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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 218

On the other hand, the suite room of the Liner Hotel with Cheonma Massage.

There, in the living room, dozens of well-built foreigners were sitting around a large table, quietly examining each other.

They are none other than Everton FC’s first-team players.

They were the players of the soccer team that is receiving the most attention this year, showing off their best skills in the Premier League this season and securing the right to advance to the Champions League from the bottom of the table.

It is a feat that can be said to have left a line not only in the history of the team itself, but also in the history of the league as a whole.

It was right after they achieved that feat, and they were very close to each other from the beginning, so these days, they have always been noisy whenever they get together in a friendly atmosphere.

one now.

Now that there was still silence over the table, a tense atmosphere was formed that would not be enough to describe the surroundings as cold.

“great… Have you decided, everyone?”

It was Kang Ju-wan who spoke first in the silence.

He plans the trip and leads the team members. However, you cannot be free from this competition. He also looked around with a nervous expression.


At that, Godwin, who was sitting next to him, shrugged his shoulders and replied. He added in a voice that seemed to be nothing.

“Do I really need to wait like this? I wish I had started sooner and made a decision.”

“You bravado, Godwin.”

“Bluff? What kind of bluff?”

“You can clearly see that his lips are dry from nervousness.”

“Haha, Ybor, what are you doing when your legs are shaking from a while ago? Just like a bustling middle school student.”

At Godwin’s reply, Ybor smiled faintly instead of answering. A subtle war of nerves. There, someone clapped their hands to ventilate the surroundings. It was none other than Kang Joo-wan.

“now. Regardless of each other, let’s start quickly. Actually, isn’t it difficult to finish this all at once?”

At that, the players nodded their heads. It was a situation where each of them made their own decision on what to choose, but there is no guarantee that the match will be won in a single round.

No, rather considering that the number of people exceeds 10, the probability is absurdly low.

“Well then… Scissors, rocks… … .”


Hands gathered in the middle of the table at the same time as the shouts erupted. Everyone’s choices are gathered in one place… Suddenly, someone’s embarrassed voice broke out.

“… Aren’t you guys all salty except for me?”

“Puhaha, he lost alone!”

“Crazy, crazy! Why is this real?”

When Godwin spoke in a low voice, laughter erupted from the surroundings.

All hands gathered at the table were fists. Except for the pair of scissors Godwin held out. In a situation where only one person fell cleanly like a lie, Godwin repeatedly shouted with an expression of disbelief.

“Aren’t you guys salty!”

“Where is the time for that? Wasn’t it you who suggested that we decide to play rock-paper-scissors? Godwin.”


Godwin tossed his hair and leaned against the backrest with a violent movement. Kang Joo-wan burst into laughter at the sight, but opened his mouth as if to organize the situation.

“Now then, the last order is confirmed as Godwin.”

“for a moment! Isn’t that a bit much?”

“Since you placed last in the rock-paper-scissors contest that decides who gets the massage first, of course you are last.”

Godwin was trying to add some sophistry, but Kang Ju-wan didn’t even pay attention.

They were two people who showed such fantastic breathing on the field, but the world of competition was a cold law. Kang Joo-wan had a face with a slight smile on his face, closer to the feeling of ‘beating one person’ rather than pity.

It was worth it.

Because the order decided by this rock-paper-scissors was the order of getting a massage at Cheonma Massage.

This plan started when Kang Joo-wan made reservations for the Cheonma course a few months ago.

Reservations were made for the number of participants, so there was no way that a few people could not get a massage because there were no seats.

However, once that happens, another problem remains.

Who will get the massage first?

They applied for the Cheonma course, and only one person, Kang Tae-han, is in charge of the Cheonma course. That means that only one person can receive a massage at a time, unless several people opt for a different course.

Of course, reservations are reserved for the number of people. If you receive a massage late, you will not receive a massage, or you will receive a different course.

The only difference is in the order.

If you think differently, you can get a massage at the very end, so if you get it later, you might think that the effect will last longer.

However, if people can only make such rational judgments, why would there be cut-offs in the world?

If there is something good, it is a human heart to want to take it before others if possible. Moreover, if you are a person who has been yearning for that moment for a long time, that heart will inevitably grow.

How much will you grow if you get a massage this time?

Imagining that moment, the players’ honest feelings were that they wanted to get a massage as quickly as possible, even for a minute or a second. so you can check that soon.

“Haha, Godwin! In a match, you have to give in neatly!”

“Isn’t that sportsmanship?”

Seeing such a situation, the reaction of the players working here is bound to be quite serious.

The players throwing words from the side were showing a look of relief from the heart, and Godwin was also showing a more disgruntled reaction than when he lost a match.

“Okay, then I dropped one… … .”

“Should I go again?”

“Go, rock, paper, scissors!”

Rock Paper Scissors!

Rock Paper Scissors!


“ha ha ha! Another one passed!”

A voice resounding throughout the room.

The draw continued several times, and the winner and the loser were divided in the moment of carelessness, and screams and cheers crossed each other at that moment.


Time passed like that, and the final winner remained at the end.

“Then go first.”

Bart Foster smiled with a relaxed look on his face, got up from his seat, and started walking towards the front door.

“ah… Envy you. I’m just envious.”

“You shouldn’t envy me. You are third.”

“What if you’re third? Right now, getting a massage is only first place.”

Athletes staring at the winner ahead. Receiving that gaze with his back, Bart walked out the front door with confident steps.

* * *

“Sue… Whoa… … .”

“Huh… Suuuu… … .”

Cheonma Massage’s office. There, on a spacious sofa, two middle-aged men were sitting side by side, eyes closed, breathing deeply to their own beat.

He is sitting in a comfortable position and breathing deeply. Although her back was erect with her eyes closed, other than that, it was a very comfortable posture.

Contrary to appearances, I wonder if it’s a situation where I’m getting quite strong. Everywhere on the two people’s bodies, like the leaves of the morning, there were beads of perspiration.


Pair at that moment! and resounding applause.

When Kang Tae-han signaled the end of the meditation with applause, the two of them, Kim Seong-hun and Hwang Tae-jin, opened their eyes and leaned their backs on the backs of the sofa as if they were about to collapse.

“Uhhh… … .”

“after. I thought you fainted in the middle.”

Immediately after that, a deep sigh escaped from both of their mouths. It was a reaction as if he had barely been released from a long period of labor.

At first glance, it looked as if the two strong men were struggling, but the sweat on their bodies and their facial expressions seemed quite far from lies.

“You both worked hard.”

And Kang Tae-han applauded the two and gave a hint. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was a warm word that seemed to praise them for their hard work.

“Hey, this… It’s harder than you think.”

“It’s just hard work. I am not used to meditation yet.”

Outwardly, they just sit with their eyes closed. However, that is only an appearance.

What they did was meditate.

It is not simply closing your eyes and organizing your thoughts, but meditation to focus deep inside to sense your own blood flow and feel your inner energy.

At this point, the depth is only shallow, and it is an act that can be said to be closer to fortune-telling rather than general meditation.

It goes without saying, but it is a sense that feels strange unless you are born with talent. This is because most of them are never aware of it.

The process of getting used to it while barely groping for it… Naturally, it takes a lot of concentration and mental power. Even if you don’t move your body, your whole body is wet with sweat.

Of course, that doesn’t mean meditation is such a painful process. It’s just that it’s difficult to get used to.

Walking is not a difficult task, but it is a daunting task for a child who is just beginning to walk.

“I thought I’d gotten used to it, but I’m still dizzy.”

“It will stay that way for a while. It’s not that I’m not enterprising, but the more I adapt, the deeper I go inside.”

Kang Tae-han smiled and said that in a calm voice, then picked up the teapot he had prepared and poured the tea into a cup.

The hot steam rising with him.

Moisture with a bitter scent slowly spreads around… Why? To the two of them who had just finished meditating, it felt like a stimulating scent that whetted their appetites.

“Would you like some hot tea?”

“ah… Are you still going to do it?”


Two people swallowing their saliva without even realizing it.

It was not a typical reaction that would come out when seeing warm tea, but Kang Tae-han smiled and held out a cup of tea to the two.

It was just that there was such a reaction.

In the first place, this was a situation that Kang Tae-han half-induced.

‘When meditation is awkward, just concentrating on the inside consumes a lot of mental power.’

Although the strength remains in the body, it is said that the inside is in a state of being half-depleted. Blood, which is deeply related to this, also naturally becomes dry.

What he brought out there was bellflower tea.

It was dried and stored separately from what was dug up in the mountains, and the amount of spiritual energy contained was quite large, and the quality of the spiritual energy was adjusted to suit the two people.

It’s literally a health food tailored to the situation.

That’s why it’s natural for the two of them to lick their lips. I don’t know the details, but it’s because I can’t help but instinctively pull my appetite.

“… Well?”

Kim Seong-hun, who cautiously raised the cup and took a sip.

It was steaming for a while, so he cautiously sipped, but soon took a sip and emptied the cup in an instant, as if he had forgotten the heat.

“Khaaa… … !”

“It permeates, permeates… … !”

Intense warmth that seeps into the empty interior!

It felt like my mind, which had escaped, was filled up in an instant, and I felt a sense of admiration coming out of my body at the feeling of being filled with something from the inside.

‘As expected, there is a big difference between having an assistant and not having one.’

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han was quietly observing them. To be precise, it is their inner self that is filled with aura again.

Before entering meditation and after. And after drinking tea, the appearance is dramatically different.

Kim Seong-hoon and Hwang Tae-jin had long experience in massage, but they did not have talent in martial arts like Choi Seong-hyun. In other words, it is the constitution of a simple ordinary person.

The way they are growing day by day.

Of course, it was quite slow compared to Choi Seong-hyeon’s time, but it was still at a level where there was no problem with the plan. Kang Tae-han, who watched them, nodded his head a couple of times with a satisfied expression.

“Hmm, but Mr. Taehan.”

“… Yes. Please tell me.”

After organizing his thoughts for a while, Kang Tae-han replied a beat late. Kim Seong-hoon looked at his eyes slightly, then pointed to the kettle in front of him and opened his mouth alludedly.

“Perhaps… Can I have some more tea?”

“sure. However much.”

“Haha, this somehow suits my taste so well.”

Of course that part doesn’t matter.

No, it was rather difficult to leave it. It was because it was a special product that the two of them made to drink in the first place. Kang Tae-han pushed the teapot towards the two of them.

“Then, eat it all, and I’ll just ask you to clean it up.”

“That’s natural. But, where are you going?”

Kim Seong-hun asks Tae-han Kang, who gets up from his seat. To him, Kang Tae-han spoke calmly, pointing at the watch.

“It’s time to get back to work.”

The first customer to come after lunch break.

It was none other than the time the players of Everton FC decided to come.

* * *

Whoa! Pooh… … .

Bigger! Whoa… … .

“… I’m asking just in case, sir.”

Ivor Gibson was lying face down on the bed with Kang Tae-han’s hand on his back.

He kept his mouth shut, as if trying to fully concentrate on this moment that had finally arrived, but he reluctantly opened his mouth at the sound coming from beyond the wall.

“Is Bart sleeping in the next room by any chance?”

“you’re right.”

“Oh… … .”

Ivor Gibson is the second player on the team to get a massage. And before that, Bart Foster was making his presence known with his loud snoring in the next room.

“… sorry. That guy has bad sleeping habits.”

There is soundproofing between the walls of Cheonma Massage.

It may be difficult to concentrate on the massage if you hear the sound of the next room and think that you can hear your own voice in the next room.

However, snoring can be heard while drilling through it.

Of course, it could be a story that had nothing to do with him, but it was Ybor who apologized on his behalf, since it was a player on the same team who behaved indecently.

“Hmm… Will you be in the way?”

“It’s not like that, but I’m sorry to the teacher.”

“Then, wait a moment.”

Kang Tae-han takes off his hand and leaves for a while.


After a while, the continued snoring was cut off by a short scream, and soon there was only silence as quiet as a lie. After that, the snoring sound never rang.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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