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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 35

move right away

I am dumbfounded by the sudden progress of the story.

‘What is support and what is a gift?’

What kind of contact did you receive from the Holy Land?

I looked at the emperor with a curious mind, and he opened his mouth.

“Originally, it is said that our continent was destined to perish within a hundred years.”


“But not too long ago, they said that fate had changed. To such a fate that, depending on how hard you try, you may not perish.”

“I heard that too.”

“I guess you heard from Arias.”

It was the first time I had ever seen someone say the name of the dragon, Arias, so openly.

After all, is an emperor an emperor?

“That’s right.”

“The saintess professed that it was all thanks to you that the fate of the continent had changed. Changing the fate of the continent with just one person’s existence… … . There have been several such beings in the past. Do you know what such beings are called?”


“Yes, call me a warrior. At the point of giving the continent one more chance, it can be said that you have already qualified as a warrior.”

I guess I know roughly how things work.

“So you are supporting me from a country that has a cooperative relationship with the Holy Land?”

“It also means to ask you to take a good look at it in the future. As long as the holy kingdom surrounds you as a hero, your authority will be no less than that of the king of any other kingdom.”

“okay. Is that why His Majesty offered me the relic of the hero?”

“There is already such an existence in our empire.”

“… You mean my father.”

“right. No one can disregard Duke Lamot’s authority. Even if it’s a burden. The remains of the ancient hero are given down regardless of the will of the Holy Kingdom. It is a bribe given in the sense that you, like Duke Lamot, will take good care of our empire in the future.”

Receiving all the bribes from the emperor… … .

I grew up a lot.

“I will.”

I will not abandon the Empire first unless the Empire casts me first.

“I hope you and Armin will have a relationship like Jim and the Duke of Lamot.”

Do you want to be loyal?

I thought so, but the emperor’s words were a bit out of my way.

“A relationship that is moderately close, moderately far, and can support each other at any time. That is the case between Jim and Duke Lamot. The duke would deny it, but in reality there is no superiority or inferiority between him and me.”

I didn’t know that the emperor thought of my father this way.

Anyway, I also liked Armin, so that shouldn’t be difficult.

“… I will.”

“Feel so good. Our meeting today will one day be drawn in Talon’s history books. I will make it before Jim dies.”

I will appear in the history books now.

“Come closer, Martin Lamot.”


After approaching about 2m, the emperor held out his hand.

Then, the red ring he was wearing began to glow.

oh oh oh-

When a circular light emanated from the ring that had let out a cry, the emperor put his hand into it and then took it out.

The light of the ring faded, and in his hand was a clumsy leather bracelet.

“Take it. It is a relic of the ancient warrior Latun.”

As I went to get the bracelet, I flinched for a moment.

“Isn’t it Ramune?”

“Lamune? ah… You’re talking about the third hero. Latun is the second hero.”

How many warriors were there?

Anyway, I quickly accepted the bracelet.

‘A warrior’s bracelet… … .’

I immediately activated ‘Eye’ to check the information, but stopped.

It was because I had an intuition that it would be better to do it later when it is quiet.

“So, what about the warrior’s relic?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“I heard that your eyes are very bright.”

Where did you hear that again?

I was moderately humbled.

“It is still not enough.”

“Don’t you want to check with those eyes?”

“I’ll try to see it later when I’m alone.”

“That is a bit unfortunate. Let me explain what Jim knows about the bracelet.”

“thank you.”

“Latun is said to have summoned beings that do not exist in our world through the bracelet.”

Does it allow us to use abilities similar to Lamba’s ‘summoning phantom beasts’?

“It is said that Latun, who suddenly appeared when the demon king came over through the gate, acted alone without gathering any companions. Even so, it is said that his surroundings were always full of beings helping him. It’s yours now, so you’ll find out.”

“I will use it well for the world.”

“Sooner or later, the Holy Land will officially announce that you are a hero. Then go to the Holy Kingdom and receive an appointment. With that, you will become the fifth hero of Roden.”

The emperor, who looked at me with shining eyes for a moment, rose from his throne and approached me.

Then he held my hand and said.

“Please in advance. Please save the world, brave Martin.”

The first meeting between me and the emperor ended with that.

* * *

The emperor disappeared into a secret passage accompanied by the slender man who reappeared, and the prince and I left the room and walked through the corridor again.

The smirking prince asked in a grin.

“What do you like so much about?”

“It feels good to think that you have been recognized by your father.”


When did the emperor acknowledge you?

did you not see me?

“Huh, didn’t you leave me there while talking about that with you? He even made the head of the bodyguard go out.”

It seems that Hori Ho-Ri-Nam was the captain of the bodyguard.

“Isn’t that the style of pursuing freedom?”

“Freedom can only be enjoyed with strength.”

“You cannot enjoy freedom through strength alone. It has to be acknowledged by the world.”

“If you need the recognition of the world, you must be weak.”

”… Let’s say yes.”

According to my experience, it doesn’t seem like it, but I just passed it.

“Anyway, thank you.”

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“Just everything.”

“… You are a strange person.”


After walking silently for a while, he asked me.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I’m done with my work, but I have to go home.”

“No, I mean what are you going to do as a hero?”

“Well… … .”

Does it matter if I say

“I’m trying to tease some of the villains.”

“Hmm… be a villain I don’t know if you know it, but the castle advised me not to fight even with villains. It must mean that we should not waste our strength in preparation for destruction.”

“That doesn’t work for me.”

The power of the villain I killed will not disappear and will become my karma.

“Looks like there’s something else.”

“Yes. I’ll tell you later when we get to know each other better.”

“It looks like a knife.”

The prince said while taking the motion of writing in the air.

“Mildang is also good. memo.”

I don’t know when I pulled.

“… Go have some rum.”

Before I knew it, I could see the door leading to the banquet hall.

“Five… … .”

Entering the banquet hall, I was greatly moved.

‘Notified… … .’

Arlene was dancing with her father.

When did you learn to dance like that?

Like Aline, who is good at anything she does with her body, she danced very gracefully.

As I gazed at Arlene, who was dancing like a fairy with a smile on her lips, the music ended before I knew it.


It’s a pity that I couldn’t see more, but I clapped as hard as I could.

Aline, who turned her head to my applause, noticed me and immediately blushed.

It’s the first time I’ve shown you something like this, so I’m ashamed.


I took two drinks and went over to my father and Arlene.


“Oh, thank you. Did you have a good time?”

“yes. There are words I heard, and there are things I received.”

“Let’s go back and talk.”


This time, he said while handing Arlene a drink.

“Are you good at dancing? When did you learn it?”

“Come here… … .”

Aha, I guess I learned by watching other people dance.

I didn’t see any awkwardness at all, but it’s Aline.

“Opa is very happy to see our Aline dancing and being happy like this.”

“stop it… … .”

I tried to stop because I felt like my face would explode if I continued.

“Then let’s go back.”

Arlene and I nodded at the same time at my father’s words.

This banquet is so boring.

* * *

When we returned home, several people were waiting for us.

These are the people of our family who will participate in this villain subjugation.

The goal is ‘Swamp’.

The only place I knew well was the ‘swamp’, so I suggested that we attack the swamp, but my father agreed, burning his hostility towards the ‘swamp’, and eventually the target this time became the ‘swamp’.

‘Is it because we were caught in the ‘swamp’?’

I looked around.

There are people I see for the first time, and there are faces I know.

“Sir James, have you been through a lot?”

“I had a hard time thanks to the ugly Leon, hee hee.”

Judging from the reaction, it seems that he managed to save Kumalai somehow.

‘It’s fortunate.’

I’ve left Kumalai’s business to Leon, so he’ll take care of it.

As I nodded my head, the first person I saw at the time, the manager in charge of the information department of the Lamott family, laid out a map on a large table.

“I brought some information about the ‘swamp’ here.”

There were several pins on the map.

“These are the branches of the ‘Swamp’.”

“Five… … .”

It can be seen that the information power of the family is considerable.

Because there was a branch I didn’t know about that had decapitated Krishnar, the owner of the ‘swamp’ in my previous life.

But the really important places were not marked.

A place I could find by accident.



“Where are you going to hit first?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to me at my father’s words.

“Do I decide that?”

“You are the commander of this operation. You can think of it as making your debut as the heir to the Lamot family.”

Everyone, even the expressionless James, was looking at his father with surprised faces.

But I wasn’t too surprised.

It was because I thought I knew what my father was thinking when he made this decision.

‘It’s probably because he’s heard the story from his previous life.’

You are recognizing me for destroying a huge group called ‘Swamp’ alone.

“Ah, leave me out when planning the strategy. I have other things to do.”

Since it had already been discussed with my father, I nodded and opened my mouth.

“The core power of ‘Swamp’ is largely divided into three areas.”

The elites of the huge group ‘Swamp’.

“The five major villains, Krishnar, the Presbyterian House, and five stages.”

Krishnar is the strongest and Dan the weakest.

“Touching one of those three places really means going to war in earnest against the ‘swamp’.”

My father gave me strength.

“It doesn’t matter if there is a war. Lamot will use everything he has for this villain subjugation.”

“thank you. But you don’t have to go to war with them right away. It’s not those three places, but there are two places that will be very bloody from their point of view if it collapses. If only those two places are eliminated, the power of the swamp will naturally weaken.”

“like… Was there such a place?”


“Are you at the place marked on that map?”

“There is one, but there is not one.”

With my finger, I pointed to the pin in Cameri Kingdom.

“We have one goal in that branch. He is a prophet.”

“The Swamp Prophet was there.”

“Yes, so the power there will be many times stronger than other branches. Sir James take care of it. You can also mobilize the fantasy knights. Ah, if there is a complaint from the Kingdom of Cameri, just say that it is the will of the hero. Then you will be fine.”

James bowed his head.

“I take orders.”

The Cameri Kingdom also cooperates with the Holy Kingdom.

If the emperor’s words are true, then the warrior will have no choice but to obey my will.

After nodding his head at James, he opened his mouth again.

“Chief, please spread the information that the power of the Ramott family is gathered in one place immediately after our ambush begins. So that the ‘swamp’ would know. That alone will serve as a strong deterrent to their subsequent actions.”

“All right.”

While the chief bowed his head, my father asked me.

“Then, which of the two places is left?”

“There, Leon and I will go.”

Father hardened his face.

“You mean you two are going to play? Dangerous.”

“Oh, I’m not saying we’re going to play together. There is someone around there who can help.”

“help? Who are you trying to help?”

“Countess Lou.”

“… Cedric Oh?”

“Yes, it’s not too far from Count Lou.”

Countess Lou in the northern border of the Talon Empire.

The place I’m going to is the land of the foreign people above it.

“Please tell my father something to Count Lu.”

“Sure. If it’s a villain subjugation, my brother will also actively run.”

“That’s all right. We intend to move quickly before the seer of the ‘swamp’ notices our actions and prepares.”

I looked around at the people in the hall and added my words.

“If a simultaneous surprise attack on both is successful, ‘Swamp’ will lose its eyes and its future. So let’s be sure to succeed.”

In this life too, the ‘swamp’ will be my food to fatten me up.

“It moves right away.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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