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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 24

24 – Revenge-7

I never thought I would see hell this soon.

An unpleasant iron bar, a small space that could be reached from end to end in less than a second at her speed.

Rat corpses are scattered here and there, and insects crawl through this space as if it were their own house.

The bugs living in the forest were cute, but the bugs here were just sticking their teeth into each other with a disgusting and disgusting face.

“Whoops, whoops, whoops…”

And the only intelligent body here had to spend its experience, wisdom, and emotions to feel despair and pain.

“Why, uh, why…”

It feels like your skin is being eaten. No matter how many times she raises her hand and sweeps her body, there is no nature here to protect her.

“Dear elf, do you think you’ll be safe after doing this…”

all traitors Everyone who did this to her was hateful.

The porter who didn’t cooperate, the princess who stood in her way, and all the soldiers who brought her here.

It was unbelievably disgusting that the bread they handed over was made from natural grains.

Being deprived of her freedom and floundering in despair with one foot in heavy shackles was the first pain she had ever felt.

And what kept coming to mind in the midst of that pain was the porter’s face.

Unrefined desires ravaged her loose mind. you have to meet him We must meet and kneel. next.


The elf screamed in agony with that beautiful voice.

afraid. I don’t know what’s inside her. It was as if an invisible monster was eating her body bite after bite.

Delusions that Nerwen couldn’t think of and desires that she couldn’t want, at some point, settled in a corner of her head ‘as if they were originally like that’.

From the middle of the adventure, at some point, it was there. When he screamed, he disappeared for a while, but it got worse and worse.

“…are you coming?”

But when the elf’s pointed ears picked up footsteps, her seizures subsided a little.

Even locked up in a place like this, she was still a noble being. You can’t look ugly.

Soon after, two guards appeared. The elf sat with a resolute face while suppressing the pain.

“Wait, you need to come out.”

“Is it a trial?”

“It’s a cure.”

Nerwen’s face brightened a little.

It might not be possible to visit the World Tree directly, but with the help of an elven healer, he might be able to find out the cause of this pain.

And I didn’t know if I could find out what this had to do with the porter. His eyes didn’t seem to tell lies, but it was clear that they were related to him in some way.

When I opened the door and entered, an elf who looked a little more mature than her was waiting for me.

A human would at best look like a sister’s age difference, but Nerwen knew that it would take many years for an elf to age like that.

“I’m sorry to see you in a place like this, Elder.”

“It’s okay, it’s fine.”

The elf sitting in front of Nerwen stopped talking and covered his nose.

Nerwen bit her lip. I didn’t mean to criticize her. The environment in the dungeon was disgusting and dirty even she thought.

It was just that the noble woman who shouldn’t be in such a dirty place was humiliated to smell like ‘such a dirty person’ in the eyes of others.

“I’m sorry, Nerwen. Grand Master of the World Tree. Unfortunately, I can’t get you out of here right now. The Emperor is wary of you.”

Anger flashed in Nerwen’s eyes.

He had bowed his head once, but that was just a ritual to not spoil the excitement of the festival.

As long as the hero party is disbanded, she is no longer an archer following the hero. Nerwen, the chosen elf who exercises the will of the World Tree.

There was no reason for any human being to bow her head.

“Is that why you’re treating me like this? To me who defeated the demon king! You’re an ungrateful bastard. Tell the World Tree of his betrayal immediately…”

Even if her imprisonment was politically unavoidable, it did not make sense to put people of noble status in such a prison.

Even if you put them in a solitary cell with maids and servants and control access, you shouldn’t let them suffer in a place like this.

“It was Eleanor who put you here.”


Nerwen had no choice but to understand. Since she never backed away from her principles and duties, she wouldn’t have thought of giving her special treatment as an elf or friend.

He must have asked for a life no different from other criminals who attacked nobles.

“However, Eleanor was very worried about Nerwen. She said that she did not seem to be the Nerwen she knew. It was she who called me.”

Because of his shame, Nerwen could not bear to tell others about his condition. I only told the priest or wizard about the approximate symptoms, but I didn’t talk about it openly.

However, there was no time for that now. Even if his prestige was somewhat undermined, he definitely had to be treated.

“First, tell me your symptoms slowly.”

He was an elf famous for his wisdom that even Nerwen knew. As an elder and a healer, he should be able to find a solution for her somehow.

“It smells strange.”

“Do you smell it?”

“It’s a… smell I don’t know.”

The elder tilted his head. Not all elves knew every smell they could smell, but Nerwen was a young but experienced elf.

The smell of fire burning with magic, the smell of wet metal, the smell of human corpses and blood.

There were many smells that young elves wouldn’t know about, but it was unlikely that Nerwen would be bothered by just such a smell.

“That’s strange. Even if that’s a problem, aren’t there any problems right now?”

“It must have been a disgusting smell, but the thought of it would drive me crazy… even now.”

Nerwen thought of a way to escape and find the porter even at the moment right in front of the elf elder.

No, that wasn’t her idea. The elf’s reason and noble soul rejected such filthy desires, but the urge was just inside her head.

It’s like it’s been like that ever since I was born.

“Smell… I feel more confused. Would you like to focus on your feelings?”

“One of the porters along the way… used to emit a strange smell.”

“Is it the smell of the soul?”

Nerwen nodded.

“It got worse, and there were times when I got angry. Every time I smelled it, I got a strange craving. It’s like someone who has never drank water feels thirsty…”


Diseases from thousands of years ago passed through the elf elder’s mind. The chances of getting this disease were very small.

“That porter, was he an important person?”

“No. I heard that they are nobles, but they are insignificant compared to the nobility of elves.”

Nerwen looked at the elf in front of him as if lamenting. The elder’s wisdom, now suffering, was the last way to protect Nerwen.

“I really don’t know… the odds seem slim, but Nerwen. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying from now on, and listen carefully.”


“This is not meant to misunderstand Miss Nerwen or belittle her.”

The elder tried to look straight at Nerwen somehow, enduring the pain from the stench.

“Elves don’t get sick. Curses and magic, your friends would have known right away.”

“Then what the hell…”

“Elves are created for a noble purpose, but they don’t have only essential organs. Just like there are organs that have only form without purpose, there is a smell like that.”

“What are you talking about…”

The elf elder sighed heavily and looked at Nerwen with a worried look.

“We are all born in the World Tree, but we can use other methods, like humans and other races, to give birth to new life in a natural way.”

“No matter how natural it is, it’s just disgusting.”

Nerwen bit his lip and made no secret of his disgust.

“I won’t deny that it’s natural… But, instead of responsibility and love to create a new life, it was done to satisfy the lust of the dirty and dirty flesh.”

Elves do not give birth to children with their bodies. If you offer their essence to the World Tree, the tree will make her child through him.

Babies are not born simply by chance and desire, but are born in love and blessings, receiving the blessing of the sacred tree.

The elves born this way, of course, had no choice but to regard other races as uncivilized. I thought they were superior since they were born with the touch of God.

However, there were also those who rejected it.

“In the first place, why the hell is this topic…”

“Do you love the porter?”

The elder asked Nerwen a question he had never imagined.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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