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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 57

don’t give up


Hundreds of cameras were pointed at a car as it crossed the gate and entered Earth.

“What is the purpose of your visit to Earth?”

“Do you know that the Queen of England wants to meet Martin?”

“Do you have any plans to challenge the remaining disaster raids?”

Questions pour in toward the slow-moving car.

Everyday things happen every time Martin’s car passes through the gate.

So, the reporters also probably didn’t ask for an answer.

By the way,

The car stopped.

At that unusual appearance, the noise of the camera clicking and the questions pouring toward the car stopped.

In front of the silent gate.

The back door of the car opened and Martin got out.

Even at the age of fourteen, Martin barely showed signs of being young. Now, at the age of seventeen, he had the appearance of a complete adult.

there is silence for a while,

The reporter closest to Martin gulped and asked Martin.

“Is there anything you would like to say?”

Martin, who smiled at the nervous and sweaty reporter, immediately opened his mouth.

“There is something I have been preparing for over the past three years. And the preparations are almost at the end.”

What did you do to prepare for the past 3 years?

“The purpose of this visit to Earth.”

When all eyes and ears were on Martin,

Martin continued.

“This is the Phoenix Raid.”

fire bird.

It was the name of a disaster that lay dormant in Germany.

* * *

[The purpose of this visit to Earth is the Phoenix Raid.]

– Declaration of the Phoenix Raid, one of the catastrophes of the Earth, which has now become three objects from four objects!

Colsen’s eyes lit up as he watched Martin’s video with the breaking news title.

“nice… … .”

He is also a master!

Although he is a teacher with a difference of only one year, he is a really great person.

‘The look I wanted… … .’

How much did you want to be a hero since you were a child?

That proud appearance of Martin declaring that he would defeat the disaster in the world was the ideal that Colsen had always dreamed of.

‘I want to wake up too… … .’

I know how much the teacher worked for his awakening.

He carefully controlled and beat him until right before he died, and he also poisoned him after finding out how much to eat and not die.

I even caught a villain and brought him right in front of me.

However, he is still a normal person.

‘Is it right to keep trying… … .’

The teacher even created a job on Earth, saying that he might wake up when he sees a new world, thinking of himself about to fall into depression.

An administrative intern at the Korea Hunter Association headquarters… … .

“Mr Colsen.”

“Ah, Manager Kim.”

This man, Kim Hyeon-soo, who called himself with a friendly smile, was a person who helped me a lot in learning the work of the association.

he asks, putting his hand on Colsen’s shoulder.

“Isn’t Hero Martin famous in Roden?”

“sure. You are a hero born after 2,500 years.”

“Have you ever seen one up close?”

Where did you just look?

‘He’s my master.’

But Colsen didn’t say that.

It was just an awkward laugh.

I’m afraid it’ll damage the master’s reputation.

Kim Hyun-soo, wondering how he accepted Colsen’s smile, put his hand on his shoulder tightly.

“cheer up. You don’t have to be a hunter to be successful.”

“… … .”

It’s a grateful support, but I can’t be a normal person even for the sake of my teacher and family who work hard without giving up.

“I heard you paid half today?”


“Then go in and get some rest. After resting, let’s do our best again tomorrow.”

“Thank you as always, sir.”

Watching Kim Hyun-soo go back, Colsen also went back to his seat.

Even if you go, you have to do everything you have to do before you go.

Even if I don’t come out here from tomorrow.

* * *

open road.

Earthlings cleared the road for me.

‘It’s cool.’

Thanks to that, our car was able to go to the association without stopping even once.

“Are you okay?”

Alice asked with a worried expression.

I smiled and asked her back.

“Do you think I will fail the Calamity Raid?”

“Not really, but… … .”

At this point, I would rather ask.

“Why are you so afraid of them?”

I’ve seen many Hunters in the past 3 years.

they weren’t weak.

A difference or two?

It was only that much of a difference between us.

I can’t help but understand that people who can join in if they want to and can capture the monster can’t even try.

“Most countries have a system of compulsory education. And one of the subjects I learned during that period was history. As for those catastrophes… Since it was only a hundred years ago, there are many records and it is accurate.”

I guess so.

“The world almost ended because of just ten plagues. No wonder we are afraid of them.”

“However, the level of the superhumans of today and the superhumans of that time are different. The fear is too much.”

Alice hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth.

“In the mid-1900s, when hunters were getting stronger by leaps and bounds, there was an incident in which a teenage hunter was caught trying to wake up a disaster by leading some hunters. If I had to say that I was a teenage hunter at the time, it was about 6 stars by Roden’s standards.”

If it’s 6 stars, it’s a master.

It may be that you have overconfidence in your power, which is completely different from before.

It is not that such a challenge is incomprehensible.

“It was possible to prevent the attempt itself by discovering it in advance, but it was said that it was a truly dark moment for mankind. The present history education system was created at that time. The injection-type education that seemed to imprint the fear of the witch beast began. It is a kind of educational policy.”

“As a side effect, the current fear was created.”


I understand why the perception of the Witchbeast is like this.

‘It’s the harm caused by the wrong policy.’

Moreover, it is too late to change now… … .

Then there is only one way.

“We must get rid of the object of fear.”

“If only I could.”

“Leave it to me.”

I have to catch them all anyway.

Because I ended up choosing number 2 from the karma options.

“Our planet is willing to pay the price.”

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Good double reward.

“Even if you don’t like it, you will have to pay.”

At my words, Elise smiled. However, that smile is quite similar to our Alice.

Come to think of it, our Alice also had a dream.

-I’m going to be a professor!

He also said that he wanted to become a professor who deals with studies, not a professor who nurtures superhumans.

But when I asked why he had such a dream, Alice’s answer was very shocking.

-Colsen says he likes smart people.

Seeing Ellis talk shyly, I immediately rushed over and tried to rip Colsen’s face. But then I had no choice but to stop with bloody tears at Alice’s threat that she would not play with me from now on.

‘Ellis, why the hell… … .’

What’s up with that fat guy!

Colsen is still in the public eye three years later.

At sixteen, it was time to awaken, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t awaken.

With the mind that it doesn’t matter if I die, I tried to squeeze it and even poisoned it, but to no avail.

I even caught a villain and made him a colonel in front of him.

Still, he didn’t wake up, so I tried to kill him, but I didn’t think that was a bit wrong.

‘Shouldn’t he have just told me to kill him?’

Anyway, for that reason, I decided to take him to the last dungeon I would stop by before going to catch the Phoenix.

I was afraid that if I faced the monsters directly, I might wake up.

“Im here.”

When the car stopped, Leon opened the back door.

I get off so fast that it feels like the door opens at the same time as the car stops.

“Because you shouldn’t do this.”

Why would you use that good physical ability for something like this?

The question was answered by him himself.

“If you don’t do this, I have nothing to do, lord.”

“… okay.”

Doing something is an important law in itself… … .

Entering the now familiar association building, someone runs quickly.

“Are you here, Master!”

My disciple and Alice’s lover, Ugly Colsen.

I patted Colsen’s shoulder as he bowed his head.

As far as encouragement is concerned.

“Ouch! Oh, it hurts!”

“When I go into the dungeon tomorrow, you will go too. Did you hear?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Let’s do it well?”


Well, the answer is good.

“It’s been a while, warrior.”

Colsen did not come down alone.

The man who came down with him and greeted me was the one I always met whenever I came to the Society.

“How are you, Vice President?”

“sure. Shall we go to my room first?”

“I see.”

Colsen went to pack his things and followed the vice president up.

floor just below the top.

Upon entering his room, there were already passengers.

“Are you here, warrior?”

“what? long time no see?”

This is Kim Jung-moon.

But what’s going on here?

“Haha, I’m here to ask you something.”

“Please? Please tell me.”

“I want to enter the dungeon tomorrow too.”

When entering Earth’s dungeon, you must accompany Earthlings.

That is the condition for us Rodenians to enter the dungeon.

That’s why I’ve always been with Elise whenever I entered dungeons.

When I glanced at Alice, Kim Jung-moon quickly continued.

“You can go with Alice as usual. I just want to intervene. Thank you for your permission. No, please let me go with you.”

“I heard that teenage hunters usually don’t go unless they are of SS rank.”

“I heard that you won’t be entering the dungeon for a while after tomorrow.”

Almost all of the karma I was aiming for would be gathered by just going through this dungeon. So, I told the association that this was the last time I would go around the dungeon, but it seems that Kim Jung-moon heard that too.

‘Well, nothing bad.’

I think you can entrust him with Colsen’s escort.

“Then let’s go together.”

“thank you. By the way, you showed a slightly stronger appearance this time.”

Also the 10th Hunter.

They know like a ghost that I got one more star.

“As I always say, this is the real me.”

“Haha, I understand.”

After the disappearance of the Skeleton King, the people of Earth did not believe in what I saw.

When it was a 7-star, I thought it was a 7-star, and when it was an 8-star like now, I think it was decorated with an 8-star.

‘I said no… … .’

My mouth hurts now, so I don’t even want to talk.

After a short wait over tea, Colsen returned.

He was carrying a huge bag, but somehow it looks empty inside.

“What on earth did you bring such a bag for?”

“I’m going to pick up some by-products from the dungeon. This isn’t just a bag, it’s a bag made from the skin of a monster.”

“Then you want to be a porter?”

“uh… Can you see it that way?”

Are you a porter now?

“… let go You just have to go and wake up. That helps.”

“It hasn’t happened yet… Just because you enter a dungeon… Can I?”

It’s so sad to talk while looking at my eyes.

Jjasik… … .

I deliberately strained my eyes and spoke strongly.

“You don’t know what people do!”

Who would have known if I would come back?

And before the regression, you were a hero too.

That’s the hero who held out against me until the end.

‘I hope he wakes up this time.’

『The One Who Confronts Evil』.

What a wonderful feature.

After acquiring the traits, Colsen should feel a little more confident.

“Don’t give up.”

‘I live so hard without giving up even after seeing that gloomy vision.’

In that sense, the dungeon to enter tomorrow is very important.

If you clear the dungeon normally and come out as usual,

I will be able to become a 9-star superman at the young age of 17.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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