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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 213

“By the way, it’s been really long.”

Was it walking in a row along the aisle like that?

While talking about this and that for a while, one player gently turned his shoulder with a frown on his face and spat out lightly.

“What is long?”

“It’s flight time. I slept three times, but even after waking up, there was still a lot of time left.”

His words weren’t particularly harsh. Purely, the time they were on the plane was over ten hours. At that point, it’s time for anyone to feel bored.

“I know. I guess it’s a little sore.”

“I don’t feel like sleeping on a plane.”

Then, as if everyone was thinking the same thing, the other players also started to add one word at a time. Everyone was excited, so it didn’t show too much, but looking at their faces, everyone showed a little bit of tiredness.

“These bastards are talking about their full stomach when they came by private jet. It just made me feel really comfortable.”

At their words, Kang Ju-wan said as if giving a reprimand. For him, who had traveled countless times in Korea and the UK, and only on private airlines, it was literally full.

“Still, being stiff is stiff, well.”

“Then shall we jog to the restaurant? run.”

“Haha, if you go that way, you can go quickly. I’ll be picked up by an ambulance along the way.”

At Bart’s half-sincere voice, Ivor, who was walking from the farthest back, burst into laughter and said, Then, in a slightly calmer voice, he opened his mouth.

“I know everyone is excited, but on the first day, let’s just eat and stay calm. It is true that everyone is tired from the long flight, and the fatigue from the competition will still be there.”

“Eh… Originally, the first day is the most fun!”

“Ivor! The leader of this trip is Juwan! If you try to play the role of an armband here, it will be difficult!”

“Yes, of course. I’m just suggesting.”

He glanced at Kang Ju-wan, who stood at the very front, and said in a hint. Everton FC’s captain was Ybor, but the leader of this trip was Kang Ju-wan.

“I was just going to eat and go to the hotel.”

However, Kang Joo-wan seemed to be thinking the same thing, and opened his mouth with a light smile and a shrug. Then, some of the players protested in their voices.

“Eh, really?”

“Aren’t you going to play? What about alcohol?”

“Playing is good, but before that, managing your condition is the top priority. That’s why the director gave permission in the first place. Actually, it’s a ridiculous schedule.”

Everyone seemed to agree with that statement, but there was no opposition. Naturally, it could be said that this is a more important moment than ever for them.

Next year, it was a situation where I had to play not only in the Premier League, but also in the Champions League.

The annual UEFA Champions League.

This league, so-called the Champions, is a separate league that selects the 32 teams that achieved the best results from all over Europe last year.

In other words, can it be said that it is a stage to determine the best soccer team in Europe? And Everton FC was finally able to stand on the stage after ten years or more.

It is bound to be a very important and special moment not only for the individual players but also for the entire team, especially the fans who have supported them for a long time.

Although the season is over, it is a relaxed time.

That doesn’t mean you can’t waste it.

It goes without saying, but right after the season is over, the players have no choice but to be fatigued in their bodies.

It is safe to say that European football is a place where only football geniuses gather. In order to win in such a place, you literally have to squeeze all your strength and run around.

There is no way my body will be fine after playing games like that for several months. In one way or another, fatigue is bound to remain, and the physical condition has deteriorated.

As I said before, you can’t just let it go. Is it a situation where you should systematically take a break?

But in such a situation, traveling abroad as a group?

There’s nothing that shouldn’t be done, but it’s a part that could be controversial if the grades are sluggish later. It might feel like a betrayal, especially to Everton fans who have been rooting for them for a long time.

Nevertheless, it was for a simple reason that director Albert, who was known for being very picky, gave permission for such a plan.

There are so many advantages to this trip.

There isn’t much time left until the Champions League, but there is no better and more efficient plan than this, at least in terms of condition management.

“But isn’t it okay to relax a little? We have an oriental massage master.”

The core of the plan is none other than Cheonma Massage.

When Godwin, who was listening right next to him, secretly mentioned the existence of Kang Tae-han, the other players nodded in agreement.

Perhaps it was because he had tasted it himself once and actually achieved miraculous results in the league, so among them Kang Tae-han’s name became a kind of symbol of a miracle.

“That would be it. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a massage while you’re in as good a condition as possible?”

“… is it?”

Kang Joo-wan added an additional explanation to Godwin, who tilted his head.

“Think of the last time you had a massage in England. We all got massages together, but only you and I had a bigger effect. it is not so?”

“that… It was.”

Godwin nodded slowly.

It was Everton FC that really showed off their spirit this season, but Godwin and Kang Ju-wan were often chosen as the most active players in the team.

And what the two have in common is that they received another massage after having already been to Cheonma Massage.

Of course, from before that, the two were also the strikers who led the team with a two-top system, and they were the players who received the most attention on the team.

However, it was an undeniable fact that these two were the only ones who had benefited from the massage. It’s not what others say, it’s what Godwin and Kang Joo-wan actually felt.

It feels like the two of us jumped twice when everyone else jumped once. Of course, it wasn’t as explosive as the first time I received a massage, but I still felt like I was a few steps ahead.


“It means that receiving it when you are in good physical condition is much more effective than receiving it when you are not in good condition.”

exactly… I heard that it is

Kang Tae-han’s massage does not simply heal the bad areas. If there is a place that is inconvenient, he solves it, and if there is no such place, he makes it better.

I wonder if he made his body condition the highest level.

It was difficult to pinpoint what to say when I said, ‘What do you mean by that?’, but Godwin and Kang Ju-wan, who had the same experience, could relate to each other.

“No, but I planned it anyway, but it’s not an official schedule, and I have no intention of stopping you guys going out saying they want to go somewhere and play. I have no authority.”

It was a conversation that seemed to persuade Godwin, but of course the other team members could also hear it.

Almost got out of the airport.

In front of the bus stop where the bus is waiting, Kang Joo-wan shrugged lightly and said to his teammates.

“So, each person who can move can move. Those who want to go directly to the hotel according to me will go to the bus in front, and those who want to have fun can go to the taxi stand over there.”

Joo-Wan Kang pointed to both sides and spat out, and started to walk towards the bus as if to decide on his own.

“… I mean, I just don’t have a choice, right? This.”

“I can’t stand the double massage effect!”

There was no player who hesitated with an option in front of him. It was because they were already organizing their thoughts while listening to Kang Ju-wan’s story.

The effect of Kang Tae-han’s massage is definitely outstanding.

However, that doesn’t mean you can create talent and passion that you don’t have. It just raises and blooms potential.

The reason why Everton FC was able to rise to the third place was not only because of the effect of the massage, but also because all the players had a serious passion for football.

Everton FC players lined up inside the bus just as they had walked from the terminal to here.

* * *

“Okay then!”

A meat restaurant in an alley near the Liner Building.

With only utensils and side dishes on the table, Chief Hwang opened his mouth as he raised a glass of soju.

“… Mmm.”

However, unlike raising his hand vigorously, he tilted his head without being able to speak for a while. Choi Seong-hyun, who was sitting across from him, spoke out as if to reproach him.

“No, why are you raising your glass and not saying anything?”

“that is… Don’t you remember the toast?”

At those words, Choi Seong-hyun burst out laughing. It was a laugh that exploded because it was absurd.

“My daughter and I are sitting together, what about a toast?”

“It’s just a feeling, well.”

“Then don’t hesitate and cool it down.”

Seonghyeon Choi raised a glass with a smile on his face, and Taehan Kang also raised a glass and made a salty noise.

And the three people who neatly poured the first glass. Soon after, each of them let out a small exclamation of drunkenness, and each of them took their own snacks and ate.

“By the way, it seems that it is difficult to see your face these days. You can’t see it from the sofa.”

“Who, me?”

“yes. On the other hand, Taehan seems to be seen more often.”

Director Hwang looked at Choi Seong-hyeon and Kang Tae-han alternately and said. At that, Choi Seong-hyeon said, ‘Is that so?’ Taehan Kang nodded slowly.

“Anyway, it is natural for that to happen. Actually, I am relatively free.”


The sofa that Director Hwang mentioned is the sofa in the break room.

A great place to sit when you really have nothing else to do.

Thanks to that, it was a place where the three of us often gathered to talk and joke around, but… Recently, it has become quite rare to see Seonghyun Choi on the sofa.

“Because this guy is so busy running around.”

However, the reason was not so unusual.

It’s just that the number of people asking Choi to help with practice or to teach him has only increased.

Originally, there were many situations in which Choi Seong-hyun could not understand properly or only Kang Tae-han could help, but now those parts have been greatly reduced.

It is thanks to the fact that the adaptation to the senses has now entered a stable state, and that Choi Seong-hyun’s field of view and understanding have broadened as his realization gradually piled up.

In the first place, what other masseuses learn is relatively simple… Now, most of the questions and advice can be solved through Choi Seong-hyun’s line.

Besides, is it because of their unique affinity, or because of the practical tips they can give you since they walked the same path a while ago? Most masseuses preferred to ask Choi Seong-hyeon questions, and naturally, Kang Tae-han had more time left.

“Seonghyun is going through hardships instead of me.”

“that… Is it run?”

Kang Tae-han, who was already aware of that fact. However, Choi Seong-hyun showed an ambiguous reaction.

“It’s not something I do because I don’t like it, so why bother?”

“Hmm… So, what do you like to do?”

“Are you kind of like that?”

Director Hwang put on a puzzled expression at Seonghyun Choi’s answer, which jumped out without hesitation. Of course, I thought that the word ‘not that’ would come out, but the answer came back in the affirmative.

“uh… okay?”

“Yes. It’s not that difficult. I’m in a position to keep learning, so I can review it.”

Seonghyeon Choi often bluffs, but when he does, it shows. And now I didn’t feel any of that. It was meant to be spoken with sincerity.


Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han, who heard that, nodded slowly with a faint smile. It was an expression that looked very satisfied.

‘As expected, he’s a talent I’ve been keeping an eye on.’

Don’t get complacent by going a little ahead.

Even if you learn it once, keep looking at it.

It is the mindset that is considered important when learning silk, but it is even more so when learning martial arts. If you don’t do it, you may end up neglecting the basics.

It’s just that the human mind is not that easy, so we need to be vigilant and always remind ourselves… Seonghyun Choi basically works with that mindset.

This is a part that makes the viewer feel proud, especially from the point of view of teaching directly.

Is that all?

Choi Seong-hyeon had the talent of an educator and was excellent at explaining difficult content more easily.

If Kang Tae-han gives you the feeling of roughly slicing and pounding it into chunks, Choi Seong-hyun feels like cutting it into bite-sized pieces and serving it up to eat. It wasn’t that people who had questions for no reason flocked to Choi Seong-hyun.

‘As expected, he suits the position of the head of the academy.’

The right talent for the position you need.

Kang Tae-han looked at Choi Seong-hyeon and nodded slowly a couple of times. For some reason, it was a very satisfied expression.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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