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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 100

100 – Strike-1

It was not an area that reason could enter. It was the realm of emotions. It was the realm of instinct.

I know in my head that he deserves to die, and he deserves to die, but I’m not used to killing people.

Whether you kill people in front of you with your fists, people far away with a gun, or kill countless people with missiles by pressing a button, the murder doesn’t change, but I feel it as if it were different.

Aside from my loathing of her, apart from who Eleanor was and why this situation happened.

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Just having a person’s warmth makes me feel comfortable.

Barely coming to my senses, I removed her.

“Was it your first time?”

Eleanor spoke in a worried voice.

“I don’t know.”

If I don’t count the people I indirectly ‘let them die’, I’m sure there are people who died for my personal reasons.

It’s revenge. I wasn’t in a state to argue about this and that at the time, but it was definitely a nuisance.

“How long have you died?”


“Tell me, Eleanor. The day I ran amok in the capital. How many people died?”

It seems there was no intent to kill. I don’t even remember the power control.

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Just swung Just like when you instinctively close your eyes when something gets into your eyes, or when you touch something hot, you instinctively release them.

Everything I do now may be hypocrisy. In the first place, I never cared about that.

No, if I wanted to save people, I could have done something useful instead of thinking about returning.

“There is not one.”

If you wanted to lie to comfort me, I couldn’t accept it.


“Is that why you’re obsessed with remembering death? Fortunately, you didn’t kill anyone.”

It was calm. Rather, it seemed to be a little relieved.

“You don’t have to lie. It’s what I did…”

I couldn’t believe she was lying. But that was unreal.

“Treatment… There was no such thing as safety control, and the situation was chaotic. Not a single person died… It can’t be.”

They ran amok like that, but not a single person died, even a miracle.


Celia hesitated and took my hand.

“Not one died.”


“I saved them all. In my spare time, I continued preparing the spell.”

How long has Celia been there?

If it was a spell from a saint, it would not be impossible. If it’s not instant death, at least first aid to the extent that life won’t be a problem can be done.

Still, I thought it couldn’t be. It was the saintess who stood in front of me at the end. I thought there was no way I could just watch during that long fight.

“from then…”

I lowered my head and slowly let go of her hand holding me.

“Thank you.”

Celia looked at me and smiled softly.


“I’ll go back now!”

After packing up, Jenny said goodbye.

“I’m sorry. I looked bad before I left.”

“It’s okay! I’m just a bit young, but I’m a mercenary? I’ve seen a lot of people who died more terribly.”

“Thank you for thinking so.”

I was in no position to worry about others. After all, I was the least familiar with death.

“I really liked it? Riding on such a nice carriage and eating delicious food. Our little wizard also showed me a lot of strange things…”

Looking at the farseer, she put on a confident expression as if I had done something wrong.

It is unavoidable. ‘Actually, I’m a wizard, but this is not the real age I see on the outside, I’ve actually lived for several hundred years…’ It was impossible to explain, and if I did, it would openly inform the fact that she is the Archmage Farseer. .

Still, it felt a bit unreasonable to hear the sound of a little wizard at that age.

“I ate a lot of delicious things, so it was really fun!”

Seeing her smile made me feel happy.


Even after getting off the carriage, Jenny looked back and waved. Other party members also saw her off.

After the pleasant atmosphere, there was silence for a while. Other women were watching me.

“Seres, let’s set out. We have to go deep into House Weather’s territory.”

“All right!”

In the meantime, Ceres smiled and skillfully grabbed the reins. Watching her petting the horse while wearing a maid outfit, I felt sorry that I had become a full-fledged coachman before I knew it.

“Are you okay?”

“I said I remember, I never said I wouldn’t be doing anything.”

To raise the daughter of the Weather family to the position of head of the household with our own power. It wasn’t that I started doing it without thinking, but it wasn’t that I had a detailed and definite plan.

After all, you have to be diligent and adjust your plans on the spot. have no choice but to depart


ran at full speed. The coat of arms of the Weather family was studded here and there outside the castle. The entrance to the large castle and torches caught my eye.

While coming here, people’s expressions were not good. It was an area that avoided the call to some extent in the fight against the Demon King’s army, so the quality of life was not worse than other territories when viewed objectively.

Still, people tend to be afraid of what is right in front of them. There was no way the serfs living here could look around and see the situation in other villages, and to them, the Demon King was just a story from another world.

Rather, it was a more urgent task to pay a few taxes that immediately strangled them.

“Others are waiting at an inn. Ceres? Let’s start right away with me.”

“All right!”

The castle was nearby, but unless you have very good eyesight you won’t see us pitching our tents here. Fortunately, there seemed to be no tourists passing by.

“From now on… Nerwen, can you handle a horse for a moment?’

“I’m used to handling animals, master.”

“Okay, you take the role of coachman instead. Cover your face if possible. At least Eleanor’s. And the ears too.”

“i get it.”

They shouldn’t draw attention. What happens from now on should be natural.

“Ceres? Do you have any normal clothes you prepared other than the maid uniform?”

“But… I’m a maid? If I take away the maid outfit, I’ll just become a cute and pretty ordinary woman, right?”

“It’s better not to be noticed right now. Well, your face is the type to catch my eye, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything if I leave you alone.”

I think I have learned the world in my own way, but it was nothing compared to Ceres.

Besides, my knowledge was mostly accumulated in a wartime situation, especially in a place where the invasion of the demon army was imminent, so it was difficult to trust. If the merchant decided to deceive me right away, there was no way not to be deceived.

“Celia. Do you have any other clothes besides the saint’s clothes?”

“Well, there are, but we don’t have any plain clothes unrelated to the church…”

“You should have prepared this in advance… Ceres, do you have other clothes besides the maid’s uniform?”

“I’m always ready!”

“That’s it. I want you two to change clothes. Celia wears the maid outfit, and Ceres changes to normal clothes.”

The sudden statement seemed to startle them both, but Eleanor’s words calmed the situation.

“But, Enerel. What are you thinking? Weather is a famous family in its own right. Even in the imperial family, which still had authority, it took a lot of negotiations and goods to put you into the Leodrin family.”

I didn’t think that it would be easy. So, I was a little suspicious of the intention of giving me such a status, even though I wouldn’t stay for a few days.

If you think about it now, you probably didn’t think of me going back at all from the beginning, or you thought you could invest that much in the possibility that I might not go back.

“Eleanor is right. Isn’t it something that can be solved at once? It might be better to wait until the situation is resolved, rather than bothering more.”

Farseer calmly rebuked me.

“Isn’t this a matter that can be solved at once? Even if all the remaining members of the Weather family die?”

“…Are you serious?”

“Of course not. Not only do I have no intention of killing anyone, but it seems that Aldgild will bite its teeth right away if there is a vacuum in the noble family.”

If you have to trust someone, it’s best to keep that person to a minimum. A person can do anything in a desperate or self-interested situation.

“But Leone definitely said, ‘If we can make a mark with this incident’. I don’t know the circumstances of the Weather family, but I don’t know if it means that winning a fight by signing a contract with a mercenary is quite important.”

“If the successor is confused or there is no ready successor, there are times when I use my abilities like that…”

Eleanor muttered in confusion.

The most important thing in succession is lineage. Considering that the head of household is also a part that makes the huge organization of the family work, it is natural to prefer reliable cogwheels over capable and efficient cogwheels.

“But, shouldn’t we take the credit from her. How the hell…”

“If you don’t have any achievements, you can just make them.”

A party of warriors can deal with most situations. You can lure monsters or summon skeleton soldiers, and even though it’s temporary, you can give mental and physical stability and heal the injured.

“We just need to play the role of the villain.”

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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