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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 178

178 – theorem-12

From the huge dragon’s mouth, hot heat gushed out.

“Breath! Avoid everyone!”

The captain of the guard kept his distance from the dragon and commanded the guards while shooting arrows.

The black dragon’s breath spewed dark red fire. The scorching heat filled the area right in front of the guards.


“Shield, don’t let go of the shield! Hold on with all your might!”

The guards didn’t get a direct hit from the breath. If that had happened, I would have been burned black without being able to scream.

However, the heat leaking from the missed breath was enough to immobilize the entire guard.

“It’s hot, my hands, I think they’ll melt!”

“If you miss your shield, we’ll all melt! Your body will melt first!”


However, the soldiers in the front line did not waver. Their faces were tinged with fear, but at least no one fled far enough to break the ranks.

It must have been because the stupid dragon spewed breath on the bare ground, but the guards who felt the threat to their lives moved more agilely than they could, and stood firm.


And, the imperial knights led by Reinhardt did not miss that gap.

A pale black glow shimmered. Powerful power was wrapped around the sword, and their swordsmanship could even cut the dragon’s skin, which was like steel.


Screaming in pain, the dragon soared into the sky.

“Wow, that’s great!”

The guards watched the great battle of the knights with interest, forgetting that they were fighting.

“You fools, the fight is not over yet! The dragon is coming down!”

Upon hearing this, the guards raised their spears in unison.


The dragon’s claws barely passed overhead, throwing the soldiers into confusion.

“Poke, stab! Don’t run away!”

The dragon’s heel was right in front of the soldier at the end of the line. The captain of the guards guarding the back row overcame fear and stabbed the dragon with a long spear.


Although the imperial knights wielded swords with sword skills, they were weak sword skills that were on a different level from the sword skills of the holy warriors.

It was stronger than iron, so it was possible to scratch the dragon’s scales a little, but at most it was about half a knuckle.

Although the dragon’s calf was much smaller than its size, it was not a deep wound.

However, in this soldier’s eyes, the loophole shone like a twinkle. It felt like if I stabbed it like this, that huge monster would collapse.


Of course, his spear couldn’t pierce the dragon’s scales, but it could ‘slightly’ break through the already damaged wounds.

But, that was it.

“Now, don’t provoke it! Dodge! Organize the battle lines!”

Seeing that, the captain of the guard couldn’t help but shout with a white face.

The dragon’s posture did not waver at all. It jolted just a little bit, but that was only because it raised its tail high into the air to strike down the man who had stabbed it in the heel.

“Run away!!!”

However, his words were not heard by the guards, who were soaked in elation with their spears deeply pierced.

The dragon glanced back, then struck down its huge tail.


However, the guard captain, who was watching the dragon, did not see a single human moving like a flash of light behind it.

A huge shock hit the ground. The ground was dug up, and dust rose.

“Ah oh?”

The guard captain felt a sense of incongruity mixed with hope. Even if it was that evil dragon’s huge tail, it could not have produced such a refreshing and unrestrained sound when it crushed and killed a human.

“Brave soldier, is your body all right?”

The soldier who had been speared by the dragon was staring into the air with a dumbfounded face while being embraced by an old knight.

“Sir Reinhardt…”

Once again a miracle happened. The old knight moved more agile than anyone else and saved a slightly brave and overly reckless soldier.

“Calm down!”

“Sir Reinhardt is in danger! Everyone start firing!”

“Bar, National Guard!”

The captain of the guard tried to get angry about why he had come only now, but he could only nod when he saw the items they had brought.

Large ballistas set up to defend the capital were coming one after another on wheels. Perhaps there was something already installed, an arrow the size of a giant spear flew towards the dragon.

“Keep attacking! For the sake of His Majesty the Emperor…”

The guard captain, who was about to shout a familiar slogan, suddenly realized that there was no emperor anymore.

“For the Empire!”

A ruthless and gigantic wooden mechanism that surpassed human strength struck the dragon.

I couldn’t pierce the scales. However, it could give a slight shock.

Taking advantage of that flinching gap, the knights rushed again. Most drew their swords and inflicted minor wounds on the dragon’s feet and legs, but some knights brought their horses and started charging their lances.


However, not all were successful. The dragon was agile enough not to match its size, and the horses and knights that caught the dragon’s attention for a long time flew away with a gesture.

Several knights came to slay the dragon, but they struggled without even swinging their swords once.

Even though their skills were insufficient, they could say that they had enough courage. Many free knights, just hearing the dragon’s roar from afar, ran away from their tails.

The huge shouts faded one by one. At first, the knights and guards, who were happy just to be hurt, had no choice but to have desperate imaginations about the protracted fight.

Couldn’t this dragon be killed?

“I think I’ll have to make a decision… even from now on…”

The guards fought valiantly, and miraculously there were no casualties yet.

However, that didn’t mean they could fight forever. The moment even one of the exhausted people collapses, the number of victims increases uncontrollably.

The guards chief gritted his teeth. But now he had to say something that no one else would say unless he said it.

“You may have to… retreat.”

In these two words, many meanings were implied.

Although the imperial knights were strong, they were unable to inflict a fatal blow on the dragon.

If a wounded dragon were to soar into the sky, those without wings would eventually miss the dragon.

How far this delicate balance would lead could not be guaranteed.


The guards were mostly exhausted. Those who remain are simply holding on with their mental strength, and will soon collapse.

The imperial knights were powerful, but the reason they were able to injure the dragon was because the guards were drawing attention.

With the arrival of the Capital Defense Forces, they may be able to hold out for some time, but in the end, humans will get tired first.

“Then, we must give up. In this capital. Nonsense…”

It is an opponent that can be defeated. No matter how strong the dragon is, it is nothing compared to the Empire.

The fact that they retreated here now did not mean that their lives were wasted. Rather, it means that I will spend my life on something worthwhile.

You don’t know where the angry dragon will fly. Many civilians living in the capital are confined to their own houses, which are never safe from dragons.

So, from the moment they decide to retreat, the guards and capital defense forces must charge back. Rather than running away to find a way to live, each of them must persuade and force all the people in the capital to evacuate.

It was impossible. However, if they couldn’t kill that dragon directly here, that was what they had to do.

“Even if more people came…”

If you are prepared enough. If the spell to kill the dragon dwells on the swords of the knights who are fighting now, and if the prayers of the priests who bind evil things restrict the movement of the dragon.

However, it was all pointless now. The captain of the guard made up his mind.

“It looks like we’ll have to start. No matter how much I think about it, there’s no hope…”

“Be careful!”

A black dragon rushed to the place where the captain of the guard was.

“This, this!”

So far, dragons have shown weak aggression compared to the terrifying demonic energy they exude.

It did something threatening, but it was just aggression at the level of shaking off the bugs that got in the way.

It might have been more dangerous if he ran rampant among humans for the purpose of slaughter itself, befitting the demonic energy that flowed from his body.

But now, the dragon was flying towards the guard chief.


The black dragon’s huge mouth filled the captain’s field of vision. My body froze with fear.

As if the dragon had not allowed him to move, every muscle and mind in his body stood still.

However, if I tried to avoid it, I would not have been able to avoid it. The dragon, which flew faster than anything he could imagine, was not a monster that his abilities could avoid.

All he could do at the last moment was to lower his eyelids very slightly and close his eyes tightly.

At the last moment, his kaleidoscope passed by. Anxiety about the future and remorse for the past quickly filled him up and left him.

A huge grinding sound rang out. A harsh and gigantic sound that couldn’t possibly come out of a dragon’s teeth.

“… oops!”

The captain of the guard hurriedly opened his eyes. It was not the time to be in remorse.

However, all he could see was the back. The back of a person who is the strongest person in the present age and who has completed a nobler journey than anyone else.

A hero was in front of him.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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