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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 34

34 – fail-5

The escort, Lina thought it would be a peaceful day until this morning.

Working as an imperial palace guard, you will meet all kinds of people. Most of the aristocrats worthy of being invited here were arrogant people, but the baron he met this time was remarkably good.

His face was always stiff, so I was always worried that something bad was going on, but when he talked to me, he forced a smile on his face.

He was kind to the people below him. The guards were completely helpless when elves attacked or other knights quarreled, but he got out of the crisis himself.

Risking punishment, she and her colleagues were stunned by the lack of discipline.

There were sometimes nobles who whined to put their heads down, and at least the imperial guards had failed, so it was a situation where they had to be formally punished.

Each time, the silver-haired maid delivered the news that he strongly objected. He couldn’t talk to him when they met, but all the guards were grateful to him.

However, he went in and out of the library with a blank face, then lay on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

I thought that appearance was a bit pitiful.

And today was the only day I could see him smile.

I thought it was fortunate to see him play jokes that he wouldn’t normally play, tremble with anticipation, and move forward with light steps one step at a time.

Unfortunately, as a soldier escorting distinguished guests, meeting and parting are inevitable. With the baron he liked so much, the question of whether it would be okay to stay for a few more days could not be brought up even as a joke.

I sent it like that

– Gather all available forces! No matter the number of people, the condition, the organization, and everything, gather together! Sir Reinhardt is already fighting!

At the sudden call-up order, the soldiers gathered in a hurry. There was no time to hear who had attacked or what kind of battle was going on.

I was just imagining that something unusual was happening, watching the soldier being escorted out of the basement.


But I didn’t expect him to be at the center of the chaos.

“Why… why are you doing this?”

He frowned for a moment and stood still. Biting my lips tight seemed like holding back something.

“It’s complicated to explain, but the bottom line is… I was chosen to be the hero. I was promised to return home, and that promise was broken. That’s it.”

“A warrior?”

Reinhardt hastily intervened.

He too was feeling strange. Obviously, he beat the princess, the elf, and the wizard half to death, but he was strangely passive when sword to sword with him.

As if people who were irrelevant were to leave, he implicitly asked them to just leave.

A demon or a vicious dragon cannot easily distinguish a person’s tiny face. If you are violent with someone, you must be violent with everyone around you, and if you are gentle with someone, you must be gentle with them all.

It could explain why no dead person came out, and why his sword didn’t contain the intent and desire to kill.

“Nonsense. Such…”

After all, the easiest way to explain how Eleanor fell after gaining the strength of a warrior was to break that premise.

It was easier to admit that the man in front of him was a hero than to explain that a being strong enough to defeat her as a hero had suddenly appeared.

“Can this be enough evidence?”

The blue light from his sword shimmered and then scattered.

It wasn’t clear, and it didn’t last long.

However, apart from the power contained in the holy sword, when he applied it, light grains swirled around his body. Even the ignorant soldier knew that nothing good would happen if he touched it.

he was a warrior At least, I used the hero’s power.

“Even so, we cannot take their lives…”

However, even in the heart of the old knight, doubts arose just a little bit.

I understood a little bit of that gigantic monster that had no intention of looking after or respecting the situation.

The hero’s power cannot be forcibly taken away, nor can it be transferred to someone not chosen by the goddess.

It could be that he was ‘pretending to be a hero’ using other similar powers, but the blue light was very similar to the hero’s power poured from the tip of the sword.

If you start to doubt one, you must also doubt the other.

“First of all, I’ll apologize. If it’s true that you’re a warrior, it means everyone was hiding this. Even my men.”

Reinhardt lowered his head and did not see his hands tremble with inexplicable anger.

“But, can you guarantee the lives of the impersonators? At least until the trial. I would like to at least hear Eleanor’s story. And, even if it is true that she did something wrong… I will not escape by dying, but live to pay the penalty.” I think you should pay for it.”

It was the maximum compromise Reinhardt could make. As a knight who gave his life to the imperial family, it was tantamount to betrayal.

However, until now, he had not been able to defeat Enerel, who had no intention of attacking at all. If there was a way to resolve it peacefully, compromise was the right thing to do.

“I can’t promise you.”

“Then… I’m sorry. This may not be right… but I owe so much to the Empire.”

“I can’t help it. If that happens…”

Enerel stopped talking and looked somewhere as if she wasn’t listening to him.

Everyone was following his gaze, but there was nothing but empty space at the end.

“I do it.”

After a moment of silence, he spoke softly.

Before others could react to his words, he poured out his angry words like a rapid-fire cannon.

“I do it, I do it! Kill them, save them, revenge them or forgive them, I do it! What are you doing to interfere with my choices!”

“U-whatever it is…”

“Shut up! What the hell are you doing? Interrupt from the side of Tsong-Al-Jong-Al!”

He violently threw the holy sword to the ground. The holy sword, the companion of the hero and the gift of the goddess, bounced several times and was unsightly.

“If you like traveling that much, find someone and leave!”

He let out a rough breath and looked back at the others with a blank face.


I just couldn’t stand it.

The moment I realized that I couldn’t go back home, I couldn’t stand it.

I was just overcome with emotion and knocked the wizard down.

I defeated an archer who abandoned his pride just because he was by my side.

He knocked the princess down and beat her mercilessly to the point of breaking her body.

I thought it didn’t matter if they died. Perhaps, the princess might already be dead.

However, these were different. people who don’t know anything Innocent people who were just loyal to the Empire.

But what stopped me even more than that was the disgusting voices coming from my ears.

Kill them, avenge them. The red light has become a mass of emotions, whispering in my ears.

In the midst of depression, the holy sword shouting out to go on an adventure in a bright voice was also unpleasant.

Never, I didn’t want to move as they intended.

“If you block it, you could die.”

My bodyguard met eyes. He was a strong and bright person, so he remained in my memory.

“Th-I think the baron is a really good person, and I don’t have a big relationship with the princess, but…”

As if it couldn’t be helped, the guard smiled slightly.

“Here, I have too many friends.”

I nodded.

Even if I kill all the remaining warrior party members, how many people will have a grudge against me. There may be people who come for revenge.

He had to kill so many people he had no grudge against, and that red voice just followed what he wanted.

And even if you do that, there is no way back.

There is no going back.

“…I thought it was going to be like this from the beginning.”

I found the holy sword and picked it up.

-Come, come, come! right? Is it possible without me?

“Could you please be quiet?”

– Destroy everything, let’s go on a trip quickly! Since the empire was destroyed anyway, isn’t it the beginning of a wandering life?

“This is enough.”

The process of putting power into the holy sword was not neat. Compared to Eleanor’s clean and clear swordsmanship, it was clumsy.

It was shaking like a living creature, like a rolling wave.

But its cutting power was unquestionable. I held the sword upside down and took my last breath.

I’m leaving for a world without those people, so I don’t have to rely on magic circles like that.

There is no need to find each one of them who probably returned, and there is no need to kill innocent people for that.

From the beginning, all I needed to be alone was a sword and my decision.

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Just before the blazing black air penetrated my stomach, I heard a familiar scream.


A woman with white hair in a nun’s uniform. it’s a saint Her whole body was glowing with great divine power. A long-prepared holy spell was about to be cast.

I couldn’t understand why she appeared in front of me or why she prevented me from committing suicide.


The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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