword and struck it with her arm, causing her to lose her balance and fall.

I felt a warm energy in my arm. The wound was so thin that it could be said to have been cut with paper, but the clothes were soaked in blood and clinging to the flesh.

“You won.”

Eleanor sat down on the ground looking up at me with a relieved look on her face.

The clown in this comedy is now me, not her.

No, maybe it was me from the beginning.

When I had no strength, I too was busy blocking Eleanor’s sword.

Thinking about it now, no, even back then, I knew that that wasn’t her strength. Because there was a difference in swordsmanship, strength, and speed that made it impossible for them to compete with each other.

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Just because I could see her move with my eyes, she was looking at me.

It was unfortunate though. I was angry. I hated me for not being able to win, and I hated her forcing me to do it.

But now she

I hold the sword with all my heart as if it were nothing.

Unlike me back then, when I gave up, saying, ‘If the opponent is Eleanor, I can’t win anyway.’

Unlike my past, when I just collapsed when I was hit on the leg, no matter how many times I was attacked, I was aiming for an opportunity until I really collapsed.

That education is wrong. No matter how much I thought about it, it was wrong, and I have no intention of acknowledging her.

But, still this.

It makes me so shabby.

Look back at the wound on your arm. Although not to this extent, there were times when I was full of passion.

The time when I tried to learn even just one swordsmanship or movement after watching her.

There was a time when, concentrating and imagining, I gnashed my teeth to give her one more second.

There was a time when I tried to hit him even once.

I’ve only been successful, probably only once.

Of course, there were no wounds on Eleanor’s body, but my sword pressed a little on her thin arms.

That was the first and last time she complimented me during sparring.

“Did I win?”

remember those eyes

I remember what I did then.

While forcibly holding on to her dizzy mind from the pouring sword attacks, her head constantly analyzed her patterns, and her sword constantly blocked her attacks.

only once. The moment I turned myself into a sword to catch up with her even once.

“With just this…”

I was mistaken. For three years already, I lived with her.

When Eleanor gets ridiculous, it’s not like she’s just going down the gutter.

The me who believed in her, the me who longed for her, the me who pursued her, and even for a very short time.

It was something that even made fun of me for catching up with Eleanor.

With only an occasional force.

“Weren’t you satisfied?”

Concern was mixed in Eleanor’s eyes. There was a mixture of self-reproach.

But, I didn’t deserve it.

It was I who did not mix my heart with my sword.

I could have excused myself for doing it for safety, but I knew it. That was a ridiculous excuse.

If it was to help Eleanor grow, she would have wielded the sword in a different way. Even if I had swung the sword to hit her with all my might to avenge myself, as she intended, this would not have resulted.

“You know better, right? With a sword like this, like this…”

“You haven’t learned the sword for 4 years yet. Considering the standard of an ordinary person, this is also an amazing achievement.”

can not understand.

She was the one who bullied me for expecting so much from me and not responding to it.

“Knights learn the concept of a sword by the age of 5 or 6 at the latest.”

“In the first place, you were out of your mind! You should know better than me…”

“If it’s your choice, that’s right. You’re not a knight. You don’t have to put your heart into the sword.”

Eleanor threw away all expectations and obsessions, and thought that she was really proud of me.

“It’s just a civilian who has brought a great gift to our world. I didn’t know that. Once again, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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