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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 188

On the other hand, the conference room at the head office of Body Care, an affiliate of Daechung Group.

Currently, a meeting of the members of the development team was in progress here.

For some reason, I feel like I look more serious than usual.

Unlike regular meetings, everyone’s expression is different. Perhaps because of that, the development team leader insinuatedly opened his mouth in a rigid atmosphere.

“Heh heh, is it because it’s an important project? Everyone seems to be nervous, right?”

“… It has to be, what.”

At the words of the team leader, the employee opposite said with a shy smile.

“It’s a project that really deserves attention. It’s nothing else, it’s a follow-up to The Meister.”

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Lately, body care has been achieving explosive growth. Various corporate indicators rose almost twice as much, and accordingly, the company’s stock price was also showing a growth trend corresponding to it.

Compared to the corporate atmosphere where the future was so bleak just a few quarters ago, there was a dramatic difference that can be said to be a miracle.

And what was at the center of that miraculous change was the influence of The Meister, the most recently developed massage chair.

Quite a long time has passed and it is ambiguous to say that it is a new product now, and the production volume has doubled compared to when it was first released… … .

Somehow, it was still sold like hot cakes, to the extent that it was still out of stock.

As time passed, the shortage in the domestic market subsided to some extent, but it was because of the sudden arrival of orders from various places abroad and the opening of new export markets.

Originally, even if exported, the market was limited to a few countries in East Asia, and it was such a product… … .

Suddenly, demand exploded in the huge market of India, and a factory was going up in the local market because they couldn’t handle the volume because they couldn’t export in large quantities.

In addition, the good news of an interview with Kang Joo-wan.

As a result, big orders came in from Europe and North America, centered on sports clubs and league officials, and all of the company’s employees, regardless of department, were busy without a break.

Without exaggeration, it is a product that literally raised a company that was almost collapsing by itself.

And the project currently being carried out by this team is nothing other than the development of a follow-up product to that ‘The Meister’.

As a result, it was inevitable that a lot of attention would be focused on it, and it was safe to say that the expectations of the entire body care company, no, Daechung Group, were focused on it.

“Well, I have no choice but to… … .”

The team leader nodded as if agreeing with his words.

Although he had been in the company for a long time and had overseen the development of The Meister, he had never felt such high expectations and pressure.

‘This time, I get Director Kang’s cooperation from the beginning… Because that alone doesn’t make a product complete.’

The secret to The Meister’s success is its much better massage technology than existing products.

The part where the help of Kang Tae-han, who participated in the role of advisor, played a decisive role when the development was going through difficulties.

And Kang Tae-han was scheduled to participate in this development as an advisor, and he had participated in the last meeting and presented quite core technologies and improvement plans.

However, no matter how good an improvement plan is, if it cannot be implemented with technology, it is bound to be a joke. The development team leader, Kwon Tae-soo, who had been silent for a while, opened his mouth as if he had just remembered.

“But how is the story from last time going?”

“What are you talking about?”

“A portable sensor that works with the device. Why, you know the story that came out when Mr. Kang came to visit you.”

The scale of massage chair function is divided into two major categories.

One is, how specifically and effectively the machine can implement the acupressure skills of a professional masseuse.

And the other is the problem of how finely the user’s body structure and current condition can be grasped using the massage chair.

Isn’t massage supposed to have no effect, just physically hurting when you press it on the wrong place?

The same goes for massage chairs.

No matter how excellent massage techniques are reproduced, if you do not find the proper position and only apply acupuncture to severe areas, it is just a tolerable torture device.

And, of course, the human body is inevitably different, from height and weight to detailed muscle mass and structure, and location of acupoints.

It is not always necessary to press the same place, but the location and intensity of acupressure should be newly identified and updated according to the user.

In the end, understanding the user’s condition through the sensor is the most important technology of a massage chair.

Of course, the existing product The Meister already has the industry’s highest level of sensor function, and based on this, it provides a high level of massage satisfaction.

But that’s not enough.

At the last meeting, in order to implement the improvements or techniques that Mr. Kang mentioned, something that went a step further was needed.

The item specifically mentioned there is a portable sensor.

Since there is a limit to the data collected while using a massage chair, the idea was to introduce a portable terminal to obtain data during daily life.

If that happens, it will be possible to conduct a more detailed and detailed analysis based on the data, rather than simply grasping the physical structure on the outside.

And based on the results of the analysis, Kang Tae-han’s know-how and massage technique would be able to be implemented much better than the current The Meister.

“Um… I did find out, though.”

“It seems a bit difficult. I should be able to make it, but if I put in all the features I mentioned then, I think it will come out bigger than I initially expected.”

One idea cannot create everything. The employees responded to Kwon’s words with disapproving voices.

“Hmm. Roughly how much?”

“It might be a little different if we cooperate with an outside company, but… For now, it will come out roughly this size.”

The employee said while making a rectangle with the thumb and forefinger of both hands. About the size of a small smartphone. Originally, he had thought of the size of a pedometer, so Team Leader Kwon swallowed his saliva with a puzzled expression.

“That would be difficult to wear on a regular basis.”

“Yes. Well, if you’re a health fanatic, you might be able to do that, but… … .”

Conversely, it means that it is not a size that is worth carrying around unless you are such a person. It is easy to carry even a step counter for a few days and then leave it behind.

“… What is it, is it difficult to make it like the Apple Watch?”

“haha. Team leader, if we had the level of technology as Aple, we wouldn’t even worry about it.”

“Well, that’s it too.”

Team leader Kwon also burst into laughter at the smiling employee’s answer. I didn’t mean to disparage the company’s technological prowess, but it was true.

Apple. The correct name is Aplus.

It is one of the representative IT companies in the United States, and it is a conglomerate that is difficult to find comparable companies, especially widely known for its smartphone A-phone.

Wouldn’t it make sense to try to compare the products and technology of such companies? Team leader Kwon sighed lightly and rested his chin on his lips.

“First of all, talk to other companies a little more. Isn’t it a bit unfortunate to cover it up just because you can’t do it?”

“I do.”

“It would be nice to just collaborate with Aple.”

“Ohh, is that a good idea?”

Team leader Kwon snapped his fingers at the playful voice. I didn’t really think so, but I was agreeing with his joking remarks.

It was about then.

“I, Team Leader, I’m sorry during the meeting… … .”

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room opens with a sigh.

An employee poking his head through the gap in the door opened his mouth cautiously while looking at Team Leader Kwon.

“I think you should try answering the phone.”

An employee poking his head through the gap in the door looked at Team Leader Kwon and opened his mouth cautiously.

It’s obvious, but it’s not very common sense to call someone who has been in a meeting for a long time.

That is, it is one of the two. Either that employee is somewhat lacking in common sense, or it’s just as important.

“What is it?”

Team leader Kwon, thinking that it would be the latter, slowly got up from his seat and said. And at the next words, Team Leader Kwon put on a puzzled expression.

“That, it’s a call that came through the sales team… They said it was from the Aplus development team.”

“… Aplus?”

A name that feels very familiar. Without going far, it was a name that had just been mentioned at the meeting.

However, the fact that the phone call came from there was a very strange word. Team leader Kwon tilted his head involuntarily and asked again.

“Is this the Aplus I know?”

“Maybe it’s right?”

“… Why are you calling from there?”

“I don’t know the details either… Could I propose a collaboration regarding the development of a new product? I think it was something like that.”

“… … ?”

At his answer, Team Leader Kwon tilted his already tilted head to the other side. It was a situation that I couldn’t understand more after hearing the story.

* * *

“Oh, it’s pouring, pouring.”

Cheonma Massage’s resting room.

The masseuse who had just entered through the back door said in a grumbling voice as she brushed her hair. The rain and wind were quite strong, and even though there were umbrellas, it was quite wet everywhere.

“Is it raining a lot outside?”

“Yes? Ah yes. It doesn’t just come down from above, it comes in from the side with the wind.”

“I had a hard time going to work on a day like this. If you feel uncomfortable, go to the jjimjilbang first. I still have some time.”

“may I?”

“What can’t be done?”

“Okay, then I’ll be on my way.”

When Chief Hwang smiled and replied to the man’s words, he bowed his head, put down his luggage, and went out again. Director Hwang was looking at the back of her, then suddenly looked in front as if wondering, and said.

“… Didn’t Taehan go outside earlier?”

“Is it?”

“But why is Taehan so fine?”

At Chief Hwang’s words, Kang Tae-han folded the newspaper he was reading and raised his head. Rather than being wet somewhere, it even feels dry.

As far as he knew, he was on his way to the bank, which was quite a distance from here, but he looked very different from the wet man he had just before.

“I used to use an umbrella.”

“Did he have an umbrella just now?”

“… Was it good because it was an expensive umbrella?”

If you apply self-defense, you can block even rainwater… To tell the truth, it would be like this, but it’s not possible to say it like that.

Kang Tae-han shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassing expression, and even if he thought about it, he appropriately covered it with awkward words.

“That’s great, it’s amazing.”

“Iknow, right.”

However, Chief Hwang also just asked because he was curious, and there was no reason to ask. Kang Tae-han smiled and nodded his head at the moderate response.

“By the way, is things going well?”

“A job?”

“A massage chair. I heard you went to a meeting the other day.”

“Ah, is that it?”

Kang Tae-han responded that he understood only then. He put his hand on his chin as if thinking for a moment, then opened his mouth in a low voice.

“I’m just a technical advisor, so I’m not sure, but it seems to be going well.”


“I got a call yesterday as well, and they said where… Aplus? There was a collaboration going on there, or something like that.”

“… Aplus?”

Chief Hwang picked up his smartphone, the A-phone, that he had put down in front of him without realizing it. Then he pointed to the company logo on the back and asked as if confirming it.

“This company?”

“If there isn’t another company, wouldn’t it be right?”

“… Why are you collaborating with Aple to develop a massage chair?”

“I don’t even know that, do I?”

Director Hwang asked with a puzzled look at the combination that didn’t suit him, but Kang Tae-han didn’t know, so he just shrugged lightly.

In the meantime, Chief Hwang kept his mouth shut as if he had remembered something for a moment, and then opened his mouth as if muttering.

“… Did you just hear some great, high-level information?”

Information that a domestic company is planning to collaborate with Aple!

Stocks related to Daecheong Group have already gone up as they go up and are slowly going into correction, but if there is such a favorable news, the story will be different again.

By the time Chief Hwang was immersed in such thoughts for a long time.

“What… Are you two having an important conversation right now?”

Someone sat next to Chief Hwang and asked a hint. none other than Seonghyun Choi. Looking at the appearance that he had something to do, Taehan Kang shook his head and replied.

“no. It’s not like that, why?”

“I have something I want to ask of you.”

Sure enough, Choi Seong-hyeon immediately revealed that he had a business with Kang Tae-han. Kang Tae-han asked him back, adjusting his posture comfortably and sitting down.


“that… nothing else.”

hum, hmm

Seonghyeon Choi coughs for no reason. It was difficult to say something easily, so after that, I paused for a while, and then opened my mouth in a cautious voice.

“I heard that Mr. Cain is supposed to visit again next week.”

“Mr. Ga-in Jeong? right.”

Kang Tae-han nodded and replied.

An archer who visited because of the aftereffects of a car accident.

The aftereffects had almost disappeared, but I was told to come back one more time for rehabilitation and condition management.

According to the person himself, his skills before the injury are already coming out… It was because, in Kang Tae-han’s view, there was still a little bit more left to recover.

“But why?”

“… I’m just asking, just in case, if I ever get to that level of skill.”

When Kang Tae-han asked again, Choi Seong-hyeon cautiously opened his mouth in a voice that felt somewhat embarrassed and yet somehow felt a strong will.

“Can I give Ga-in a massage instead?”

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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